A seed, you can choose^_^

A seed, you can choose^_^

Whether you want to be a member of the vibration group that affects the level of consciousness and the whole of humanity, when you make this choice, you will have the support of us and many other high dimensional beings.

Just ask yourself this very important question and make a decision

You have the ability to change the whole human destiny, not because of selfishness, but because you decide to go inside and focus on what brings you happiness.

You’ve laid the foundation for others to follow in your footsteps. You can always set a very positive example for your fellow human beings and influence them in ways they don’t know. This is the easiest choice you can make, but how long does it take for you to consciously make such a choice?

You have not only the free will to do what you want to do, but also the free will to choose what you want to focus on. This is the ultimate power.

You know what brings you happiness, what brings you higher vibration, and you know what lowers your vibration, so you can choose.

Yes, there are some things in life that you have to face, some things that you have to do, and some things that you are bound to feel. But sometimes, you also choose to sit down and feel sorry for yourself, immerse yourself in what happened a long time ago, or vice versa, choose what will bring you into a state of inner peace, or make you feel love or excited.

This is the ultimate use of your free will.

If there are enough people who promise to be happy, live their own truth, and enter a higher state of vibration, then everyone will benefit. All of you are woven together by your energy, stories and history, and when you decide to go out and pursue something that makes you happy, you have to help others.

You are always free to decide what you care about and how you vibrate, which is of greater value to the collective and shared consciousness of humanity.

hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We not only observe your ascension on earth, but also hope to help you without affecting your growth and evolution, which is very challenging for us, but we like challenges. As a collective, even if you make a little improvement in vibration, we will notice, and we have noticed that the vibration of human collective consciousness is obviously higher than a few days ago.

We have also noticed how you are affected by the high vibration of the collective, and it is so gratifying to see so many people find their happiness.

You have to understand that no matter what happens in today’s world, you can always choose to vibrate in a higher frequency range so that it doesn’t affect you.

We also hope that you can always feel your connection with your fellow human beings, feel their feelings and sympathize with others, but if you really want to see the changes in the outside world, you must also pay attention to yourself and your vibration at a certain point in time.



A seed, just to survive and follow its life and interests, has been helping to raise the frequency of the earth and is influencing the field of collective consciousness without having to work on anything related to awakening others. Its mission is simply to help by the fact that it exists.

Saville: I divide individuals and animals into groups. It’s like a city. I also see the city itself as a whole. So I compared the sum of its residents’ frequency values and compared it with the readings of the city itself. Although there are some reasons to be studied, they are almost identical. As an experiment, it can be repeated and consistent. I came to the conclusion that the girl was right.

Considering the interstellar seeds, it changes in a sense that they are not equal to the average population frequency in frequency. Through the observation of sensors, spectrometers and interferometers, I can see that these interstellar seeds have magnetic force, which has an impact on the total frequency of many normal people’s places. Sometimes, a seed is equivalent to hundreds of thousands of ordinary people. So, in a scientifically measurable way, the great creative responsibility of every interstellar seed can be verified.

Stella: Wow. The difference is too big.

Lena: that’s why our interplanetary seed action is so important.

Saville: Yes. We don’t need to change all humans, just to unite the seeds of the stars.

Christina: who is more influential in the consciousness of earth: the interstellar seed, or the kingdom of animals and plants?

Saville: even though my answer is annoying and unfair, what the sensors tell me is that interstellar seeds are the most influential.

Lena: why is it annoying and unfair to you.

Saville: because I tend to protect populations that don’t create visible, complex cultures. The animal and plant world maintains a high frequency, but also a low frequency. Because of their mentality, most of them focus on survival. However, the part of maintaining high frequency is still directly affected by human collective activities, which are guided by conscious creators or interstellar seeds.

Lina: so will we not expect to see the development of society and its state of being manipulated, rather than the self feeling of the interstellar seed?

Saville: that’s to be expected. This is true, but I hope that nature itself can seek its own dynamic balance in the context of human activities. Because it will establish its own protection mechanism against human exploitation, but the evidence does not support this situation.

