DNA Layer 11 and 12

DNA Layer 11 and 12

12 layers of DNA pronunciation

When we ask for help and rescue, we can first check whether there is a rescue call in the dimension of DNA (Holographic Universe) ☎️:)

Group 1: ground plane, involving organisms

Layer 1: biological double helix structure, tree of life (90% internal dimension, dimension is the result of mathematical equation operation.)

Layer 2: life course, the sacred blueprint of the law( It talks to the first level, (1 + 2 = 3, 3 is the catalyst), it talks to the eighth level( 8 + 2 = 10, the numerology of 10 is the new Kairui)

Layer 3: ascension and activation, anchored in the pineal tissue, set, planned and controlled in advance. In the DNA of each individual cell, there is a planned intelligence.

Group 2: the group of human Divinity

Layer 4 and Layer 5: my angels, together form the expression, which is your inner dimension akashic record, or the record of your identity in the universe and the places you have been to. You and my angel have a color, an inner dimensional color, and a beautiful name of our singing and lighting energy

Layer 6: I am what I am, the higher level

Group 3: Lemuria group

Layer 7: Show holy

Layer 8: light rider, master’s record, and has the energy of “wisdom and responsibility”. This layer is the main akashic record of your life on earth. It makes more sense than any other layer.

Layer 9: healing, expanding flame, expanding your consciousness, including the invisible.

Not because it heals the body, but because it heals akashia“ What does that mean? “Heal yourself by creating a change in your DNA through akashic records. This means that you have the ability to go into your akashic record and sort it out. In your own way

Group 4: God Group, action group

Layer 10: calling for holiness

Layer 11: compassion, the wisdom of holy women

Layer 12: the level of God, the most sacred and true “the place of God”“ Don’t expect these layers to do anything, just as your home won’t do anything. It gives you peace, shelter, and a sense of home. Let the layer of God be the home of all


Finally put the information of the last two layers of DNA up, finished!!!! Celebrate for yourself.

This one is very difficult – because there is no text at all! There are only MP3, I have to write down the MP3 first, and then translate it into Chinese. Then there are texts in both Chinese and English.

This one is also very special:

1. For the first time, Kryon talked about many religious things;

2. Kryon further prompted himself;

3. I finally understood what I had to do with Kryon.

Ha ha, please continue to enjoy it.

The name of the 11th layer: chochmah Micha halelu

Pronunciation link at: http://www.kryon.com/seminar%20images/DNA%20page/DNA11R.html

Kryon’s explanation is: the wisdom of the holy woman

The basic information of this layer must be regarded as one of the packets with Layer 10 and 12. These last three layers are called “action layers”, which are different from any of the other nine layers. Cleon put them in a group of gods.

Level 11 is not about Goddess energy or female energy. Its Hebrew name has no feminine meaning. On the contrary, Kryon points out that the “wisdom of the divine female” is the energy of pure compassion, which is the result of the lack of the balance of duality of the earth at this time. This layer was strengthened when Venus went back in 2005. It is the real secret of earth peace. Human beings with enhanced level 11 have a balance of male and female duality. It’s one of the “group of gods,” which is strengthening during this time, in preparation for 2012. You can see the struggle all over the world, the struggle between people who want to conquer (old male energy) and people who want balance and compromise (new balance). In fact, this is one of the major layers of change, and it will become the most obvious personality of the new leader of the planet. Look at a more balanced global leadership.

Layer 12 Name: El Shadai

Link to name: http://www.kryon.com/seminar%20images/DNA%20page/DNA12R.html

Kryon’s explanation: layer 12 is very simple. It is the layer of God, the most sacred and the true “place of God.”. There are many sacred levels, but this is 12… The last and highest vibration of all. What does it do? Don’t expect these layers to do anything, just as your home won’t do anything. It gives you peace, shelter, and a sense of home. Let the layer of God be the home of all

This information was given at the summer annual conference of Acacia tower dna2006, which is a summary of all levels of DNA.

Dear everyone, I’m clion of magnetic service. I’d like to greet you.

