The design idea of Time line, Reality, the Universe😊

The design idea of Time line, Reality, the Universe


Time line, reality, universe

You don’t need promotion to prove your worth.

We want you to understand the importance of it, because all your versions have been helped and you will benefit as well.

Choose a simple path, consciously attune to the other selves, and what they are receiving now, their achievements in vibration, and know that you are helping each of your selves as well.

hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are gathering enough data to support all time lines, all realities and humans in the universe. We have now expanded the scope of our help to include humans that do not exist in your reality, time lines, and universe.
We want you to understand the importance of it, because all your versions have been helped and you will benefit as well.

Now it’s not just this one in your body that you’re growing up. Even past and future you are helping you evolve and ascend.

So you can take the load off your shoulders. You can be more relaxed, knowing that your evolution is a natural process.

You don’t have to fight.

You don’t have to go through a series of trials and tribulations.

It can be smooth and easy.

If you start to understand that evolution of consciousness is inevitable and that it benefits all beings in the universe, you can accept the idea that you don’t have to do anything now.

You don’t need promotion to prove your worth.

Yes, you’re here to help

You help others by raising your level of consciousness, not by accomplishing tasks. We’ve been following other versions of you, and we’ve begun to appreciate this human collective consciousness, and we’re talking to them through this channel.

We are impressed by your growth and evolution; We know that our energy transfer has helped, but there are many other excellent teachers there to help you raise your vibration and become who you are. You are already the fifth dimension self, and every moment, you are recognizing the truth, releasing the ideas, thoughts, beliefs and stuck energy that hinder you from knowing your true self.

Imagine you feel very sultry. It’s a very hot and humid day. You wear several layers of clothes, including some very thick ones. Some people’s way to cool down is to make air conditioners from scratch, and a simpler and faster way is to take off layers of thick clothes. That’s what we’re telling you now.

So is your spiritual evolution. It doesn’t have to be difficult, it doesn’t have to be done in the most challenging way. You don’t have to prove that you’re smart, and you don’t have to know how to learn to make an air conditioner or anything from scratch.

Choose a simple path, consciously attune to the other selves, and what they are receiving now, their achievements in vibration, and know that you are helping each of your selves as well.

You’re always providing services, no matter how it looks, even if it’s just receiving this information, you’re helping yourself, all your fellow humans, and all of you in the multiverse. With all this help and all the changes that come with it, it’s a great time for you to live in the human body on earth.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

Humans In All Universes, Realities & Timelines ∞The 9D Arcturian Council


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The design idea of Time line, Reality, the Universe

Where does the universe come from: first there is a source, and then it projects the race of eternal consciousness, which we call seeders and wingers, from which the race consciousness forms the original sound field energy matrix

The energy matrix, which is also the sound field, is outside the time matrix where we are. Next, we have to imagine that the source is not in the big egg of the time matrix, and the eternal consciousness race, the original sound field and the energy matrix are not in the time matrix, but outside the egg

The life consciousness of time matrix is sown by energy matrix

All things are one, one in “the center of all in one, the eternal consciousness of all in one.” Also known as source, God, or God. “

From the perspective of “source”, you are the embodiment of the source

This is not the universe we can see. The following figure shows the structure of the universe with five densities and 15 dimensions. There are six such time matrices. Each density in the time matrix of the following figure consists of three dimensional holographic fields. Holography means, for example, an object that can form a three-dimensional picture. If you break it into many small pieces, Each small fragment will show the same three-dimensional picture again.

As for the reality, the real field is the three frequency spectrum groups manifested by each density as the platform of consciousness perception. For example, the third density earth is called the real field as a matrix field whose density is Trinity of the first, second and three dimensions, and each real field is called the harmonic universe. This is the universe we see
There are also the fifth dimension earth, the seventh dimension earth, the twelfth dimension blueprint and the seeder dimension

The universe in which each reality field is located is outside another universe, because the spectrum vibration frequency is different, which is also what we call the expansion, purification and return of consciousness


Harmonic universe

The time matrix is the map of all the time lines that consciousness happens in the whole time matrix at the same time. It is the mathematical program that consciousness experiences time and matter. The structure of the universe consists of six 15 dimensional cosmic time matrices, whose purpose is to individualize consciousness into dimensionality, so as to experience the perception of time.

The cosmic time matrix is composed of five density levels, in which there are three dimensional holographic fields, or three frequency spectral groups manifested as the platform of consciousness perception. Each density level is organized into a three-dimensional reality field, which is called harmonic universe or Hu.
Density; Dimension
(density ≠ dimension)

  1. The first harmonic universe hu-1, also known as density 1, contains 1d-2d-3d There is a three-layer earth matrix in 1d-2d-3d first harmonic universe
  2. The second harmonic universe Hu-2, also known as density 2, contains 4d-5d-6d
    There is a three-layer DORO matrix (5d Tara) in the 4d-5d-6d second harmonic universe
  3. The third harmonic universe hu-3, also known as density 3, contains 7d-8d-9d
    There is a three-layer Gaia in the third harmonic universe of 7d-8d-9d
  4. The fourth harmonic universe hu-4, also known as density 4, contains 10d-11d-12d
    There are three layers of Aurora earth matrix in the fourth harmonic universe of 10d-11d-12d

Aurora or aramatena – blueprint for the crystal form of the future Earth

  1. The fifth harmonic universe hu-5, also known as density 5, contains 13d-14d-15d

In the fifth harmonic universe, there is no dimensionality of material form, so there is no planetary body or human form. In the fifth dimension, because consciousness is not manifested in matter, this area is called the ante matter.

