What is the best way to serve humanity^_^

Fight against the crow’s karma^_^

As usual, I took the kitten to the park to explore. As we were walking, we heard the opposition of a crow in the tree

This voice has been heard before when I took the kitten to the playground. I’m against it

This time, the expression was more intense, and there was no one around, so the crow could finally spit it out

So, I expressed my protest and responded to it as loud as it could. It barked more furiously. Not only that, its friends also began to bark together, and more crows joined in

At this time, I began to pacify the kitten. When we started to leave, the crow dived down to my head to express its anger

I began to chase both of them. When they landed on a branch, I would stand under it and stare at it. Then I flew away in panic, one by one

We left for another lawn, and the two crows flew to the high branch in the distance to express their opposition
I picked up a branch and swayed it overhead. They also jumped among the branches

The war is over

The kitten finds a big stone to digest the fear energy in the energy matrix

What does the crow object to? It comes from the stubborn idea that cats can’t be sneaked around the park like dogs

Deeper down, we have begun to clear up the fourth dimensional karmic accumulation, not only humans, but animals are also in and out of the inter dimensional karmic moment matrix

As the carrier of matrix collective consciousness, women, children, animals and plants play the main role of relay station and memory, because the body’s permeability and high electromagnetic are close to the existence of superconductivity

Now you understand what happens to women and children, as a channel to release collective human fear energy, together with animals and plants

It’s just that such conduction, release, reception and amplification are internal circulation, which only continuously strengthens the ego’s sense of existence in the concentrated consciousness

Interstellar seeds, light fighters and light workers are the way out, because the awakening of a large number of families’ interstellar seeds and surviving indigo children have established channels with the higher self and cosmic energy

For tens of millions of years, animals and plants have been living with a sense of self existence. Just as crows are doing, meddling was once the way for the survival of German speaking countries and even more philanthropic people. After a long time, even if human evolution has realized a higher level, stubborn minders will still follow the old habits, old beliefs, old kindness and old love to do things, He even became a defender of the Tao and did not hesitate to use force

This is also happening in a large number of interplanetary seed families, just as the embodiment of unconditional love awakened to Jesus and Buddha, they only stop the occurrence of violence when they are involved in personal interests, and then continue to live their own good life, maintain high vibration, do not rely on, do not stick, and constantly connect with the higher self and communicate with the source in no time, Talk to those who have turned to accept and like-minded people

Chatting is also your life, which is the joy of releasing high vibrations in rest and healing so that you no longer worry and fear

No matter women, children, animals and plants, there will be no fear all at once. They need to enlarge, repeat and rush to one place in the wall of unconditional love, transmit fear to the higher self in acceptance and release, and transform fear from no time in higher self connection, otherwise they will only repeat

More importantly, I believe you have found that the gap of manifestation is getting shorter and shorter. That is to say, the karmic episodes released by the karmic committee to you that will help you purify, expand and consolidate your essence will come faster and faster, which will surprise or surprise you

For what? No longer stubborn, no longer think that others must cooperate with you, and still can’t give up and let go, must learn to stop just in time, balance and unity again, because you haven’t realized what it’s like to do things without fear

Crows are one, because the body is transparent, women and children are also one, but also because the body is transparent, just a higher energy wall, is bound to let the energy continue to impact the bottom line of unconditional love

Do you understand that living in the present, distinguishing the ego from the ego, there is a gap between faith and unity

More importantly, consciously face fear with unconditional love, and let fear enter self balance and transformation through the waterfall of higher self connection

It all needs to break through the limit of fear again and again in quiet posthumous and no time to focus, relying on the power of the sun, nature and flowers, rather than wine and meat, vaccines, drugs and surgery
Step back, you can also have more outdoor therapy and homeopathy options, not just staring at the room and the circle

It’s not a stubborn view that aging needs to be taken care of. Like the elderly, the elderly also need to face it, which is beneficial not only for this world, but also for future generations

It’s just that you are self-conscious and selective, until you no longer escape, and even less lose your lessons with the help of external forces. No, energy conservation means that what you send out will return, whether you like it or not

