How to get out of the game of eating each other quickly?

How to get out of the game of eating each other quickly?

If you want to get out quickly, first of all, don’t participate and deal with people and things who don’t eat each other’s game, such as light workers, talking, nature, animals / plants / minerals, children, body, inner higher self and source

More exploration, practice, internal and external to verify know, there will be feelings and harvest

Human beings have a sense of freedom, which is why most people do not walk on the well-designed program, so practice according to the needs of program operation, and use the life you want to challenge reality, in constant confrontation, acceptance, letting go and balance

Life is a history of eating each other. Naturally, you have to learn from eating each other how to stop eating each other by giving yourself freedom and giving others freedom. Eating and not eating are all together, breathing together, electromagnetic fields together, stepping on the same land, in the same air, and in the energy soup of open source, so you don’t have to be too persistent about whether people are together, aways under the protection of mother earth and Father Sun

If you want to stop eating each other, and if you want others to cater to you, agree with you, and agree with you, you must listen to you. Then you should stop imposing interference and return to your own peaceful world. Take care of yourself first, maintain a higher mood, and then deal with others. Otherwise, you will not be in a hurry to do it, and let your inner expectation become the driving force for you to return to your inner world and manifest what you want

What is not perceived in the physical stage, but does not hinder your inner experience, what is presented to you is related to your desire and inner vibration frequency

How to be more comfortable, smoother and more free on the outside is just as important as on the inside, so as to realize the challenges of life


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