Estra: so, what’s the average number of interstellar seeds you see in each city? Or on a global scale?

Saville: on average, each seed creates 1500 ordinary people, which is what you call “matrix people.”. But I mean, these 1500 people are influenced by an ordinary interstellar seed. Moreover, these ordinary interstellar seeds are not particularly sober. Many times, we can’t even tell the difference between them and more matrix people. A highly awakened interstellar seed affects tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, sometimes even more, and affects millions of people. David Icke is an example of a super level.

Estra: if there were a million inhabitants, how many of them would be interstellar seeds? Do you think they are evenly distributed on the earth or tend to be more concentrated in some countries or energy regions?

Saville: I’m still trying to solve this problem. It turns out that detectable interstellar seeds melt into normal populations, making them undetectable. So only very sober people can be counted. But as for how many people wake up per million, the average on earth is close to 5000 per million. Unfortunately, the number is very small. However, this number is not final. They tend to be concentrated in the region. More than 90% of the residents of the area or place with the most interstellar seeds are Sedona, Arizona.

Nevertheless, on average, in the United States, the number of awakening seeds has dropped sharply compared with places such as Europe or Latin America, while the number of seeds in Europe or Latin America is higher. In the East, seeds from India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar are also dense. Moreover, according to the readings of the interferometer, China has the least readings per million interstellar seeds, which is the place with the least non-human population.

Stella: Wow. Curious. I didn’t expect that, especially in Sedona, Arizona. Thank you very much for sharing.

Saville: there are not as many seeds in the United States as expected. Still, they are concentrated in Arizona and New Mexico. Some are in California and spread to the rest of the country.

Christina: Thank you very much for the information. Some of them are very interesting to me, others are like China, which I have already imagined.

Saville: you’re welcome. For China, this result is expected.

Lena: do you think there are any places in Argentina where there are high concentrations of lucid seeds?

Saville: Buenos Aires area, the number is strong. Peak frequency of seed population. Buenos Aires is the second largest seed population in South America. After Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. However, please note that I mentioned cities or places, but many high-frequency seeds prefer to work outside big cities. And, on average, they are the most influential.

Estra: and I think the impact they have on others is due to the personal frequency they’re launching there. Because if they are not part of the collective subconscious, how can they influence their mental field without complete separation?

Saville: when they’re there, they’re part of the group. Moreover, even though a powerful seed has escaped from society and interrupted all communication with a small town in the Amazon, the earth’s magnetic field and its average value will continue to flow. But if the seed comes into contact with other people, its influence will multiply, which is also the result of an increase in the average frequency of planets.

Estra: I understand. Thank you. Are seeds related to or connected with the collective subconsciousness of human beings?

Saville: Yes. As I have said. I’m referring more to the collective human unconscious than just the measurable frequency, but the two are intrinsically related.

Christina: but can’t a seed be dragged down by the human collective at the same time? For example, through the mental pressure exerted on it, and produce the opposite effect, that is to reduce the vibration of the planet.

Saville: that’s right, and it happens all the time. For a seed, whether it’s subtle energy or spiritual, the growth of power will be an exponential requirement. Because most people just try not to drop in the total frequency, because the average level of the group tends to drag them down. This can be explained simply by the dominant frequency principle. It’s very difficult and demanding to be a (sober) interstellar seed, especially if its frequency drops in a negative spiral, its sphere of influence will drop in the same way.

Christina: I understand. Thank you.

Estra: that’s why a lot of interstellar seeds get lost.

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Now the world seems very calm, because it needs to give mankind a breathing and preparation gap, but this superficial calm will not last long. So enjoy the sunshine before the storm and enjoy the happy time with your family.

Alison: now I’m asking to talk to the higher self. I know you can make him go back a lot of experiences, but today you chose these special pictures to show him. Why do you choose these pictures?

Higher self: he needs confidence. He needs to understand his mission to earth and his role in the future. His mission is very important, for which he has prepared for a long time. Now he has completed all the preparations, and he is waiting for the “event” to come.

