The trap of the heart, give too much^_^

The trap of the heart, give too much



Energy release from the chest and lungs, coughing

The eyes are oppressive and can’t open


Crystallization of body skin is in progress

Explanation: “your star brothers and sisters are now on the earth, watching with your heart the people you walk through the streets, because many of them are no longer human beings, but people from the stars to increase the vibration rate of the earth. I have an appointment for you. You are currently in the fifth dimension, but your eyes don’t see anything because the matrix of the third dimension is still there. You will definitely join your star brothers and sisters by the end of October.

I didn’t give you an exact date, but I know that the Gaea High Council has set a deadline for all of you to go through your fifth dimensional light body and board the healing vessel to get rid of the beliefs and falsehood that are telling you. You will learn to discover your full potential and rejuvenate as there is no expectation in your DNA that you will age in the fifth dimension. You’ve been through a lot of life. But when the earth was created, you all came from the stars. “


Walking to the river, I stood in the river for a long time, then I went up the mountain to bask in the sunshine for a long time, so I felt more comfortable. I still couldn’t sleep when I came back in the afternoon, and the code was overloaded


Third eye

What can be delivered to you during the summer solstice(6.21), or before and after it. We hope that the energy delivered will expand your consciousness and open up your multidimensional self.

To do that, we need to focus specifically on your pineal gland. Most people know that the pineal gland is the physical representation of the third eye, which allows you to see the inner dimension. You need to know how much help and support there is around you, so we think it’s definitely good for those who wake up. You need to know how many assistants you have and how many beings are sending you love and light.

If you want to be more precise, the way is to use smaller portals. These little portals are like a laser launcher. We can pinpoint and deliver energy where you need it most. Therefore, we are currently working with the higher self of the awakening collective

Most people believe what they see. So, in any case, you can expect the three eye chakra to be upgraded in this upcoming June solstice event. We still have a lot of upgrades and activations to launch, we are not alone. We are just a group in a galaxy that is trying to help humans raise their consciousness so that you can continue to move forward in ascension and help as many others as possible who want to ascend with you. This is a golden age of enlightenment for those of you who are willing to live in your own body, heart-centered, and provide support to your fellow human beings who have never received material support.

Where you continue to intervene, be the teachers, healers and guides they need. That’s the ultimate purpose of this gift, and we know that you will use them correctly, because we have seen all the time lines, because we love you very much and trust you very much.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

We are watching and waiting, thinking about what we can bring to you in the coming June solstice. We know that many people feel ready to accept whatever we may bring to you, but we must work within the limits of your higher self and not frighten them with things that other human beings are not ready for. So, as before, we’re negotiating and thinking, looking for opportunities to reach only those who are ready.


The role of star seeds

Original going home

Hello everyone, I come with news and joy. I notice that you are all in great torment, confusion and fear. You will soon understand what it will be like to have the Galactic essence and carry the Galactic blueprint, because it will be activated in a short time

Let me tell you that your brothers and sisters of light have been downloading different types of information for each human. All galactic templates are receiving or bombarded with multiple codes and information from different galactic planes. It’s different for everyone, and no one will be forgotten or ignored. All of you are receiving codes that serve humanity and your highest good

Dear interstellar seed: if you coordinate with my message: welcome and listen carefully to further explanation

Arcturus’s interstellar seeds are receiving information from their home world on how to implement the next generation of high intelligence and high-tech society. Individuals from this galactic nature are downloading this information so that uploading can take place in the next stage of ascending process

Andromeda seeds are receiving and uploading code to format the old matrix so that Earth’s new magnetic field can be activated. You act as a restart key to restart earth’s field. Your courage, patience and diligence are needed as well as your healing ability

The Pleiadian interstellar seeds are enduring the challenge because these souls are very sensitive to the incessant chaos and drama. They are closely connected with human beings along with their empathy and social skills. These interstellar seeds assist in the transformation at the human level. That means they’re operating on a planetary level, downloading code from the sun. Each solar flare is a new download for the Pleiadian soul, and they can be very difficult to integrate these days, as flares contain stronger and higher frequencies. The Pleiades are providing humans with the ability to open up and mind, which is very important at this time. They are sowing awakening, ready to rebuild a new empire, a new world or community. They do their work in the human Playground: it’s closest to human beings