Finally, the energy has arrived. What we have to do is what we have been waiting for for for three years. But before we start this journey, a profound explanation, I’d like to instruct my partner to slow down. In order to correct your confusion, I have to correct this first. This guidance also applies to you. Oh, dear audience, along the way tonight, people will always ask, “where is the feasibility? What did Kryon tell us today? ” For me, this is what makes me different from you, dear human beings. What is profound to you is practical to us. That’s the bridge we want to build. The message to you tonight seems to be casting pearls before swine. I promise for some of you, this message will step on your toes. We even talk about some taboo things in the past, in order to draw the whole picture for you in a beautiful way. Therefore, we say to all of you here, in order to learn, for energy, can you put down your views on reality? Can you let go of what you’ve heard before that may be true in order to listen to the sacred truth? You have the ability. Will you follow us that way? If so, you will accept the whole story.

It’s about DNA. As we said, yes, in the past few days, I’ve filled my partner’s head with… Hits [laughter] and numbers. How does that feel to him. He couldn’t explain. As soon as he enters for a while, he will be the first two, sometimes even three. He wanted to know what all that meant. If I had told him in advance what high-level information he was going to talk about tonight, he might not. Because it’s not his way. But there will be a frank conversation tonight. Because this is the rest of the story, you need to hear, you need to know – transformation is approaching you.

What seems profound tonight, I promise, will ring the bell of truth when you hear it. We’re talking about DNA. My partner has given you 10 layers of DNA and has had full psychics in the past two and a half years. Each layer is the name of a God pronounced in Hebrew. We’re not going to give you Hebrew again in the roundup for a good reason. We’ve broken my partner’s learning to pieces [laughter]. It’s a beautiful language, you know? But he didn’t say it [laughter]. But I’ll still tell you about every layer of DNA.

There are two layers of DNA, even the name of Muria, and you’ll hear it again. In the review, the number of layers is only provided to you as an example, which means numerology. They can thus make sense in the energy system as you know it. They are not really numbered layers. impossible. We’ve told you many times, even the last time we were here, we said it was like bath water. You can’t look at the bath water and say, “there’s the hot, there’s the cold, there’s the bubble part.” You can’t tell. They’re all bath water. When you step in, you enjoy it as an experience. Your body doesn’t say, “Oh, my God. It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s part of the bubble. ” There’s just enjoyment.

DNA is like this, because it’s an inner dimensional energy. It just exists. You can’t divide it. You can’t count it one by one. However, we did both. So think of it as a DNA kitchen, if you like. You have all the individual ingredients I’m going to give you. But once they’re aggregated, what are they in your case. You can’t enumerate them, you can’t count them.

When you hear these explanations, in fact, we’re going to divide them again according to their functions. However, we have to tell you that we don’t observe them that way. Think of them as ingredients, if you like. Because none of them is isolated and impossible.

The complexity of DNA, even when we describe it, is that they often work together, one layer working with another, and then becoming the third number. Behind the order we give you is the logic of reasoning and numerology, from 1 to 12. You will see it when we draw again the full picture of the deep inner dimensional DNA you carry. The DNA goes from three dimensions to many dimensions. It goes from the biological level to the divine level. That’s how we choose to organize it. Not the real way of DNA.

If you want to see what it really is, you have to imagine it in a circle. According to the most important thing at a moment, they use different numbers of each layer in turn in the circle. Not even in three dimensions. Even your best understanding of it as a balloon with many layers around it and a circle in the middle is still inaccurate. But it’s the best visualization you can do.

If I can tell you that there are layers in it, that’s the truth. They overlap, cross and modify each other in a way that is very complex for you. So what we’re going to do is separate them, from 1 to 12.

DNA has 12 inner dimensional layers. Even the first layer is inner dimensional. I can prove that. The first layer is the biosphere, and you’ve named it the human genome. Your science knows that it has three billion parts. They also know that a small part of this is the readable coding of a protein that produces genes. You may only have less than 5% of the parts that make what we call the “tree of life.”. This is what you can see under a microscope. But it’s more than that.

