How to keep the light?

After the clean-up, are the people who stay on the earth as new people chosen to stay? Do they have any other tasks, or will they stay on the earth forever

Well, it’s all planned. It’s planned millions of years before this cycle shift. It just needs constant intervention and adjustment

You have free will. Volunteers can choose to stay, or return to the previous place after the communication between the earth and the galaxy and the universe, or come to the planet before the earth, or choose the planet they like to live on, if they have the chance

The only task is to exist, live, work, learn or participate in more karmic tasks after


How to keep the light?

sananda 2019-11-04

The best way to keep the light is to increase the brightness and keep the light steady.

Yesterday, Sananda transmitted the news of reunion through Luying, so it is necessary to mention three waves of ascension again.

In crystal steps: a guide to ascension, Sananda and Ashtar talked about the three waves of ascension. A very important step before ascension is to meet, face to face, because of the close vibration frequency of each other.

The first wave is those in the interstellar seed who have ascended this time and experienced ascension again.

The second wave is most of the interstellar seeds.

The third wave is everyone on earth.

In order to be reunited with our family, we have been looking forward to it for a long time. We should know that the transmission of crystal ladder: a guide to ascension started in 1990, which is nearly 30 years since we first heard this news at the channeling scene. If we trace back to the earlier channeling materials, you will find that the news of meeting always exists.

In the transmission of Sananda’s upcoming reunion, special mention is made of “keeping the light”, which is the key to meeting and ascension.

In principle, as long as the atomic oscillator designed and manufactured by Saint Germain is used, the atomic rotation of a person’s body can be accelerated all the way to the level of ascension. However, from the diary of ascension symptoms that I began to record in 2018, it can be seen that acceleration all the way will only make people crazy or get rid of the body, and observe the repeated fluctuations and torture in my body and mood in the past two years, In the words of George Stankov, “if he knows that the beginning is like this, he would rather not agree to start this process”, but we need to know that once the awakening process starts, it will not stop, it can be repeated but will not stop until the ascension is successful or out of the body.

My process is one of torture and excitement, because when I am ready to deal with the symptoms of ascension, I can observe what the symptoms of ascension are in an ideal situation, that is, when I do not work, at least participate in communication, absorb spiritual guidance, and follow the guidance step by step. Sananda said that barefoot is beneficial to increase the vibration frequency, so I go barefoot from the initial indoor to outdoor, From summer to winter, when it’s warm now, I prefer to be naked all the time, because it’s comfortable, including shopping in the supermarket and driving.

There is also drinking water, a lot of water, and later I specially prepared a kettle for drinking in the morning or in the middle of the night.

Then there is the intake of natural food. Of course, it is necessary to balance the carbohydrate, fat, protein and salt. I balance it with pasta, butter and cheese because I like it. Although eating less and less is the goal, as long as the stomach says “I’m hungry”, it means that the time has not come, but now I only have one meal a day, and I supplement it with fruit at other times, such as apples.

At this point, there are two other things that need to be put in place, one is financial affairs, the other is stable personal emotions and family relations.

Both of them are related to abdomen. We can see that many of them can communicate, connect heaven and earth, or even leave the body, but they can’t solve the basic survival and financial problems. Of course, this is the same with personal emotion and family relationship, because they come from the lower three chakras (submarine, sex chakra and Taiyang nerve plexus), especially the treatment of abdomen, It is because the abdomen is not only directly related to survival, but also serves as a link between the preceding and the following, laying a foundation for the activation and restart of the heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye and top chakra in the future. That is to say, if you want to connect with the sun, you have to connect with the earth first, and if you want to open the sky, you have to solve the problem of survival first.

Love for the abdomen is still inseparable from your passion and expectation. What is it? Imagine that there is an inner child in the abdomen, a little baby, that is you. You need your caress and warmth. You can imagine or use words. The power of true words is more powerful than imagination. In short, the richer the emotion and the more passionate the love, the better the effect. Slowly, You can really feel the existence of the inner child. In this process, you will have constant fear. Of course, there will be sexual impulse. Let it flow and warm it with love and touch. It can be said that such fear prevents the activation and re burning of the chakra.