Alison: is there anything else he needs to do before the event? Will the images he saw in hypnosis really happen?

Higher self: “event” will happen soon. The first announcement of the truth is coming, and information will continue to emerge in the next few months, like an avalanche. People will be shocked and confused by the truth. And one of his missions is to stay in the area where he lives, anchor the light, keep the light, keep calm, and balance the angry and intense energy around him.

It was not by accident that he lived in this area, but was purposefully arranged here. In fact, all Lightworkers are systematically located around the world. They will form a grid of light energy. When the truth comes, these energy grids can help others reduce the violent fluctuations of emotions and help people find peace.

So now all he needs to do is keep the light, keep calm, meditate in nature, enjoy the joy of being a father, and enjoy the moment. It won’t last long. Soon he will be busy and focused on other things.

Although he will still play the role of father, with his wife and son, he will spend his time on other important things in the future. Now he needs to be patient. He won’t wait long. The first announcement of the truth will come in July, and this is the beginning of the event.

Alison: you mentioned that he needs to prepare for the arrival of great energy. Can you explain it in detail?

Higher self: he has almost finished all the preparatory work, and he has been preparing for it for many years. When he’s asleep, he receives “energy downloads.”. Sometimes he suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, feeling very confused, as if he had been to other places. He did go somewhere else in his sleep. We took him. We irradiate his body with a strong beam to regulate his field. When he woke up, he realized something had happened.

This feeling also happens in his meditative state. When he is completely relaxed, he can feel the energy download and feel our help.

He’s ready, but he faces many difficulties in three-dimensional life. Whenever he goes out to face the crowd, he will automatically receive other people’s low-frequency energy, which will make him feel very uncomfortable. His energy vibration frequency has been adjusted to a higher field than most people, so it will make him feel uncomfortable and lost to receive other people’s low vibration energy in daily life. He is no longer connected with the old three-dimensional life. We must help him reach the vibration frequency he should reach.

Alison: do you have any good suggestions or methods to help him protect his energy vibration from interference?

Higher self: he knows how to protect his field. He has tried to meditate before going to bed at night and then create an energy shield to protect himself and his family by focusing on his mind when he wakes up. Although his method was very effective, he didn’t insist on it.

He needs to go out to meditate every day, touch the earth with his feet, and get close to nature. These will help him. His vibration frequency is higher than that of the people around him, and he is no longer aligned with the old way of life. He did a lot of work for ascension and transformation. He has to raise the vibration frequency of himself, which is his mission. His high-frequency energy will make people around them feel his energy vibration subconsciously, and remind them to connect with his high-frequency energy. He is a reminder. He uses his own energy to remind others to speed up the transformation and adjustment of energy.

He’s having a hard time because he doesn’t feel like he’s living in the light, and he’s not doing a good job as a light worker. This feeling will make him feel very sad. But he needs to understand that in order to ascend the human collective, he has to raise his frequency to a higher level than others, even though it will make him feel lonely and disconnected.

Before reincarnation, he knew that he was going to go through such a dilemma, but unfortunately, he was always struggling with this feeling of loss. He needs to increase and stabilize his vibration frequency as much as possible.

Alison: he wants to know how he can take care of his family in the great changes in the future?

Higher self: Although he is very worried about his family, he needs to understand that his family came to the earth as volunteers and share a common mission with him. They all came from the same ship and used to be close team members. His younger brother also feels lost and lonely now. He is also going through a very difficult time, but his elder brothers and sisters are better able to deal with the current situation.

As “events” get closer and closer to human beings, lightworkers will feel more disconnected and difficult. But he doesn’t need to worry about his family. His family will do what they should do.

Alison: he’s curious about the origin of his son. He wants to know why his son chose to be reincarnated to earth in this very chaotic time. He also wanted to know if his son had anything to say to him.

Higher self: his son and he came from the same spaceship. They were close team members. His son didn’t plan to be reincarnated to earth before, but we need more volunteers to keep more light because the event is getting closer. His son is a strong being with the same mission to anchor light on earth.

