The Truth About DNA

The Truth About DNA

This live channelling was Given in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey
November 13, 2004

[This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. I have said that so often, but that’s not all that I am: I’m a brother and a sister; I am part of you and you are part of me, even if you don’t understand this or know it. When you get out of the box called four dimensions, all of you know about it.

Some of you have looked upon my words and seen far more than words. You have felt the hugs of a brother or a sister. Perhaps you even felt the timelessness of who you really are? And if you were one who felt this, it’s because this has always been the projection of truth. We’re all equally sacred – pieces and parts of what you would call God.

Indeed, we bring you concepts which are not new, but continue to be startling to those like you who are four-dimensional. It’s a sweet place here, and I know all of you. I know the youngsters who are just starting out in life… those who know so much more than youngsters did a decade ago. I know the senior Lightworkers who have come here and feel invigorated by being so close to Spirit for so long. And if you take those youngsters and you put them next to the seniors, they will have something in common: they all have the consciousness of God within their DNA. Timeless, they are, but they just happen to have different biology at the moment. In other circumstances, they could meet with one another and share with one another as if they’d always known each other, and there would be no gap in interests or maturity. It’s an acknowledgment that at some level, age is not important and makes no difference. Even life experience at some level, makes no difference either. Such is the divine compliment that ties you all together.

I know who you are! And it’s not because I’ve heard meditations or anyone who’s prayed to Spirit. It’s because Spirit is on your shoulder, did you know that? You are part of a quantum collective – an all-knowing, all-loving energy, who knows exactly what you’re going through – the fears, the challenges, the questions. Next time you meditate, try this: Sit on the floor and don’t say a word. Don’t think about the things that you’re trying to do or the things that you want to accomplish, because the partner you call God, knows it all. You forget that we live every moment with you.

Your life experience on earth is far more important than you think. The set-ups that you’re experiencing right now – the challenges – the decisions you’re going to have to make – even what you’re going to do when you walk out of here, are the most important things in the universe to us… just like they are to you. You’re the forerunners – the light houses in the dawning, coming from the dark. You’re the ones who have taken time today to see if any of this makes sense.

There are those here who have already made a difference on this planet, and you celebrate them. Then there are the ones who feel so ordinary! And I say to you: “You are making the difference for the planet just as much as Yawee.” [referenced to Kryon’s information that this was the Lemurian name of Todd Ovokaitys, who just lectured about his trip to South Africa and described the warm reception he was given for his AIDS research]

Today’s message will again be about biology, and it will be scientific [something that has become normal for the annual East Coast meetings]. Information will be given here that will be transcribed and I guarantee it will make it into a place that will be validated with the next three years within your science. I’ll give it to you here, early (smile). But it’s more than just predictions, for when we start talking about Human DNA, we’re starting to talk about a life force that you have yet to fully understand.

Before we begin, let’s just take a moment…


It’s a spiritual time, here… a sweet time… whatever that means to you. Perhaps you might go inward, touching your HIgher-Self so that you’ll have a grander understanding of the science that is being presented today. And if you are here as the scientist, this is for you, presented in love.

We give you information which is about to be discovered on the planet anyway. But we love to do it. Then you can say you heard it here first!

DNA Discussion

You continue to study DNA as if it is a static thing [like a formula or postulate in science]. I’ll explain that comment in a moment. But when my partner started this work, he didn’t talk much about DNA. Now, since the magnetic grid realignment, that’s just about all we talk about! What has happened between then and now in your linear time-frame is astonishing. [16 years] It’s astonishing not just in your own science but even in the esoteric, since we now are now even labeling the DNA layers. We’re giving them names in Hebrew.

Some have asked, “Why are they in Hebrew? Why are they not in an older language such as Lemurian or perhaps Sumerian?” The answer: Go find a dictionary of Sumerian and Lemurian and we might do that… but there is no such thing. So the core language of the planet that is most understood, the most profound, and that has the seeds of creation, is Hebrew. So this is where we go and you’ll see science doing it, too, for they understand how profound it is.