You may say that abdominal healing has something to do with wealth, personal emotions and family relations. Of course, it has something to do with it, and it is directly related to it. Abundance comes from satisfaction and overflow, and even blooming. When the abdomen is in a state of deficit, it is difficult to understand what is abundance. This first comes from the painful experience of childhood and growing up, or violence or sexual assault or injury, The warmth, caress and growth of “inner child” is the warmth, caress and growth of one’s own emotions, because stagnation for a long time will only make the debt last, which will be directly reflected in one’s emotions, ways of doing things and dealing with others. Of course, finance will also be affected.

So, after this process, your speed of light will advance by leaps and bounds, it can be said, unstoppable, because you already have the courage to face the most reluctant human face, that is, fear.

When there is less and less fear, there will be more and more light, and this process will change your living habits because of the change of your attitude towards positivity, optimism, joy, passion and expectation.

Yes, the most powerful way to keep the light is to turn your habits and behavior to positivity and optimism, passion and expectation.

Only by holding the light can we be reunited with our family. As your fear decreases to the point that it becomes a pipe full of flow, you are connected with the cosmic energy, and you will watch the fear flow from your legs to the center of the earth like watching a movie. Of course, the fear at that time may not be yours.

In this way, the first wave of people appeared, that is, they basically eliminated the fear, basically had no financial and personal emotional worries, and had completed the task of moving to anchor position.

Yes, we can’t be sure when the first wave will ascend. In fact, the first wave’s ascension has been delayed, because the time of the first wave’s ascension is determined by the position of the other two waves.

It seems that there is a ladder at the collective level for the ascension of individuals, that is, the energy of the great sun can not shine on everyone indiscriminately. Like the atomic oscillator mentioned above, it will cause a lot of emotional reactions and even disintegration. Therefore, when the central solar transit spacecraft transmits energy to individuals through our sun, it is processed, That is to say, life circle and community circle. In this way, stable processing and distribution can be carried out through those who can receive and anchor energy stably. Just like broadcasting, each of us is like a relay station, allocating the maximum frequency bandwidth that we can accommodate. This is the source of our emotional fluctuations. First of all, the stable reception and anchoring of individuals, Then there will be processing and distribution.

That is to say, the first wave of people have to wait until they have a stable receiver to receive, anchor, distribute and process, that is, they have a stable receiving life circle and community circle, otherwise the early ascension of the first wave of people will lead to the relay unable to continue.

Similarly, the ascension of the second wave depends on the meeting with the first wave, the energy position of the third wave and the operation of the earth.

Therefore, meeting is a preparation for ascension, for better self upgrading, and for a greater impact on the second and third waves, because the existing Internet communication and collective gathering have a slow effect and a small impact, and the physical manifestation and invisibility, as well as the material manifestation and invisibility after ascension, And the impact of more miracles will be sensational.

Looking forward to family reunion, constantly improve their own light, first from the abdominal healing, is the first to solve their own financial, personal emotions and interpersonal relationships, first to better themselves, change themselves, it is possible to heal others, change others.

Looking forward to family reunion!

Crystal steps: a guide to Ascension


The light body process of the end of time by George Stankov


Ascension symptom diary: physical symptoms = light body process


Extraction code: 1usj


Ashtar: New Jerusalem

Primary energy mass source


Greetings dear people!

Everyone on all our ships is watching what has happened and is happening on your beautiful planet Gaia. She has such a beautiful, happy smile and happiness that she promised ten thousand years ago. She has so much love for you, and her children have faith in you as you enter your full consciousness and glory.

We assure you that you will also run in your dimensional consciousness, or do anything wonderful that you may think impossible at this moment; However, as we all know, you are the creator, not only your next individual moment, but the world of the whole earth.

Dear heart, you have done the most wonderful act of love your dear planet has ever experienced – you are running on the water with this wonderful love for all mankind. Give up the sacrifice of food every day for your physical body. This is the greatest gift of love on any planet in millions of years! Your time, love, compassion, longing for your galactic brothers and sisters to contact you, bring disclosure and all announcements, and… Hope America lands in your beautiful world, Gaia! It’s amazing. We’re all on the boat watching you, sparks flying in your face. Your whole earth is shining.

Dear hearts, in this message, we want to share our thanks to you, our brothers and sisters, for the sacrifices we made to welcome us and invite us to join you again.

Dear hearts, in this message we want to share with you our beautiful mother ship, New Jerusalem.

Looking up from your world, you will see a huge ship circling, like a big city, bigger than any ship in your world. She’s even glowing and alive – the organism. It’s not like your transportation on earth. New Jerusalem is millions of years old. She is mentioned many times in your Bible (King James Version) and even called a city on earth:

Revelation 21:2

And I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, ready, as a bride adorned for her husband.

