The battle of one person begins and becomes a better choice for you to leave your cocoon in a few weeks or months^_^

The battle of one person begins and becomes a better choice for you to leave your cocoon in a few weeks or months^_^

What is cocooning, is no longer in the same cocoon, for a greater open and out of the game ready to fly

About the individual

It is getting closer and closer to the process of individual ascension

It is more and more irrelevant to the collective, because it is another karmic circle that is more independent of the collective, 3D and 4D, and more individuals need to take on individual roles

The next five years will be the five years for individuals to step on the stage and prepare for the shining moment

Like a real soldier, he has both softness and strength, diplomacy and higher self, and has complete will. He begins to learn to become, practice and master

“The powerful vibration from the deepest part of the universe, the powerful vibration from the great Pleiades in the middle of the galaxy, will revive life.

You are now recovering, which is why you feel tired and show a state of deep transformation. You are reborn, moving towards the reality of life, moving towards real life!

Don’t waste time giving energy to things that don’t deserve it!

Don’t waste time listening to lies and feeling uncomfortable about them!

Soon there will be violent turbulence both inside and outside of you. Get ready!

Nature, like human beings, is transforming. It will find new beauty, new balance, new strength! It’s preparing for the future. It is preparing to give its best to all living beings.

So do you, and be ready to give your best to all living beings, that is, to give your inner light and love.

Don’t be afraid of life. Don’t be afraid of holy love. Don’t be afraid of the light.

You are life. You are holy love. You are the light. Stay in the middle of your heart!

Oneness is bound to appear in this world. We can assure you!

Before the great change comes, you should keep faith in yourself, life and love! Bless you

Are you ready to open your mind just to keep the vibration high


Giving yourself and others the freedom to be is now a unique journey for all pioneers

You know who you are – most of all, what you need. Let yourself act accordingly. No one knows you better than you. That’s it.

Until now, it has been a collective effort and progress. No longer. So don’t blame yourself or anyone for what others have done or haven’t done
In fact, you are closer to the extraordinary 3D life, cosmic dimension and frequency changes you have experienced in your previous life to prepare for your role in this transformation

Let yourself be, without envy, without wishful thinking, or curious about what’s wrong with you. It happens at the right time for you – not for your friends, family, neighbors or the universe. You’re in the personal clock, not the universal clock that you’ve championed since you started this transition

In the previous phase of transformation, you changed together. This is no longer the case. Your cocooning time is about preparing for your unique role, not about transforming the earth

Those of you who are in the cocooning stage need to develop this or that before breaking the cocoon. You are in the cocoon to prepare for your unique and colorful cocoon breaking. The time has come

If you’re no longer in a cocoon, that’s good. If you’re in a cocoon, that’s good, too, because soon you won’t want or be able to be in it any more

So it’s like cocooning. Instead of you quitting the cocooning phase in a few days, you will quit in a few weeks or months

Just like adolescence, not all people will emerge at the same time. Most babies develop in a similar time frame. Until puberty, physical changes last for months or years, not weeks

In 3D, you can’t stop your body, your mind, your behavior from changing. You can’t now. So you cocoon until you don’t want it anymore, until it feels like a prison, until you can’t stand it anymore, like adolescence

Your cocooning phase may last weeks or months, but it will end. There will be an explosion of ideas and needs

You will leave or have left your cocoon. This is not a threat, but a reality. It’s like your body can never remain a child

You have a choice, but staying invisible is no longer an option. Imagine that you’ve been included in an army, even if you don’t necessarily want to be part of it, you’re already. In order to survive or develop, you have to participate. So that’s how you are now

In the same cocoon, similar to some religious characteristics of the border between heaven and hell

You may feel that this step is too big. You understand 3D, even if you don’t want to be part of it. The current stage is similar to offering you the choice of remaining a child or accepting yourself as a young person. As a 3D person, many of you will remain a child, even if you envy the older ones. Childhood is what you know

It’s not that those who cocoon have to get out of their cocoons. Instead, they will automatically exit, whether they want it now or not

Energy from creation


There is hope in our universe to express your fear of being yourself. Even though we have talked about this issue on many occasions, today’s discussion is a bit different. You have bravely passed every stage until now. Despite the fear, the current pace seems out of reach for many of you
You are in your personal clock
Original going home


Whether you want to let the past decide your future is entirely up to you!
Joshua transmitted through Pamela
In this era, changes are taking place on the earth, and new consciousness, such as the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, will appear in material form sooner or later. How the change will come and how it will be presented are not set.

