Transformation level 7: your ability to heal your body

Instead of fighting disease in some way, accept it as a friend who wants to tell you the right direction.

Because illness can bring you fear and distress, it’s not easy to understand that.

However, acceptance and understanding of disease is the only way to real healing.

Illness wants to take you home.

Joshua disease and health: understanding the spiritual meaning of disease

Pamela Joshua’s transmission today

When the soul expresses itself in the form of disease through the body, how can it understand its language?

When the disease appears, you may not know what message it is sending to you – in fact, you have consistently denied the emotions represented by the disease for a long time, so of course you can’t clearly see what the disease is going to tell you. Understanding the spiritual meaning of disease is a process, an inner journey of exploration, by which you can gradually restore your communication with your soul.

In order to embark on this journey, you must first accept your illness. In the face of disease, the initial reaction is often either denial or resistance. Because the disease scares you, you want it to disappear as soon as possible. You fear that your body will fail, decline, have defects, and eventually die; Once the body becomes weak or sick, panic will hold you tightly, which will prevent you from seeing the disease from a broader perspective. You can think of disease in another light, as a precursor to change, as an invitation to restore something precious that you have lost for a long time.

In order to understand the “indicator function” of disease and cooperate with it, it is very important to accept the symptoms and pains of the body. Accepting the condition of the body and being willing to listen to what the soul says through it actually solves half the problem. The real problem is not the disease itself, but the potential blockage it represents. Disease can be said to catch you and force you to see the blockage hidden below; When you turn to disease and accept it with your heart and soul, you have eliminated some of the blockage, even if you don’t know what disease is going to tell you. Just because you are willing to embark on this inner journey with patience and determination, part of the communication has been restored.

However, it’s not easy for you to accept and embrace disease. You may find yourself rejecting, angry, or desperate about it, so you can’t listen to what the disease is telling you. You often get specific cues, such as physical weakness, that you have to let go of certain responsibilities, spend more time alone, reduce activities, and pay more attention to your needs.

Although you may not know how to interpret your physical condition from the spiritual level, the changes imposed on you by illness are often a big hint. By limiting you in some way, disease lights up the obscure. Can you be patient and gentle with yourself? Can you really take care of your physical and emotional needs? Disease always brings out these problems, and it is part of the healing process to face and accept the emotions caused by these problems.

To really begin healing, you have to accept the whole of the disease: pain, discomfort, anxiety, restlessness and anger. You have to look directly at it, take a friendly attitude, and reach out to it. Disease is to seek your healing, not something you have to get rid of as soon as possible. It is no accident that it enters your life at this moment.

If you ignore the body language and resist disease all the time, it is difficult to understand the spiritual essence and significance of disease. There is too much anger and fear around the disease. Only in the face of disease, pain and discomfort, fear and disgust, can you gain real inner freedom. So embrace all this and ask calmly:

“What do you want to tell me?”

In your society, it’s not natural to keep close to your body. It’s not natural to talk to your body as a person worthy of love and respect. You are imbued with a lot of idealized images of how your body should look, what it means to be fit and healthy, what you should eat and drink, and what you shouldn’t. You have all kinds of rules and standards for a healthy and long-lived lifestyle.

However, these idealized images have nothing to do with the soul Road, which is very personal.

Therefore, to find out the truth about your physical illness, discomfort or pain, you must adjust to yourself in a very personal way, and forget all these universal standards and rules, which are usually false and artificial.

You have to let go of all external standards and seek your own truth deep inside.

It’s a huge challenge for you, because when you’re sick, you’re gripped by fear and panic, so you rush to seek advice and comfort from an outside authority. He could be a doctor or an expert on alternative therapies, basically no difference. The point is that it’s easy for you to give up your responsibilities out of fear and then pass some of them on to others.

Of course, it’s not wrong to listen to the expert’s advice, and it’s usually reasonable, but you must bring what the expert tells you into your heart, measure it with your heart, and realize whether the advice resonates with you. You are the creator of your life and the master of your body. Only you know what is best for your body.

Fundamentally, you are the creator of your own body.

Since illness represents an emotional blockage beyond your consciousness to some extent, it’s not easy to understand what illness or symptom means.

