“Co creation” belongs to the high-level transformation of the eight major changes. In no time to play, rest, recharge, and expand. They are all “one”

“Co creation” belongs to the high-level transformation of the eight major changes. In no time to play, rest, recharge, and expand. They are all “one”

Kryon the eight changes of awakening

The first change: curiosity

The second change: it means that human beings try to open the door to the other end of the curtain

The third change: “take responsibility for everything in life.”

The fourth change is to clear the karma in life and find out the true purpose of your spiritual journey.

The fifth change: the ability to change things with ideas

The sixth change: CO creation

The seventh change: your ability to heal your body

The eighth change: Ascension

Eight changes of awakening: Part one

 Hello, dear everyone. I’m clion of magnetic service. Where do you think human emotions come from? Do you know where love comes from? I want to tell you these are all part of your inner God! Why do you do that when you love someone deeply? You think it’s all human, right? No, your interactions with people are also part of your inner God. Even people who don’t believe in God can’t get away from this fact. You may not believe it in personality, but you still have it. You are free to choose, so you can decide whether to accept it or not at this moment. You are completely free, and the Holy Spirit will not touch you personally and ask you to believe it. This is a gift we give you, free choice.

! You see, whenever I come somewhere like this, I feel human love. Maybe you don’t believe what I said! But that’s what happened. Believe it or not, the true love of the Holy Spirit is hard to measure.

. It is in the inner dimension, there is no time gap, so I can contact you in this interesting situation at the moment when each of you is born. If you belong to three-dimensional space-time, you will say, “Cleon is speaking to us here now.” But at the same time, I greet the other dead people at the other end of the curtain. I greet them as they come through the curtain, and I surround them as they are born. Part of my job is to stay at the junction of time and space, which is the channel of inner dimension and the origin of all things. There is nothing in it that comes from the law of God. You don’t have to do anything in celebration and engagement. There’s only one thing, and that’s incredible divine love. There’s a family over there that loves you. We will hold your hand until you enter the world, and when you return to the other end of the curtain, we will be the first to hold your hand. That’s what families do for their families, and I want to tell you, my dear, the first words that humans hear when they die are, “don’t be afraid, dear, you’ve gone home.” This is the work of God’s love! Do you still remember?

if we’re going to perform some kind of miracle here, it’s pouring what we feel into you. I’m Cleon. I represent a very large group. I’m representing a trillion of the God who knows you. I’m everywhere. I am a composite entity that exists outside your dimension. It’s hard to explain, but it also shows that when you are with me, you exist in the same form. Maybe you are here for the first time (or reading this passage for the first time)! I know who’s here. Maybe you came with someone who invited you to listen to these words! Listen, I’m not going to force you to believe what’s going on here and what’s going on tonight. But can you do me a favor and open your heart to all this? Because the energy here is real. We don’t instill any dogma or make any rules. Not to ask people to report here. We won’t ask you to join any organization. What is the reason? Because you have all the attributes of God and walk on the earth in duality.

you belong to the family of the Holy Spirit, and this is generally the case. All the people, including those present who didn’t believe it, were. I know who you are. Unbelievers, please listen to me: when you leave here, you are loved like everyone here. Angels don’t stop knocking at your door just because you don’t believe. That’s how it works. Are you afraid of such love? It’s not aggressive, it’s passive. Just waiting for you to feel it. In these two days, we are going to do something we haven’t done before. Last month, due to the need to strengthen the information, we sent a lot of information in a short time. What I want to say today is that there have been fragments in the content of Kryon’s message in the past 20 years, which can be found by careful search. Now we want to emphasize this message again in this and the next communication. The main axis to be taught in these two days is the eight transformations that will take place from the beginning of awakening to full ascension. That’s a macro vision, not a result of learning. We will take two nights to review the journey. Now please pay attention. These are not rules or steps. There is no specific length of time for these transitions. Each of you is different. Everyone has his own awakening moment and state. But people ask, “how long is it from this period to the next? How long does it take to move from this to the next? ” There is no answer to these questions, because the real awakening is entirely personal. It is the depth of your own relationship with the earth reality that determines how long this will take place. Today we will explain the first four changes, and tomorrow we will continue to add the next four. It’s a great story! Before I start this story, let me tell you that it’s about human beings crossing their own dimensions, daring to explore all around and find their true selves.