You need courage to take risks, and then put it down. Like the crow, you don’t dive for human beings. How can you face and review the fear that human beings bring to animals

But, this time, the contact with the interstellar seed found that there was no fear, no killing and extermination, just let you be quiet with fear, no longer escape, until you found a beautiful, unconditional

It’s important to have no time, no attention, no matter how the crow asks for help

The old couple passing by said, “this is a brave cat 🐱^_^”, The kitten is still sleeping in the crevice of the stone
I think in a thought, holding the crow caressing, all to high I to pass and deal with

Remember that you are with the higher self, living in the joy of no time, and no need to do anything to complete the karma

When you have such motivation and desire, return to no time for play and joy, that’s the only thing you need to do

On the grass, the stringed organ and singing sound again, and the white butterflies dance


What is the best way to serve humanity

Let go of your psychological need to make things perfect.

If you see a homeless person on the sidewalk, you think that person is short of money, but you give the money and go away, then technically you are right. In that case, you can do more. You can talk to that person. You can listen to their stories. You can take them home, bathe them, feed them, and give them a place to sleep.

But you have to do it within your comfort zone, you have to get yourself out of the imperfection.

We want everyone to feel that they have done enough. We want you to feel that your life on earth is full. We think you have enough. We hope you can rest assured.

We tell you over and over again that it’s not about what you’ve done, but we’ll say it again, because we really want you to listen. It’s not about what you do.

Sit still and fill your heart with compassion and love. Seek inner peace. Call on the universe to give everyone what they need, open up to receive the constant influx of high-frequency energy, so that you can become the channel of that energy and put down the psychological need to do something.

No matter where you are, you have to have your own life, have your own way of life. So if you can’t open the treatment center that you want to open tomorrow, ask yourself, what can you do to help it? The answer is enough.

If you don’t, you won’t find inner peace. If you can’t find inner peace, then you are releasing that vibration of instability. We all want to see that the outside world is a peaceful world, a world in which others can extricate themselves from difficulties and do their best. So if you want others to do the same, maybe it’s time for you to do the same.

How much is enough?


Daniel Scranton

hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We are very clear about the way we serve humanity. But we have always wanted to clarify a lot. Because we notice that many awakened people do not know how to serve humanity, or what is the best way to serve humanity. We have noticed this and understand that your questions are true and universal. If you know that even the Arcturus Council is looking for the best way to serve humanity, you may realize that it’s a tough task for individuals to figure it out now.

You may never feel like you’ve done so much for humanity, but the bigger problem is that you may never feel like you’ve done enough. This is what we suggest you pay attention to.


Alison: what reaches the critical mass?

Client: it’s manifestation.

Alison: what should we teach in the process? What role should we play? Why are you giving us this information today?

Client: what you think will create, and the delay between thought and manifestation will be shorter and shorter. Whether your thoughts are positive or negative, the speed of manifestation will be greatly accelerated. This will bring more conflicts to society.
So those who have positive ideas should understand their power. Then they will have the confidence to create good things.
They are not victims. They can create good things and isolate the dark and evil things. Then the wave of light will take away the darkness and evil, just like surgery to remove a tumor.

Alison: do you think this information should be shared with others today?

Customer: Yes, people need confidence very much now. They can record the process of manifestation, first write down their intention and start date, and then write down the completion date of manifestation. In this way, they can feel that the process of manifesting their intention is getting faster and faster. They should consciously manifest things.

Alison: how can people manifest better and more effectively?

Client: they should start with small things. They can bless the water in the glass. When the water is full of blessing energy, they can see the improvement of the family environment. They can also put their hands on the indoor plants (to bless and take care of them), and the plants will grow more luxuriantly. They can take pictures of these plants. The same applies to plants in the garden. As they gain confidence, they will want to manifest greater things.

Alison: when child abuse is exposed and causes protests, what is the best way for people to manifest?

Client: people can protest against those evil behaviors, but they have to get out of anger and find a solution to the problem. It’s easy for people to fall into anger, especially when they wake up and know what’s going on.

Alison: did you see what happened when the wave of light came? Do people stay on 3D Earth or go somewhere else?