Because his son’s time on earth is very short, he won’t feel as lost as he does. Another purpose of his son’s reincarnation to earth is to divert his attention. He suffered from a long wait. Although it was a challenge for him to be a father, it would make him less focused on waiting.

He doesn’t need to worry about the safety of his wife and son. They will survive the great changes in the future. He can try his best to play the role of a good father, enjoy the happiness of being a father and get along with his wife. His family has the ability to survive future changes safely.

His son is very happy and loves his parents because he knows who his parents are. His son loves him very much, hopes him to have a good time, and thanks them for giving him this opportunity to reincarnate to the earth.

Although his son does not have much time to experience life in the three-dimensional world, he is very honored to participate in this grand collective ascension on earth. At this moment, his son is smiling at him and joking to him, “you’re going to deal with the hardest part, and I just need to come to earth and watch the play.”

Alison: Thank you. He wants to know how to control his wavering emotions, how not to let low emotions affect his life and find more joy.

Higher self: he did a lot of homework trying to stabilize his mood. He once lived in an environment full of joy and love. After he was reincarnated on earth, he felt lost because of the darkness around him. Before reincarnation, he thought he was ready enough, but when he was reincarnated to the earth, he found it difficult to communicate with other human beings.

He always wanted to go back to the spaceship. He didn’t expect that life on earth would be so difficult, so he became irritable. He was angry about the bad things that happened on earth and the chaotic society. He knew in his heart what a beautiful and harmonious world was like.

He is a stubborn, uncompromising man, ready to repair the injured planet. He was puzzled by the way humans pollute the environment and create more chaos. He can’t feel joy in the entertainment of human society, because he knows what is real joy.

But he needs to be stronger, live in the moment, go outdoors, get close to nature, and take time to explore his inner world. His wife tried to accompany him and make him happy, but he inherited his mother’s stubbornness and could not open his heart.

He needs to understand that he can’t do everything for others. He should be more concerned about his own life. When it’s time to exercise, he should go out and walk more, go cycling in the mountains, and don’t become lazy at home.

His wife is a very strong woman, she is competent for the mother’s work, take care of the children. He has done his best to take care of his family, and now he needs to take care of himself more.

Alison: you mentioned what will happen in July this year. He wanted to know what was the first truth to be revealed?

Higher self: the revelation of July will be the beginning. Recently, he heard a lot about the Pentagon releasing some hidden truth. Many people think it will happen in June this year, but in fact it will happen in July this year. The government will issue some announcements about the truth.

Although this information is not all he wants to know, it is the beginning. Once disclosure begins, information about the truth will avalanche. Since then, more truth has been revealed and spread every day.

Recently, there have been a large number of UFO sightings, and a large number of spaceships have docked over the earth. The appearance of these UFOs will make more people curious about alien life. We are trying to prepare our collective consciousness for the emergence of aliens.

The disclosure should have happened earlier, but there were some reasons for the delay. But this summer, what will happen will happen. The revelations will start with the Pentagon announcement.

Alison: he wants to know what’s going to happen this year and what’s the probability of that happening. Which of the pictures you showed him in hypnosis would happen and which would not?

Higher self: disclosure is bound to happen this year. Even if it doesn’t happen in July, it will happen before the end of the year. By the end of 2021, everyone will be aware of the existence of extraterrestrial life. In fact, the human government has known about aliens and spaceships for a long time. Whether or not the government will continue to release information about the truth, the process of disclosure is unstoppable, and the truth will continue to emerge.

The revelation will begin with extraterrestrial life, and then news will continue to emerge about how the dark government manipulated and deceived the public for a long time. People will feel very disappointed and angry about it. With the deepening of the disclosure process, things seem to get worse and worse until the whole society stops working.

There will be riots during this period, but there will be no serious violence. At the end of disclosure, when the society reaches the limit of chaos, we will put an end to it in time before the complete chaos. So he doesn’t have to worry about the future. He just needs to prepare food and remind others to prepare food and drinking water.