Sometimes it seems very difficult to find out what the soul is trying to tell you through a particular disease.

At this point, you have to go inside and look at yourself thoroughly, step by step aware of the energy that appears as a disease and what it wants to tell you.

It takes practice to restore intimacy with your body. It’s not obvious, so don’t give up too easily. In dealing with the persistent unpleasantness, try to examine it again. Relax for a while, then go with neutral consciousness to the place where the body is sick and ask for the pain to appear in the form of a living body so that you can talk to it. You can ask it to appear as an animal, a child or a person, or a guide in any form. Use your imagination! Imagination is a precious tool to discover the deepest turmoil of your soul.

If you do this, and notice that the body responds with images or feelings, you will experience joy, and you will be happy with the intimacy that you have recovered. The body talks to you, it restores the role of communicator! It’s a breakthrough. Once you realize that you can understand your body from within, and only you can, you will have more confidence in yourself. This confidence will make it easier for you to feel what the disease wants to tell you, so that when you receive the answers from your inner self, you will not be pushed away because they do not conform to the general concept of the external world.

Being close to your body is very precious in any situation, but it’s especially important when your body is in pain.

The way for the body to speak is love. If you try to eliminate the disease by constantly repeating the healing affirmation or visualization to yourself, it is not promoting communication with the body, but still a form of struggle or resistance.

The key is to understand the meaning of the sick part of the body. Only by understanding can things change and the emotional blockage be removed.

This is how the healing process works: instead of fighting the disease in some way, accept it as a friend who wants to tell you the right direction. Because illness can bring you fear and distress, it’s not easy to understand that. However, acceptance and understanding of disease is the only way to real healing. Illness wants to take you home.

© Pamela Kribbe


As long as you keep resisting disease, you can’t touch the soul

Joshua disease and health: chronic and terminal diseases

Pamela Joshua’s transmission yesterday

The purpose of disease is to give you a better and deeper understanding of yourself. Once you understand yourself and heal within, the body usually recovers in the end. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, even if you seem to have come all the way down to the root of the underlying emotional blockage, the disease is still not gone. That’s what chronic diseases are like.

If you are suffering from chronic diseases, your physical problems will continue to recur, especially when you are more or less out of touch with your inner self. This can be very frustrating, so it is very important to have a broader view of the disease.

People with chronic diseases have taken on a difficult task. At the soul level, they are willing to face the fear caused by disease and the ideal image of “how should people live” – they have courage to accept such a challenge.

The soul often chooses chronic diseases to complete a specific task in a highly concentrated way. This disease throws you back into certain emotions every time – it seems to be accompanied by certain emotional patterns – and dealing with these recurring emotions is a very heavy task, but very rewarding for the soul.

This kind of life is usually very deep, but also has an unknown inner abundance. Therefore, it is not helpful to continuously strive for or pray for the improvement of health. In fact, diseases usually develop in a spiral motion, helping you to grow up in a circular motion at the inner level – although it’s obvious that the same symptoms appear every time you get sick. On the spiritual level, instead of falling back to the origin, you can deal with the past (or even the previous life) emotions that were ignored by you more deeply.

This also applies to genetic or congenital physical defects. When it comes to this problem, you sometimes refer to “karma”, but I am very cautious about this concept, because you tend to associate karma with sin and punishment, but this is not the case. The soul sincerely desires to know itself completely and to be free. Out of this fervent hope, it sometimes accepts illness, disease or physical defect to help it achieve its purpose. This, of course, is not about paying debts, but about a profound purpose – to be free.

Sometimes, the best way to achieve this goal is to experience extremely difficult situations in your own body. We can only pay the greatest respect to this, especially in your society, for how to play their own functions, become useful people, how to become beautiful and successful Superman ideal image is highly respected, these ideal concepts make it more difficult to experience the disabled life with joy, and think that such a life is full of meaning.

Finally, I want to talk about terminal diseases that cannot be cured. Sometimes, it is obvious that someone’s illness can not be cured. The body has been crushed by the disease, and the “human body” can not survive. At this time, what will the soul do if it finds itself still in the body? As long as you keep resisting disease, you will not be able to touch the soul, nor the inner knowing that it is time to say goodbye. Sometimes you have a hunch that you have to leave, but the thought scares you and makes you sad, so you keep fighting – you’re eager to try another therapy or wait for new drugs to come along.

