The inner child is the answer to a depressed adult.

The inner child is the answer to a depressed adult.

Watch the kids play! Intuitively remember this feeling of freedom without the pressure of life. Is it because children are childish? No, it’s because they feel safe in their mother’s love and know that there’s no problem that can’t be “solved” in a moment… Mom can handle it all the time.

Learn not to think about adult responsibility all the time when playing with things that make you happy.

Allocate some time to do happy things, and don’t punish yourself for not working!

Find other people who will play with you (kids like to play with kids).

Learn to release the stress around you that puts you in the middle of adult worry and depression.

How do you do it? Some people will find it easy, others will need help. Those of you who regularly laugh and play will find it easy to bring out the inner child and make it work.

Hidden within you is a complete blueprint of who you are and why you are here. And the inner child is the door to reveal them.

A traumatized child, on the other hand, is a depressed child. It’s not a natural state, but you can see that in children who have experienced human tragedies. The child shrank into himself and no longer “presented.”. For people who often tell themselves that they are victims and that things can’t get better, this is exactly what happens to their inner child. The natural conclusion of this conversation is death, and the inner child knows this and will be harmed by its potential. So how can some of you bring out the inner child that is needed, in the event of damage and injury? The answer is through help.

Again, we turn to those who understand and engage in the work of helping inner children in the new century. Trust them to help you and know that children’s natural state is play. It doesn’t take long to bring it out, but there must be attitude adjustment, language expression, and a change in one’s own way of life. The helper knows what to do and will guide you through it. The gods give these healers intuitive knowledge to help even the most depressed people at this time. Look for people with such knowledge and don’t be afraid of what they might do. They are here to help you in your lives and have a contract with the planet in this matter. Note that in many cases of embedded transformation, helpers appear and are ready to help. Many people who share embedded experience in these pages have mentioned this to you, so that you can see the proof of these people who have gone through this process, and understand its value( Embedding experience refers to the experience of applying for neutral embedding to eliminate employment

Your task is to give the will for the gift and take responsible action. One of the actions is to become conscious of balance. The information to complete this mission is all around you, including this correspondence. Giving willingness to implant will indeed lead to change and clean-up; Then you will be in a neutral place and choose what to do next. If you just do nothing there, you will be an open candidate ready to create more karmic responses. Now you have to consciously give the will to act, and the inner child work is part of that action. Chrion comes to you with unrequited love and gratitude for your work. Many people “feel” the love of the gods through this work, and instantly realize that this is the feeling of “home”. When I come to a meeting with other people through my partner, the energy we bring is many times more powerful than any single human can feel. That’s why we ask my partner to continue to bring this energy to some parts of your continent and follow the instructions to bring these words. Even long after the Kryon earth change working time process is over, I will ask my partner to continue to bring this energy, because I will still be here, even though my work has been completed. It is the changes that you are making every day that allow this channeling to continue, and my partner’s ability to bring our new century energy to you. In the great love energy of a live channeling event, we speak to every soul present and achieve healing. To explain, we give stories and “notes” because we know people will understand and respond to them. In this process, a lot of things have been learned and a relaxation of the soul has been realized. A lot of soul work is usually done, and some people never remember my partner’s words in the whole event! It’s an incredible honor for us to make sure that every time my partner organizes an event like this, and we’ve told him to do it all the time.

we want to bring out your sense of the cellular level of the inner child and play with it whenever you are with Cleon (alone or in a gathering). These feelings foster a lack of calmness and fear. They support your humanity and give you a major pause in your lessons on this planet. They pause time and aging and bring you face to face with the higher self… If you allow them. We love you all so much… Kyron

Kyron – Inner Child – the key to healing and eliminating karma!

Original becomequantum YVWXf2Sc6tCJsQ

This message is translated from a section in the book of Cleon III – the alchemy of human spirituality. It should not be a live passage of Cleon, but a comment of Cleon on a reader’s letter. The main content is about inner children.