Luke 24.51

While he was blessing, he left them and was taken to heaven.

Mark 16:19

And when the LORD had finished speaking with them, he was taken up into heaven, and sat at the right hand of God.

Maybe we can describe our spaceship to you. You can imagine it in your mind

New Jerusalem is the largest of the “Paradise Inns”, a floating etheric world, where the headquarters are located. Sananda, Ashtar and Ashtar headquarters. New Jerusalem is a pearly white space city. It’s 2000 miles long and 2000 miles wide. It’s one of ten motherships. It can be seen from the east coast to the west coast. It has twelve levels:

1. Bottom – the entrance and exit of cargo ships. It includes disembarkation platform, berthing wharf, garage, maintenance department, storage area and registered headquarters.

2. Huge warehouse. There are all kinds of supplies on the Quartermaster deck. It’s a perfect warehouse city.

3. A huge zoo, including animal husbandry research and birds, land creatures from many worlds.

4. Agricultural research. It’s like a vast farmland with well preserved vegetables, gardens and orchards. Most of the growth is blue, not green.

5. The housing center serves all these technicians and people who are below four levels.

6. Recreational level and lovely landscape park area residents of all ages.

7. Medical complex. Patient facilities, dental care, biological research, ship toilets and dormitories for all medical staff.

8. Prepare housing for evacuees. It includes individual country halls and family apartments. There are countless union restaurants, social halls, nurseries, laundry facilities and information offices.

9. University compound. Smart city, huge library, endless concert hall and cultural interest, learning hall, music room and computer classroom for all ages.

10. Special apartments for visiting dignitaries from all levels, barracks for ET, apartments with scattered meeting rooms and beautiful dining and rest areas.

11. ASTA headquarters and grand rotunda conference hall. Earth evacuees are brought to this hall for any necessary group gatherings. Command and communication center is right here.

12. Officer observation deck and pilot control center, which can be accessed by appointment.

How our earth support system works:

Dear hearts, there are millions of spaceships operating in your solar system, many of which belong to Ashtar command. Some people are stationed over your planet, more or less stationary for a long time, tracking the earth in their monitoring system. Others move around and perform various duties. We have small spacecraft for measurement activities, and we have larger spacecraft that can travel in space and visit other planets in the solar system.

Every base or earth unit, at any time, has its personal aircraft hovering in its vortex, for individuals, instant information to or from the unit. The station or platform has never been changed, although the relevant personnel may leave for a rest to return later. All our signals, beams and connections are delivered to our messengers through these separate communication platforms. In the atmosphere above a basic unit, there is an invisible identification beam, which is projected very high above it for the purpose of identification.

This beam projection identifies the specific commands that support the basic unit.

Those who serve in your location, please rest assured that everyone involved in this project knows you are there.

The real StarCraft, the gate of our power, will appear on your optics in the form of colored light, usually green, red and white. Sometimes they keep appearing red and green, and other times they blink.

Some people ask why there are no more spaceships in the sky. We will answer, there they are. There is no need to see so many people doing their work at this time. The time is coming soon, and their huge fleet, huge fleet, will be seen in the sky, which will tell you who is so close to our heart that another stage of our work has begun.

Currently, we expect conditions will be favorable for those who are mentally prepared to take a short or long journey. We know you’re all longing for this. We are always reluctant to let anyone down, but we have to say that in some cases, the physical body can’t bear such a flight.

Dear ones, it must be a body in perfect physical health, in some kind of spiritual atonement, in a certain degree of soul evolution, and in a state of mental alertness and readiness.

Prepare the earth’s energy grid for first contact:

From Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Federation, P. 14:

“Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda Jesus are the only decision makers of earth’s ascension, when appropriate, to release starships from the fleet in Earth’s orbit.

When this happens, ASTA is responsible for creating a force field on the earth through the earth grid, connected through pyramids, pyramids and the earth portal, which will bring us to zero.