The future is always uncertain, only the present moment is known.

From the source of the present, countless possible paths extend to all directions, weaving a net of infinite possibilities and spreading to the future.

Past experience can be used as the basis for predicting future possibilities, but the choice is always with you;
Prediction is always based on possibility, which is related to the past.

As a human being, you have the power to free yourself from the past and open up a new path.

You are given free will and the power to change and recreate yourself.

This power contains your divinity, which is the power created from nothing, and this divine power belongs to your essence.

When it comes to this era of change, don’t forget that you are the master of your own reality. There is no such thing as a predestined plan or cosmic force that can control your own soul path or create your own reality. Things don’t work that way, and every soul on earth will experience this transformation in a way that is consistent with their inner habits. There are many kinds of reality, and the reality you choose will respond to your inner needs and desires.

What makes this era (from 1950 to 2070) special is that there are two different cycles of consciousness coming to an end: one is the “personal cycle” and the other is the “earth cycle”. These two cycles are completed at the same time, strengthening each other’s strength.

For some people, their personal life cycle on earth is coming to an end. Most of these souls are Lightworkers. We will discuss this group of Lightworkers’ souls in more detail later. Here, we want to explain the characteristics of personal cycle: what is the meaning of experiencing this cycle, and what is the purpose of experiencing these complex cycles on earth.

Personal cycle: personal karmic cycle
The lifetimes you have experienced on earth are part of the great cycle of soul so that you can experience duality in its entirety. In this cycle, you have experienced men and women, health and illness, wealth and poverty, good and bad. In some previous lives, you went deep into the material world and became a farmer, worker or craftsman; In some spiritually oriented previous lives, you were strongly aware of your own spiritual origin, so you were attracted by religious career; There are also some past lives that you explore in the secular fields of power, politics and so on; In addition, you may have devoted some previous lives to expressing yourself in artistic form.

In all these reincarnations, the soul is often specialized in something, as can be seen clearly from those who have a certain talent. They seem to have a certain potential (even when they were young), waiting to be awakened at the right time, and then they can easily develop.

The souls of Lightworkers are often attracted by religious life. They have been monks, nuns, monks, shamans, witches, psychic mediums and so on for many generations. They want to be the medium of the physical world and the spiritual world, so they develop their expertise in this field. If you often feel called, feel a strong impulse to enter the spiritual realm, even if it is not in line with your daily life, you are likely to be a member of the Lightworker family.

Living on earth gives you the opportunity to fully experience what it means to be human. Now you may ask, “what’s special about being human? Why do I want to experience? “

Human experience is diverse and strong. When you live a human life, you will fall into an irresistible field of physical sense, thought and feeling. Because of the duality inherent in this field, your experience will have great contrast and intensity, which is much stronger than what you experience in the so-called astral world (the astral world is where you stay after your death and between your two lives). It may be hard for you to imagine, but many of us here want to change places with you, to be human, to gain human experience. Human experience is a precious reality for them. Although the beings here can use their imagination to create countless realities, for them, such satisfaction is not as good as creating a “real” reality on earth.

The creative process on earth is often a struggle, and you encounter a lot of resistance in making your dreams come true. However, in the starlight world, it is much easier to create with mental intelligence. There is no time difference between thinking and manifesting something; In addition, you can create all the realities you want or imagine, without any restrictions. When you imagine a beautiful garden, it is already there for you.

On earth, to produce an idea and make it come true in the material world, great efforts must be made. It requires strong ideas, long-term persistence, clear mind and a heart of trust. On earth, you have to face the slowness and tenacity of the material world, and deal with your inner contradictions and impulses, such as doubt, despair, lack of awareness, and loss of faith. The creative process may be hindered or even failed by any one of these factors, but these potential problems are the reason why life experience on earth is so precious – even failure.

In this process, the challenges you encounter are your best teachers. They make the earth experience deeper and broader than the effortless creation process of starlight. Such effortlessness will lead to “meaninglessness”, which is known and understood by all astral beings who have not yet experienced life on earth.