When you look at the DNA layer, you can see that more than 90% is meaningless. These are pointers to the remaining 11 layers. They don’t make sense because they’re not in three dimensions. The rest of the DNA, like a patchwork language, is randomly placed there. Some people even call them “rubbish”. They are not. There’s no randomness in it, but it seems to be true for 3D brains. Even in the first level, 90% of the tree of life is internal. And the rest of the first layer is about chemistry – hard logic chemistry. Level 1, tree of life, we told you before.

When we come up with all these numbers, take a look at them. Slow down, my partner. This is very direct. Your organism has three billion parts. This is your only proof. The rest of what we’re going to talk about is invisible. You might say, “well, you can say anything you want, Kryon, about the invisible parts.” Oh, yes, indeed. But we’re going to give you the truth.

You worry about the invisible, don’t you? Do you know love? Please prove it. Do you know the emotional body? Please prove it. Do you believe in the space grid? Do you believe in any energy field, do you believe that intelligent creators are playing a tune in the universe? Scientists believe it, but they can’t prove it.

Therefore, what I am going to give you is profound and unprovable information, which is unlikely to happen in the future. We told you about the second floor. What is your life lesson? Your life lessons. It’s still in the tree, because we’re telling you now that the first three layers, we’ll call them “ground planes,” involve organisms.

Is life course related to organism? Oh, yes. Because it affects your mood, doesn’t it? It affects chemical reactions. It flows in your blood; It talks to tier one, you know. If you look at layers 1 and 2, let’s start doing some arithmetic: 1 + 2 = 3, 3 is a catalyst in numerology. Your life course, then, will be combined with the first level of the tree of life. What is your life lesson? How does it affect you? Is it related to joy or disease? Well, it’s possible, you know. That’s what happens when your life lessons are unbalanced, all of which are relevant. It’s very profound.

Now, your life lessons are part of what you call the deep connection of akashic records. We’ll call it the holy blueprint. Life course — holy blueprint. It comes with you, purposeful and unique in your life. This is the second floor. It’s always talking to another layer, always talking to another layer. It talks to level 8. Well, the eighth layer we will talk about is the actual akashic record of human beings. The second layer is related to the Akashic Record. It’s not the Akashic Record, Layer 2, it’s just related to it.

Life course, holy blueprint. That was your life. What does it mean to you now? It’s complicated, you know. A lot of people walk through life and they just say, “I’m so unlucky. Everything I tried failed. ” They don’t understand their life lessons at all. They never look or care. Just living in the victim’s state“ What was I before? ” on dit. What they never understand is that if they know how to activate and promote some of their own levels of operation, they can change their lives.

When you understand what the number 8 is combined with, you’ll see a “ground plane,” which is layer 2 talking to layer 8 of an inner dimensional Lemurian layer. Then both of them, the numbers 8 and 2, create a 10, and the numerology of 10 means a new beginning. That’s what happens when two and eight are together. That’s the second floor.

When we call the third layer “Ascension”, it is misunderstood. It’s biological. Even in the first group of ground planes, when all layers have been biologically oriented, we have the word of ascension, and I will tell you something about who you are. It’s biological because it’s anchored in the tissue of the pineal gland. Ascension and pineal gland?

Oh, yes“ Cleon, do you mean that there are biological parts and fragments in this body designed to do things like ascension? ” Oh, yes.

What if I tell you that you are a whole biological system designed to ascend? Then humans walk blindly and say, “what was I before?” Oh, so many people on this planet, what’s more, don’t know the internal engine. They just want it to work. They really don’t know it at all. They don’t want to know, they don’t want to think about it, it may be, it just may be, they have control in their blood, you know. no Completely ignored. They know nothing. Is it possible to have a planned intelligence in the DNA of each individual cell? It’s waiting for a consciousness to ask, “tell me what I want to know.” The first, second and third layers are the ground plane.

