The sign of an adult is to take responsibility for his own life.

The sign of an adult is to take responsibility for his own life.

The sign of spiritual maturity is to take responsibility for one’s own creation. That’s what you have to do.

If you are responsible for everything in your life and experience, if you are responsible for everything you have done or said, if you are responsible for who you are and what you are, then there is no devil’s place in your life.

Your existence has no need, value or desire to reach out to those who are responsible for “mistakes” so that you can be “right”. If you take full, absolute and ultimate responsibility for everything, then this little devil’s work shows that it is only a fable. You can release it from your own existence and your life.

You grow up. I’ve said that before in this conversation, and now I’ll say it again.

Z: But what about those who still believe in the devil?

8: It’s not your problem. Or do you want to be their rescuer?

Z:Ah! No, I don’t want to.


Z: So I’m fine. If there’s something like the devil, it’s just that I’m showing myself that I’m not responsible for myself. I should respond by growing up and mastering my experiences and creations. So it has no effect on my life.

8: That’s a good answer. Shall we continue?

Z:Okay。 thank you.

8: What you want to know next is

(b) Lucifer

Z:Yes,please。 Is that the virtual idea we created? Or is it a real being, the source of all evil?

8: The existence that best fits the name “Lucifer” does exist. It should be called “the inventor of evil”, but it may not be “the source of all evil”.

Z: A surprising answer!

8: There will be more and more discoveries in the future. What’s happening now is a very important story. If you know the story of Lucifer, you’ll know a lot of others. But in order to tell the story correctly, I need to step back and tell you about the creative process of your reality, and from there continue to tell the story of Lucifer.

Z:Okay。 Let’s listen!

8: It is like this: at first, there is only one, and one is all. Everything is balanced and harmonious. Then, from the great silence and perfect peace of one, self-awareness emerges I’m here, “one said. With this awareness, curiosity arises: “I’m here… But what am I?” Therefore, “one” is eager to explore itself. This desire is curiosity, and the expression of curiosity is pure creativity. Creativity produces different parts of one, which have been explored.

The creation of “all things” in every reality – which has existed and will exist in the future – is all the answer of the same basic old question “what am I?”

Since “one” is truly infinite, this is a question that can never be completely answered. The answer is a process, and it continues to unfold in eternity. This is the process of the answer, not the answer itself. This is the purpose of each particle of consciousness in all things.

Therefore, every particle of consciousness anywhere always starts its journey with a similar initial understanding. When it first gained self-awareness, it began to explore itself: “I’m here. But what am I? ” Indeed and truly, this is how every being begins.

That’s because that’s how one starts. Starting from “what is”, self-awareness emerges. Self exploration and curiosity are the means to express self-awareness. Therefore, the first act of consciousness is always curiosity about self I am here. But what am I? “( Here I am. But what am I?)

Indeed, at every level of your existence, from the highest to the lowest self particle of the deepest density, the only function and purpose that you truly and truly have… Is to explore yourself. Find out who you are and what you are. This is your purpose at the beginning, and it will always be your eternal purpose. Explore yourself. Know yourself. Express yourself. Be what you are to the greatest extent.

When you understand that this is the driving force of the one and the desire to explore yourself, you will realize that every time you explore yourself a little more, you contribute to the one. You are an aspect of the one that is succeeding. You are contributing to the greater self-awareness of one. The more you explore yourself, the more you contribute.

Obviously, if you can promote a situation in which you can catalyze other selves – other aspects of the one – to acquire a greater degree of self-awareness quickly and forcefully, then you have indeed made an outstanding contribution to the one.

Z: What happens at the end of the journey, 8? What happens when I finally fully explore myself?

8: We’re off topic, but it’s an interesting question. So I’ll answer. You can never stop exploring yourself. You see, if you try, you can always create more. And by doing so, you’ll realize that there’s more about yourself that you don’t know. But that said, the journey may have an end.

At any time, if you really want the journey to end, you just need to return to one completely and completely. You stop your separation, your creation, your expression and your exploration, and then you give everything to one as a gift. When you do so, your consciousness is fully integrated with the one until there is no separation within you, until there is only one.

In the process of doing so, you have completed the ultimate exploration of yourself: you find yourself and the one completely and completely “integrated”, and you realize that you are what happened in the past and what will happen in the future. All the journey, all the adventure, all the exploration, all the creation is just you exploring yourself. It’s just you. You, and all the other aspects of yourself, play every role and create every work in all that is.

That’s what it’s all about at the end of the journey. Should you choose that? Even if, at that time, you do choose it, when you choose it, you will find that there is still an ongoing and endless process of self creation and self exploration. You’re still doing this. Now it is you who become one.

That’s the story. In fact, I would say that’s the only story. This is your story, my story and the story of every particle of consciousness that ever existed. As beings strive to explore themselves in different ways, you will find permutations and variations in the story, but that is only part of the story of self exploration.

Z: I feel very quiet and comfortable about it. I know and know what you told me is true. Thank you for telling me that.

8: It’s my pleasure. But now, in order to go back to Lucifer’s story, we need to go back to the node before the universe and the whole separate reality existed. So we return our narrative to one.

In the thought of “one”, there is a continuous exploration of the essence and existence of oneself. In this way, many themes and variants of the one have been explored by many parts of the one, and in their pursuit of happiness of expansion and discovery, many parts of the one have become good at interacting with each other. So the process continues until the one realizes a new question: “what if I’m not one? What if I were many? ” The idea caused a ripple of commotion in the rest of the one.

That’s a troublesome idea. The trouble is to think twice and feel it’s dangerous. It opens the door to some problems What if I wasn’t the only one? ” Am I alone Is there anyone like me If there are others, how can I find them? ” All these and more troubles lie on the other side of the door that is now open Most of them know that they are in trouble. They avoid this problem.