The first change: curiosity

The first change after human awakening is curiosity. He would ask, “is this true?” That’s the starting point. No matter which therapist, or the person who pursues the truth, has to go through such a stage. This weekend will be special for some people, because the simultaneity here can provide you with an excellent opportunity to wake up. Those who don’t believe or are neutral will also change. Once you ask, “are these things true?”, You’re on your way. Your transformation process is all the same. It’s a special weekend. Maybe you’ve never been sitting like this. Let’s love you! Do you know who you are with? Do you know that no matter who you are or what you do, hundreds of beings around you will not judge you? These are true, and are waiting for you to verify (in reality). Now on the stage there are all kinds of colors flashing, which are shining on those who have realized and those who have witnessed. Really? That’s the truth. There is nothing wrong with this message. It won’t ask you to do anything. You just need to keep your heart open for a while. Remember your first transformation? Remember how you felt when you woke up? What is that Is that true? ” So what happened next? This change of awakening represents the beginning of your union with God’s Emmy Is everything God says to me true? What is the more complete picture? What’s the bigger goal in my life? ” This is an important key. More than 90% of the people probably won’t do it. Less than half of the people will have such a change. But that’s enough. Mathematically, half of the population of 7 billion is a huge number! These people have brought a lot of light! So what happens when you wake up to the fact that God’s love begins to transform within you? You want to know the truth, right? Some people will ignore it as if it’s not true, because they don’t want to believe it. But it’s true. Do you know what your consciousness will be like after such a change? You will decide whether you want to walk with the angel in your life. This angel has a name. It’s your higher self. This is the first major shift in the awakening.

The second change: it means that human beings try to open the door to the other end of the curtain. When you decide to accept this fact, you will start to do something. This is the second shift. These eight transformations are the most common and main spiritual development path of human beings. But you know, many people can’t even pass the first level. They come to parties like this and feel the energy here. They believe with all their heart and are willing to be filled with God’s love. But they are often so satisfied, they want only these. Some, however, have further demands, asking, “how can I get closer to my inner angel? What else do I have to do on earth? Can there be a channel for the Holy Spirit to communicate? If so, where will it be? What should I do? “

    This change means that mankind is trying to open the door to the other end of the curtain. Most of the people sitting in front of me have tried. Oh, it’s kind of scary, isn’t it? That’s because what you’re doing now violates what you were born with! Your friends may leave you, and drastic changes will push you to the source of knowledge. Bless those in transition, and we promise you that you are not alone or dark. Behind the door there is a whole team of angels with your names engraved on them. As long as you push the door open, they will pour into your life. At that time, you will feel calm about what you have done. Let the love in life dissolve and prove all this.

“Well, Kryon, what should I do?” Everyone has his own way. Someone meditates: “I’m ready. Please give me directions. ” Some people try to look in the book for clues about ascension and how it works. Others are trying to find better ways out of areas other than knowledge. And all of this is appropriate. Everyone has their own needs, according to their own cultural background and life experience. God is not there to say, “you’re not doing it right.” God is very patient. If you have to climb a thousand steps to get to your designated position, we will also climb up with you. This is God’s love. There will be no judgment. Do you want to have a look? As soon as you start to act, angels will immediately surround you.

Some people will say, “well, there is no answer! Do you mean that whatever we do is right Not at all. You can push the door in every way you want and how much time you want to spend pushing it. The final result is the same, that is, the beginning of the prelude to the master. You don’t know what to do, but you do know that one day it will come true.

It’s hard to explain. It’s like a man who’s been in the dark for a long time opening the door of light. Some people just wait there and don’t expect to find anything new. Some pushed the door open a little and looked through the crack. But there was a group of people who suddenly opened the door and said, “Dear God, I’m ready. Let’s go! Tell me everything I should know. ” This is the second shift. It’s a critical project among the eight changes, because all the change phases actually start from here. Once the program is started, it’s hard to stop. It is impossible for human beings to return to the previous stage of deception, especially the transformation of awakening.

Let me ask you a question: if you ever felt God’s love in this gathering and saw the color I showed, can you go back and cancel it? Can you pretend you’ve never seen it? Can you pretend you don’t feel it? The answer is No. Because you already know it.