This is understandable. I certainly don’t want to condemn this attitude, but you are hurting yourself in a terrible way. If you let go and allow death to come closer, you will notice that death is not an enemy, but a friend, and it will liberate you from the struggle.

If you follow the guidance of death, you will go through several stages before death actually happens. In these stages, you have to gradually let go of all the worldly things – the people you love, the earthly environment, the sense ability to observe things around you. It’s a beautiful and natural process.

It’s a pity to cover up the process of death with a fighting attitude of holding on to life regardless of everything. Usually by that time, the body has become so fragile that life is no longer worth living. Let it go. Death is the liberator, waiting to serve you; It’s not an enemy, it’s a new life.

When you are with a person who has an incurable disease, and you feel that the person knows that he will soon die, try to talk about death gently and carefully. It’s a comfort to the dying. The most intimate and valuable thing you can do is to sit beside him and hold his hand. You don’t need to know or do anything else to accompany a dying person.

Hospice care is very important in your society. One day, each of you will face this problem because the life of your family or friends has come to an end. You just have to be with this dying person and feel the journey that’s coming, the great moment when the soul leaves the body and goes back to another country and home.

Don’t think of disease as an enemy that will eventually defeat you and lead you to death. It’s not a fight, death is usually to free you from more pain and misfortune. You’re not a loser, of course. You just go on your journey in another way. Sometimes, you want to experience or overcome certain problems in your life, but you don’t realize them. This may make you feel painful, and not only you, but also the people who stay will feel the same. However, I ask you to let go calmly, because there is a deeper wisdom guiding you, and it will bring you and your loved ones together in a better new environment. One day you’ll get together again and celebrate life.

For disease, my biggest request is: really accept it. Surround disease with love and awareness, and let it lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself; Give yourself to the disease, so that you can have a deeper communication with yourself. Giving yourself up does not mean that you have a negative or sad attitude towards the disease, but that you should cooperate with it in a positive way and treat the disease as a friend.

I embrace each of you with love and invite you to feel my presence, that is, the presence of Christ’s energy. Please also feel the love that every sick and healthy person can get. There is so much love around you, as long as you put down the judgment, you can feel it. You have too many judgments: judge what you are worth and what is not; Judge what is right and what is wrong; Judge all the things you still have to do and do. Let go, here and now, love exists for each of you.

© Pamela Kribbe


Remember this when you want to change the world and find it very difficult.

No matter what the outside world is like, there is always hope for mankind. This world is the projection of your consciousness, and everything else is the same.

hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

To guide you in the right direction, but not a predetermined and unchanging one, we focus on what is best for human beings to understand.

Remember, it’s easy to change your way of thinking and point of view. It’s also easy to shift your focus, and that’s what’s best for you right now.

It’s time to let go of all this, so that you can live in the present, so that you can let go of the heavy feeling that you don’t need to pay attention to. Hold the light, stay in the light, and harness the power of the light.

The power of light is not because it can defeat the power of darkness; The power of light is that it can illuminate what everyone needs to see in order to be cured.

There are always good things to pay attention to, everyone, every situation will have light and love. When you give up hope, you can only see the darkness around the light. Facts and historical events blur your vision and confuse your mind.

You are summoned from your own comfortable nonphysical realm to operate as light in a world that needs you, where you heal and transform. You came out to be the light, like the one called Jesus Christ. His inner radiance is also in you and others. This is another part of Jesus’ teaching. Everyone needs to pay attention to being healed and realizing the vision you believe in.

When you shine that light, when you connect yourself with Jesus (or what many of you call Joshua), your heart becomes very strong and powerful. That light will take you into the fifth dimension, as it will transform you from within, melting anything that obscures it, illuminating anything your fellow humans need to see or recognize. That’s the way. That’s what Joshua taught you. It is time to practice these teachings and initiate a great transformation that will lead to a change of consciousness on earth.

You came out to be the light, like the one called Jesus Christ.