Sirius is the leader of the moment. These interstellar seeds are gaining control and moving forward. These souls will feel urged and called to “do something”, so they are making the necessary changes. We only ask to do it with patience and integrity. These interstellar seeds are being bombarded with new information, ideas and codes from the galactic center, so that innovative ideas can be born on earth. Sirius plays a leading role at this stage and is a great healer

Venus interstellar seed is downloading the code of home world to assist in the process of love and compassion. These souls are integrating higher vibrations of love to help humans understand their sacred nature. They are active in the natural world and feel urged to resist anger, negativity, darkness and hatred. More and more compassion will flow from their hearts to the hearts of others: to those who are lost out of fear

The interplanetary seeds of Vega and Orion are the architects of planetary structure. As we transform the earth into a crystalline structure, these interstellar seeds are responsible for and assist in this important process. Therefore, clarity, concentration and strength are necessary. These interstellar seeds are receiving downloads and updates every day in order to integrate the crystal vibrations and change their instruments. It’s as if their instruments are regenerating and transmitting this frequency to earth

All other interstellar seeds are dealing with their own higher awakening process, and no one will be ignored. Each interstellar seed is receiving its own code and awakening. You are all helping and playing a role as we move into the age of Aquarius

Remember, everyone has to work together because you’re all receiving your own code

This worry, this confusion will have an end. Everyone is important, every soul is on its own path. Many people die of fear and forget who they are. This is the only reason a soul chooses to follow the guidance of fear. Always remember who you are; Let this awareness be a guide to your future path and stay connected to your heart. Never forget who you are

We’ll talk more soon



Joshua the trap of the healer: the trap of the heart, giving too much

Pamela Joshua’s transmission yesterday

The second pitfall you will encounter on your way to mentors and healers is in the heart. The heart is the place where all kinds of energy gather. The heart chakra builds a bridge between heaven and earth, between the higher and lower energy centers. The mind “collects” energy from different sources and knows their internal unity. The heart allows you to transcend duality and open your arms to others with love and compassion.

The mind is where the ability to feel is – to be in harmony with the energy of others and experience the feeling of being them. It is the center of empathy. So it is very clear that the heart plays an important role in any form of spiritual teaching and healing. Many of you are born with empathy – you are born to feel the emotions and energy of others.

But there’s an important pitfall associated with this ability. You’re so sensitive to other people’s energy that it’s hard to tell which ones are yours and which ones are others’ emotions. Sometimes you absorb a lot of each other’s energy, so you lose yourself.

You know how they feel, so you may want to help each other,

So that the energy of both sides is mixed together,

And then you start to take on burdens that don’t belong to you.

When that happens, it’s unbalanced

——You give too much.

When you are shaken by other people’s pain and start to use too much energy to help them, you cross your own line. Too much energy you give will cause trouble for you. This extra energy will go to others, but it doesn’t work. Visitors may not be able to integrate or receive this energy, they may be frightened by it, or they may not notice it at all. At the end of the day, you will feel tired, angry and frustrated.

You can tell whether you’re giving too much by physical and emotional signals. When you feel a little empty, depressed or heavy after meeting a visitor or trying to help someone, you give too much.

Starting from a central point of balance, you will feel free, energetic, and inspired when providing instruction and therapy. And when the meeting is over, you can easily take back your energy. You can let go of each other without any ties remaining in each other’s fields.

If the energy connection between you continues to exist because you want to help people to be happy, then this connection is destructive to your energy. When you focus on the visitors, you will absorb their energy and want to give yourself to lighten their burden, which will create two-way emotional dependence between you. Your visitor will start to rely on you, and your feelings will fluctuate with him or her. This kind of energy entanglement will not help your visitors, but also deplete yourself.

Why is it so easy when you start helping others? Why is it so hard for Lightworkers to avoid this trap? Where does this strong need to treat and help, to make the world a better place, come from? You all have an inner sense of mission to bring teaching and healing to the world, but the tendency to “give too much” comes from a wound that you don’t realize. This wound – or pain – makes you a little too enthusiastic in giving.

