Joshua: All healing is actually self healing^_^

Joshua: All healing is actually self healing.

The trap of the healer: the essence of therapy

Joshua transmitted through Pamela

Dear friends, with joy and joy, you are welcome to gather here and listen to me (your old friend).

I’m Joshua. I’ve lived on earth as Jesus. I used to be a human being, and I know what it takes to be a physical person, so I’m here to help you understand who you are.

All who will read this article today are Lightworkers. You are angels of light, but you forget who you are. You’ve been through all sorts of trials and tribulations in many lives of your journey to earth. I know what you’ve been through. You are now at a point in the history of your souls, completing the great cycle of life. At this point, you are more and more closely connected with the “greater self” you really are – the “greater self” is the “me” beyond time and space. You are gradually allowing your larger, nonphysical self to enter into earthly life and daily life.

It is still difficult to maintain a steady and lasting connection with your greater self or higher self, because you have forgotten that you are the great source of light. But you have all begun your inner journey, in which you feel a desire, even a call, to help others achieve inner growth and self awakening.

It’s natural for Lightworkers to share their insights and experiences with others. You are all born teachers and healers. When you start to become a teacher or healer to guide others, you are likely to step into some pitfalls. You fall into these traps because there are some misunderstandings about what “spiritual guidance” is, and these misunderstandings come from wrong ideas about the nature of therapy and your role as a healer in it. I want to talk about these pitfalls.

What is the essence of therapy?

Whether it’s psychological, emotional, or physical,

What happens in the process of “getting better”?

In fact, in the process, this person reconnects with his own inner light and his own greater self. This connection produces therapeutic effects at all levels of the self – emotional, physical, and mental.

What everyone is really looking for in the healer or teacher is an energy space that reconnects them with their inner light, the inner part that fully knows and understands all this. And the healer or teacher is able to provide such an energy space because they have completed such a connection within. The healer has the frequency to solve the client’s problem, so to be a healer or mentor means to carry the energy frequency that can solve the problem and give it to others. That’s it. That’s all.

Basically, this process can take place without language or action. As a mentor or healer, your energy itself is really therapeutic. Your luminous energy can open up a possibility of healing, so that others can “recall” their inner wisdom, connect their inner light, connect their intuition. It is this memory and connection that makes healing happen. So all healing is actually self healing.

Therefore, treatment and teaching have nothing to do with the professional skills and knowledge that can be learned from books and courses. It’s impossible to get therapeutic power through the outside. What is really relevant is the “frequency of problem solving” that you gain through your own inner growth, which is present in your field. Generally speaking, even if you are a tutor or therapist, you are still in the process of personal growth, but some parts of your field are clear and pure enough to bring healing effects to others.

You have to understand that such treatment effect is not attainable. Only your client can decide whether he wants to absorb the frequency you provide. He is the one who makes the choice. It’s not the skills and knowledge you’ve learned from others that produce therapeutic effects, it’s the inner journey you’ve taken, especially the problems you’ve already gone through on a deep emotional level, and you can help. In these areas, your light, like a lighthouse, illuminates the blocked people and gently calls them out of those obstacles.

In those areas where you have healed your own deep pain, you are a true master, a person whose wisdom comes from inner knowledge and real experience. So self healing is the real key to becoming a mentor and healer. In this way, you create a “problem-solving energy” and others may open a door of self-healing through you.

When you are treating a client or helping others around you, you usually “interpret” their energy. When you listen to them, you will intuitively adjust their frequency, give them advice, or use energy therapy to heal them. But in fact, they’re reading you as well. Just as you are adjusting to their frequency, they also consciously or subconsciously absorb your energy. They intuitively feel whether your words and actions are consistent with you as a whole, whether they are consistent with the energy vibration you emit. They put aside your words and actions to feel your true nature.

The real breakthrough in therapy occurs when the client reads your energy, when they feel free and secure in your field, when they feel surrounded by a field of consciousness that can give them the energy to trust their inner knowledge, everything you say and do can produce therapeutic effect. When what you say and do is consistent with your true nature, your words and actions become carriers of light and love, bringing your visitors into their inner core of light and love.

When a person sincerely asks for your help, that person opens up to your field so that they can be touched by the purest and clearest part of you. This part doesn’t come from the books you read and the skills you learn, it comes from the transformed consciousness within you. I want to emphasize this point, because Lightworkers (those who were born with a strong desire to help others) are constantly searching for new books, new methods, new abilities to become better mentors and healers, but the real treatment is as simple as I said.

When I live on earth, I transmit energy through my own eyes. Some of the energy is transmitted through my eyes, and those who are open to it can be treated immediately. It’s not magic or my own unique skill. I’m connected with my own inner true source, and naturally emit divine light and love. It was a gift that I inherited from God – just as you inherited it from God – and my influence on others began.

You are the same, no different from me. You have gone through the same inner journey, through the same trials and tribulations, to the same point I reached when I was on earth. You are all becoming conscious, Christian beings.

© Pamela Kribbe

Translator: the light of the city | Editor: Ling Jing & Ye Na



The list of three expectations, all of you, our ground crew, should now strive to achieve:

1) We are eager to build a deeper connection with you. Now be ready to open up the communication channel between you and your guide / Angel team. We surround you every moment, give you strength, give you our support, guidance and protection, and we hope you can hear our voice more clearly and finally talk with us easily.