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today


Joshua creates abundance: the flow of abundance

Pamela Joshua’s transmission today

Joshua transmitted through Pamela

I have said that I would like to propose two important characteristics of the energy of the heart. First, I will start with “easy flow”. Next, I will talk about “abundant flow”, which is what I call “sufficient flow”.

The real abundance in life comes from the energy of the heart. Abundance is about all areas of life, from the physical and material to the emotional, social and spiritual, where you should enjoy and nourish yourself. Here I would like to talk about the issue of material abundance in particular, because it is particularly important for the souls of Lightworkers.

Lightworkers and spiritual idealists often denounce money. They think that money is guilty, it’s a lower level of energy. The reason why they denounce money is that they associate money with the power and wealth gained by sacrificing others. Money has almost become a synonym of power. This association is one of the main reasons why the flow of material abundance for many of you is hindered.

In addition, the light workers who are passionate about spirituality also regard money as a trivial thing in life that has no value and needs to be transcended. Many of these beliefs can be traced back to the past lives of simplicity and abstinence. In these previous lives, most of them lived in seclusion, seeking spiritual liberation. These energies of previous lives still resonate in their energy field, leading to a certain “harshness” that makes them narrow.

However, money is innocent, it is a flow of energy, in fact represents the pure possibility. Money provides opportunities, money represents possibilities, which is not wrong. Accepting money does not mean that you sacrifice the interests of others. With money, you can create beautiful and beautiful things for others; By accepting money with joy, you expand the flow of abundance for yourself and others. The spiral of creation has been producing the flow of acceptance, so acceptance and giving can reach the balance. That’s how the heart acts, so don’t be afraid to accept money.

It’s sad to see that you sincerely share your talents with the world, but still have reservations about asking for and accepting what you want and need from the world. Many old judgments prevent you from really supporting yourself and enjoying the part you accept. But the secret of the universe is balance. It knows that you need support at all levels in order to show your highest potential in this life. It’s not evil at all. When you really create from the heart, you will also attract a stream of acceptance. Only by allowing it to enter, can you keep the outward stream of creation alive and energetic.

You may not realize that you are hindering the flow of money in your life, or that you are averse to money. Take a moment to examine your innermost thoughts and emotions about money, so that you can easily see how they hinder the flow of abundance in your life.

Remember, you are here to enjoy life on earth!

Therefore, it is natural to enjoy the beautiful things that delight the senses or inspire the mind. This is your home. You will stay here for a while, so please allow yourself to create the material environment you want. Simply love earth and physical reality, and you create a flow of abundance. The earth will listen to you, because she wants to provide everything you need; You are not only living and evolving as a spiritual being, you are also an individual and need to simply enjoy life.

Therefore, please think carefully about your innermost attitude towards material abundance, and feel that the flow of abundance actually provides you with the opportunity to help build a new earth and fulfill your dreams at this densest level of reality. It’s not the time to be away from the crowd and meditate alone on the top of the mountain. It’s the time to participate, let your energy flow into the world, and frankly accept all the feedback. Don’t be afraid to accept abundance, because only by respecting your input and receiving sufficient reward for your efforts can you become a human being with sound spirituality.

I want to talk about the word “sufficient”. As I said earlier, the first characteristic of the energy of the heart is the ease of flow. When things succeed effortlessly and everything you need automatically appears on your way, it means that you are following the flow of your heart. The second characteristic I call “sufficient flow”, which means “everything I need to be a complete human angel, I can get now.”. Living in abundance means that you are satisfied and grateful for what you have. You feel nourished by your environment, whether it’s material, emotional, mental, or spiritual. This is abundance, this is abundance.

Experiencing “enough flow” means that you can enjoy what you have at the moment. As we all know, experiencing abundance is a subjective mental state, which depends on the situation. Material abundance is not necessarily related to the degree of pleasure you experience. Experiencing abundance is not related to the abundance of money. It depends on whether you can experience abundance in everything around you. You have to discover for yourself the material abundance that can satisfy you and make you perfect. For some, it may mean living alone in a secluded cabin and enjoying nature; For others, it may represent a luxury house in the city, allowing them to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city. Neither we, nor God, nor the Holy Spirit, have any judgment on this.