It’s going to be interesting. Sometimes the transition from the second stage to the third stage takes a long time. There is a long way to go from this transition to the next. It’s up to people to decide whether to go fast or not. Again, there is no judgment. Some people will say, “well, I can definitely finish it in a few days or weeks.”. Is that true? How to measure it? Do you know how to finish it? Do you know the distance between you and that door? No, it’s totally personal. There are some people in this room whose special task is to help you open the door. Do you know that? They can let you relax in God’s love and give you balance.

You heard about Peggy Phoenix dubro’s class earlier. Do you know what her role on earth is? It’s simple. It’s to help you balance and feel God’s love in your heart. When you come to the qualification stage through the second transformation, you will say, “now I know more about the inner master.” Peggy helps people open doors and find their own light. This teaching was not appropriate 25 years ago. Do you know why? That’s because the vibration frequency of the earth was not ready to accept it at that time. Before the harmonious convergence, the energy knowledge on earth was extremely poor. Many of these teachings are sent to you in the form of new information after the discovery of new energy.  

The third change  „Take responsibility for everything in life. “

The third transition is the hardest to explain. It was the moment when light and dark began to appear in human life. We mentioned many times last month that it is very difficult for human beings to accept such a fact. In human consciousness, change always happens in order. You have to go through one door to get to the next. In this case, you can experience all kinds of changes. You experience these things in a linear way, not because of their complexity, but because of their inspiration, that is, the qualitative change of consciousness.

In 3D, humans have a pretty interesting idea. For the miraculous and great things, such as healing, they will say, “it must be a miracle of God. We can’t do it on our own. Praise God for his power. ” When the evil things in life are surrounded by darkness and unable to extricate themselves, they will say, “it must be the devil who did it. It is the shadow of the devil and Satan that made me fall into the abyss of misfortune.” You see, humans are really interesting. Good things are attributed to God, bad things to the devil. I would like to ask you, when you encounter such a situation, which side will you stand on? Or just stand aside and “stay neutral” and give your soul to the gods or demons? Are you not responsible at all?

Bless those who can understand the fact that light / dark is hidden within everyone. That’s where God is, and it’s where God is not. Let me explain what darkness is. Darkness is the lack of light. Let me explain what light is. Light is the power that makes darkness disappear. Darkness can’t fight against light, because light can sweep away darkness. Humans can choose whether to create light or darkness on earth.

This is incredible to you, and this part is unacceptable to you. All the demons in life, whether you see, feel, or hear, are products of human consciousness. The most beautiful miracles on earth, such as resurrection, are also products of human consciousness. You are the greatest light!

Thousands of years ago, Jesus, the great master of love, once said, “I am the son of God. So are you. ” This sentence is recorded. Notice that there is a master within you who is fully enlightened. It will be a great leap forward in life when human beings understand that their soul is not the object of others’ contention, and that their own light and dark must be fully responsible by themselves. This is called “taking responsibility for everything in life.” No one can devalue you. No one can control you. You are precious, and you have your own light.

Let’s come to the last change of today’s course. Let’s review: we talk about the awakening of human beings, starting from curiosity, and then we will act according to our own feelings and open the door of light. Then he gets God’s answer and fills his life with God’s love. Such a large-scale change will allow knowledge from the Holy Spirit to flow into his every cellular level. He has intuition about the way things work, and his intuition is often right. His judgment of things is less and less, and his style is more and more like a master. He can stop the anger in his life, and the drama will be far away from him. He knew that what he had done would be proved in the end. He was able to identify his inner form of light and dark energy. He understands his inner master, and eventually he enters the fourth transformation.

Dear, this is the noun ~ ~ embedding that we explained for you 20 years ago. Embedment can make karma ineffective. That is a difficult concept, which we have explained many times in the past.

The fourth change

The fourth shift is to clear the karma in life and find out the true purpose of your spiritual journey.

if you have never been spiritually awakened, the energy of karma will stay with you. That’s part of the Akashic Record. You are a soul with many lives. These lives will accumulate with each other in the form of energy, and the past life experience will become the potential experience of this life. In ancient times this system was called karma.