There is a sense of pain and sadness in your hearts, which makes you want to strive to create a new state of being, a level of consciousness more in line with the natural divinity of all life. You are all homesick, hoping to create a more loving and peaceful reality on earth. In this life, you are not here to explore all kinds of self, which has made you tired and tired. You are here in response to the ancient chants of the soul, to help restore the earth to its bonds of peace, joy, respect and love.

Your emotional body is scarred, because in many lives, you have tried to bring your own soul light to the world, but encountered a lot of resistance and rejection, so you came here with a cautious attitude. But the flower of your inner passion has not withered, you are here again! But this time, because of the inner pain, you are like a delicate and sensitive flower that needs a solid foundation to grow and bloom. And the foundation you need is a sense of being firmly rooted in the earth and at your own center.

By taking root, I mean taking your roots to the earth, realizing how the reality of the human world works, and knowing what needs to be faced when living in the body. Sometimes you are so immersed in spirit that you forget to take care of yourself and your body. You are too idealistic, too unrealistic, and often want to transcend the earth reality, but only through the earth, through the feeling of being at ease with the various elements of the earth, can spiritual energy blossom and bear fruit here.

By centering, I mean that you have to really face your feelings and the feeling of “what’s right for you.”. As human beings, you all have different selves or personalities from others. This self has its value and function of being, allowing you to bring your unique spiritual energy into the physical reality. You don’t want to give up your personality in order to “benefit more people”. You are not here to destroy yourself, but to let the light of your soul show through your self.

You need self to show energy. Because of the pain of the soul, because of the fatigue of the ancient past, because if you want to get to the promised land of the new earth quickly, your roots may not be strong enough to lose the center. You will be eager to push and change when things are not ready, or you will try to wake others up at a speed they can’t adapt to. You become “too enthusiastic to give.” this excessive enthusiasm may be shown by kindness or intense care, but behind this behavior, there is a lack of patience and agitation. You may feel elated, enthusiastic and engaged for a while, but at some point, you will feel disappointed, exhausted and angry because you have exhausted your energy resources.

The trap of the heart – the trap of giving too much – comes from the fact that you can’t accept the reality as it is. There is a kind of uneasiness and anxiety inside you that makes it hard for you to let go. So it’s hard to keep the right emotional distance from the people you’re trying to help or the events in which you’re involved.

You are all mentors and healers, and you have come to earth with a mission. But paradoxically, to really accomplish it, we have to let go of the need to change things. Because there is pain in that eagerness, a kind of pain that can’t feel at ease on the earth at this moment. True spiritual change begins with acceptance. To truly become a mentor and healer, one must embrace one’s own pain and heal it. You need to shake hands with your inner fear and anger, so that you will find that the eager giving is replaced by the quiet peace and acceptance. At this time, the light you emit is really healing.

Let others go when they are suffering and testing, and give them time and space to go through their own journey. This choice may bring you inner pain, because it brings you back to loneliness and helplessness. The world is so imperfect, so different from the pure and beautiful world you dream of, that you are hurt. It’s your challenge not to escape the pain, to let it fully enter consciousness, to open your angel wings and embrace it.

Once you recognize your desire to help others, or to achieve good goals, and realize the hidden pain, that is, the part that cannot accept reality as it is, you can start to let go. Realizing that one’s strong will and eagerness come from inner pain and sadness, one can stop giving too much, return to the inner world, and find a way to live in peace with oneself. You can really start to pay for yourself.

And this is when you really start to be Lightworkers – rooted in earth, centered, and fully accepting yourself and others. As a light worker, the only thing that can be done is to open up your energy to others. You teach and heal through the “problem-solving energy” of your field. Usually you attract people whose problems you have just experienced. On these issues, you have experienced them very thoroughly, and the pure understanding you have gained has become a part of your being. These are the parts of your enlightenment. They are sacred and inviolable, and they will not be lost, because they are not based on knowledge that may be forgotten. What you can provide to others is not tools or theories, but yourself transformed through life, experience and courage to face the inner wounds.

From this point of view, the work of light that you have to do will come effortlessly and automatically, which is a very natural thing for you. To find a mission in life – something you were born to do – you just need to be aware of what you really want and do what makes you passionate. In this way, you can bring your energy into the world, and then others will be infected and inspired. Really, there is nothing else to do. This is the work of light that you are here to do.

