I hope you are ready for the next revelation. All those decadent things can only be transformed when they come to the sun.

Galactic Fleet Command Message: War at the energy level

Life is like a river


Message receiving: Ruohe

Dear Lightworkers, Hello, we are the Galactic Fleet Command Group. Today we are here to talk with you about the energy level war.

Gaia, as an extremely beautiful and important planet, has always been coveted by all forces. Some beings want to occupy and control the earth, want to make mankind a slave forever, and take the resources of the earth for themselves.

But Gaia will not be controlled and harmed by the dark forces all the time. At present, these forces have lost their own advantages and can not take control again. Because Gaia’s liberation must be accomplished, and light has won.

Those who represent certain forces do not want to give up their position, do not want to lose the control they have had for thousands of years, as well as the so-called material wealth and power.

But these beings, the trend has gone, and now they are just struggling. However, these are useless, because the power of light will expose everything to the sun.

When the bad behavior of some beings is revealed, these people can no longer hide from the public what has happened for thousands of years. About how human beings are enslaved and controlled, and how these people use human fear to feed themselves.

For a long time, Gaia has become an interstellar battlefield for all forces. There have been many wars not only in your material level, but also in your energy level.

Today we are talking about the war on the energy level. As non-material beings, we exist in the form of energy.

One of the main tasks of the Galactic fleet is to protect Gaia and engage in energy level wars against the forces that invade Gaia, which take place in places you can’t see. For many years, we, as guardians of Gaia, will protect her from destruction.

What happens on the earth is indeed a part of the planned three-dimensional earth experiment, but even so, it will not let the earth and all life on it be destroyed by certain forces.

Now, this experiment has come to the end line, and Gaia and the humans on it will soon ascend to a new dimension.

Therefore, on the energy level, these negative forces will no longer be allowed to do whatever they want. Galactic Fleet Command, as well as other friendly interstellar forces, are helping Gaia complete her final childbirth.

Of course, those who have been in control of the earth do not want Gaia to be liberated, nor do they want humanity to know the truth.

To tell you this, I hope you are ready for the next revelation. Only when you come to the sun can you transform the decadent things.

We are the collective of galactic Fleet Command. We are very happy to come here to bring you this message. We are always by your side and guarding you.

You can ask us for help when you need it. We love you deeply and wish you well!


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