Focus and selflessness are both concentration. When you focus on something or the outside, you will enter into no time when you are excited and full of spirit without fear. That’s why people who focus can’t hear the noise of the outside world, because the independent space formed by coherent standing wave is the independent space, matrix and field formed by your body under the action of light body, That’s why children enjoy it alone, because it’s really comfortable and beautiful,

Then why should we emphasize the inner? Because the emotional body is unstable and cannot be kept in the zero field without pressure and interference. Therefore, we need to change all kinds of situations into peace, peace all the time, and peace when we observe the injustice. All these need to be in the realm of higher self, and always in no time, The instability in time becomes a greater openness and expansion of consciousness. First there is a high vibration, and then with the unity consciousness, living in constant adjustment and balance, habits become natural. After a long time, there will be no more confusion and hesitation, because they are acceptable and can be put down. For example, it is not because of the awareness of listening to chat and forgetting to focus, It’s because you judge what you should and shouldn’t form. Nothing can’t be experienced. Follow the focus and enter the timeless world^_^


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