Dear parents, let me ask you some questions about children. Is the child born like a piece of white paper waiting for you to fill it? You know that’s not the case. Who taught them to be jealous? Who taught them to be furious? Who taught them to hate water and some animals? You didn’t teach it, did you? Where do these come from? Why is there a child in the family who is very capable, while the other is the opposite? Why is one naive and lovely, and the other intelligent? Oh, you know who I’m talking about, don’t you( Why is one brave and the other not? The answer is karma. It’s innate energy. Karma will accompany one’s life and lead one to where the energy remains to be resolved.

All humans have the quality of karma unless they choose to abolish it. This ability to abolish applies only to this period of nearly two decades. Now it is very suitable for the audience and readers. Dear ones, let me tell you that all the people at the scene still have part of the karma. Those karmic challenges remain because you have not let it go completely.

Let’s take a look at this way: abolish that incomplete karmic energy, let it disappear from your nature, and then begin to create a new self as if you had never carried karma. The most powerful attribute in your life has changed. Your fear is gone. Because that’s part of the karma. That’s my partner. He can point that out. The man in the chair used to be a left brain engineer. He was very keen on the Marine Corps, and also yearned for the life of a monk. However, as he allowed the doors of karma to close, none of these appeared in his life. Now, he is a person with balanced development of left and right brain. It seems that many of the qualities he was born with have disappeared… And replaced by what he really wanted. Bless those who choose to abandon karma, for it will be hard at first, and they will not be rewarded until they fully realize that they can control their own future.

     Let’s end with this: when a person loses the karmic energy he was born with, he is completely open to God. He didn’t know where he was going and what kind of simultaneity would come to help him. He has no idea of his expectations or his situation. It’s like a brand new birth, and he’s going to create a path he’s never seen before. It’s hard for humans to adapt. But we promised in the second change (you’re not dark or lonely), so just celebrate this extraordinary situation. Don’t be afraid to celebrate: “I am the God here. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Isn’t that great? ” When your relatives and friends see you like this, they will say, “you are crazy.” But how can they understand that you are now shaking hands with a large group of angels?

You will have huge support groups, and the fourth change is when these support groups show up to you. In this transition, you will be allowed to whistle into the dark, completely fearless of the three D traps. You see, this kind of transformation can make you really understand your own creation. When you are in such a creation, why worry about what will happen next? Why worry about disease when you are creating your own healing? Do you think I don’t know who the people are here?

Dear people, we don’t have to say goodbye to you yet. In a twinkling of an eye, I’ll be back (tomorrow). For me, it’s just the blink of an eye of my partner. But it’s a beautiful parting for you. Don’t be surprised some angels are coming home with you tonight. Don’t be surprised they’ll ask you to stay awake all the way. Why are they doing this? Maybe it’s because you don’t push the door very well, and they can’t wait to hold your hand. Why don’t you let them? Why don’t you let them hold your hand? I’m Kryon of magnetic services. I love people.

I’ll be back soon. this is it.


Eight changes of awakening: Part Two

Hello, honey. I’m Kryon of magnetic services.

Some people will say, “how is that possible? How can a person sit on a chair with his eyes closed, conveying words from another time and space? Is that true? ” We’re going to ask you again, what do you think that feels like? Is it like a person talking or like the love of God spreading here? Can you tell right away if it’s true? Yes, you can do it! This is what we are going to introduce today. After the transformation of spiritual development, human beings will have such endowments. In fact, a few of you here are able to understand what’s going on here. Does God’s love for humanity drive us here to wash your feet? Just ask the people who were washed. We come quietly and bring a powerful message. But we don’t plan to start the course now.

How do you feel now? There’s some energy in this room, and it came at your invitation. Many of you are calling for this gift tonight, even more than last night. By acquiescing to these energies, you mean to admit to yourself tonight that they are true. There are a lot of people talking to you during the day. They convey the same meaning as us: you are not alone. You are on a spiritual ship today. Maybe you will begin to feel the entity next to you. Although you don’t know who it is, it is also a part of your earth lessons. Maybe there will be a common spiritual unit belonging to all mankind! In fact, that’s one of the lessons tonight.

