What is enlightenment^_^

What is enlightenment^_^

sananda 2020-02-24

^_^fotos have more

For those who are not awakened, enlightenment is the process of thinking. It is necessary to search up and down to find the answer.

Thought is meditation. It is a process of seeking and getting. In fact, one can’t get what one doesn’t have. What do you mean, owning and losing are the same thing. The more one wants to get, the more one can’t get it. Because the more one wants to get, the more one thinks, the more one meditates, and the more one deviates from the higher self that is always around. If you think, the higher self can’t think, If you judge, the higher self cannot judge. If you meditate, the higher self cannot meditate.

Therefore, the idea of the higher self is not to think, judge or defend, but it is not necessarily to agree, cooperate or participate.

Even so, don’t stop. Share your thoughts. Sharing can strengthen your thoughts. It’s just thoughts, not enlightenment.

Just like the Buddhists in that story, they are attracted by the women who focus on the sharp point of the arrow in the market, and are convinced by the fearless and calm people who seem to be alone. Finally, they are enlightened by the women’s ridicule.

Yes, enlightenment is the result of intervention. What is intervention? Intervention in seeking and obtaining, putting down the efforts of seeking and obtaining, putting down meditation all day, putting down enlightenment.

This is what the Buddhist master experienced and was ridiculed by the women. This is also the confusion of the intellectuals. They can’t ask for it, because they can’t ask for it.

To accept oneself is to open words, to accept what one is is to be enlightened, and to accept what one is not to be is to be enlightened. That is to say, whether it is Buddhism, theology, or the laws of the universe, all belong to the external things, which are opposite to the internal things. Even the internal seeking should be put down because of seeking.

Even so, you can’t stop, keep trying, and don’t judge, because you haven’t been enlightened, and you haven’t accepted all your right and wrong, so you have to keep seeking until you find it.

Because the higher self will constantly interfere, or build or destroy, and interfere in your search until you let go.

Awakening doesn’t mean enlightenment, just as waking up doesn’t mean waking up. In fact, waking up doesn’t mean waking up. It’s just thinking. Only when you are not awake can you think. When you relax and rest, and let fear, worry and fear flow, you really start to wake up.

Because you feel breathing, how can people who do not breathe wake up and live? Therefore, feeling breathing is relaxation and rest.

Even relaxation and rest should be put down. Even so, there is no stop. It is necessary to keep close to the higher self in the construction and destruction of the higher self. That is to say, we are close to accepting all our own right and wrong.

Enlightenment doesn’t need to seek, just put it down,

Enlightenment doesn’t need to seek knowledge, just focus,

Enlightenment requires no meditation, only breathing.

So one day,

Seeking is also letting go,

Seeking knowledge is also concentration,

Meditation is also breathing,

Because enlightenment is not enlightenment, you are not interested in it, just exist and flow.

If you don’t stop, you will be enlightened.


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