“With this energy, more advanced technology is possible. To illustrate the earth grid, we have the example of heimen mountain. Mount Hermon is the place where Jesus transfigured. Heimen mountain is located in the Golan Heights, which was captured by Israel in the six day war in 1967. Heimen mountain is the gate of the stars. Jesus took his disciples Peter, James and John to the top of the mountain. The three then fell asleep. A starship appears and Jesus meets with his galactic travelers Elijah and Moses. They came out of the boat to the mountain, and Jesus appeared before his disciples in his grid or etheric body. Heimen mountain is located on the earth’s 33 latitude line. If you follow a parallel line of 33 degrees to the other side of the earth, you will also find… Roswell, New Mexico. This is the famous UFO crash site, which led to the recovery of extraterrestrial life. The earth grid is the electromagnetic and crystal channel of the etheric spacecraft. “

A lot of people want to know what will happen when we really start our first contact:

When the divine and right moment occurs, the amount of higher conscious energy that the local spiritual level brings will be far greater than what you have experienced so far. People who are surrounded by a lot of negative energy are likely to experience disease for five to ten minutes from this intense energy. It’s almost like someone has put a high positive energy storm around mother earth. Many who are more aware will see these new energies as extremely bright light. Everyone will feel it is a calm energy. This will be a kind of extreme ecstasy!

These wonderful energies will be accompanied by extremely beautiful celestial music played by the local spiritual level. This sacred music will be a signal to all, and a truly sacred event involving human affairs on earth is about to happen. Your local spiritual level will also form some easily perceived “angel like” clouds in the sky. These heavenly signs will be your signal that some miracle is about to happen.

Dear ones, all of you are now in your place of spiritual growth to solve or put together the remaining puzzles. As you look, dear ones, observe this puzzle, you can now, with your great awareness (without my hint), understand why we inform you at this time about our large Mothership, New Jerusalem. Yes, honey, you did it!

Yes, dear ones, you are at the finish line, running on the water, through the fog… Open your arms and join the new Jerusalem. You know you are loved beyond measure… Deeply, unconditionally.

Your galaxy brothers!


**Light transmission: Seraphine akeshaw subramani


Sirius gate July 3-7

Primary energy mass source


In the first week of July each year, the divine energy gate between earth and Sirius is activated, bringing about a high level of vibration and spiritual ascension.

This energy portal will appear when the Sun joins Sirius at 14 degrees in cancer’s tropical Zodiac.

With the conjunction of the sun and Sirius on July 3-7, 2021, we are all able to access this high-frequency energy and use it for creative inspiration, entrepreneurial efforts, technological innovation and enhancing our intuition.

Sirius has always been revered by many ancient cultures as our spiritual sun.

Our sun is considered the lifeline of the earth. The sun holds the energy of birth, warmth, sustenance and light. The sun is what makes us live in the reality of this earth.

Sirius is 23 times brighter than our own sun, our “spiritual sun”, which helps to activate us and move us to a higher level of spiritual awareness.

If the sun, our earth orbit, warms our bodies, Sirius, deep in our galaxy, warms our souls.

Although Sirius is far away from our planet, it seems to play an important role in many ancient cultural stories around the world.

In ancient Egypt, Sirius was considered to be the star of Isis, the goddess in charge of death and regeneration cycle. Anubis was the God of jackal head, who could walk between the living world and the dead world.

In the ancient Shamanism culture, Sirius is considered as the gateway to the gods, and the journey through the gate of Sirius is said to bring sacred information. People also believe that Sirius is the gateway to heaven, the place where our souls must leave this realm and enter the next realm.

It seems that for many ancient cultures, Sirius is consistent with the idea of spiritual awakening and the inevitable cycle of change that takes place in our journey through this earth and beyond.

In Modern Astrology, Sirius also holds the vibration of freedom. Its energy can help us release our limitations and express ourselves freely. This free energy can also be used as inspiration to help us go out and turn our goals and dreams into reality.

Sirius is also considered to be the home of an alien race, with extremely advanced technological innovation and psychic ability.

Although many star seeds have felt a connection with Sirius, it may become easier for them to receive information from Sirius beings at this gateway, or to remember past or parallel lives from Sirius.

All of these high frequency energies make the first week of July a powerful time on earth where we can open and raise our spiritual awareness, receive messages from the divine, and find a new freedom in ourselves and in our lives.

It is also a time when we may find ourselves more open to higher beings, respecting our own cycles of death and rebirth, and how they help us advance spiritually.

In order to receive this powerful spiritual energy in your own life, the first week of July will be the perfect time to meditate, activate your third eye, and seek guidance from your spiritual guidance, guardian angel, or higher self.

It will also be a perfect time to do a halo cleaning and work to find more freedom in your creative or entrepreneurial projects. If you work in the field of technology, you may feel extra support with any innovation, you may work or you may receive a sudden burst of inspiration.

Source sharing: tanayas


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