Before I begin, dear people, I would like to say this: I know who you are. Every angelic being in the universe knows that you are here. Are you important enough to let the universe know your name? yes. Because the existence of the curtain makes it difficult for you to accept all this, the heavy curtain teaches you not to see this great fact. The shielding effect of curtain is very strong. The last part you can keep is the spiritual inner elite that we talked about yesterday( (see part I)

Today I will continue to expose and discuss the eight spiritual transformations of humanity from awakening to ascension. I want you to recall what I said yesterday. There is no timetable for this transformation. These changes are not fixed. It’s free choice. You may only go through one or two of these processes, or you may choose to stay in the second one. It’s all appropriate. It doesn’t mean punishment. These changes are complex and personal. Don’t judge anyone with your eyes, and don’t ask for people’s spiritual growth in your way. Maybe that’s the best way for them to pursue God. It may seem superficial, but from the perspective of the universe, maybe they just need a group to teach and worship to protect them. You can’t use the three D preconceptions to distinguish the personality characteristics of an immortal soul. So celebrate their lives. Don’t say, “well, I wish they could understand what I know.” They as like as two peas are in the same spiritual opportunities as you are free to choose and synchrony.

The dramatic change of the earth’s energy led to the complete awakening of DNA Chrion, why do you mention DNA so many times? ” Because DNA is the core of all spirituality. It contains your higher self and the Akashic Record of your experience on earth. It also includes healing and meritocracy, and awareness raising. It works with your biology, and that’s why we talk about it. That’s why someone is speaking about DNA today. It is the building block of one’s physical ascension. Some people can see it, others can’t.

What’s next

The four changes mentioned above are of profound significance. We speak of humans finding ways to remove karma to a state of total spiritual clarity. The next changes are more complicated and difficult to understand. Many, many people just stay in the fourth stage and stop moving forward. This is not criticism. These Lightworkers are still as sacred as those who have gone through the eight transformations. You see, God has no class setting. Can you understand that? We are non-linear, so the phasing you often use in spiritual reality is meaningless. Those who kneel in the church are also blessed by God as those who are promoted on the metaphysical level. God’s love is the same for everyone, and there is no prejudice about how you find the truth. Both of them will enter the same energy state at the end of their lives, and they will still be welcomed and hugged at the other end of the curtain. There is no criticism, only love. Whatever you do on earth is your free choice. This is the test of light and dark. Some choices will raise the vibration of earth, some will not. This puzzle is for you to solve. If you notice, God won’t interfere with these choices. That’s why you’re so loved.

The fifth change: the ability to change things with ideas

The fifth change is also quite difficult. Humans will find that they can really change things. The last four transformations are all related to the self transcendence of human beings and the influence on the earth. In the first four changes, they only include themselves and their personal growth. The latter four items include other people besides themselves.

As you go through the four transformations of awakening, you will begin to have an intuition about your tasks here. The fifth shift is to send light to other parts of the earth. How to do it? Can you do it? Will it work? Such a move is almost a joke, whimsical. If you tell a group of people who have no idea that you are going to a party and send light to the earth, they will pat you on the head and say, “Oh, it’s wonderful. It’s wonderful.” Then turn around and turn your eyes. Why is that? Because the essence of 3D is unable to understand such a profound thing. They don’t think that will have any effect. They don’t understand, and even if you try to explain to them, they still don’t understand.

Imagine that you live in a world you can’t see. If someone told you that he could see, you would laugh at what he said about seeing. Next, he intends to explain the meaning of color to you further. You will certainly turn your eyes to his strange remarks. It’s a metaphor, because you’ve gone through four DNA transformations, so it’s hard for nature to communicate with people who don’t even have one. It doesn’t mean you are superior to others. You all have the same right to choose the tools you want.

When you reach the fifth stage, you have the ability to change things with ideas. When you use your imagination to send light to a dark place, the vibration around you changes. This is the result of your inner spiritual master and your own energy response. At this stage, there is nothing else to do but send light to others. The problem of karma has been solved and you are a special partner of earth from now on. There are a lot of people here who are.