You have to find out what “Sufficiency” means to you personally. The key is to find the flow that makes you feel happy and that makes you feel that you have lived beyond the limits of life. It’s the flow of abundance. You recognize it not by the amount of material wealth you have, but by the joy and satisfaction you feel in your daily life.

Abundance is a feeling, not an object. There are two ways that you will no longer be in harmony with the flow – too much or too little.

If you want too much (more than enough), you will be eager to have the material wealth that you don’t need or can’t really enjoy. However, if too many things make life complicated, it will take away some joy, because joy can be radiated in a beautiful and simple life. When you want too much, it is often because you want to provide a guarantee for the future. You may be addicted to the feeling of money just for the sake of the sense of security brought by money. But this is not to experience the richness of the present, but to experience the scarcity among the material abundance.

If you want to live in abundance, you must let go of your fear and dare to enjoy what you have. Then such enjoyment will attract more “like” to your life and maintain abundance. However, if you start to think that you need more material security, you will go into fear. Instead, you need more trust and less fear.

If you are satisfied with “too little” (less than enough), you are also trapped in fear, but the fear here is the fear of truly opening up to the world, expressing yourself, and getting something in return. You are afraid to live your life to the extreme. You may think that you are not worth it, that you can’t do it, or that you are guilty of being yourself and being fully recognized. What you need is to feel your natural beauty and innocence, to express yourself and to be loved for who you are. When you share the gift of your soul with the world, the world will become more beautiful and shining, and then it will give you enough in return. The universe is driven by abundance, and you can be a part of this flow as long as you open up and accept your true nature – pure and unconditional love.

Sufficiency is the natural state of noumenon. You are all here to experience sufficiency, and the flow of sufficiency is open to all. It’s meaningless to be content with too little It is incorrect to say that you can improve yourself spiritually through abstinence and voluntary acceptance of poverty. If you do so, you are likely to have bitter feelings or hostility. So please don’t try to find some spiritual excuse for your lack of abundance. You are here to live to the extreme, to let your creative energy flow into the world, and to accept joy, satisfaction and material abundance in return.

Create abundant flow

When you feel that you have lost contact with enough flow, take a look at your life at the moment and interpret it as an energy message to you: “this is the reality that I have created right now.” Don’t criticize yourself or others for this, just pay attention.

Then feel the energy of your current environment – whether it’s your house, social life or work – and compare it to what you really want. Take the time to feel what you want, not to prevaricate with vague dissatisfaction or insecurity, but to clearly define what you really want.

When you do this, you will be aware of the “lack” that comes from not having it. Pay attention to the pain caused by it, but don’t linger in the feeling of lack and dissatisfaction. The purpose of this is not to make you feel bad, but to focus on your desire and realize that this is what your soul wants you to have. Believe that these desires point to the path that your soul plans to take in this life, and that the universe will support you in fulfilling your heart’s desires.

Being attentive, quiet and open to your heartfelt desires is enough to make change happen. Understanding your own nature is the biggest magnet for change in your daily life, so it is unnecessary or even useless to promote change on the material level. The key is to feel deeply but without emotion what you want to have, and then give it to your heart. Just let go and trust. Things in your life will start to change. Maybe you will start to examine your deep-rooted habits of thinking, feeling and reacting to people more carefully, and then those relationships or jobs that are no longer consistent with your real goals will break up and alienate. You can be sure that you will enter a flow that will take you to your goal. The process is slow, but it will happen. Focus on what’s going on in your life, because what people say or do to you often contains hidden messages that let you know how far away you are from your goal at the moment.

All the material needs that can make you realize your heartfelt desire will suddenly appear in your life, effortlessly. They will come into your life in a relaxed and elegant way. They may look miraculous, but they feel completely acceptable. You will find that what makes them come is not your grabbing, effort, pushing and forcing, but because you are quietly aware of your most real needs, honestly face your desires, and have the courage to trust and then let go. Glorifying your heart’s desire with such concentration and submission will bring you the reality of abundance.