However, the idea of “one” is different from that of human beings The idea of “one” is alive. Every idea, in itself, is an angelic being with unimaginable creativity. The one with the following idea is “bright one”, which is vast and beautiful. This being, in its mind, understands the impossibility of separation and multiplicity in oneness The idea of “one” is Lucifer, and Lucifer is the idea. The idea took shape and began its remarkable journey of exploration: “I’m here now. But what am I? “

As Lucifer began to explore, discover and create himself, the bright one separated himself from the rest of the one. It drew a cloak around itself, the material of which came from its own consciousness, and the cloak might have been made alone.




They’re all for themselves and different. Separation. separate. far from. Therefore, under the cover of his cloak and hidden in his own thoughts, Lucifer is the first one to conceive “disunity” in the works of “one”. Lucifer’s ideas are his own. This is the first time that an entity has uttered the word “I” in “all things”. This is not the word “one”. The idea exists “Me” and “self” are the truths of other creations independent of “one”. The ego was born.

When Lucifer falls deeper into the oblivion of the one, he can only find that what he has created is real and real.

All the angels of the one look in awe, and they can see that it is indeed done. Part of the one has separated itself. Although this is illusory and unreal, because the bright one is still there, with them, it is always in the heart of the one. But it is also true that Lucifer has lost himself deeply in his own cloak of oblivion.

“Bright one” turns its vision inward and seals its own perspective, so that it can’t see the glory and glory of “one” who always holds it in its heart.

So the first part of the question is answered One asked, “what if I’m not one?” Lucifer knew that he was not one, so Lucifer, himself, was the answer. But such an answer is not easy. The answer lies in its unfolding and in its process. Therefore, for the real eternity, Lucifer himself is busy exploring all possible changes in this answer until it is completed, until it is answered.

Then Lucifer’s creation will be completed, Lucifer will return his creation to the one, and Lucifer will return himself to the whole and oneness.

While Lucifer was engaged in his creation, there were other angels who wanted to know, “what if I were many?” This desire is the motive of some angels of the one. They are the best at creating and discovering. They are the best at determining their own internal existence. They may also pass part of their consciousness into the cloak that Lucifer has cast for themselves to approach Lucifer. And, as they did, they found themselves in Lucifer’s mind space. They also enter a deep oblivion of separation from the one.

Some of this group of angels retain much of their self-control. Even though they experience the cloak of oblivion, they try to remember that they are indeed all parts of one. As a result, they enter very shallow into the vast and expanding field created by the bright one in their own thoughts.

Mind space can expand exponentially and always contains everything that any thought in separation can imagine or understand.

These angels who remember themselves retain the awareness of the divine connection between all things and begin to play, explore and create. They interact with their own light to create brilliance and richness. It’s like children building sand castles. They are playing. They sing love songs to each other. Give your gift freely. This is beauty.

The brilliance they created together resounded through Lucifer’s thought space and touched his heart. He was reminded and he knew, “yes, I am, I am, I am. I am one with the one, I am.” so Lucifer woke up from silence and returned to his master with the love in his heart.

Z: What? No, it doesn’t. This is not how the story develops!

8: Isn’t it?

Z:No。 impossible. I mean, I’ve been following this story, and all kinds of things make sense to me. For example, the veil of ignorance introduced to me by joy Devine is Lucifer’s cloak. I think it’s an amazing awakening that comes with it. So I love the story. Except for the end. Although the ending is good, it can’t be true. Because we are here now. Here is the universe, the world and human civilization, here is all these things of pain and separation. So it won’t be the end.

8: You’re not wrong. But what you don’t understand is that there are many iterations in this story. The first version is real enough… For any such story. But it’s hard to explain to you because you insist on your linear view of things. If you can simply understand that there are many iterations in this story, and they all happen, not one after another, or even “all at once”, but all of them are true and happen, then I can tell you another iteration.

【Iteration is an activity that repeats the feedback process. Its purpose is usually to approach and achieve the desired goal or result. Each iteration of the process is called an “iteration”, and the result of each iteration will be used as the initial value of the next iteration, Wikipedia】

Z:Okay。 I think I can handle it. Because, of course, these things happen out of time, don’t they?

8: In a way you can’t understand, it’s like this, yes.

Z: Okay, what about these other iterations?

8: For each version of the story, new variations have been tried. The new arrangement of the separation game. For each variant, the angels become more and more adventurous about their choices and what they are willing to do and try to cross the veil. You see, great minds experience their imagination through creation. When such beings want to know, “what if…” They actually create such a reality. That is, they can see what it will be like in themselves and their own experiences.

So the angels have created new realms and new realities beyond quantity. Each one is full of light, life and beauty. Every reality is love flowing out of the hearts and minds of the angels. Just like the beauty of all this, the result is always the same: in a short time, all parts of the one on this side of the veil will find such a high expression of love together, and they will be oneness with Lucifer.

Then Lucifer thought of establishing a mechanism to resist the drive to oneness. A wedge for the angels themselves to create more and more separation between each other so that their expression can multiply. In this way, their expressions can create their own new expressions. Excited Lucifer drew his cloak again with new ideas in his mind.

Just as one is, so are angels. Their idea is life and life will manifest. This time, in Lucifer’s mind, above the old cloak of separation, the new idea (the new cloak) was born:

The enemy.

The nature and purpose of this being is to express dissent, to be the agent of eternal separation, to provide the most powerful temptation for all other particles of consciousness to remain on this side of the veil. That’s Lucifer’s new idea. That’s Lucifer’s gift to angel groups, the latest iteration of their game.

This brings me to the last name on our list.

The Ascension Papers ● Page 254


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