Family of consciousness: Incarnation / soul / oversoul / avatar / immortal
Time matrix cosmology – in a 15 dimensional spectrum, there are 12 dimensional space-time periods at the same time. Each harmonic universe is equivalent to the three spiritual ontologies of our consciousness evolution, evolved through our incarnation, soul, oversoul, avatar and immortal.

  1. Avatar identity (Tauren)
    At density 1 / hu-1 (1d-2d-3d)
  2. Soul identity (Dora)
    At density 2 / Hu-2 (4d-5d-6d)
  3. Oversoul identity (teura)
    At density 3 / hu-3 ( 7D-8D-9D)
  4. Avatar identity (Dolar)
    At density 4 / hu-4 ( 10D-11D-12D)
  5. Rishi identity (solar)
    At density 5 / hu-5 ( 13D-14D-15D)

Hu1 – incarnate matrix
1) D1: submarine mind
2) D2: instinctive mind Umbilicus wheel
3) D3: reasoning mind

Hu2 soul matrix
4) D4: Astral mind heart chakra
5) D5: Archetypal mind
6) D6: the eyebrow wheel of celestial mind

Hu3 or monad matrix
7) D7: the top wheel of ketheric mind
😎 D8: Monadic Mind ( The thymic wheel
9) D9: causal mind

Hu4 avatar matrix
10) D10: Christ mind solar wheel
11) D11: Buddhic mind galactic chakra
12) D12: Avatar mind

In general, a Hu-2 soul ontology is projected into hu-1 to become 12 incarnations. Every two avatars form a pair in the same time period. The first harmonic universe has six time periods. Each pair of avatars is a male and a female. This relationship is called Twin Flames

A super spirit ontology of hu-3 projects into 12 soul ontologies in Hu-2, and each soul ontology forms 12 incarnation ontologies in six cycles of hu-1. Therefore, each super spirit family has 144 incarnations. Each of the 144 avatars carries a 12 strand DNA template that is part of the genetic code. When 144 incarnations evolved with the planets in six time cycles, 12 strands of DNA templates were recombined.

From the above table, Christ represents the consciousness of the 10th dimension, Buddha represents the consciousness of the 11th dimension, and avatar represents the consciousness of the 12th dimension, which is collectively referred to as the avatar noumenon of density 4. Sananda was incarnated as Jesus, and Kuthumi was incarnated as John, the apostle of Jesus. Sakyamuni incarnated as Gautama Siddhartha, Maitreya incarnated as Maitreya, and taught Buddha consciousness one after another. These ascended masters are avatars.



“The center of all oneness, the eternal consciousness of all oneness.” Also known as source, God or God.


The eternal collective consciousness projected from the source forms khundaray (or yanas) of three primitive sound fields energy matrix. The energy matrix transcends the 15 dimensional time matrix. The life consciousness of our time matrix is sown from the energy matrix, which is also known as “the trinity of the universe”, “the family of cosmic consciousness” or (Orthodox) “the ascended master”, Or collectively referred to as Melchizedek closer order of the yunasa, Melchizedek closer eieyani elder Council.

There are three original sound fields of energy matrix

  1. The first primitive sound field of grandeyanas (pronunciations: gron ‘- Da yon US) yanas, the eckatic of energy matrix, the first individualization of source, also known as jadeite order yanas or blue flame yanas.
  2. The second original sound field of wachayanas (pronunciation: wa ” – Sha yon US) yanas, the bipolar polar of energy matrix, the second individualization of source, also known as golden order yanas or golden flame yanas.
  3. The third primitive sound field of ramyanas (pronounced: RAM ‘- yon US) yanas, triadic of energy matrix, and the third individualization of source, also known as amethyst order yanas or purple flame yanas.


Three original sound fields projected by yanas on the energy matrix form three original light fields Kee RA Sha in the 15 dimensional time matrix, with dimensions of 13, 14 and 15. Consciousness enters the fifth dimension of manifest Kee RA Sha in the form of light divergence, also known as “Rishi”, “solar Rishi”, or collectively referred to as the “three founder races” of consciousness, our “cosmic consciousness family” or “cosmic Trinity”.