He doesn’t have to worry that he lives in a coastal city. Before the earth ascends and transforms completely, the landscape of the city he lives in will not change. He just needs to make sure there is enough food at home. Although there will be riots in the future, people will take care of each other and pass the transition smoothly.

Humans are very strong beings. Even if the truth to be revealed is overwhelming, people will gradually accept and adapt to it.

Alison: so the timeline you told us is: July this year will be the beginning of the disclosure process. Since then, information about the truth will continue to emerge, and this will lead people to become more and more angry, chaos and turbulence will increase. But this period will not last long, because when the inflection point appears, the spaceship will come, most people will be hypnotized into the spaceship, and Lightworkers, interstellar seeds, and native humans who are spiritually evolved enough will stay on earth, waiting for the arrival of the solar flare. My question is – by next summer, which of the events in your timeline are likely to happen and which are not?

Higher self: the occurrence of the event is phased, and the first stage that will happen is the continuous disclosure of the truth. July 2021 is the last window of opportunity for disclosure to take place, and we can’t delay it any longer. Information about the truth will continue to emerge, and there will be many big events this year.

Although this will cause a lot of confusion, disclosure must occur, as earth must ascend and transform next year, and she can no longer wait. We need to disclose the truth before Earth transforms.

The flare of the sun comes from the Great Central Sun. We have tried our best to delay the arrival of this incomparable light wave, but by next summer, we can no longer stop it, so we need to speed up the process of the event and let the snowball roll.

When human beings can no longer bear the impact of the truth, when the chaos reaches its peak, the turning point will come and enter the next stage (the second stage may occur next summer, or before the summer).

When the riots turn into serious violence, we will start to intervene. Most humans will be hypnotized to board the ship. When the boarding was successfully completed, the sun soon flashed.

He’ll have a hunch before the flash of the sun comes. At that time, society was in chaos and madness, but he knew that the spaceship would come and stop the spread of destruction. He knew that light would reach earth and that ascension would take place.

Cheer up, you won’t wait long. This stage will be painful for most people, but you (Lightworkers) will be happy. Once the process of disclosure starts, some of the things you are sure will be confirmed. When the truth of the dark is revealed, you will know what this information means and what surprises are waiting for you at the finish line. These will help you remember your mission to earth and find ways to stay happy and calm so that you can go through the coming transition.

Now the world seems very calm, because it needs to give mankind a breathing and preparation gap, but this superficial calm will not last long. So enjoy the sunshine before the storm and enjoy the happy time with your family.

He doesn’t need to worry about his father. His father’s life dilemma is a life topic that his parents choose together. They will pass safely, and he just needs to send as much love as possible to his parents.

Love yourself and let go of your business worries.

In the future, in the new earth, he will be engaged in the work of water purification, but now he only needs to be himself. There is a reason why he meets different people at work every day. His high frequency energy will remind others to connect with him and light. He’s doing the right thing.

Accept everything and wait won’t last long.



A lot of information will be released

2 days ago


Source: brothers of light

Transmission: Monique Mathew

Conduction time: June 2021

Lu Ying

A lot of information will be released. A lot of “important people” will commit suicide, such as some presidents (they will not be able to face the angry eyes of the people). Some of the evil deeds committed by beings during their reincarnation will be revealed. This may be hard for some people to accept.

Those who work for the dark light are “captured” by some forces. Most of these people are weak beings who can only see the power of money and power. They need to prove their ability to themselves, and they need to prove the meaning and value of their existence through all kinds of unfair transactions and enjoyment. In order to obtain those absurd pleasures, they even do not hesitate to harm the interests of mankind.

In a word, these people are much weaker than you. They can be degraded with very little temptation.

Something very important is happening behind the scenes. The surprising revelations will increase bit by bit. Those evils will not be exposed at the same time in the beginning, otherwise it will make people in this world look pale. It’s going to have a huge impact on people. Many people will completely refuse to accept it and may have serious psychological problems. Therefore, those things will gradually be exposed so that people can “digest” them.