At some point, I often let my partner feel the same energy with me. When human beings are really changing the earth with their own light, we at the other end of the curtain will offer you endless gratitude and incomparable love, and we will respect you with great joy. A lot of people sitting here already know the mechanism of light transmission. A long time ago, they learned not to meditate on a certain view, an idea, or a huge and detailed inner image. Because the images that come from the heart are drawn by others. They don’t do that. In contrast, those who have the ability to change the earth with light know the real operating principles. This principle is: pure light has no prejudice or ideas, and no prejudice should be attached to it.

“Wait a minute, Cleon, if I want world peace, send light to make the world more peaceful. Is that right? ” If you do, you’re biased. This great idea still belongs to you, doesn’t it? Why not send pure and thoughtless light to trillions of beings to decide where the earth needs light most at this moment? Why not transform your great responsibilities and unique ideas into imagining a great simultaneity that can create the most perfect plot at the right time and place? That’s the way you should send light.

It’s not easy at all. You have to be completely unbiased and have a god like responsibility. You’ll feel it. I feel that this light has become so pure and flawless, and I feel that there is no longer any prejudice and ideas about things. Then imagine sending this light to a dark place. This pure light will shine perfectly in the divine plan. Those in the dark will see things they have never seen before. Under the free choice, they will continue to use the tools they used in the past, but now there is light shining on them. They can try to change what they want. These changes include more intelligence, better processing, more peaceful solutions, and even changes in the whole life.

This is the light you send. It’s not quite what you think, is it? In our way of description, this represents your integrity, and you have not imposed your thoughts on the earth. In contrast, you are shining your pure light on the earth.

Did any of you notice the number 11:11? Do you know what it symbolizes in numerology? Just light up, light up. How does that make you feel? Is your job to light up the dark earth? Those who have passed the fifth transformation know what this means. It’s the first opportunity to bring change to the earth.

Now I’m going to tell you something I said. These Lightworkers can indeed change the vibration of the earth no matter where they go. Is it too far away for you? Have you ever been taught that you are worthless and born filthy? Have you ever been taught never to touch God at will? Now, it’s time to get rid of those. If an angel sat in front of you and told you that it was not true, would you believe it? In fact, you are born great, just covered by the curtain. Therefore, the first challenge is to find the skills to solve the puzzle in front of us. No matter where you are, it has an impact. That’s the fifth.

The sixth change: CO creation

The sixth change is hard to explain. Lightworkers began to recognize their inner dimensional operating systems on earth. They know what co creation is. Let me ask you a question about integrity: if you create a reality for yourself, will it also affect the people around you? The answer is yes. That’s for sure. Any co creation you make will affect the people around you. When you’re working together to create the great needs of your life, there’s a little bit of a shock around you. So what did you do? Is that true? Will your co creation really oppress others? Think about it. How can you co create with your own integrity? Have you ever thought about it? The sixth is about how the co creation of the universe works in you and others. It’s a mystery beyond the three D’s, and it depends on the “Simultaneity” we mentioned in the past.

Remember an interesting metaphor we used to say? This has twice appeared in communication, but also twice recorded in writing. However, it will be repeated here to focus on and emphasize the eight changes. You live in a very busy city. It’s more crowded here than almost any other city on earth. When you drive on the road, you always need a “parking angel” to help you. You know what that means, right? Many people are using this “parking angel.”. If you can’t find a parking space in the building, it’s up to him. You drive around corner after corner, but you can’t find a place to park because there are so many vehicles in the building Please, parking angel. “You say,” let me find a parking space. Let it appear. ” As a result, it really appeared! The man in front of you just backed out and you pulled in. So you say, “thank you, parking angel!”

Now, this seems to be a good thing. What do you think will happen to the actual spiritual operation of the plot? Those who have serious restrictions on the three D’s will believe that it’s like this: when you get to a place, call a parking angel. The angel went into the building, dragged some ignorant guy to the side aisle, threw him into the car, and ordered him: “get out!” The man backed the car out in extreme fear and trembling, and then you pulled in. Say to the angel, “thank you, parking angel.”

In fact, it’s not like that, is it? You know there’s a better way. It’s not about integrity, it’s not about love, is it? So I would like to ask your 3D mind, dear human beings, how do you think that is going on? Here, even if you use your 3D assumptions and calculation methods, you still can’t understand it in a year.