© Pamela Kribbe


Kryon- healing in new energy (Part 1) – silver needles can also have color, and healing should be interdisciplinary

Original becomequantum

Healing in new energy

Excerpt from the book of Kryon 3 – the alchemy of human spirit

Translation: becomequantum subscription number: Lingyin Youyang November 22, 2016

hello everyone; I’m Kryon. As with many psychics in the past, we now invite those who can see, those who are sensitive, those who know what the halo is and who can see other beings to witness my partner’s work. I will surround him with my colors, and there is no doubt that the gods visited you tonight. Oh, feel it, because that’s what you should take. The healing you’ve been waiting for all your life can happen at this moment, and that’s why you’re here. We are tonight responding to the consciousness of some people in this room, those friends who are here and come into this life with a purpose. And the purpose is that they want to heal everyone they see! It’s a very practical goal and it takes a lot of passion. The karmic residue involved is not an accident, as we know that those who listen to this sound are the pioneers of healers on this planet.

So we’re here tonight to talk to you about healing, and in the process we’re going to answer seven questions from this group. The problem is this:

(1) How do I know if I should be a healer?

(2) What is the actual mechanism by which one person heals another? What happened?

(3) In order to be healed, what can my patients do to cooperate with my healing work?

(4) What makes a successful healer? This answer may surprise you.

(5) Do I have to be single to be a healer( (laughter)

(6) Cleon, how do I know if I’m on my way?

(7) What is the key to being a strong healer?

We’ll come back later and answer the seven questions in order. Don’t worry, my partner; I’ll remember them( Author’s note: Kryon knows I don’t like the ‘list’ of items, because I’ll try to track them in channeling instead of letting the gods do it. The joke here is that he immediately gave me seven questions to deal with! He wanted me to relax and understand that I didn’t have to worry about making sure they were repeated correctly. It’s interesting in retrospect.)

Before we can answer these questions, we have to tell you about new energy and healing. We’ve talked about what’s happening on your planet – about the shift of consciousness, the new gift, what you call the gift of planting, clearing karma. But there are also gifts for your helpers and healers that will shock you. Before we enumerate them, let us tell you that the fundamental healing related event in the new energy is interdisciplinary integration. Because in the old energy healers are usually divided into different groups, they are often specific or specialized. Therefore, one is usually trained in only one discipline and engaged in only one kind of healing. And now that’s starting to change, and some of you know what I’m talking about.

Let me give you an example, in which we give acupuncturists. We focus on this science because it has a great heritage and a long history. It has been taught by great masters in the past, so it builds a bridge between the old energy and the new energy. Acupuncturists, please listen to me: pretend you are rubbing silver needles on your patients( By the way, do you know you’re doing magnetotherapy? Because the rotation of the needle produces an electric current, that’s what acupuncture is for.) Let me ask you, if you are surprised, I will understand: have you ever wanted to use needles of different colors in the past? Have you ever thought about turning the needle into the color of the chakra? Do you know the potential of color therapy? Did you know that if you color them, the energy around your needling process will increase? However, let me be a reminder. The colored needle must be colored from the inside to the outside, solid, not just on the surface. These colors will change! So when you set about 24 meridians, think about the best colors. If you don’t know, it’s time to consult people who know about colors! This is a fusion. Would you let yourself ask them?

Tell me, acupuncturists, what does your patient smell when you are healing? Is he smelling the old ordinary incense you were told to light? Maybe it’s time to change. Have you ever talked to a healer who knows about aromatics? How does the patient feel in front of you? Did he come because of a backache? Maybe there’s something wrong with an organ? Do you know one color is related to this? Do you know that when you are treating his back, you want his state of mind to be related to an aroma?

Let me ask you. What did he hear when you were treating him? Did he hear a pure tone, perhaps in harmony with color, perhaps in harmony with fragrance? When he opened his eyes, what did he see around him? Did he see the light and the color you wanted? We ask you to take all this into consideration, and the reason is that if you don’t want to bring complete healing to the person in front of you, you won’t learn from the masters and do what you are doing. If you listen to these new energy suggestions and think about them carefully, you can triple your healing power. Is it worth it? Go and see for yourself. Don’t just listen to Cleon. Try it! So the new thing is the integration of disciplines. We ask each of you to understand that there may be more ways to improve what you do than what you have learned.