Client: some people left, others stayed. When dimensional transformation occurs, the world is torn apart. I think there were two earths. A lot of people will see spaceships, because they are very close to us, but they are in another dimension. When the dimension changes, they can be seen.

Alison: so at that time, the wave of light will enhance our ability or vibration, so that we can cross multiple dimensions and communicate with life of a higher dimension?

Customer: Yes, I think so. When the wave of light comes, she (the hypnotized) will go to the new earth heaven. It would be called “the fifth heaven.”.

Alison: now I’m asking for a conversation with my client’s high self. I know it’s you who choose to let the customer experience this special experience today. I want to ask why you chose it? Is this experience important to her (client)? Now we should be talking to her higher self.

Higher self: she needs to focus on confidence. Her confidence was shaken by her son’s death, but death did not exist.

Alison: so you want her to focus completely on manifesting with confidence?

Higher self: Yes.

Alison: Well, why?

Higher self: because it’s her talent and the purpose of her coming to earth.

Alison: what else do you want to say? Do you have anything to add to what the experience just revealed (about where we are going and what exercises we can start)?
And her meeting with the star family. When and where did it happen?
Higher self: the meeting takes place at this moment. She’s in her real home. She can now go there with her mind.

Alison: would you like to tell her more about her real home?

Higher self: she can find herself through painting.

Alison: so she can draw with some questions or exploration intention to learn more about her real home?

Higher self: she should replenish her energy in meditation in the way I taught her before. Then she should draw, listen and write.

Alison: should she take some time to meditate and recharge before painting, or just do it by feeling?
Higher self: she knows what to do in advance. It’s different every time. It depends on how much energy she expends at that time.

Alison: after this hypnosis, what’s the best way for her to get in touch with the elders?

Higher self: she has always been in touch with them, she just forgot. Now she’ll remember. She can draw what they look like to remind her.

Alison: how does she know she’s connected to them?

Higher self: she can ask them questions and get answers from them.

Alison: she wants to know about the event. Will the flash of the sun take place in her life?
Higher self: Yes.

Alison: in the previous hypnosis, you gave her a schedule about the solar flare, but why didn’t the “event” happen as scheduled?

Higher self: because the number of dark tentacles exceeds our original estimate, there is still more work to be done.

Alison: so the tentacles of these dark forces need to be exposed, compressed and gathered together to die, as you showed her before?

Higher self: Yes.

Alison: so something has happened since her last hypnosis, like the tentacles of the dark ones being exposed?

Higher self: Yes.

Alison: OK. So the next step is to expose sexual abuse of children, right?

Higher self: Yes.

Alison: OK. Is there anything else to be revealed?

Higher self: the existence of slavery.

Alison: will slavery and child abuse be exposed at the same time, or at different times?

Higher self: disclosure is coming.

Alison: is it necessary to reveal before a solar flare occurs?

Higher self: Yes.

Alison: she wants to know what will happen first? Is it a flash of the sun? Earthquakes in the Kaskady continent? Global flooding caused by melting glaciers? Or the separation of the new earth and the old earth? Or ascension? Can you give her a timetable for these events and let her know which will or will not happen?

Higher self: the occurrence of these events is overlapping and entangled. The solar flare will separate the new earth from the old one. The old three-dimensional earth will be reborn in floods and earthquakes, while the new one has reached equilibrium. Ascension will begin on the new earth.

Alison: she wants to know why she often feels homesick and what can be done to alleviate it?

Higher self: it’s because we are very close to her. Her family is very close to her, but she still can’t see them. She should have drawn them.

Alison: she said that she used to know her mission to come to earth, but now she is in confusion. You said that her mission now is to gain confidence and manifest. Do you have anything else to add about what she should do?

Higher self: that’s what she should do. She felt confused because she had made a life plan for her children, which was not what she should do. She is lost in the human role, forgetting that she is also a cosmic being. Now she’ll remember.

Alison: in her first hypnosis, the higher self told her that she would have a hard time until the “event” happened, which would change everything. Does this “event” refer to the flash of the sun or the death of her son?

Higher self: both. She got spiritual transformation because of her son’s death, and the sun flash will make her further spiritual transformation and sublimation.

