Micro Energy eating

Micro Energy eating

In the stage of refinement and exploration, as Guangxiu is going through, we need to explore more in real objects, such as the magnifying function of mobile phone camera, to explore the micro world, to see the anatomy of human body, to see the internal structure and perception map of science to all things, to see the internal structure of molecules, atoms and pre atoms

Not stop at knowledge, but also to internalize into your feelings, perception and perception Intuition and the relationship with the unity of all things, the relationship with empathy, the relationship with the higher self, the relationship with oneness, because this is your internal external radiation, but not only the feeling, but also the vision, more internal imagination, when you are interested

You can’t say “I’m letting go” to those who don’t know, don’t feel, can’t see and are not interested. This is the essence of the ladder leap. Everything comes from you. When you understand the essence of all things, all things are one, in the knowable and the unknowable, and all are down and accepted

Soul is energy, subtle energy, in every cell of your body

When you are sensitive to the chakras or viscera, this is the beginning of interaction with the source soul. You need to continue to deepen. The history of soul exploration is written in DNA. The organs powered by the chakras constantly receive, emit and interact with each other. When intelligence is more and more open in the larger picture, all things are one, and each fragment is a copy of the whole, and the expansion is endless, You will jump out of the current organ and chakra vibration field, and enter into a new round of DNA intelligent transition. Through your sharing, through your practice, through your acceptance and putting down, and through your inner desire to become the driving force, you will explore your life more subtly, not only with knowledge, but also with your precise feeling and higher self guidance

Fractals and holograms.

I have every reason to encourage everyone to understand these two phenomena at least. They can greatly help us understand the creative process. Holographic projection is an object, it can provide three-dimensional picture. If you break the holographic projection into many small pieces, each piece will show the same three-dimensional picture again. That’s how you are. Every being contains all.

As for fractal, it means that when you find a point of interest, you can zoom in from that point to see the fractal. You will never see it through. It is endless recursion or self replication in any direction. You’re like that. If you look inside, you will continue to look forever. No matter which way you look

Find, there are more waiting for you to dig.

The essence of dimension and density^_^( Contains “12 dimensional DNA”, ascension 2: density)



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