We’re starting to identify the layers of DNA for you and we’re trying to give you an interdimensional picture of how they all fit together. It’s an impossible task, for to you, twelve is always twelve. There’s one, then there’s two, then there’s three, and four and they’re all in a row. Well, they’re not! They exist on top of one another and they touch one another in ways that are complex. For example: we told you that layers four and five only go together: they can only work together. Yet there would be those who say, “Well, why is it that they can only work together? If that’s the way it is, why aren’t they one layer? Why two that can’t be separated?” And the answer is, “yes.” [laughter] It’s impossible to describe color to those who have never seen it. It’s impossible to describe interdimensional things to those who are only in four dimensions.

We also told you about two kinds of layers of DNA that sound similar: they both deal with the Akashic Record. But one layer is personal and one is universal. And they touch each other constantly and exchange information. In addition, they both touch layer one, which is the 4D biological layer. They are always “touching” all the others, so they are interactive. You can’t put them in a box and give them names and tell what they do… but I do it anyway, to help you get a start on the understanding.

I’m going to tell you about another one tonight, and you’re going to want to put it in a box again. Some will say, “Kryon spoke about that one, and it’s very interesting. It does this or that…” as though the other ones didn’t. They’re all together! Again, we say it’s like soup. You’re about to taste DNA information. The ingredients are there, but they don’t label themselves for you. They’re just there and they work together to create nutrition, taste, and even pleasure. It’s like that with DNA and before we launch into this discussion we have to remind you of this yet again. Whatever we tell you, remember it’s a fraction of the story.

Examination of DNA

We’ll start by concentrating on the chemical. Most of you are not scientists, so we’ll speak in common language. Imagine DNA for a moment… a twisted pair of nucleotides hanging on a superstructure of sugar. There’s a lot of it when you start looking at it, but there are only four parts repeated so often and in so many ways, it’s staggering: three billion base pairs are involved.

This enormous number of base pairs is supposed to make up the entire Human genome, and it’s something you recently have “mapped” and you should be proud of this. But what I’m going to present to you tonight is this: You’re in a box and you’re biased! Even in this beginning study of mapping the DNA, you’re biased. You think you know how it works, but you don’t, and you’re looking for only what you expect to find, since you think you know how it works.

Three billion base pairs! Well, the genome map is done but it’s like getting a book in a foreign language you have never seen. Finally, you’ve been able to photograph every page and now you can see very single letter. So now it’s time to interpret the unknown language and make sense of what the map says, in this Human genome. And here’s where the bias comes in, because right away your scientists say. “We happen to notice there’s a whole lot of coding and chemistry, but there’s only three percent that seems to be doing anything at all! We can tell that the three percent is doing something because these are the protein-coded DNA parts which create the genes of the Human Genome. The rest, ninety seven percent, seems to be doing nothing.”

Your biologists continue: “It’s not going to be that hard to find the answers we need, because we have discovered that only three percent of DNA does anything at all, and there are only about 40,000 genes that are created from this three percent of protein coded parts. Now we can begin to find out what makes the body work, and throw away the bulk of the non protein coded DNA because it’s just somehow left over from thousands of years of evolution. In fact, we’re going to call it junk.”

Ninety-seven percent of your DNA, science has labeled “junk.” Now there are some things that may be wrong with this, even in your own 4D reality and logic. Let’s just study one or two of them. But first, let’s say why they do this. In review they say, “Obviously, this non coded part of DNA is left over from Human development. It is no longer needed, and it is no longer used. It’s junk. Somehow the ancient Human needed it, but they don’t now.” And here’s how they prove their logic. They say, “Because an onion has 36 billion base pairs… twelve times the size of the Human Genome, it’s obvious that it’s got a lot of junk, too”

They continue in their logic: “Onions are no match for the complexity of a Human, so obviously nature has created even more junk DNA for this vegetable than Humans have. It must be the way nature works. Onions are not smart, like Humans.” Really? I just want you to notice that onions don’t make war. [laughter] Get outside the “I think I know how it works” syndrome. Onions may be far more complex than you think. What if they had imprinted instructions so that nutrition and the rich relationship to Gaia goes very deep… more complex in an interdimensional level than even what you are going through as a Human. Did you ever think of that? Maybe there’s a purpose for them that is hiding… one that requires a connection with all the vegetables on the planet!