Alison: what happens to her when and after the flare?

Higher self: she will become light and see things she couldn’t see before.

Alison: she wants to know – is only her (dead) son in her painting now?
Higher self: No.

Alison: can you tell her who else will come to her painting now?

Higher self: when she asks, her son will come to her painting. And when she stays open, her Council will also come.

Alison: can you tell us what her paintings mean to the audience?

Higher self: these paintings can awaken people. People are always lazy to think, and these paintings can make people think. The pain she experienced will touch people and make people feel her experience.

Alison: should she share these paintings with more audiences?

Higher self: Yes, she should.

Alison: what can we do to get rid of the diabetes drug therapy?

Higher self: she should eat vegetarian food, drink enough water, bless food, bless water, be grateful.

Alison: if she does, when will she find her blood sugar lower?

Higher self: I’ll find out soon.

Alison: what do you want her to eat less?

Higher self: she should eat more vegetables instead of cheese. She knew she was allergic to dairy products. She should insist on eating healthy food every day instead of eating junk food.

Alison: although she starts to treat diabetes with drugs, she wants to eat sweet food even more. She wanted to know if the situation was caused by drugs?

Higher self: Yes. She tried to use a lot of sugar to make life sweeter, but the sweetness of pineapple is enough for her, and she should not eat more than this sweetness.

Alison: can you tell her why her son chose to die so young?

Higher self: her son’s death was planned and a gift. She would not believe this, but she would never have been open to spirituality without her son’s death. It was all planned, and she planned it with him (before reincarnation). It’s hard for her to believe what I’m saying is true. Her son would have died in a car accident even if he had not chosen to hang himself.

Alison: is his death a gift to others? Some of his friends are suicidal, too.

Higher self: his death is not only a gift to his friends, but also an inspiration to them. He is also showing others and telling them about life after death.

Alison: where is he now?

Higher self: he is a very strong soul. One aspect of his soul is on the ship. He is a multi-dimensional being, so he is also very close to others, and he is not far away.

Alison: what’s his main job now?

Higher self: for him now, time doesn’t exist. He works with Tesla and is also learning how to help teenagers who are suicidal. Although he is not a guide yet, he is also providing guidance. He’s still close to her (his mother), close to his dog.

Alison: does he have any information for his mother today?

Higher self: he said he would never be impatient with his mother calling him. He said he didn’t think of his family’s sadness and pain when he died, and he felt sorry for the blow he had brought to his family. But there is no way. He will end his life in some way.

Alison: does he have anything to say to his father today?

Higher self: he said he had forgiven his father for what he said before. He hugged his father all the time. He said he was a good father.

Alison: when can the family get together again?

Higher self: he can’t say.

Alison: before we continue our conversation with her higher self, does he have anything else to say to her in the end?

Higher self: he said pay attention to hummingbirds. Hummingbird can bring his message better. He said he would paint with her at any time she wanted and would never get bored.

Alison: does he have anything to say to his father and brother?

Higher self: when his father pays attention to hummingbirds, he can also receive better information from him. His brother is more difficult to connect with than his parents because he is not very open to spirituality. But he will guide his brother to pay attention to cars or girls, which is more suitable for him.

Alison: she was told that after the event, her real work would begin. She will communicate with celestial beings, spiritual beings or aliens as a translator.

Higher self: celestial beings are interstellar life. Calling her “translator” is not accurate. She will be a co-worker. I know why I call her a “translator”, but to be more precise, she will be a co-worker and co creator.

Alison: when will she start this new job?

Higher self: when the new earth appears and everyone can see the spaceship with their naked eyes, she will start her new work. In fact, she is also working with some spiritual beings now. We all work in the spiritual realm. She is now working with the spirit world more consciously than before. But her work with interstellar life will take place after the flare of the sun and the transformation of dimensions.

Alison: she wants to know if CBD essential oil can help her connect with the spiritual world?
Higher self: this oil helps her now, but she won’t need it for a long time. When she is very sad, she can’t connect with the spirit world, and this oil can help her get rid of sadness and make her feel better. She only needs to use it for another month or two.