There are three original light fields in the time matrix

  1. Emerald order elohei Elohim: the first light manifestation of source consciousness comes from the blue flame grandeyanas, the first primitive sound field of energy matrix, which is called emerald order.
  2. Gold order seraphi Seraphim: the second light manifestation of source consciousness comes from wachayanas, the second primitive sound field of energy matrix, which is called golden order.
  3. Amethyst order bra ha Rama: the third light manifestation of source consciousness comes from the third primitive sound field of energy matrix, the purple flame ramyanas, which is called Amethyst order.

The above emerald order, gold order and Amethyst order are collectively referred to as breneau order.
950 billion years ago, the eternal collective consciousness projected from the source formed the khundaray primitive sound field in the energy matrix and seeded in our 15 dimensional time matrix with the wave of life. The three primitive sound fields correspondingly formed three primitive light fields, namely Kee RA Sha, manifesting as the blue flame of 13D, the golden flame of 14d and the purple flame of 15d, forming the three founder races of consciousness, which are called the “cosmic consciousness family”, All things are connected to the source through khundaray original sound field and kee RA Sha original light field.

The word Rishi in India means sage or immortal; In Sanskrit, yanas is called Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana. And the Indian epic Ramayana, perhaps related to the third primitive sound field ramyanas? I guess the Dharma triple may have something to do with the three original sound fields yanas? Otherwise, why does Buddhism especially advocate chanting sutras? Friends who have an understanding of Buddhism and Sanskrit can go deep into it. Mahabharata is the first written CD-ROM translation of India’s Mahabharata. From the information of CDT, Sanskrit and Buddhism can be regarded as the language and doctrines that inherit truth from its source.

The picture above is from Lisa. It is from this picture that I find inspiration, which makes my message of CDT clear. So this picture is very effective for understanding the information of CDT, and the content is also very important.


The above information comes from:
Ascending vocabularies: Pareto pact, harmonic universe, time matrix, DORO fall, earth ascension

Dorothy star library 1 / 7

We, the guardian alliance, hereby declare: This is the message your race has been waiting for 800000 years to hear. Our announcement will be announced later in this book, because without the information contained in this book, this announcement will be meaningless to you. In order for you to understand the importance of this message, we must first provide you with the true history of human evolution. In these missing fragments, there is the purpose and process of your evolution as a nation.
—— From Voyager 2


The message of Voyager comes from the translation of CDT disc. The founder record, also known as jadeite covenant CDT holographic disc, originally belonged to all 12 human tribes. It was the main spiritual teaching generally understood in lemria and early Atlantis. The CDT holographic disk contains clear knowledge of human origin, genes and creation, including all the sacred history and time axis records that angel humans are born with. These data are compiled based on 12 copies of holographic discs, which are the original records of the founder of jadeite. The contents of these holograms are preserved for the sake of earth until more humans on earth can awaken and remember who they really are.

The first half of this article is from Lisa Renee, who publishes the guardian’s ascension information on ascendingglossary; The second half is from ashayana Deane, author of Voyager and speaker of CDT message disk. The messages of Lisa and ashayana are basically similar and help each other. I have a feeling that Lisa is the second CDT preacher. At the beginning of reading < Voyager >, I was a little confused. Later, Lisa’s article helped me better understand the contents of the book, so this article is a combination of the two. Before understanding the content of CDT, it is necessary to introduce some basic concepts. The above picture is my mind map for note taking, for readers’ reference and help to understand. Everything starts from the source.


This is the last step of becoming the higher self

These June 2021 energies mean support for your journey to become a true Lightworker.

These energies will support you as leaders of the awakened, teachers of the new awakened, and activators of the unawakened.

Many of you have been working behind the scenes, working on the grid, working on the geomagnetic line, working on remote healing, guarding space for humanity. We have told you on many occasions that one day, others will ask for your help. We want you to know that time is coming, because the unawakened will also be affected by the energy of the summer solstice. Everyone is upgrading at this time, because it’s time for human beings to know themselves in different ways, to know their true selves, and to take the last step of becoming the higher self in this life.

You are there to transform your consciousness as a collective, and each of your fellow humans can still choose to follow you in your ascent. With your help, of course they can.
hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We are interested in how you deal with the solstice energy that is already in you. These energies have many different functions for you, and as we mentioned earlier, you are in the process of upgrading the third eye chakra, which will affect your pineal gland and open up more of your cross dimensional contact. But that’s just part of the story of the June solstice. There are other energies coming in that will support you as leaders of the awakened, teachers of the new awakened, activators of the unawakened.

This energy will motivate you to do what you always want to do, to become a teacher, healer, conduit and guide to the outside world. Maybe you think there are enough people doing it now, but there will never be too many people serving the light and humanity. When you are awakened, there is a sense that you are destined to do great things, which is greater than your own spiritual evolution. Sometimes you want to know what it is.

You may even ask some beings and collectives, or your guides, what you can do to better serve humanity, but you don’t get the details you want. Some of you need to develop, others need to find their voice, or other aspects of your life need to stabilize. Whatever the reason why you can’t go out and become a leader of the new age community, these June 2021 energies mean that support is coming for your journey to become a true Lightworker. A


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