You are often discouraged or even desperate because the material reality does not comply with your wishes. How many times, the reality did not respond to your wishes and hopes; How many times does your creative intention seem to end in pain and disillusionment. However, at a certain moment, you will find the key to peace and happiness, and you will find it in your heart; When you find it, the joy that comes to you will be incomparable to any creation in the starlight world. It will be the birth of your master, your divinity. As your divinity awakens, the ecstasy you experience will give you the power to heal yourself, and this divine love will help you recover from the deep wounds you have suffered on earth.

After that, you will be able to help heal those who have experienced the same trials and sorrows, and you will recognize their pain and see it in their eyes. You will be able to lead them on the journey to divinity.

Please don’t underestimate the significance of your life on earth. You belong to the most creative, the highest and the bravest part of God, the explorer of the unknown and the creator of new things. You explore duality for a purpose far beyond your imagination. The deepest meaning of your journey is not easy to explain, but we can say that you have created a new type of consciousness, a consciousness that never existed before.

This kind of consciousness first appeared when Jesus walked on the earth. I call it Christ consciousness, which is obtained through spiritual alchemy. Material alchemy is the art of transforming lead into gold, while spiritual alchemy is the art of transforming dark energy into “the third kind of energy”, that is, spiritual gold revealed in Christ’s energy.

Please note that we are not talking about turning darkness into light or deteriorating into good. Darkness and light, evil and good are naturally opposed. They can exist only through the blessing of each other.

True spiritual alchemy is the introduction of “the third energy”, that is, the consciousness of containing the two poles through the energy of love and understanding. The real purpose of your journey is not to let the light conquer the dark, but to transcend these opposites and create a new consciousness that can maintain unity when both light and dark exist.

We use a metaphor to explain this rather difficult point. Imagine that you are a deep-sea diver looking for pearls, diving into the sea again and again, looking for the pearl that everyone is talking about, but no one has really seen. It is said that even the God, the leader of the divers, never touched the Pearl.

It’s very dangerous to dive into the sea, because you may be lost or too deep to catch your breath. Even so, you still insist on diving into the sea again and again, because you have made up your mind and been inspired. Are you crazy? No, you’re a seeker in a new field.
The secret is: in the process of looking for pearls, you are creating them. Pearl is the spiritual gold of Christ’s consciousness. Pearl is you who have been transformed through duality.
We face a real contradiction here: when we explore new things, you are creating them, and you have become the Pearl created by God.

God can’t do this in any other way, because what you’re looking for doesn’t exist and has to be created by you.

So why is God so interested in creating new things? Let’s make it as simple as possible.

In the beginning, God was perfect and good was everywhere. In fact, because there is nothing else, everything is a little static. God’s creation lacks vitality and the possibility of growth and expansion, which can be said to be stagnant.

In order to create the possibility of change, movement and expansion, God must introduce elements different from the “omnipresent beauty” in his creation. It’s hard for God, because how can you create what you’re not? ” How does “good” create “bad”? There’s no way.

Therefore, it can be said that God’s only trick is “ignorance”. Ignorance is the opposite element of “good”. It creates the illusion of “beyond good” and “separation from God” “Don’t know who you are” becomes the driving force for change, growth and expansion in your universe. Ignorance breeds fear, fear breeds the need for control, and the need for control breeds power struggle. In this way, you have all the conditions for evil to grow and thrive. The stage is set up, and the war between good and bad is ready.

God needs the power of opposites to make his creation “come alive from stagnation.”. It’s hard to understand when you see the suffering of ignorance and fear, but God thinks these energies are valuable because they provide him with a way to transcend himself.

You belong to the most creative, the highest and the bravest part of God, and God asks you to put on the veil of ignorance. In order to experience as thoroughly as possible the power of the opposite, you are temporarily immersed in oblivion, forgetting your essence. You agree to plunge into ignorance, but this fact is also covered by the veil of oblivion. So, now you often curse God for putting you in a situation full of hardship and ignorance. We know that. But in essence, you are God, and God is you.

Despite the difficulties and sorrows, there is a sense of wonder and excitement deep within you about living in duality and experiencing and creating new things. This is God’s initial excitement, and that’s why God started his journey through you. When you embark on the journey, you can only face “evil” (fear, ignorance) through the vague memory of “good” (home). You begin to fight fear and ignorance, and at the same time yearn for home. However, you will not go home as you were in the past, as creation has changed with your journey.