2) We want you to be fully committed to living a high vibration life every day.

Most importantly, every moment you wake up, if you have fully embodied your highest self, and have lived on the new star earth. Remember the truth about who you are. You are the bridge between the higher and lower dimensions. You are all powerful gateways and anchors to Nova earth. You all have the ability to distort the space-time continuum and connect the existing “future” nova earth to the present moment, as it will be realized more quickly in your physical reality. In your daily meditation, you will learn how to do this easily and forcefully, just by using the power of your intention.

Some of you have exceeded all our expectations. The results of their personal lives are shocking and miraculous.

For others who are finally ready now, we ask you to place all your faith, trust and love in us (in God, your higher self and your angel / guide team). In return, we promise that the fifth dimension life waiting for you at the finish line will be so brilliant and spectacular that you can’t imagine. Your life will be filled with so much passion, joy, fun, contentment, peace and tranquility, love and grace, and richness in all aspects.

So, please don’t hesitate to hold our hands now and seize the greatest and grandest adventure in your life! Let us now begin our collaborative, highly complex work of ascending Gaia and all her living inhabitants. Because this is your goal in life, the primary mission of your current incarnation. Success is a 100% guarantee. Hearing the Gong of great call reverberate in your heart, remind you that it’s time to focus your life on this great cause.

We are always with you.

Your guardian, Archangel Michael.


What’s the matter with Indian Trichoderma virus?

India’s soil energy environment is similar to a space area of virus breeding, that is, India’s soil can bring sufficient energy to virus breeding. During the outbreak in India, the virus was still in a state of constant mutation and appreciation. After the mutation, it can attack the human body in a more convenient way, and after entering the human body, it can quickly attack and break the immune radiation of negative mechanism in the human body, so as to invade the internal environment of the human body and invade and corrode the human body cells, Finally, it stays in the important organs of human body and continues to multiply until organ failure.

In the process of the epidemic, the panic in human emotions, the subsequent variant energy derived from the epidemic virus, and the dark energy factor created by the negative energy in this space field, lead to the space energy in this area to produce a kind of Trichoderma virus as you call it.

This kind of virus can manifest itself in the body, and it can tamper with, attack and poison the energy of cells very quickly. At present, it is difficult to conquer it with the technology and drugs available for human research. This kind of energy virus can quickly fuse with the energy of human body environment, and has strong adsorption and permeability, And it can cause the variation of cell energy by poisoning the energy of human cells, and then the manifestation of biomass level.

So you will see that people infected with this kind of virus are helpless and unable to resist. They can only watch some part of their body appear dark and gradually spread until the most important organ of the human body becomes seriously polluted and mutates, ending their short life journey of living in the earth’s space.

If we want to cut off the epidemic situation in India or the infection after the virus mutation and appreciation, the Indian people need to recognize the loopholes in their own behavior from the fundamental level, especially correct their own behavior from the life level, So that their own living environment, soil and their own energy do not give negative energy to bring more breeding environment and conditions.

Negative energy nibbles, poisons and attacks human energy all the time. The epidemic situation in India and the spatial manifestation of this mutant virus are the tip of the iceberg. At present, it is difficult for human beings to connect negative viruses and bacteria to the energy space rarely involved by human beings, because human beings do not understand and understand the negative energy, and they do not know that their inner soul has been affected or even eroded by such energy. Therefore, once human beings are faced with the attack of negative energy on the flesh and soul, It’s hard to resist this attack.

It is hoped that more human beings can clearly recognize the existence of negative energy, be willing to get rid of the status quo bound by negative energy, and make practical efforts to get rid of negative energy.


Collective consciousness message of elephant group: about migration

Life is like a river

Message receiving: Ruohe

Dear human friends, Hello! We are the collective consciousness of the elephant group. Today we come to bring you a message about the migration of some members of our group.

We and other creatures, as well as human beings, are residents of the earth, and we have the right to own our habitat.

When human beings occupy our habitat step by step and turn the rainforest into a base for planting cash crops, we have nowhere to go but to make long-distance migration and find new habitats.

As a large group, we need more food and more living space than you think.

I hope that this long-distance migration of some members of our ethnic group will make people realize that animals also need living space.

We hope that human beings can respect our right of survival and reproduction, and no longer occupy more space.

We love mother earth deeply, and mother earth also loves us deeply. Therefore, our actions and unusual behaviors of our ethnic group are following the steps of Mother Earth’s ascension.

I hope that our human friends will wake up as soon as possible and realize how close the relationship between human beings and animals, between human beings and nature, and between human beings and mother earth is. I hope human friends can respect us and treat us well, as well as other species and creatures.

When poachers brutally kill members of our ethnic group because of our ivory, our whole community will feel sad.

We are not as dull as our huge bodies. We also have deep and keen emotions. We will be sad and sad for the loss of our members. Just as human beings lose their loved ones or relatives.

I hope human beings can understand us better, and also hope human beings can understand that when you have exquisite ivory products, behind you is an elephant that fell in a pool of blood and died cruelly.

Therefore, when humans can refuse ivory products, poachers will no longer be so rampant. We are very grateful to those human friends who are committed to protecting our ethnic group. We can also feel the love from our human friends.

We also love you deeply, bless you! Now let’s go. Goodbye!

Thanks for reading and deep blessing!


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