In any case, many secrets will be revealed, such as the existence of the Galactic brothers (both friendly and unfriendly). People will get so much information that many will find it hard to bear.

Those who believe too much in the “reality” and the living conditions shown to them by others will find it difficult to believe the seemingly untrue things. But these things are real to others. These people have opened their minds and no longer just believe what the media or educational institutions have taught them.

Get ready! You need to be ready to experience amazing, extraordinary events. Those things will be hard and painful for some people. Anyway, you won’t have time to be bored!


What are the rules


Working body:

Let’s talk about rules first?

Rule God:

Rules are not as far away and tall as you think. Rules are actually a way of existence of cosmic life, a positive way of existence and a way of circulation. They are rules. You can see them as the Tao of the universe and the law of the operation of the universe.

If we lose such a law of operation, the universe will lose its inner wisdom and inner way of behavior.

Different rules with small space are different, but there is a general rule, just like the laws and regulations of your country. Such a rule is not to be trampled. The higher dimensional life body is, the more it abides by the rules, and the more it takes the rules as the basis for its existence.

The farther the space is from the center of the universe, the more the life body ignores the rules.

The result of not paying attention to rules is that your frequency, energy and consciousness drop, and your life level drops. So rules are closely related to your life level.

The higher the life level is, the more rules will be obeyed in daily behavior.

Rules manifest differently in different spaces: at the core level of the universe, rules are the way to guide the operation of the universe and all living beings, which must be observed.

The scope of the rules I’m talking about now is wide. Rules can be subdivided into many planes: for example, the laws of the universe, the core principles of the universe; For example, the compliance of life to the core consciousness of the universe; For example, compared with their high-level life, the living body’s compliance and obedience in etiquette and heart / but no matter how the rules are subdivided, it is inseparable from the core principle of serving others, dedicating its energy to the universe, and integrating with other life.

Working body:

What is the connotation of the rule? Why should life obey the rules? What happens if you don’t follow the rules?

Rule God:

The core law of the operation of the universe is what you call Tao, which can be understood as the rule.

Without rules, the universe will lose order, there will be no internal support, and the life of the universe will be at a loss.

From the perspective of national management, there must be a unified standard.

And this kind of norm is the rule from the cosmic level.

The orderly progress of the universe is inseparable from the orderly rules. Rules are like a framework. Everything must move forward within the rules, otherwise the universe will not be harmonious and happy without order.

At the beginning of the big bang, when the energy of love and other core energy were born, the regular energy was also born.

That is to say, rules have existed since the evolution of the universe. They are divided into the core of the origin of the universe and one of the energy sources of the universe, from which other life bodies constantly comprehend and penetrate the laws of the operation of the universe.

So the energy of the rule is very old. It is one of the basic frameworks for the operation of the universe.

For example, you now know that the mechanism energy and dynamic energy of the earth need to be improved, but the operation efficiency of these two kinds of energy also needs to be developed in the framework of rules. Without rules as the underlying framework, a lot of energy will lose the core norms of operation.

Therefore, the rules are not to be trampled and must be observed.

As for the core ancient life of the universe, rules are the way they exist, that is to say, the existence of the core life of the universe is based on rules.

So the rules can’t be obeyed. If we don’t obey the rules, such a living body is not itself.

His consciousness and energy level determine his compliance with the rules.

But this kind of rule is not completely given by the outside world, but is obeyed voluntarily by the living body.

Because in that frequency, if you don’t follow the rules, the frequency and energy equal to yourself are not suitable for advanced space.

On the contrary, its frequency and level will gradually decline.

In the course of the universe’s operation, some life bodies that used to be the core are marginalized because they no longer abide by the rules and cannot continue to exist in the original space.

The result of not following the rules is that your frequency does not match the space that the rules adapt to. If you don’t follow the rules, your level will drop.

Working body:

What’s the relationship between life and rules?