There are five new attributes to healing. Don’t worry, my partner. I’ll track them( Here we go again. Kryo is really going to be happy with me now. He’s going to say a list of five items, and seven of them haven’t started yet

New knowledge

The first is new knowledge. For example, acupuncture might say, “how do I know which color I should use?” We’ll say it’s intuitive because you’re a healer. If you’re not sure, you can ask people because it’s intuitive to them. But we also know that when it comes to acupuncturists, some of you, in addition to what you have learned, have discovered new channels and tried new things, and found that rubbing and twisting silver needles in some other places is also effective. You didn’t tell the teachers because you were afraid of being ridiculed, but this is new knowledge. Because no matter what subject you are in, no matter what healing you do, intuitively, through the gift of the gods, you are likely to receive new knowledge.

My partner wanted to insert something he thought was humorous, and I allowed it. He said, “when the acupuncturist sits down and spins his colorful needle into the patient’s body with fragrance, light and color, when the old acupuncturist arrives, he must know that he is in Southern California!”( (laughter)

I’m going to talk to people who think they’re a masseuse. Have you noticed that you are also in energy work now? Because a strange thing is happening to some of you. Your patients don’t just feel comfortable; They are being cured! They left with a truly permanent cure. What’s going on here? It’s new knowledge because you’re used to massaging the human body and know where to press and how to press, and now you’re sending in energy. Some of you have really worried that your method will lead to the loss of wealth, because your former clients have been cured and will not come back. Is cured to leave, not just comfortable to leave! And what we’re going to tell you is that when the news gets around about what you’re doing, there’s no problem keeping your job going. Look for new knowledge – look for different parts to massage, and different parts of your discipline to create and transmit energy. Think about massage in a bipolar way – become balanced and accept new integration as part of your job. No one can monopolize any part of the healing. We tell you this, dear: it’s time to put them together! When you do, the results will be shocking, and you will attract the attention of those who don’t believe you can. They will have to study it… Because it works. They will not be able to ignore these effects.

New tools

The second attribute is the new tool in the new energy. Honey, these new tools don’t have to be physical, but some of them are. The tools we call are also universal. We’re talking about mechanisms that you have right now, right there waiting to be used – waiting for you to pick them up and know they exist. Let me give you an example – again to those who are listening, it might be a bit of a surprise. I’m going to talk to energy workers now, both those with traditional training and those without. You’ve learned to move energy. You know how to move it and transfer it from one place to another. That’s how you balance a human being. You also know to pass it on to others through yourself, so your energy work is greatly recognized, because those who sit or lie in front of you are healed and helped by your energy operation. The pain is gone. Things are getting better. Health has been enhanced. So you know how energy works. You know intuitively that it’s going from one place to another. Let me ask you. What happens if you put a small medicine bottle full of herbs in your hand and let your energy pass through it to others? Do you think this person will accept something different? The answer is, absolutely. Because you now have a new gift, in addition to the energy you have delivered, the medicinal properties of the herbs you hold in your hands will also be delivered to this person. In this way, herbs don’t need to be eaten, but they don’t decrease after being used! Herbs sealed in medicine bottles are always fresh. That’s because it’s your energy that works to provide the “engine.”. So there’s no need to draw any energy from herbs. It’s just that the nature and efficacy of this herb “ride” your energy engine into the patient. Some people will say it’s magic. Others will say it’s a new gift. So what herbs should you use, dear energy worker? Maybe it’s time to consult a pharmacist? This is fusion. This is the new tool. What a surprise? absolute! It’s a gift from the gods in the new century. It’s yours. Oh, honey, don’t just believe me. Do it. Evaluation results. Try. But in the process, we need to be more knowledgeable about other subjects.

Polarity switch

The third attribute is polarity change. Dear ones, your physiology has polarity because your body has magnetism. Otherwise, you will not be affected by the magnetic grid at all. We’ve talked about this in previous channeling, and now we’re not going to repeat that. We’re just going to say that you’re affected by the planet’s magnetic field. The human body has a special tolerance for the change of magnetic field. It has to be like this so that you can travel from one place to another. Do you know what happens when you take a person to another part of the world at hundreds of miles an hour? He’s going through a lot of grid lines of force, and his personal magnetic field is going through the earth’s magnetic field. Those of you who know electricity know what happens when you pass a magnetic field through an electric field. You’ll get the current! This is what you call jet lag. It’s not harmful, but it’s a temporary imbalance, so we say allow three full days of recovery time before you’re fully balanced again. If there’s something you have to do that’s crucial to the perfect functioning of your mind and body, it’s a three-day break. Your body will adapt to the new environment and get used to the new magnetic field.

