Isn’t it great to make it more natural and interesting?

Isn’t it great to make it more natural and interesting?

Manifesting starts from your side, moves to the nearest nature, helps you in joy, and your cosmic reality will come to you. I believe that everything is your inner manifesting, which needs your input and enjoyment. Do you feel the good part you want to be? The good part immersed in your side for a long time also contains fear and burden, Also not yielding, not conforming to high vibration and fun, everything will come, faster and faster

You can accept yourself as “yes” instead of “no”. Accept that your self nature is pure and peaceful. Accept that you are the creator, relying on high vibration and fun rather than the victim. Continuous training will soon be effective, and the essence of life will become more and more clear, so that you can experience the great creativity and all possibilities of self nature, You need to be brave, you need to choose what you want to be, you need to take risks and work hard to “don’t do”, you need to put down control only in fun and high vibration, even if you are working hard for survival, you need to walk out slowly. After all, without rest and breathing, how can you live? It’s time to live the life you want, and life is also meditation

Isn’t it great to make it more natural and interesting?

We suggest that you evaluate every once in a while whether something is still as effective as before. Even if it’s about your spirituality, get out of your routine

We suggest that you pay more attention to your spiritual practice and the things you pay attention to at any given moment. Now is the best time to focus on your vibrations, your choices and the things you care about, because everything in your world and in the universe is accelerating. Everything comes to you faster than you are used to, which means that your practice is more effective than ever.

We know that many people are using spiritual practice and skills, because they are your teachers, or they have spent a lot of time on you. Maybe you’re taking part in these exercises because other people in your circle of friends are doing the same thing, and you want to participate in them. You don’t want to be a weirdo. It’s good to reflect on what you’re doing from time to time, because it’s easy to fall into a routine or ineffective thing.

We are very efficient beings, and like to use our ability to focus our attention wisely, so we will pay great attention to the things we do or pay attention to, whether they really improve our vibration, whether they really make us feel things we have never felt before, whether they really bring us closer to the source, or whether these things achieve these goals.

We are very practical spiritually. Although we are a non-material collective in the ninth dimension, we are still practicing. We can still experience a series of vibrations, and we seek higher vibrations. That’s why we say we are practical.

This is our approach, our experience.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.


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