The ninety seven percent of Human DNA is NOT junk. Let’s examine nature for a moment. How many of you have ever studied the beautiful process of natural change which you call evolution? Indeed, it has shaped the planet profoundly, and the process of life is very efficient. You can see it operate even in your own lifetime within certain species. Those scientists who have studied biology tell you that the fish on the bottom of the ocean who no longer need eyes, dropped them. The creatures who no longer needed legs, developed flippers… and vice-versa. It doesn’t always take that long, either, and you can actually watch it work within insects as they change their survival colors over several generations to match what is happening with the environment, or changes within their predators.

You see, evolution is very, very efficient. It doesn’t create waste. It’s always in survival mode. So I ask you, how does that fit the model of your DNA being ninety seven percent junk? Do you really believe that your biology evolved so preciously and beautifully with help from the seeds of the Seven Sisters into a place where you stand with ninety seven percent junk? No. It doesn’t work that way.

“So, What’s it about, Kryon?” You might ask.

Here’s the first metaphor of the day: You’ve identified all of the letters of the DNA code, but you then make presuppositions about them, and the one you have made is one of the worst. You’ve decided from the depths of your wisdom, and all that you know, that the only one letter in the DNA is important, and (let’s pretend for the metaphor) it’s the letter “e.” Now remember, this is a metaphor. So therefore, the only DNA words you’re going to pay attention to within the three billion base-pairs are the words that have an “e” in them! After all, everybody knows that words that don’t have an “e” are junk!

Your limitation, based on this poor assumption, is that your awareness of the way things probably work is to eliminate all letters but the “e.” In this metaphor, that letter happens to be your idea of the way genes work, and genes are the building blocks of life and the only active chemistry you can see in action. Furthermore, your science says that genes are chemically built within DNA by protein encoded DNA. If you don’t see the protein codes, or the letters that make up protein codes, you’re not going to get any genes, which you feel are the only blocks of life that are important. Therefore, as the argument goes, if there are no protein codes within the DNA, then it’s junk. In other words, ignoring the history of evolution, you have prejudged the way it all works and decided what is important and what is not based on your premise.

What we wish to tell you, dear Human Being, is that the “junk”… the ninety seven percent, – is where the gold is. It’s in the RNA. There are over 120,000 genes in the Human genome. Some day you’ll find out we’re right, because if you only count the “e’s” there’s only 40,000! (back to the metaphor again) Look at this puzzle in the following way: The protein encoded portions of DNA are the mortar and the bricks for the buildings of life, constantly being constructed within the body. The genealogy that you study so diligently is only protein encoded, and represents only the bricks of the building. The intelligence of the design, and the part that represents the instruction sets is the RNA, and represents the majority of your DNA… but it’s not organized in a linear fashion, and therefore there are no encodings that make sense.

In linearity, you expect the DNA words to have a certain shape, as in mathematics or computer programming. If you look at a code, it normally has start and stop markers. It has indicators that are linear. It’s the same in biology, except you only observe the linear markers in three percent of DNA. Within the ninety seven percent RNA, there is no coding that makes any sense. It’s interdimensional, written in an interdimensional language that will not make sense to anyone until they start using base-twelve math. Then it will flip into a pattern, a grid. You’ll start to see the repeating parts, and there are a lot of them. You’ll start to coordinate the RNA and the instructions to the genealogy that is protein encoded. The instruction codes are twelve layers deep.

Now I ask you, if you wished to really study DNA, would you want to know about the bricks, or would you like to talk to the mason who is laying them? The answer is self evident. Yet you study only the bricks, and how to replace them if they go bad. You don’t seem to care about studying the layer of the bricks, or his blueprint.

“Kryon, what’s the secret to this RNA communication? You say there are instruction sets, but how do they communicate? How do they communicate to layers you can’t see that are interdimensional?” In order to answer this in the best way we can, we will now introduce still another of the twelve DNA layers.


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