Layer 4 and Layer 5, we told you they had to be together. This is very important. You can start to see a pattern here. Layer 4 and 5 are what we call “Your angel’s name.”. Who are you really? It has to be there. Oh, dear human, you have an inner dimension akashic record with you, do you know? Oh, it’s almost to the limit of profundity. Oh, let me tell you, family, the life you call human is so short, so fleeting, you will come back like me. In two directions, the future and the past, they come back in a cycle. We are inner dimensional. You have always been like this, and you will be like this in the future. Your angel has a color, an inner dimensional color, and the energy that we sing and light with a beautiful name. Your angel needs two layers. It fills the fourth and fifth layer respectively. Use the fourth and fifth layers to talk about it and describe it. It’s so important that even the divine level doesn’t need two!

That’s who you are. The Akashic Record of the inner dimension is, I’ll tell you what it is. You may not understand that some of you don’t even like it, but I still want to expose it. How many planets have you been to? How many times have you done this? Oh, not here, in other universes. The answer is: sow. Because that’s what you do. Do you want to know what you’re good at? I’m watching.

You go everywhere, put on your biological form, take the necessary control of your angel, go into reality and live there all your life, building up a system of natural vibrations that you might call earth or something. That name is only known by your angel’s name. The angels are here, too. Oh, the Lemurians are laughing. Do you think they’re old[ Kryon, smile] think about the time before the earth was formed, when you did; Think about other densities where you do this. That’s what you do, old soul. You may not like it. Humans might say, “when Kryon talks about that, I just feel tired!”[ Laughter] Oh, celebrate your loyalty. On the other side of the curtain, you don’t feel sorry for the exchange and transfer of human organisms that brought you here. Without it, you can’t go on the road. That’s what you think it’s going to be… Tired. Oh, you’re not. Oh, No.

I’ll tell you, this is not the first change you’ve experienced! How about that one? I don’t mean Lemuria. I mean the one on earth before that( What is it?) There, when you bring the difference of peace, you know what your soul feels like, you know what your blood feels like in your DNA, and a tune of perfect earth rings. You’ve done it before. That’s why some of you know that with light there is hope, not just hope, you’ve done that before! That’s why you’re so convinced that you can do it this time. Aren’t you? Oh, the same old people know. Secret, feasibility[ Cleon smiles] she’s right to say that, you know.

Layer 4 and 5 come together to be your angel course, the name of an eternal inner dimensional akashic record entity. How does it feel to be eternal? You would say, “I’m so tired!” Do you understand that when we face you, we have to say again and again: “you are very tired, you are very tired, we hear your grunting and breathing in your quietest moment, and we hear you when you think no one hears you!” -“ Oh, if I have to go through it again, I’ll never come back. “[ [laughter] you are back! Because that’s what you do. Some of you even went to the fortune teller and said, “I love this part. I call it self congratulation[ [laughter] I used to be this, I used to be that, I used to go back to Lemuria all the way. It’s all true. I don’t have to come back, do I? My golden field, my field, what do they say? Did it say I was coming back? ” Sometimes the fortune teller will tell you the truth, sometimes not. You’re back[ Kryon Snickers] Oh, why not? With what you call training in three dimensions, with the light you carry, with all the truth you have experienced, you come to this place. I’ll tell you that you came back to wake you up. You wake up with everything you’ve learned on this planet and move on. You don’t have to learn it again. Salmonella. Why not? What this did to the earth, to Gaia, was amazing. Wherever you walk, Gaia knows. Whatever you do, live in energy and imprint.

Layer 6, prayer and communication. See how it works with other layers. Take another look at it and the number three. Ascension and prayer communication. That’s six and three. Get a nine. 9 means completion in numerology. Now you start to get pictures of one group talking to another. The second group, the fourth, fifth and sixth layers are human divinity groups. When one of the groups talks to the other, magic happens, there’s a new beginning, there’s a completion, it’s very complicated, you know. It’s beautiful, and it’s only half the DNA, it’s beautiful. When we look at you, we marvel that there is not only perfection in DNA, but divinity. For us, however, duality once again prevents you from seeing any of these things. I tell you, go start opening the door and find out. Do it tonight. Just try to open that door, find out what the life lesson is, find out the ascension level and let it talk to the prayer and communication level, start a never-ending completion and cycle of energy. This will make you start to feel like a master.

