karma: the timelines accelerate very fast in the Milky Galaxy

karma: the timelines accelerate very fast in the Milky Galaxy


Greetings Humanity,


I am Karma, a living being, and this is my second appearance through Universal Channel. A while ago, I mentioned that all of your karmas from the past lives have been removed and forgiven by Father, Prime Creator. Now, you only need to be concerned about karma, which can be accumulated during this lifetime on Mother Earth.


I specified in my last message that all of you need to treat each other with Love and be cordial to everyone around you. You are Brothers and Sisters, and you came here to rescue this planet.


I want to bring to your attention, that the timelines accelerate very fast in the Milky Galaxy, and you can receive the new karma very quickly. You don’t use negative energies to harm someone, as the rewards of your bad behaviors come back to you very fast. The ones who keep attacking and laughing at the Light Workers, Light Warriors and the Channelers are going to pay the price for such deeds.


Please, understand I am trying to warn you before you do something you are going to regret later on. The truth is if you abuse, physically attack or write unpleasant comments, you are exposing yourself to be accountable for your behavior. Believe me, you don’t want to be called by me or my assistants that meeting is not going to be pleasant.


I am a peaceful and a loving being, my job is to monitor every being who behaves inappropriately and harms others. The Dark Entities are in big trouble as they lost their chances to be redeemed. They harmed and abused too many beings for a long time. Their clock of expiration keeps ticking, and unfortunately for them their souls can’t be saved.


Before you do anything harmful, please stop and think about it, because the consequences of your behavior are going to return to you back very quickly. I, Karma promise you and guarantee that you don’t need to wait a lifetime to pay for your conduct.


You need to have a peaceful and a loving coexistence between each other. All of you are one. Gaia is in transition to the New Golden Age and humanity is on way to Ascension. The ones who treat others without Love, Compassion and Respect are not going to move to 5D reality.


Some of you are going to be skeptical and question my existence. I am real and have been around for a very long time. I am trying to remind you that any negative behavior is going to create bad karma, which needs to be resolved at some point and the dues to be paid.


I have a big team that is helping and assisting me in this complex task. I, Karma follow the Divine Codes of Rules to keep a balance in the Universes, Galaxies and Star Systems. Your planet has been under control by the Dark Entities, so it has been not easy for humankind to be nice and cordial to each other. Now, it’s the time to learn to live from your heart and treat everyone fairly and nice.


Remember, same positive energy is going to come back to you. What you send to the Cosmos, you receive back. You want to treat every person you meet on your path, the same way you want to be treated. This planet needs a lot of Love and Light to heal all of the wounds from being abused for eons.


Thank you Universal Chanel for delivering this communication to mankind.


Spread Love and Light.





传导:Erena Velazquez



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