Lightworkers who understand the balance of giving and receiving will have more peace and joy, so their energy field will emit “problem-solving frequency” more frequently.

© Pamela Krippe



The help that is coming is karmic and it is designed to make up for those mistakes.

Your spiritual purification would be much smoother without the intervention of well intentioned aliens. So now that you have an upgrade, it will not only help you remember who you are and who you were, but also help you realize that all the technologies you need are within you.

You don’t need a time machine or teleportation. You don’t need medical beds. You don’t need any of your existing technology to connect with others, because you are all connected. If you rely more on your own talent, inner technology, you will have telepathy now. Machines can help you in some ways, so that you don’t have to be busy in order to live a comfortable life. You can use more of the world for your spirituality. However, there will always be some people who are over enthusiastic about these technologies, and these upgrades will help you achieve balance so that you can return to your most important journey, that is, your inner journey, which is very necessary.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

We are not experts living on earth in the form of human bodies. You’re experts on this, and that’s why the earth is getting so much attention now. In fact, there are many reasons, but many of you are learning. They want to know you so that they can know more about themselves. You are a fascinating race because you decided to incarnate in a very polarized world and forget your true identity as source energy to feel so many emotions.

You are on the verge of great changes on earth that will lead to the completion of the final transformation, so it’s amazing. No one can help you. We can observe, we can help, but you must finally face the fear and overcome the challenges ahead. You should get help, because without the intervention of aliens, the earth would not be what it is today. There was a time when you were instructed how to use technology, and then you abused it, and as a result, the whole civilization died.

Whose fault is that? Is it the human error to abuse what they get? If you give the gun to a child, will you blame the child for the result?


More supporters join every day. More people stop eating animals, more people begin to respect the earth, more people begin to look at themselves, trying to find a way for their own evolution.

How can you be unhappy? If you look back a few years ago, I, Ashtar Sheran, was here talking to thousands of people that was impossible, unreal, incredible. It’s going to be unreal, it’s going to be incredible, because commanders in this environment won’t accept it. However, even if everything is manipulated and polluted by them, this is our environment, it is light. So they can’t suppress our voices; If they could, they would have done so a long time ago.

Every day, more and more people participate in the reproduction of this information. Unfortunately, at the same time, many people use this information to promote the opposite. But everyone will find their own way at the right time, which does not hinder us. Because our voices, our messages, get where we want them to go. When each and every one of you who has never heard of us is led to hear our message, it is time for you to wake up and show you the truth.

Now your choice is: accept the invitation or reject it. But I can tell you that most people accept the invitation. But they are not as conscious as you are, but I would like to say that it is time for you to welcome them with open arms and show them the way. That’s it. We don’t ask you to put anyone on your lap, and we don’t ask you to take someone’s hand. No, this road must be taken by everyone, by everyone’s heart. Therefore, as long as the direction is pointed out, the person has to seek answers and help by himself.

So it’s a great pleasure, yes, a great pleasure. We are all recovering from a long and difficult battle, but we already know we will win, so no one gives up. Now, a new phase will begin: cleaning up the people on the surface. when? Wait. Everything happened at the right time. So it won’t happen before or after the time we’ve planned. So, focus on happiness, focus on winning. Don’t be confused by the confusion. That’s what chaos is about, it’s about losing hope, it’s about losing balance, it’s about causing fear.

Recognizing that the epidemic is no longer hitting so many people and that it is no longer so threatening, they insist that it still exists; But reality no longer shows that. So the weapons are different now. What risks do you take? I would say no, because those who vibrate high, those who are on this road, those who make themselves able to serve the light, do not cause confusion. So they don’t take any risks. Now, those of you who are still doubting, those who are still doubting which side you are going to follow, be very careful, because chaos will absorb you.

So it’s very simple: loud vibration, vibration, love, vibration, harmony, peace, just say positive things. Don’t comment negatively. If you don’t want to say something positive, just shut up. Learning to be quiet is also a learning process.