But, oh dear, some people’s bodies will be unbalanced to a certain extent, and the above changes will be permanent until they are corrected. This is especially likely for those traveling between the northern and southern hemispheres, where a person’s polarity reversal is most likely. So when a person goes to the South and then returns to the north, there may be a situation in which his polarity does not change back, and this needs to be corrected. This property displays itself so that you can detect it and call it back. So I say to all of you, it’s important to learn how to test this. But it’s not up to Cleon to tell you this information, because it’s already known. Look for it, because it’s one of the first things you want to know when a patient is sitting in front of you. Is their polarity correct? This is a measure of the polarity of a person relative to where he is. It is totally relative to a certain place, not absolute. Most of the time, a change of polarity can turn a very serious patient into health in just three days! Incorporate this into your own healing techniques!


The fourth attribute is magnetism. You’re going to see amazing growth in magnetic therapy. However, like other healing Sciences, there are some wise caveats. We encourage all of you who want to use magnetotherapy to ask for help instead of doing it yourself. Magnetic therapy is as rigorous as acupuncture, herbal medicine, or any other drug or substance that you’re going to eat. So when it’s misused, it’s just as dangerous. Take it seriously and ask for help. If you can’t find help, read the instructions from the right place carefully before using any magnetic field on yourself.

We should also understand that there is a huge difference between what we call dynamic and non dynamic magnetic fields. Static magnets that you can hold in your hand and are not connected with current have completely different functions from those connected with dynamic magnets. Here’s another caveat: magnetotherapy is a science that should be used with caution. That is to say, like all other healing methods, it should not be used 24 hours a day. Use it in healing mode to help you regain balance, and then take it away. It’s not something you should wear all the time, just like you don’t go around with acupuncture. You have to know the same about magnetotherapy, because it’s powerful! It also has an addictive nature, and we will talk more about it at another time( Author’s note: don’t confuse Cleon’s warning not to wear magnetic field all the time with magnetic shielding equipment. These devices are not magnets and can be worn all the time. Some are very effective.)

Active essence medicine Live Essence Medicines

The fifth attribute of healing in the new century is the active essence medicine. What we’re talking about is not living in the past, but living now – some of them are extracted from the human body, enhanced and then returned to you. Some of them are old and will be given to you. Again, we say to you that the warning of these active essences is to greet them, to talk with them, and to give them permission to enter your body. Now you may ask, what is the reason why we are now in the new energy moment with active essence medicine? Here’s what’s special about this. Dear, the current cosmic energy is different from that when I laid the magnetic grid of this planet. Now the energy is lower because there is a careful and continuous balance of cosmic energy. Every time there is a newly created region in the universe, the energy of the universe as a whole will be slightly weakened, because the energy of creation goes to a new place. Those of you in energy management will understand that.

The energy of the universe is constant and continuous. When it is used in another place, it will decrease where it is obtained. So now on this planet, although you have a body that should be able to fully recover your vitality, it still can’t operate 100% for a long time. The reason is that lower cosmic energy cannot allow this. Your bodies were originally designed to completely rejuvenate themselves. This low energy existence is not God’s fault or blunder, because, dear, it allows the end and change of life. As a result of this, you have karmic work and vibrational change over time. It’s the engine of life for you. But now we tell you that these things are changing, as we’ve done before, and God and Cleon say we want you to stay. We want you to stay here. We want you to clear up your karma lessons and continue your mission here – your mission in line. It is difficult for the gods to heal without any healing! Active essence medicine is something that adds energy to your body to achieve 100% balance. They have to be active, because their activity is energy. What we call the active essence medicine is directly to the thymus. They’re things that make organs work like they did when you were born. This is really the rejuvenation of the human body. One hundred percent… Can you imagine something like this? Wait and see, active essence medicine.

To be continued


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