Layer 7 and 8, my favorite, the Lemurian layer. Layers 7, 8 and 9 are the limurian formation. But there’s another reason why layers 7 and 8 are different from the others, and I don’t know where to start. The seventh layer is “showing divinity”. This simple name is limuria’s high technology. They don’t have microscopes, they don’t have telescopes, they don’t have what you think are high-tech computers. They just don’t need them. Because they have a density perspective connection and you don’t. Some people say they have extra senses, No. They have an extra density added to them. Let them know that, to a certain extent, they are in a quantum state with everything else. It means they have knowledge of everything. They know the solar system, they have intuitive micro and macro inside, because they have an active seventh layer that you have lost. What you lose is activation, but layer 7 still exists. This is what the Lemurians like to discover. You can start to become more dimensional, even with other layers and numbers.

There they are.

The name of Lemuria on the 7th Layer, HOA yawee Maru.

We talked about master Yayi before. He’s here. We’ve confirmed many times that he’s a good dancing doctor [laughter]. The doctor in front of you has a very limurian internal dimension tool. He makes intuitive use of your high technology and all your facilities. But take a look at the name, the name of level 7, the name of the Lemurian language HOA yawee Maru, the name of Yayi in the middle. Why, you may ask. I will give you the meaning of Layer 8 and the name of limuria before explaining more.

Layer 8 is wisdom and responsibility, which is a pair of Layer 7. Show divinity and wisdom and responsibility, and you’ll see that they have to come together. This is a cycle in which there is no one and there is no two. Masters, don’t abuse your power. They can’t be separated because the two layers are a combination.

The Lemurian name of the 8th Layer , akee yawee fractus. Layer 8 is the Akashic Record of human beings. This is the main record. Akee yawee fractus, and yawee in the middle. Yawee means master. That’s why the man sitting here, we have identified as Yai of Lemuria, has lived many, many years longer than others, his name has been sung, hymned and praised for his long life, and he is called a master. So his name is a common Lemurian word.

Now let me take you to the rest of the story. Seven and eight, oh, my friend, slow down. You don’t always have layer 7 and 8. Layer 7 and 8 were delivered to you, even before the Lemurians. Profound? Not provable? The truth is that at the right time, through intelligent design, your so-called Pleiadian brothers and sisters come to this place, insert your DNA and evolution, and give you these 7th and 8th layer. Directly from the Pleiadians. It’s an interesting thing in spirit. When you go to see the faces of the Lemurians, there’s a little commotion in your perception.

My partner has difficulty describing this. Let me tell you the truth. Do any of those names sound familiar? HOA yawee Maru, what language might sound like that? It sounds a little Hawaiian, doesn’t it? We have to be prepared for this. The Lemurians are people of color. They are all Polynesians. You might say, “yes, we see a picture of a supernatural Lemurian high priest, but he has no Polynesian characteristics, just golden hair and blue eyes.” Oh, yes. I didn’t say why before. Because it requires real insight to determine the difference between the Pleiadians and the Lemurians, who are blonde and blue eyed. I will say again that one day, after the metamorphosis, if you win the earth and are ready, these Pleiadians will come, they will descend, get out of their craft and look like you! Except they’re blonde and blue eyed [Cleon smiles]. And all science fiction writers will be disappointed [laughter]. That’s Layer 7 and Layer 8. Oh, and even more.

Layer 8 is all the Akashic records you’ve ever had on this planet. It is an internal dimensional record, so it also contains other things. However, when I say this, your 3D says, “the Akashic Record is the record of every life I have on this planet.” Oh, yes, but it’s only half the story of what you’re going to do. It is an internal dimension. Remember, there is no time, no past, no present, no future. What do you do with it? Who are you going to be? It was hard. Because in your thinking process, you say, “it hasn’t happened yet. It’s not sure yet. I haven’t made those free choice decisions yet. ” You’re right. But every potential has been calculated and there it is. Masters, oh, we will take you on the journey. In your Layer 8 akashic record, from the Pleiadian Layer 8, let me take you on the journey. I can see a peaceful earth, I can see the transformation, I can see the road after 2012. And I saw the beauty, there’s a great possibility, it started here. All of you have these layers.