What I want to say is that it’s time for each of you; This is a time of isolation, and each of you has to find your own way. Do not seek your way in the opinions of others, do not seek the same way as others, and do not seek your way through the experience of others. You see, this road is everyone’s own. Everyone on this planet has a soul, and every soul has a path. So, don’t copy the path of others, you must respect your own path. So now it’s not looking at each other or following others. It’s not looking at your own feet. No one is standing on others’ feet,

You walk by yourself and look at your own feet. Every soul has its own way, so don’t imitate, don’t imitate, don’t be jealous, don’t compare each other’s way, this is your way. If it’s tougher and has more obstacles, it’s because your path puts it on this path. Don’t compare yourself with someone who takes a gorgeous and easy road. Follow your feet.

This is the moment, through isolation, you can keep balance, vibrate very high, and chaos, it goes very far, it goes very far. So don’t focus on chaos. Don’t pay attention to more news. Only vibration happiness, because the light wins, victory is ours. Why vibrate in the opposite direction? Why shock fear? Why shock negative emotions? What you want has happened, we have won, bright has won completely. So why not be happy? Why not just vibrate love? You should vibrate loudly.

If there are many times that things don’t happen, it’s because the vibration of the planet doesn’t allow it to happen, but it comes from you. So you always think, “Oh, I’m one of them. If I had a lower vibration today, there would have been no harm“ Your idea will reverberate, you will have another person who will think in the same way, and the idea will spread to the grid of the earth. How many people will vibrate very low because they are unique? What will happen? The vibration of the planet has dropped. What you expect to happen the next day will take longer, because we need the high vibration of energy, the quantum of frequency on the planet, to make it happen.

So is your part. Don’t just because you think you are unique and isolated, you don’t disturb the whole, that’s untrue. Each of you who vibrates below will reverberate through the process. Therefore, be part of the group that raises the vibration and do not hold the hand of the group that lowers the vibration. Now it’s time for you to take a path. This road is isolated, it does not depend on anyone, nor is it based on anyone. This road is everyone’s own. Everyone has to find their own way. The other way is good for the other side, maybe not for you. So don’t go other people’s way, it’s your foot, you can’t walk on his feet.

So once again: vibration, joy, full of joy. All the joy we feel is echoed on your planet. We are doing our best to make it reverberate with so much light, so much love, so much joy, you can feel the same joy, you can magnify it. That’s what we expect of you. It’s no different.

But I insist again: go your way. If your way to be happy is to climb on the roof of your house and the vibration is really loud, go ahead. It’s going to be your way. No one will imitate you. Let everyone do it their own way. Learn to be yourself, not others. Then, a holy and powerful existence does not depend on anyone, it only depends on your desire and your choice.


If you see a very successful person with the exciting life you want, you have to understand that if you really want to live that special life, then this example is a possibility for you. If you look at that person and want to know how he is so lucky, or who his parents are, giving him such a perfect life, then you miss the point.

They are you, in a different body, and you don’t have to go through a series of the same steps to become like them. So you don’t have to tell yourself that you don’t have as many advantages as they do. You don’t have to tell yourself that you can’t live that life because of different backgrounds. On the contrary, you should tell yourself that if the aspect of the source is possible, then it is also possible for me, because I am also an aspect of the source.

When you see or hear that someone has done something terrible, and may continue to do something terrible, it’s also a choice in your heart. It’s a choice you need to face calmly. You need to live in peace with the dark, because it cannot exist only outside of you, nor in our Holographic Universe. That’s why we always emphasize forgiveness and compassion. It’s not for them, it’s for you. It’s in your interest.

Everyone you meet, and everything you see, hear, and recognize, is good for you, because it’s another part of your puzzle. If you can accept it and put it in the right place, you will become more complete. But when you deny that there is something in your heart, you are still fragmented. You will weaken your power and your ability to consciously become your true self.

It’s time to let go of the illusion of separation, stop playing the game of victims and criminals, we fight them, the dark against the light, and so on. It’s a game of integrating everything into your heart, becoming a harmonious whole and loving every part of yourself. This is the cure for you and them. It’s a way to come together as a unified collective that can change your consciousness on your beautiful planet.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

We continue to study humans because we like to help you, and we like to know ourselves better through you. We know you may occasionally do it in your subconscious, but we suggest you do it more consciously. Don’t look at everything and everyone as a mirror of yourself, or as your teacher, to show you what else you need to master better. Think of them as examples of what you are and what you can be. We discuss this issue from both positive and negative perspectives.


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