Rule God:

All operations of the universe have a framework, a foundation and a criterion.

The operation of the universe must follow these benchmark rules, and life is a life subject to the management of the universe and a part of the universe.

If life does not obey the rules, it is against the universe.

Moreover, rules can enhance and lubricate the energy of life. There is a rule degree in many energies, such as the rule compliance degree of your love and the rule compliance degree of your dedication index. That is to say, the energy of rules permeates into a lot of energy. If life does not abide by rules and ignores rules, it is fighting against the energy of the universe.

Life and rules are like fish and water, lips and teeth.

Fish cannot live without water. Only in water can fish breathe smoothly.

Working body:

Can you further explain the relationship between positive and negative energy bodies and rules?

Rule God:

Rules are the whole laws of the universe, and the development, progress, advance and expansion of positive energy life are all orderly development under the rules.

If we do not abide by the rules, ignore the rules, ignore the rules and do not understand the rules, we will lose the opportunity and foundation for the progress of life in the universe.

All the positive energy bodies in the universe follow the rules of the universe and operate in love, while the negative energy body is the reverse life body that goes against the rules of the universe and does not follow the rules of the universe, which violates the rules of the positive development of the universe and brings great harm to other positive energy bodies. It is a kind of life body that needs to be eliminated.

On earth, because of the existence of human selfishness, negative energy has been able to reproduce in large numbers, and human evolution has entered a bottleneck period.

Previously, due to the barrier of the space gate, the remote location of the earth, and the negative energy changing the information on the earth that conforms to the rules of the universe, human beings gradually lost the respect and reverence for the rules in ancient times.

Because human beings do not understand the rules and do not abide by the rules of the universe, the road of human evolution is more narrow.

Human beings have been pursuing freedom, but they don’t know that freedom is a limited rhythm within the scope of the rules. If they lose the compliance with the rules, freedom becomes a castle in the air and a breakthrough in the use of negative energy.

Rules represent freedom, and higher rules represent higher freedom. Only when human beings abide by the rules of the universe, revere the rules of the universe, and be devout in the rules of the universe, can human beings ascend and usher in real freedom.

The universe will continue to pass on the rules of the universe to human beings in various ways, hoping that human beings will open their hearts to receive the blessing and infusion of the energy and consciousness of the rules of the universe.

Working body:

According to my understanding, the scope of rules is relatively large, and a group is very small. If there is no group rules, the group can also operate. Then why should we emphasize the rules of the group?

Moreover, many of them are practitioners. They are kind-hearted and caring, and most of the time they think about others.

Rule God:

As mentioned earlier, the manifestation of rules is different at different levels. At the core of the universe, rules are the operation law of energy, the operation law of the universe, and the management mode of the universe.

In the lower space, the rule is the way the planet works, and it is a way that the life on the planet should follow.

As small as the national society, if there is no corresponding rules to abide by, there will be disorder.

For the core level of the universe, rules are engraved into the energy of advanced life, which need not be emphasized. But for physical life, if you do not emphasize the rules, you will forget, because you have not engraved the rules into your heart.

Group planning is the way to manage a group. According to my observation, many practitioners are just practitioners in their own opinion. Many of the norms of behavior, ways of life and moral aspects are far from being a person.

Practitioners should not ignore the rules, because in different spaces and different planets, the rules are different, and in different societies and countries, the rules are different. The group rules are established by the group leader.

The group rules established by the group leader take into account the actual objective situation of the group. If the people who enter the group stay in the group, they must obey such guidelines, instead of using good deeds and love as excuses. This is a concept replacement.

Working body:

According to you, I think of the level of obedience and obedience. However, obedience and obedience are more about the management of the army. Is it necessary to be so strict in a group?

Many people forward articles or deliver messages out of kindness.

Rule God:

Yes, obedience and obedience is a very noble quality, but it’s not just the army that needs to obey and listen.

In the high dimension of the universe, the working body of the Protoss and the life of the protoss have a very high degree of obedience and obedience to their superiors, because being above you means that his energy is higher than you, his energy is higher, and his level and consciousness are higher than you.