The 7th, 8th and 9th layers are the Lemurian assemblage.

The ninth layer, how should I say it, it almost exists alone. It’s part of the Lemurian portfolio, but it’s almost isolated. In numerology, 9 is completely self fulfilling. We have given its name and purpose. It’s the healing layer. We call it “the expanding flame.”. It’s the layer of what you call the Saint Germain entity. Saint Germain layer, spark of flame, expanding flame. This layer is so important, I’ll tell you.

Oh, it’s beautiful, level 9. This layer, how can I explain this? Slow down, my partner. Internally, this layer touches every string of the cosmic lattice. It’s like the antenna of your DNA, always connected to the cosmic grid, always connected. It listens to the tune, it’s waiting for something, always connected. This antenna is waiting for a broadcast from you. It fits the tune you want to hear. You’ve heard of electromagnetic field balancing. Oh, let me tell you the truth. It’s deeply and systematically planning and sorting out the tunes of the orchestra talking to Layer 7. Those tentacles will reach out, touch, coordinate, and come together to deliver messages of balance and healing. The Ninth Layer communicates with all other levels, even the divine level. My partner can’t really describe the process to you.

Yayi, sitting in the audience, has the device brought to him by intuitive knowledge as a Lemurian, which will help to create the inner dimensional energy from other earth scientists. When this energy is presented to DNA, it will produce what we call “self diagnostic behavior”. DNA looks at organisms, one layer communicates with another, and begins to diagnose itself. Its own chief layer, the protein layer, began to transform itself, for health, for healing, for recovery. I want to tell you, all those are activities on the 7th Layer. The antenna is receiving communication. There are many ways to talk to layer 9. Through high-tech laser energy, through human consciousness. There are many ways to communicate with it. It can be general or specific, but all communication has to go through layer 9, healing layer.

The seventh layer is one that we keep talking about. It’s so important that it’s hard to get rid of it. We’ll put layer 7, 8 and 9 together, if you like, as the treatment layer. Because they are Pleiadian influences, but layer 9 exists independently and is an antenna connected to the cosmic grid. The seventh tier is partners. Oh, even that’s not accurate.

My partner has grown up to be able to explain well the information I show him in an internal dimension. Well, let’s just come back and say that it’s the ninth floor.

Layer 10 we’ve told you. With Layer 10, 11 and 12, we start a new combination. The 10th Layer was mentioned last year. My partners call it the source of the sacred curriculum. Then he said, the 10th, 11th and 12th Layers are gathered together and can’t be separated. We haven’t told you the 11th and 12th Layers.

What is the source of the sacred curriculum? It’s hard to explain until I tell you the rest. These last three layers are called the layers of God.

There is not much to say on the 10th Layer. Take a look at 10. It’s a new beginning in numerology. So you already know that it has something special. But if you think about it, 11 must be more. Oh, what is 11? What is 11? Chochmah Micha Halelu。 I’ll tell you what it means. This will begin to paint a picture that we have never talked about before. But you’ve heard a little [laughter] from my Latin friends. Let me tell you what it is, three words,

Holy woman.

Now, don’t misunderstand it. It has nothing to do with Goddess energy. Men don’t have to be afraid. It’s not about men or women, it’s not about your body, it’s not about all your thoughts. I’ll tell you what it’s about.

It’s about the mother. Mother. Everything must have a balance. Everyone who founded the church knows that. Some people even create things to create mothers. There has to be a balance, and it doesn’t have to be male or female, I’ll tell you, it has to be the mother. You have to have a mother, raise. Oh, think about mother for a moment. Mother’s love. There are children here, oh dear, do you just love that little person? Won’t you do anything for that little man? When she looks into your eyes with her biology, what a strong family connection it is. That’s the mother. That’s where God is. Mother hasn’t been here for a long time, has she? That’s the mother. Even the church was aware of her. Take a look at one of the largest churches on earth, and we’ll talk more about it later, because it’ll remind you of something you’ve never heard of here.

