Sananda: if you don’t care, if you keep making the same mistakes, if you keep losing control, if you realize that, then you sow now, and soon you will reap.

Sananda: if you don’t care, if you keep making the same mistakes, if you keep losing control, if you realize that, then you sow now, and soon you will reap.

Dear children of the earth! I’m Sananda!

Thank you again for coming here and communicating with you in a simple and extremely rich way. That moment is made up of many simultaneous events. It was a pleasant surprise and some less pleasant times. A lot of changes, a lot of things you can’t imagine coming into your life. Many of you have a lot of experiences, very interesting ones, while others don’t.

Each soul journey accurately records what you are experiencing today. It’s like everything your soul has to transform, everything your soul has to learn, is applied in an instant, not just a few incarnations.

All lessons are presented in this incarnation. Many people don’t realize this, because they believe there is still time, so let the lesson pass; There is still a lot of time to correct yourself and improve yourself as a person and as a soul.

But I tell you the time is very short, many things you still need to correct the time is very short. No more incarnations, no more than a decade or more, for a short time.

So it’s every minute, not every day, every minute, when you try to change, prepare yourself, analyze yourself, so you can at least stop creating new problems. When you try to keep the balance that is necessary in the fifth dimension, you begin to focus only on what happened in the past; Because every minute something comes in, but for sure, you won’t produce anything in the future. If you don’t care, if you keep making the same mistakes, if you keep losing control, if you realize that, then you sow now, and soon you will reap.

So that’s where many people don’t realize they’re out of balance. You go, you go, you go, and then suddenly you slip and come back. That’s why, because you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. You know you can make mistakes, you know what mistakes are, but you can’t help making the same mistakes again. So in further lessons, you have to deal with everything that comes from the past and what irritates you today. Because everything’s going to recover very quickly.

So we need to pay attention to it; Always paying attention is huge in every minute, every thought, every word and every action. It doesn’t say, “I’ll be better tomorrow, and one day I’ll be better.” No, there’s no more space. You have to improve here and now, recognize the mistakes and avoid repeating them, so that your path will give an impression of progress. I can even say that those who think they won’t go really don’t; That’s what they do. It’s like you walk a long way, then suddenly slip and have to go all the way back and start the route again.

Most of them are. I have to warn you: the closer you get to the fifth dimension, the faster things become, and everything has to be transformed and changed. It’s not that the closer you get, the easier it is. On the contrary, the closer you get to the fifth dimension, the more you need to deal with everything. Because the closer you get, the shorter you get to get everything done. As a result, things start to come to you faster.

That’s why you feel it moving back and forth. And that’s what happened. You leave, you don’t change everything, and then you come back.

But on the other hand, I have to tell you; There is no other way. There will always be a lot of people going forward and a lot of people coming back. But I can tell you, you didn’t stop walking.

There is always a positive balance from the point where you stop to the point where you start to slide. So in the end, you go a little bit, even if it’s just a step. But it all depends on how you deal with everything that comes up, every uncomfortable moment, and every unpleasant reaction from the other person.

How do you solve it?

Or angry, or discouraged, or no love? Or do you understand that all this is a test; A test to see if you’ve learned a lesson. Then I’ll show you again: Yes, I’ve learned! ” It has a clear ending.

So the tests keep coming back, because you haven’t learned effectively not to repeat mistakes, you come back, you slip on the way back. But that can’t and shouldn’t be a reason to be discouraged. It’s all about learning. So you have to stop every moment, understand, talk to your higher self, every step, when you realize you’re tripping over again: “how can I get rid of this? What can I do to get rid of this class? ” And make sure your higher self answers you; With words, with thoughts, with what you will see; Pay attention, because you will have the answer.

Don’t think you are incompetent, never, at any time. The course is very difficult. I can tell you that the course is presented to you in the order of easy learning. First of all, the simplest things you can do. And then you come to… As you say in the game, the hard part of the journey.

Now, a more difficult lesson has come, and you really need to change only one feeling: love. This is the most difficult lesson, that is to listen, pass, see, nothing but love. That’s why you slip because of the difficulty of the course; It’s not easy to get through them. But I’m not saying you don’t have the ability, you have a lot. So ask for help, talk to your higher self, ask for help from your higher self. You forget your higher self.

They are the people who are around you and watch everything. When you talk to your higher self, you don’t explain the situation. Many of you do this, explaining the situation minute by minute, as if you were not there and saw everything. And you said to them, “look, I went through this, and you didn’t see it. You agree that they are far away from you, not close to you. So when you’re in trouble, simply ask, “what can I do to get out of there?” Because your higher self knows what you’re going through. They don’t sleep, they’re not far from you, they’re with each of you.

So just ask, “what am I going to do to end this class, and how can I prevent it from happening again?” Wait for the answer and I promise you you’ll get it. So don’t be discouraged, don’t think the journey won’t take you to the fifth dimension. Because it is the approach of the fifth dimension that makes you experience all this, and experience many experiences that are difficult to transform and experience. Do you have any difficulties? Ask for help. This is what you have to do. That’s why the masters are getting closer to you. But they can’t do anything unless you ask; You forgot. You think everyone around you has the responsibility to carry you behind your back to avoid all kinds of problems. I repeat: if so, the soul will not develop. So you have a terrible habit of transferring responsibility for your actions to others.

Don’t treat your higher self like this, because they won’t do that; They will only act when you ask them. Of course, there is protection, but only to a certain extent. Well, problem solving is never. You have to ask them for help before they take action.

You often try to solve problems on your own. What happens then? The big mistake is that you can’t solve the problem yourself. Ask the master to have no shame and inferiority; They are people who can help you, not others; It’s not another person.

Everyone has their own way of looking at things. So if you ask another person for help, he will give it to you from his point of view. Is it good for you? So don’t put solutions to your problems on each other’s shoulders. Your higher self, yes, you can turn to them for help. But it’s not asking them to solve the problem, because they won’t either. That is to ask them to help you find a way out and find a way out of it; You can do that. So it’s getting harder and harder, especially if you purify to the fifth dimension.

Don’t complain, don’t think it’s unfair. You think you’ve changed everything, but I tell you there’s a lot more to come. You’ve changed what you can do at the moment.

No one will learn extremely difficult lessons unless they have the ability to experience them; It’s harmless to us. If you’re in trouble, it’s because you’ve come to the front. Now you are fully empowered to understand how to solve every problem. So don’t think that you will be punished for anything, only get the heaviest burden. Now, only now, you have the premise to know how to pass each one.

Through George Atherton


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