Real leaders seek to empower others^_^

Real leaders seek to empower others.

They are not elites – they serve the whole, not the individual. They lead by example. They support unity, not separation. They use wisdom and compassion in making decisions. They are led by fairness and justice

You came to earth to support the profound transformation from 3D to 5D. As you move forward in your own manifestation process, we encourage you to support those who consistently embody the characteristics you want to see. In other words, as you seek change and strive to carry out your intentions, follow those who are also seeking change and expressing it through their loving, unified actions~ Archangel Gabriel

The trauma of the past comes to your consciousness not because you have not healed, but because it provides you with an opportunity to respond to it in a different and more empowering way as a milestone in your healing journey.

Some people say love yourself first. Some people say they love others before they love themselves. We suggest that loving ourselves and others is a formula that will make everyone prosperous, because there is no separation in love~ Archangel Gabriel


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