Catholic priests have decided that celibacy is the Catholic way, and that’s right, because it’s a respect for God who has no relationship. But you say, “where’s the balance?” I’ll tell you. In their religion, there is the Virgin Mary. They adore her. It’s not just the victor of Christ, it’s not just the Pope, it’s not just Christ, it’s the Virgin Mary. Mother God. Pope John II loves the Virgin Mary, and even one of his communion blessings is – I’ll tell you, I’ll reveal that – that his wish can’t be realized in this era, and he knows that, so it’s sad. He’ll be happy to see a vicar. But one of his men, who is now the Pope, said, “you can’t do this because it interrupts the whole history we teach.” Pope John II, more than you think, is a Lemurian. Do you know what his wish is? Peace on earth. Peace on earth. That’s the 11th floor. Take a look at 11, this is the age of 11! Cleon’s number is 11! The clock you see! The wisdom of the holy woman. Touch that mother’s energy. Women, you need her. Men, you need her, too. She adjusts your temper and softens your heart. It’s part of the great transformation to be aware that the leadership of the nations on earth will become more moderate. She will happen with Lightworkers like you.

El Shadai, it’s Layer 12. I have only one word for it, the level of God. There is a layer of God. Simple. The first level is the biological level, the 12th Layer, the God Layer.

Now listen,

Layer 1, 2 and 3, ground plane;

Layer 4, 5, 6 human divinity;

Layer 7,8,9, Lemurian;

Layer 10, 11, 12, the Layer of God.

Here’s a code. Everybody wants a code [Cleon chuckles]. So, I’ll give you one.

I want to do something that we rarely do. I want to talk about Christ.

Jesus of the Jews. There are a lot of people here listening, a lot of people reading, a lot of people in person. The message is going to go far beyond this room, and I’m going to speak to the Jews, as I often do. Jew, you will lie to the message, because your tradition and your teaching say you should ignore the name. You have nothing to do with it. Because he’s not one of you, and I want to tell you, there’s too much information missing. He’s you. Jesus of the Jews. He is a Jewish priest, he is followed by Jews, he talks with Jews, he was born in Jewish area. He will be able, if allowed, to bring you deep traditional future peace. The reason why he couldn’t do it was because of the obstacles of the Romans. They demolished your temples. What a malicious people they wanted to destroy you from the earth. They’ve almost finished their extinction, they’ve got rid of your next master. Israel! He was misunderstood and he wanted to tell you the rest of the story. He wants to tell you about the brilliance of your DNA, just as we do. I did it his way. There’s nothing I can do to change your mind. Your tradition is your tradition, and your teaching is your teaching. Now let me ask you, how deep is it, can you surpass it? Can you open the door, just a little bit, and say, “Wow, I never thought about that. It turns out that he is not a confrontational religion. ” He is the greatest Jewish master in history. minister! Jew priest! The Jews even called him an evil priest, a conspirator, and said it to his face, because Jesus dared to change the tradition just to make it a little bit better.

Now, what happened is history, and we all know it. There’s been a surge in the number of Christians – for hundreds of years to create what you see today, oh, but here’s a story. Over the years, think about it, the priests in the Catholic Church are also your rulers. The official who makes the law is the priest, and the one who controls the tax is also the priest. And this human law should never happen again. It’s something that changes everything. Because the master’s language, originally said to you, is that there is divinity within. You just have to look at it. The power is inside. Once you look at it, it changes. Oh, there are so many beautiful stories when Master Jesus walked on this planet. This Jewish man. Read those stories. He just told Peter, “you can walk on water.” Peter did it! I did it myself! It’s true. He said, “Peter, you have the ability. You have as much control as I do. You can be like me. I am the son of God. ” He said, “you can be exactly like me.” That’s the message, inner mastery.

And where will you hear it, not in the church, right? Oh, I’m going to step on someone’s toes. It’s not because I’m here to blame any belief system, but it’s time for you to hear this, because it’s part of the great transformation. It’s part of a timely situation, and I’ll explain it very clearly.