Subscription number: Lingyin Youyang 2016.11.11

Dear Lee:
it’s almost Thanksgiving, so I’m writing to you and Corleone to tell you how much I appreciate your work. After reading the end of human history (Book of cleons I), I wrote to express my idea that I have experienced many things that cleons said might happen; And after careful consideration, I did ask for graduation status. Of course, the usual temporary loss of guidance, loneliness and other things have happened. However, I have an absolutely amazing experience, which I am sure is related to this transformation. It really changed my life!! One afternoon a few months ago, when I was reading “avalanche” by Bruce joy, I saw some pictures moving at the edge of my field of vision. I looked up at the top of the book, and there was a movie playing on the wall right behind me – it was about me! I saw my back. In some way, in this movie, my mind projects into my head, and I see a big snake like dark energy coiled around and covering every lobe of my brain! Just then, I heard myself say, “well, if you don’t do it my way, I’ll leave.” Wow, hell is broken. Almost every day I get more information about how my indifferent way of thinking affects my whole attitude and life. Now I believe that what I see is my karmic imprint. I can also see what my main lessons are, and this understanding is allowing me to release and move forward. We really can’t continue to blame others for what we do; The responsibility is our own. I feel the love that Corleone talked about, which is very necessary for our spiritual growth, and it is beginning to fill me now. There is absolutely no way to express my gratitude, but I do tell Kryon and my guide how much I care every day. By the way, my new guide is finally here. Thank you D.S. Tucson, Arizona Kryon review (to all readers): once again, releasing blame is found to be the key to progress. In the new energy, the issue of being responsible for yourself is perhaps the most important key to the results, and this dear one found this in the most visual way… It may lead to fear, but the results inspire wisdom. There’s another question about your new energy that Kryon hasn’t mentioned to you. The inner child, as my partner calls it, is a great inner source of human happiness and peace, and a necessary catalyst for a truly new energy transformation in the process of implantation. Indeed, you are a complex biological being; Many of you have been studying how the human brain works all day. Even those who don’t know anything about the concept of new energy recognize and realize the importance of your part that has been well preserved since childhood. You may think that when you grow up as a child, all childish things are somehow erased from your existence and replaced by adult thinking. In fact, the part of you that used to be an infant still exists and is an important part of your potential as a complete person. From the perspective of the new century, also from the perspective of general human health, this is very influential! Let me explain.

. In fact, there are extremely strong memories of the place where this being was just on the other side of the curtain! It takes months to completely “forget” the transition into the body. Natural babies don’t speak, so you rarely hear the conversation going on in their heads“ Why am I here? What happened to everyone else? What are these new feelings? ” In addition, the baby’s response is purely based on love. Although physically helpless, the baby carried the seeds of great wisdom and love in the first few months. How many mothers stare into their baby’s eyes earlier and ask, “who are you?”“ At this time, the eyes of “old soul” are shining brightly through the babies. Many people can easily look at them and see the wisdom of many years and reincarnation. Unfortunately, it is also appropriate for a child to gradually “forget” who he really is and prepare for his lessons as a karmic person. When he is born in a difficult environment, some karma will come immediately, such as a family with a quarrel or war. However, most babies respond to love first, because they come from this state and are most familiar with it. When you were a child, you had no worries. The mind that worries about these things has not yet begun to work. Everything you need is taken care of by your mother, and the most important thing for you may be playing. Not only that, your mother will play with you, sometimes tell you stories, and often hold you around to make you feel comfortable. Some of you will say, “Oh, what a wonderful time! It’s wonderful to think about it… How wonderful it would be to have that peace again. ” As you would expect, I tell you that the peace that the gods now offer you is the same.

when you are separated from the higher self in your schoolwork, you have the desire to love and take care of your mother at the cellular level, and the mother is the God itself. It’s a sense of separation and isolation from something larger that you somehow remember, and yearning for it“ Where can this attribute be rekindled when you are here? ” You may ask. The answer is in the inner child of your being. Deep within each of you, the child is still intact and ready to emerge. Most people are either not ready or don’t want to be. It seems like a kind of retrogression and neglect of the mature adult to let the child out. For many people, the child is buried too deep to come out without help. It’s scared by the inner dialogue of adults, which is always talking out all kinds of negative things and frightening possibilities. The inner child hears all this and reacts exactly like a real child if you tell him that he is unworthy and unloved. Then why let the child out? The answer is balance! We’ve been talking about human balance over and over again, and now we’re telling you that this is something you can start to do immediately to improve your lives. This is not a useless attribute, it is absolutely necessary for your efforts to move forward. In this process, not only will there be natural and healthy chemical changes in your brain and body, but there will also be memories at the cellular level of where you come from… And the safe state of that place. Most specifically, it promotes memory at the cellular level of who you are and where you are in the universe. You think it’s too big for a kid? You really don’t know the importance of it at all!


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