What is the dimension of paradise, Is it quite high?

What is the dimension of paradise, Is it quite high?

The paradise we are talking about is a temporary virtual world created in a high dimension, which is equivalent to a transit station for human reincarnation. It is similar to the underworld. It is different from a beautiful fantasy in the relationship of dependence and fear, and a painful fantasy. Therefore, just like the little temple, it is a temporary space created by Jesus and Amitabha namo, There is no breathing space between reincarnations

In the time matrix, the real paradise is the meditation world, that is, the collective world, which is also your source fragments. When your life is gathered in one space, it is difficult for human body to exist in human form, but in the form of collective. We call it the collective of creators, the collective of ascended masters, the collective of yeroin and the collective of archangels, Because only the collective consciousness that participates in the creation of the cosmic matrix can really obtain the freedom of creation in the rules. The so-called “happy world” is also mentioned in the later stages of the eight stages of CO creation issued yesterday. They are responsible for themselves, conscious creation, CO creation and healing ability. These are all the super spiritual gathering processes of higher self recovery of the creator identity

It is also what is being prepared now. Past, present and future karmic concentration conversion, acceleration of low and high dimensional karmic download, experience, digestion, expansion and amplification, and re digestion will lay a good foundation for your next larger expansion, because it is difficult now, and the more you will have confidence and help in the future

Do you understand that the world of bliss, the world of joy, the world of play, the field of no time and zero point exist only in the collective consciousness, which is connected with the higher self. You can experience life in the present without losing optimism, positivity and higher vibration. This is the world of bliss, the world of joy, the world of play, the field of no time and zero point. You are the medium and one of the co creative vibration


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