The karmic cycle of receiving and giving of mother earth is balanced: all deeply felt desires will eventually be realized.

The karmic cycle of receiving and giving of mother earth is balanced: all deeply felt desires will eventually be realized.

Joshua new earth: earth cycle, towards love and awakening

Pamela Joshua’s transmission today

All deeply felt desires will eventually be realized.

Desire is basically a mixture of thought and feeling, creative energy. This applies to planets as well as humans. Within the planet earth, there is a desire to experience life, to maintain and cherish life, not to destroy it.

The earth participates in a learning experience, her consciousness itself evolves and transforms, and her journey begins with some kind of ignorance or unconsciousness of her own existence – just like human beings.

The earth used to be a “dark planet”, absorbing or swallowing the energy around her. She absorbs the energy or being she encounters and digests them completely; She deprives each other of their uniqueness and, in a sense, destroys them. This situation stems from the desire to expand. The earth somehow feels the lack or inadequacy within and interprets such lack as the need to conquer and absorb other energies. Since the earth doesn’t give back to those energies, there’s no real interaction between her and them – the whole process is like death.

At one point, earth realized that this process was not satisfying. To satisfy herself in this way, she still felt the lack, and the feeling of inadequacy did not lessen. Let the energy die, did not satisfy her desire to expand.

At this moment, within the earth consciousness, there is a desire for vitality and life. It doesn’t mean that the earth is fully aware of this. She only knows that she wants something else, something new, and wants to interact with other energies, but it won’t reduce those energies to earth energy. Earth has created a space within her consciousness to experience something different from herself. Energetically, it means the beginning of life on earth.

Earth feels powerless and at the same time resistant, and she is ready to build a new foundation for her existence. Whether on the internal or external level, the earth will release the energy of confrontation, competition and life drama

The energy of the heart is the energy of balance and connection – the energy of Christ full of life.

Take time to focus your mind on the core of the earth. Relax and focus… Can you feel something there? Do you feel that the earth is falling apart and that there is so much violence on it?

Now, the earth is about to disintegrate under the influence of the human karmic burden, and the negativity and violence from this karmic burden form some kind of energy waste, making it almost impossible for earth to process, offset or integrate.

The earth you live on is also undergoing a profound and thorough transformation. An earth cycle is coming to an end. The reason why this era is so special is that these two cycles overlap. Next we’re going to talk about the earth’s cycle.

Everything evolves in cycles, including planets and people. It is not unusual for individuals or groups of independent souls to leave karmic cycle at a certain moment, but in this era, especially, the earth itself is completing a major karmic cycle. Earth participated in an internal transformation that caused a new consciousness in her planetary life. No matter where individual souls are in their cycle at this time, the transformation of the earth will affect them.

The earth is your home. Compare it to the house you live in and imagine it’s being rebuilt, which will have a huge impact on your daily life. Depending on your mental state, you will experience it as a welcome change, or as a distraction or annoyance. If you are planning and expecting to rebuild your house anyway, you are in sync with the change and can follow the flow. The transformation of the earth will support and strengthen your personal transformation. If you don’t want to rebuild your house at all, you will be frustrated by the chaos around you, and the inner changes of the earth will make you out of balance.

These will be extremely powerful times for those who welcome the changes within the earth, and you will be uplifted by the light waves currently overflowing in the universe.

This is the law of the universe: all deeply felt desires will eventually be realized.

Desire is basically a mixture of thought and feeling, creative energy.

This applies to planets as well as humans. Within the planet earth, there is a desire to experience life, to maintain and cherish life, not to destroy it.

So it happened.

When life came to the earth, the earth began to blossom and grow, and entered a new field of experience, which filled her with surprise and satisfaction. She was surprised that such a simple desire, such a vague feeling of demand, could bring such a grand and novel development.

As a result, a grand experiment of life forms was launched on earth. Many life forms are drawn to earth to manifest themselves and experiment with the energy of the time. The earth has become a breeding ground for new things and is free to explore new paths and possibilities. All living things had free will then, and they still do.

As life was created, the earth and all living things on it began to pursue some way of inner development. The central theme of this road of experience is: the balance between giving and receiving.

At the inner level of consciousness, the earth has worked hard for a long time to find the right balance between giving and receiving. As a planet, earth gives and takes life. In the dark ages, the earth absorbs and destroys energy, and then the focus is on receiving. Now she has reached the other extreme: to give as much as she can.

Earth has long tolerated human brutality and exploitation as it is in a sense karmic.

Earth has to explore the other side of power and oppression. Her previous victimization triggered the opposite experience of being a victim, just like a boomerang. It’s not about punishment, it’s about how karma works.

To really understand, look directly at and face the problem of power, you have to experience both sides of it.

Anything you want to fight against or claim power, you will meet again as a victim or perpetrator until you realize that you are one and part of the divine energy of oneness.

So the merciless exploitation of earth today is karstically appropriate, as it provides an opportunity for earth to fully understand the balance between giving and receiving.

However, the situation of “disrespect and exploitation are appropriate in karma” is reaching the limit. Earth has understood the balance and is completing the karmic cycle of her consciousness.

She has now reached the level of love and awakening, and there is not much time left for her to tolerate human abuse. This level of consciousness will enable her to attract congenial energies of harmony and respect, and expel energies with destructive intent.

The time has come for a new balance between giving and receiving. On the new earth, the earth and all life – human beings, plants and animals – will live in peace and harmony. The harmonious and sincere connection between all life will be the source of great joy and creativity.

There is no fixed time and nature for the transformation from the old earth to the new earth. It mainly depends on human choices, that is, the choices made by each individual of you at the moment.

Many prophecies refer to the time of this change, but they are always uncertain. The reason is that your visible physical reality is the manifestation of inner collective consciousness, and consciousness is free and creative, as we said at the beginning.

At any time, you can change your future by thinking and feeling in different ways and angles.

You have the power to control your thoughts and feelings. At any time, you can say “no” to restrictive and destructive thoughts or feelings. It’s important for you personally, and for the larger population.

When a large group of people choose freedom and love rather than self loathing and destruction, it will manifest in the physical reality, and the earth will respond to it. She’s sensitive to what’s going on inside people, so she’ll respond to what’s going on inside you. So we want to point out that no one – not even us – can predict exactly how the new earth will be born.

However, it is clear that those soul groups that are now completing their karmic cycle are energetically connected to the new earth. Because of the synchronization of the earth and individual cycles, those who often feel deeply connected to the ideals embodied in the new earth will have a great opportunity to grow and release.

© Pamela Kribbe



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