The superpowers see you – citizens of the world – as their assets, and you may understand that.

slow down and take a moment to reflect on where you have been. For all the answers you seek, you already have.


Don’t forget your keys SirianHhigh-Council


Dearest beacons of light, we are the Sirian High Council. We are in such joy to speak to you in this manner, to convey messages and guidance.


It is through the intake of messages and guidance that growth occurs, but this requires allowance. What we wish to speak of today is allowing messages to be integrated and understood.


Many of you are eager to move forward on your journey, to evolve and grow, but this eagerness can also keep you stuck. It is through eagerness that you do not allow for previous teachings to be absorbed and integrated.


You must ponder teachings, not rush them. For what is the sense of rushing when there is no time? Where are you so eager to get? Are you wanting to be done with this journey, so you try and cram as many teachings and workshops into your schedule that surely you must propel yourself forward?


We tell you, this is not the way.


They way is through understanding. You must ponder teachings that are given. You must not rush to find some imaginary date or time you need to reach some level of experience. It is through this eagerness that you lose the most vial information.


Many, if not most of you, already have the keys to your salvation, but you always forget where you put them. You get so caught up in finding the next key, that you have misplaced the ones you already have.


There is no set date for ones awakening and enlightenment. For there is no end to enlightenment.


Even those of us in the Ascended state are still learning and growing. So, take that in for a moment. We speak to you now from many millions of years in the “future”, yet we are still learning and growing. We still have much to discover and understand. So, to think that suddenly, after doing some workshops and reading some books you can be enlightened and living in total bliss. Yes, it is true that you can live in bliss in your current stage, but to think you will reach a pinnacle of enlightenment through one solar flash is to only deceive yourself.


The reason we may come across in this message as harsh, is because many of you are getting caught up in the need to be somewhere or achieve some milestone of enlightenment. You feel you need to read and go through so much information in a short amount of time to get to this place, and this is simply not true.


Dear ones, where do you strive to be? Do you wish to be living totally free of all experiences besides love and harmony? Well, if this were to be so, then you would be back at Source. And we ask, was this not the reason Source decided to create experiences other than itself? Because yes, Source got bored of only experiencing the same thing, so it expanded itself to create so much more than only love and harmony. For if there were only love and harmony, how could experience happen?


We ask you this because we wish for you to bring your focus back to your current reality and where you are. You are exactly where you need be. There is no set destination for you to strive and burn your energy to get to. We would like for you all to just enjoy your reality and where you are currently at.


Too often you get caught up in this change or that announcement needs to happen. But we ask, why? Why must you need some sort of gratification in the external world to live a happy life?


Yes, we understand the Governments do not operate as they should and for the people, we see this. We know that resources are not evenly provided. We see and acknowledge all the issues that are on your planet. But we ask, why can you not live a full and just life within yourself, as these situations play out?


There is no help in making your own life miserable just because another is. You all chose the life you wish to incarnate in to and be a part of, some harder than others. But at every given moment, you always have an opportunity, the opportunity to love the life you lead.


You all have equal opportunity within to love yourself. No one, and we repeat, no one can stop you from loving yourself, only you can do that. Only you can stop yourself from loving the life you have, whether rich or poor, hungry or fed. You all have the exact same opportunity to love the life you have. It is all up to you.


Therefore, we have addressed the issue of seeking too many teachings and not using the keys you already have. The one true key you need is-


“Learn to love yourself and the life you have. Ponder the experiences you have been through and see how you can grow from them. Growth comes not from what is ahead, but what you have left behind.”


We are the Sirian High council. We ask that you slow down and take a moment to reflect on where you have been. For all the answers you seek, you already have.






The superpowers see you – citizens of the world – as their assets, and you may understand that. Maybe a little like the way a farmer looks at his livestock. The farmer does love his livestock in his own way. He takes care of them, takes care of their needs, protects them from disease, protects them from predators and so on.

This relationship shows many characteristics of true love. Except for slaughter, of course. When farmers need a return on investment, the relationship begins to show other characteristics. The animals were loaded into trucks and transported to slaughterhouses for slaughter.

If you look at all this with resentment, you may come to the conclusion that the farmer loves his herd, but does not care about the individuals in the herd.

Z: You mean that’s what super powers are like?

8: One person can’t represent all of them – they are all individuals with their own ideas and styles – but their actions undoubtedly show that. Many of them believe that it is their duty and almost sacred trust to manage and care for humanity. The entire human race. It’s like a farmer taking care of an entire herd.

But along the way, he’ll be happy to kill some individuals to pay the bills, and if he starts overgrazing his land, he thinks it’s irresponsible not to do some culling. You see, individuals are not considered important. So they will use you in any way they think fit to achieve their own goals.

As I said, the superpower is the ultimate owner of anything big enough and important to have. What if the way the economy grows makes it impossible for them to have everything worth having? They will destroy the economy.

So they can buy everything with a fraction of their previous value. As the economy returns to normal again, they have almost all their assets again. It has nothing to do with the fact that countless people’s lives have been destroyed, many people are starving, and the hopes and dreams of others have been shattered. For them, it’s not the individual that matters.

We begin this section of this chapter with your question, “genocide for expediency.”. Well, the superpowers are not the only ones who incite genocide. But they are the people who have done it most consistently throughout your entire recorded history. When history tells you that this / that team or this / that leader is in charge, it’s very likely that they will act according to the will of the superpower.

Z: I don’t know how to understand all this, 8. It’s terrifying and chilling.

8: Maybe so. Now you have a lot of options. You can believe what I said, because it is in line with some of your observations of life. Or you can’t believe it, because life is not like that, or because you don’t want life to be like that. If you really decide to believe what I say, then you will be angry and full of hatred. You can try to fight back and lose.

Or, if you’re ready to stop being hurt by the game, you can wake up and find out who you are, and you can see its essence: a very big game. A serious and terrible game. Still, it’s just a game. It allows you to experience the most incredible experience that can be used anywhere in all things.

It’s a wonderful and magnificent machine with powerful choices, which allows you to explore deeply and find out miraculously who you are and what you are.

In fact, the whole world exists to show you who you are. With perfect accuracy and fidelity, it reflects your own thoughts, beliefs, thoughts and choices to you. In the end, the superpower is only part of the machine. Without them, the machine would not work.

The Ascension Papers

● Page 254

10 What is Evil?


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