So you have to put yourself in an inner dimension where there is no time. It’s a system that sees what you need before you ask for it. You can find all possible answers here if you want. The system knows all the possible needs of everyone in the building. It supports some disadvantageous situations as well as situations other than 3D. When you need a parking space, it supports someone who just wants to leave. There are no so-called losers and no spiritual competitions. To others, it’s like an accident or an emergency. But you know very well in your heart that you have created a synchronic experience, because you have this creative tool. For others, how many “coincidences” do they have to go through to make them realize the magic?

The sixth change is an important one. It’s sacred, it creates the ability of human beings to operate lattice, which is a lattice containing all the possibilities of things.

It’s beautiful. It is beyond logic. And it’s incredible. You have learned to expect it anywhere, and that is simultaneity.

It’s pretty hard to master in real life because it’s the opposite of everything your brain thinks. We have mentioned this part many times. This information has been found in the communication materials over the years.

It shows how to satisfy the simple needs of life through simultaneity. But people who just sit at home waiting for God’s blessing can’t have simultaneity.

People have to get out of the house and try to push the doors of possibilities. These Simultaneities belong to you in fact. Before you ask for them, this bowl of spiritual soup has been cooked for you in the inner dimension. It’s a very difficult concept, and it’s not easy to understand. You are close to the core elite of real ascension.

The seventh shift: your ability to heal your body

Do you know what seven is( The number seven is often regarded as the most sacred number. Mostly used to connect with spiritual things. Many cultural classics can prove this.

The seventh transformation refers to your ability to heal your body. Why is it listed as the seventh of the eight changes? Why is it so difficult? Why does it occupy such a high place on this list of spiritual transformation? This is because self-healing is one of humanity’s biggest problems. If you ask the therapist here, “what do you do when you’re sick?” They would say, “well, of course, go to a therapist.” You may ask, “aren’t you a therapist yourself?” And they said, “yes, but I’m not my own therapist.”

Why is that? Because it’s hard to treat yourself! The seventh change is about the cognition of cell structure. It means that human beings have inner dimensional consciousness and can enter their own body to work with DNA. Does that sound amazing? Have you ever heard of patients who suddenly recover without medication? Do you want to know how they did it? They’re done with internal DNA. That’s one of the twelve layers of DNA.

The inner dimension is operated on this level. Healing is a wonderful thing, but it’s far from what you think.

Your concept of 3D healing is a fixed timeline, which is moving in a single direction. You can’t go back in time.

So you see healing as a single function. It’s a prejudice, but you don’t know it. You think healing is the state in which disease leaves. That’s not true.

Healing, on the contrary, means that your body enters the inner dimension and returns to a state that was not yet sick. You can think of it as a time machine in your body, which reverses your biology. As a result, a DNA cell will no longer return to the state of disease, because it has never been sick!

Each of you is equipped with this tool. Do you really understand what I’m saying? When you go to heal a serious problem, such as a disease, it is not to let some magical power enter and purify you. It’s the spiritual elite within you that is pushing your cells and tissues back to the time before the onset of the disease. Do you know why this change is in the seventh place!

It’s so wonderful! Learn to talk to your cells. Practice speaking to your own cells every day, so that all the cells and tissues can hear you. Whatever you say, just let them know that the “master” is talking and managing them. Man tends to believe that he lives on his head. People ask, “where is the Enlightenment of wisdom?” Answer: “Oh, right here, in my head, in my third eye, in my pineal gland.”

If DNA is your real enlightenment, could it only be in your head? How many of you look down at your thumb and celebrate its enlightenment? It’s fun and interesting, isn’t it? Is the thumb of the foot part of your enlightenment? How many trillion pieces of DNA do you think are in your toes? If the DNA in it is enlightened, shouldn’t your toes celebrate?

Start talking to your cells. If you really greet them every morning, you will do your master’s duty. It looks weird, doesn’t it? This is the advice from an angel, an angel who has never been born, to give you some tips about the body. Do you know why I say that? That’s because I see your enlightenment all over your body from head to foot.