The message is that there is an antichrist number. You know what it is, “watch out for the beast,” they said. There are three sixes, Antichrist“ Three sixes, “they said,” will approach you at the end of the day, “they said,” Beware of that. ” Who are they? I tell you, they are rulers and priests. In your own country, there’s an anger about social security numbers. It’s a way to track you“ That must be the mark of the beast. ” on dit. Well, maybe, maybe not. Every time the government wants to do something to identify you, “it’s the mark of the beast.”. They said, “it must be, it must be!” That’s terrible. Lightworkers, Lightworkers, don’t think so. I have information for you. Oh, it’s so different from anyone’s imagination. What does the church fear? I will give you a word: Master! What if all were Christ? Wow, you are!

The three 6 are human DNA. I’ll show you in a moment. It’s not Antichrist, it’s just Antichrist. Layer 1, 2 and 3, add them up. The first group is 6. This is the first 6. Layer 4, 5 and 6. Add them up. This is the second 6. Layer 7, 8, 9, add them up, numerologically it’s 6. Here are your three sixes. The last group, the group of gods, add them up to 33. In numerology, 33 is Christ. The three sixes have the mark of Christ, which is what they fear. They are afraid of you! It’s not Antichrist, master.

This information, when it spreads to any place on the planet, will be attacked, and will be collated to known places. Ask Peggy Phonix debro. Ask her what happened when she was teaching mastery abroad. When you maintain the highest level of integrity, they will attack you. But she’s still here, still teaching, still sending, still keeping her integrity. That’s what happens when you teach mastery, my friend. Get used to it. Someone will avoid you because you have the mark of beast. The mastery in your DNA, you are opening the door, beginning to reveal the divine female, beginning to heal yourself, beginning to live longer. Mastery is yours. You’re just starting to build a cosmic lattice. The ninth floor stands up and starts working, listening and hearing the music, if you want to say, heaven is playing. Someone will leave you because they think you are evil. That’s all going on, but you don’t think so, do you? Admit it. What can you do about it? Now, do you understand how abstruse becomes a reality?

Kryon doesn’t remember anything you said. You don’t really have to say it. You have built-in intuition that you can’t forget. You can’t forget. Those who slowly awaken in the inner dimension have begun to understand. In the process of becoming an internal dimension and activation, these DNA fragments and parts begin to strengthen your light, so this metaphor has always been a light worker. The Lemurians, those sitting in the mountains between you, if you happen to use that place – there are no seats in the inner dimension, there is no place, there is no time, these Lemurians crowd here to sit next to you, and if you want to use this term, they beg to find out – Open the door. Do you really want to see a big transformation? How about starting here? How about starting with them? Slowly identify what Jack calls home. Few of you live here. My partner is too old to hold too many such meetings in such places. Local people don’t have to be here, and others have to travel a long way. Perhaps you are beginning to understand why these meetings are held in such a place so that people can go home from afar, pick up the light and grasp, and what you find here, and spread it in all directions. It’s not so hard to keep the light. There are angels around you. Do you know angels? You may not be able to bring a Lemurian home, but you can bring an angel home. Oh, why don’t you bring a Lemurian home by the way[ [laughter] we’re talking to you tonight. You think I’m kidding, don’t you[ Cleon laughs] Oh dear people, you may or may not digest the message I give you tonight.

Let’s put it in a nutshell: there are more things in your body than you think. It’s sacred, it’s divine, it’s beautiful. It will make you live longer and make you peaceful. In an era of challenge, it will prepare you with plans for great change. One by one, humanity is changing, because this is your lineage, open the door as a Lemurian. The Lemurians are talking to the Lemurians. Listen, that’s the great idea, that’s the discovery today, that’s what we want to tell you tonight. We’ve been waiting a long time to tell you, but the energy has to fit, and now it is. Now it is. What can you do about it? Maybe tonight we’ll take a moment to set it up in the sky and say, “God, is this real?” Let God answer and feel it. You’re never alone.

be it so.



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