Alison: is there any signal that she can stop using it?

Higher self: when she feels lighter and brighter, she knows she can stop using it.

Alison: she wants to know why her left leg has been injured in succession?

Higher self: one of the reasons is to prevent her from attending the protest rally. She would want to protest, but she shouldn’t.

Alison: you mean the coming protest?

Higher self: Yes.

Alison: why can’t she go to the protest?

Higher self: it is more important for her to manifest so that she can anchor the light.

Alison: can you tell me more about that?

Higher self: when the protest begins, she should sit down and meditate and anchor the light. She would instinctively want to go to protest, but her aching ankle would not allow her to.

Alison: when the protest happens, should Lightworkers anchor the light or take part in the protest?

Higher self: some Lightworkers anchor light in protest, but personally, she should not participate in protest, because she will fall into anger and waste her energy.

Alison: can you tell her why she wasn’t told the time of her son’s death in the previous hypnosis? Do we understand the previous information correctly, or do you have anything else to add?

Higher self: even if she told her about her son’s death, she couldn’t understand and stop it( On a higher level) she knows it’s going to happen and we don’t need to remind her.

Alison: do you have any last message for her today?

Higher self: practice in faith, manifestation, and meditation, and happiness will follow. She was not left here alone.

Alison: Thank you. She wants to know if you have any information for me or can help others today?

Higher self: your existence is precious. You are doing very important work. You have a huge network platform. Make good use of it. You have done a good job.

Alison: through this huge network platform, can you tell the audience what is the most important thing now?

Higher self: they are creators, and they will see themselves creating things faster and faster. They should record the process in a human way, so that they can see that it’s not imagined. They should write down the progress they make in creating every day.

Alison: how long does it take to make an idea come true?

Higher self: they will find that this process takes less and less time, and it also means that the occurrence of solar flare is getting closer and closer.

Alison: fine, thank you. I am honored to share this information with the audience.
[hypnotic record] disclosure, solar flare and positive manifestation
Original Lu Ying from heaven to earth yesterday
(original published in January 2020)
https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/C2nAmpouezeuF3DO1jk_ Tw
Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1SS3-tVRQnBSguoBjCfdVVA
Extraction code: bxlf
Click read the original can jump, decompression password is: 20210703
If you can’t open it, you need to download a compression software called 7z.
You can save this video and recommend it to people around you as a popular science video when the disclosure happens!


The tangle of repeated themes is over, and the download and digestion is over. It’s just like there will be no fear of survival no matter what. Now there will be no boredom of repeated themes no matter what. Why do you have to experience repeated themes and thank the gods for their collective efforts

Explanation: “there will be a heart chakra upgrade in July, which will make this connection stronger than the little voices you hear in your mind.
We are exploring new ways to your dimension, which will make our two-way communication easier. We know that you are all looking for more contact and guidance from above, and when you go directly to look for it, you often hear a slight voice in your mind. But the new way we’re exploring now is to send the downloaded energy and information directly to your hearts.
If you want to know us, if you want to really know us, you must know us through your heart, through the activation of inner love. That’s how we feel about you when you meet us in starlight. For you, we are love, because your heart is the center of love in your body. It is the best tool for us to establish two-way communication, which is what you and we want.

First of all, we want you to feel love,

Secondly, we want you to know that you are love.

Third, we hope to have a heart to heart connection between us, which will greatly help raise awareness on earth.

When you are able to stand in the universe and the galaxy and become beings who can practice great love with actions, you will be able to officially join the galactic society more quickly. Other aliens in your dimension need to see that your powerful ability to be heart centered and run in love, so to speak, the July upgrade, together with the energy you receive at that time, will bring you into their view.

Now, you may want to know what you should do. You may want to know what role you play in all this. You’ve decided what you want, you’ve asked for it, and now all you have to do is accept it. It’s really too simple. We know you have the ability to do it.

Abdominal empty sound

I dream that the red crystal mountain in the sky falls on the hill road full of flowers and plants. The road becomes a mountain and the mountain becomes a road

The entry, convergence and collision of more crystal dimensions and pyramid dimensions


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