The eighth shift: Ascension

Let’s go to the last item and finish this one. This transformation is ascension. It’s an interesting word. You’ve got a record of it, haven’t you? We told you that long before your historical and cultural records, there was a place called second kings, where you can find information about the ascension of Elijah the prophet. It was recorded by a witness named Elisha. Oh, Elisha reported on this great event. He also mentioned light. “Elijah was there a minute ago, but he disappeared,” he said So you take this as the basic definition of ascension, that is, one’s emergence to heaven.

So some people want to say, “I can’t wait to die to sublimate.” It’s almost like saying, “I want to finish my work early and go home.” However, the energy of the earth is very different from that of Elijah. Sublimation is not what you think. Now it’s hard to do that again.

Let’s give you a new definition of Sublimation:

Human beings freely choose to enter the next life without death.

When mankind has passed the first seven transformations, it declares to all around us:

“I’m not what I used to be.”

It means that the Akashic Record has been really improved, not only beyond 3D, but also beyond the time and concept of the world. Once asked to show one’s full spiritual brilliance and become another self, it is ascension.

Some people will say, “that must be very rare, Kryon.” No, they’re here! The people who have gone through the eight transformations are here. They look back on their past lives and see a completely different self. They leave footprints of light wherever they go. Oh, they’re still human beings, and they still have to work, just like you. They have the test of the earth as well as you. However, they look at the center of the fear, and the fear naturally disappears. It’s inevitable. They go into the dark and glow there. In any case, they have God’s peace and tranquility. Their anger comes slowly, but their wisdom comes quickly. They never judge. You’ll like to be with them. They’re here. No, not in the form of an angel. It’s sitting in a chair like you, listening and reading. They are the people who have passed the transformation.

My partner has taken me to many places where 3D challenges are under way. Everywhere we go, we find people who have risen. Bless those who bring change to the earth, who are going through their fears – the fear of opening the door of light, the fear of seeing their own sanctity, and the fear of forgetting a past self greed. These people understand the meaning of light and co creation. Let’s celebrate them now. They are sitting next to you. They look very ordinary.

I see many things different from you. I see God’s love. Four people are healed here tonight. Ask them. They’ll know for themselves. They feel the angel around them all the time. They will eventually understand everything and allow simultaneity to happen tonight. These four people will feel different when they leave here. They are your family! Would you like to spend a few minutes celebrating their lives? You don’t need to know their names at all, do you? Can you say, “thank you” For their right time here at the same time. That’s the way to celebrate. Bless those who have set aside time to sit here and receive energy today and in the near future. A lot of unexpected energy will accompany them home.

I’m Kryon, in human love. this is it.



When you fall in love with a flower or a sunset, that is when you are approaching love, it’s really easy.

The more conditions you set in that state, the harder it will be for happiness and health to enter your body. So you have to find a way to experience love, to experience your true nature, and we recommend that you do so before you enter a relationship that may or may not last.

As long as you decide to do so, it can be very simple to get your inner love, heart centered, and feel your true love. This is our suggestion to you.

Most love is conditional. The love you really want is your own unconditional love. It means that you can love people without asking for anything in return, and it doesn’t matter.

That’s what you’re after, because what you’re after is love, not just love, to get love in return.

We know that loving and receiving love in return can make it easier for you to be who you really are, because you are the source energy of unconditional love, but you can’t control another person.

What you can do is to make love the reward you want. When it becomes your mission, it is absolutely on the right track.

People spend so much time and energy, take so many actions, try to re connect to the source, which is obviously something that will never really be lost. Some people describe life as an illusion, which is the most important one.

The main illusion is that you are separated from the source. Then, follow the illusion and say, “I need that person back to love me, I need to be close to that person, otherwise I will feel separated from my true self, because love is unconditional.”

Therefore, when you have this feeling in your heart, it’s very important to know what’s going on, so that you can activate your feelings when you want to get it, regardless of whether your feelings are rewarded.

When you fall in love, you are in that vibration. You’ll find your inner state, making you consistent with who you really are. When a person’s state depends on whether he can contact his loved one at any time, and the other party does not give him the right to contact, the feeling of separation from the source is very troublesome in your world.

hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We find that there is a fine line between love and infatuation. From the initial feeling of love to extreme obsession, there are many such examples in your history. Some people commit crimes in order to impress their loved ones. Some people will commit suicide because they are rejected by the people they love deeply, and some people will go to extremes because of the beautiful feeling of love.

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