Your journey will end when you transcend good and bad, light and darkness. At that time, you have created a third energy (Christ energy) that embraces and transcends binary opposition, and you have expanded God’s creation into a new creation. When the Christ consciousness comes to earth completely, God will surpass himself / herself.

Christ consciousness did not exist before human experience. The so-called Christian consciousness is that a person experiences the layers of duality, adapts to it, and then appears on the “other side”. His consciousness is the Christian consciousness. He will be a resident of the new earth, having released duality, seeing and embracing his own divinity and becoming one with the divine self. However, his divine self will not be the same as before, but more profound and rich than the consciousness from which it came. Or it can be said that God enriches himself by experiencing duality.

Everything we say will be simplified and distorted by the illusion of time and separation, and this truth is no exception. These illusions once played a valuable role, but now it’s time to transcend them. Try to feel the energy behind our words, truth and metaphor. In a sense, this energy is your own. It is the energy of your future Christ self – your Christ self is speaking through me, Joshua. We are waiting for you to join us.

Joshua new earth: personal cycle, complete experience duality
Pamela Joshua’s transmission yesterday

© Pamela Kribbe


Father message: a better choice
Life is like a river

Message receiving: Ruohe

Children, you always have a better choice. When you are dissatisfied with an environment, a relationship, and the current situation, it means that it doesn’t match you. And what I want to tell you today is that you can have a better choice whenever and wherever you go.

Don’t be afraid that your choice will hurt others if it’s just because others are not satisfied with your choice. You know, all the people you meet in your life, all the relationships, are actually for you to experience.

Of course, you can choose a better relationship, just as you can choose your favorite fruit and clothes.

Many people are afraid that ending a relationship will not bring nourishment. They feel that leaving this relationship may hurt each other. But the journey of your life is the choice of each of you. If you insist on your choice, it will not really hurt another soul.

Staying in a seemingly stable relationship may make you feel safe, but if it doesn’t bring you true love and nourishment, it will only consume.
I hope you can understand that you are the masters of your own life, and you are in charge of the course of your own life. You can decide where you want to go or where you want to dock. Take back the initiative of your life and choose everything in your life freely.

Your world itself is a complex playground. Play to your heart’s content, children. I hope you can really get rid of those inherent shackles and restrictions and live your real life.
You don’t have to follow the rules of society. You can choose to write new rules. As long as it is in your best interests, in the best interests of mankind.

You are the children who bring the new world and write the history of the new earth. You have to choose higher and better things if you are not satisfied with what you have.

When you choose to stay with everything that matches you, when more people choose to stay with everything that matches them, you can usher in the world you want.

The future of mankind is in the hands of mankind, and so is your future. Remember, you can always have new, better choices.

I hope you’ll all be able to stay with everything that matches you. I love you deeply and wish you all the best!
Thanks for reading and deep blessing!


Let go of control and try not to do it
Creation from the heart is more powerful and effortless than creation from the self. You don’t have to worry about the details, just be open to everything – internal or external.

Because of this openness, you may feel a tug of war from time to time, or you may feel attracted to certain things. This tug is actually the whisper of your heart, your intuition; When you act out of intuition, you are pulled, not pushed. You will not act until you feel fit at the inner level.

Because you are very used to pushing, that is, creating things with willpower, the energy transfer from the ego to the mind is very challenging for you. This shift needs to be slowed down, and to really get in touch with your intuition, you have to consciously try not to do it, and try to let it go. It’s against a lot of what you’ve been taught and what you’ve been doing. You are used to acting according to your mind and will. Let your mind decide your goal and use willpower to achieve it. This is the opposite of mind centered creation.
When you live from your heart, you will listen to your heart and act. Instead of thinking, you listen to your heart with vigilance and an open mind. The heart speaks through your feelings, not your thoughts; When you feel calm, relaxed and down-to-earth, the voice of the heart can be heard most.

Your heart will now point you a way to the most loving and joyful reality. Its whispers and suggestions are not based on rational thinking. You can recognize the voice of the heart through its light and joyful tone. Lightness is because the mind never forces, and its advice has no strings attached. Your inner self doesn’t stick to your decisions. It loves you no matter what you do.


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