If you don’t listen to him, you are violating the rules. Therefore, the piety, obedience and rules of life in the advanced space of the universe are very good.

Looking back at the life of the lower level space, the lower level’s disrespect, indifference and even resistance to the higher level happen from time to time, which causes many social problems.

As small as a group on the network, since the rules in the positive energy group are made by the group leader, they must be abided by. There is nothing to discuss, because you are in this range, you need to follow the rules in this range.

What is kindness? You have a saying that good intentions may not lead to good deeds.

Most people’s good intentions are only considered from their own level, which is the level that other people can receive from their own point of view. However, such a level may not be wide enough and high enough.

And what he thinks is good is a question mark for others.

Yes, this may also bring about a problem. If everyone sends their good articles to the group, and there are more people in the group, it may not be enough time for everyone to read the articles in the group, and the source of information may not be guaranteed.

There is a certain probability problem, so we need to abide by the group rules. In the case of abiding by the group rules, you can block out articles that may not have very good source level and frequency.

Because the energy war and information war in this space can’t be seen by your naked eyes at the back level. The battle for the energy behind the words is also very fierce.

And behind the text is closely related to energy, when you read some messy information, your own frequency will decline.

Working body:

Some people don’t know the rules and violate them carelessly, but some people know the group rules, but they will deliberately violate them. What do you think of this?

Rule God:

It’s two kinds of nature to not know whether the group rules have been complied with or to know whether they will be committed. The mentality and motivation behind them are very different. The records made by the universe on their assessment are also different, and the difference is very big.

People who knowingly commit crimes have different original intentions and perspectives. But if they just want to challenge the norms of the group and the rules of the group, in this case, they violate the basic moral standards. Maybe what you don’t know is related to the moral level.

If the practitioners violate the basic morality, the universe will be more strict with them.

Working body:

OK, thank you very much for your answer!


Meditation experience of summer solstice on June 21, 2021

Original Luying from heaven to earth


I saw a young monk looking at me with a smile. He looked very smart and lovely. His image reminds me of my son when he was a child, and the “smart Yixiu” in the cartoon

I asked in my heart, “who are you?”

He replied, “I’m Zen master Yixiao.”

Me: “what? Is there anyone else named Zen master

He: “what’s wrong with the name? Don’t you say “one smile solves one thousand worries”

Me: “well, Tang Bohu still” laughs at the fragrance of autumn for three times… “

He said: “laughter is very important! I’m here today to tell you that laughter is a very effective method. No matter who you meet or what you do, you just have to smile first, and the result will make you happy. “

Me: “then why?”

He said: “because as long as you smile, the vibration frequency will be increased, aligned with your higher self and God.”

Me: “is it so smart?”

He said: “let me tell you a secret – when are you most like God? When you laugh. Because God is always happy. If God has the image of a man, it must be a smiling man (* Note: at this time, a smiling Maitreya Buddha appeared in front of my eyes). High dimensional beings are always happy. So when you really laugh, the vibration frequency is the highest. “

Me: “people often laugh when they watch some funny programs, but why don’t I think how high their vibration frequency was at that time?”

He said: “I’m not talking about that kind of smile. I’m talking about the smile of a child – the smile without reason or reason. Did you notice that? Children laugh for no reason, simply because they are happy, because they are alive. That kind of smile is the closest to God’s smile.

“ If you laugh because you’ve been promoted, made a fortune, and watched funny programs, it’s conditional, false, and short-lived laughter, not the real, heartfelt joy.

“ Many of you have forgotten how to really laugh. You have to always remind yourself – smile, smile! No reason, no condition, just smile!

“ I think you have put so much effort and effort into cultivating God, so let me tell you this simple method. There is only one word for this method – smile!

“ This is called:

There is a long road to practice,

Each seeks its own way;

Never seen in a thousand years,

A smile makes a god!

“ Ha ha ha ha

Thanks for Zen master Yixiao’s teaching!


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