A peaceful healer is a successful healer!^_^

Healing in new energy

Excerpt from the book of Kryon 3 – the alchemy of human spirit

Translation: becomequantum subscription number: Lingyin Youyang November 25, 2016


Now we want to go back and answer those seven questions in order. The first question is, “how do I know if I should be a healer?”

Honey, it may surprise you to know that the people asking these questions tonight are from two groups of people. The first group is just beginning to wake up to their purpose in life. Oh, how glorious we are to you! Because you’ve made this change in your life, and that’s why you’re here. Do you want to know what your guides went through when you made this transition? They are immersed in the joy of love and glory! Even those who are leaving and those who are new can’t wait to talk to you. It’s time for us to love you deeply because you have completed a life transformation. So you might ask, “maybe I’m going to be a healer?” The other kind of people who ask this question, believe it or not, are those who have always been healers. But you see, it’s changing for them, too. They are feeling sick. The people at their healing table may not have the same effect, and those sitting in front of them may not feel good when they leave. So they’re asking themselves and saying, “should I really be a healer?”

At the same time, we say to these two kinds of people: what is your passion? Because the passion you have to heal others and the karmic residue you carry into this lifetime is real. You have these for a purpose. Yes, you should be a healer if you have a passion for it. If you don’t have passion, you’re just thinking, you’re not. So again we say to follow your passion, because this is your contract; That’s your intuition. For those who are already doing it and wondering whether you should do it or not, we have to say “your contract has not changed at all.” Learn new rules. Understand new knowledge. Get used to the new energy and make the right changes. In other words, the old stuff no longer works. So pause for a while; Then restart your healing engine with a combination of old intuition and new knowledge!

The second question is: “what is the mechanism of healing? What happens when someone is sitting in front of me and I work energy on him, or someone is lying in bed and I touch him or do energy work? ” You might say, “I know what I was told. I know what’s supposed to happen physically, but what’s going on spiritually? “

For some here tonight, the following may be a revelation, but others will say, “yes, I know that.” Although you are known as healers, healing is two things. Because as a healer, all you really do is create a neutral balance as a “healing catalyst.”. Imagine a road blocked by boulders. A man stood there and said, “I have to go forward. If I can’t move forward, I can’t find food. If I can’t find food, I will starve to death. Please help me move forward by removing the boulders from my path. ” So by using your healing method, the boulder is removed and the road is clear. You leave the scene and come back a week later to find the same person standing there and saying, “there’s another boulder. Please help me.” Everything within you wants to firmly declare to your patient, “why don’t you get up and move forward when the first boulder is removed?” Are you taking on a responsibility of “no healing” Or is it right to assign this responsibility to your patients?

Oh dear, the healing mechanism is really only half the problem from your point of view. None of you, even those who prescribe herbal medicines and know how they work in the body, will have a visible effect unless the person who wants to be healed gives permission for this to happen. The mechanism, as interesting as they may be, is that all healers are “neutralizers.”.

So the next logical question is the third: “so what can someone who wants to be healed do to match what I do as a healer?” The answer is obvious. He must cooperate to allow healing to occur! And it’s a bit complicated, dear, because it’s about contracts and karma, and these are not healers’ issues. It has something to do with what he wants to do in his life and whether he is ready or not. Maybe you sit in front of him and clear the way, but he has no idea what he should do. Maybe it’s time you asked him to cooperate?

There are many things he can do to prepare for, but the most important one is: before he comes to you, he should say aloud to God, give himself permission to change in this new energy – not a healing, but a change. Giving the will to change is asking to move forward in the new energy. It’s a powerful catalyst for self-healing! He can’t just look at you and say, “it’s all up to you.” He has to realize that he has to change and give his body permission to accept the influx of energy. He has to give permission for herbs to work, for colors to work, for sounds and fragrances to work. That’s the task of the table or the room or the person on the other side of the partition. This requires the efforts of both sides.

The fourth question is, “how do I evaluate whether I am successful?” Now some of you think the answer is obvious. How much healing have you done? How many people have been cured and left? But that’s not the answer.

Together with the last two questions, dear, the answer is: a peaceful healer is a successful healer! Because she or he fully understands what is happening spiritually. When the person who should be healed gets up from the bed and is not healed, the healer can still maintain peace. Because the healer has done his part 100 percent, and he doesn’t take responsibility for the person who just left the office. So the answer is peace, and peace comes from wisdom and knowledge, from understanding how things work in perfect love.

To those of you tonight who might ask the following question, “should I really be a helper because I see so much pain around me?” We have to say that pain is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is in your passion and your subject. We said we should use it 100 percent. Figure out what convergence is and use it 100 percent. Let the people who come to you do the rest of the work, and then be at peace in your own journey. I love them completely, but I’m not responsible for their journey. This peace will lead to an increase in your strength. No healer can play a 100% role in restlessness.

Some people will ask, oh, chrion, “do I have to be single to be a healer?” A humorous question you might say, but look around you and see how many of you are really single( (laughter)

Why do you want to do this? You may ask. Dear ones, this attribute is a continuation of the old energy. Now what I’m going to tell you is full of love and glory. As helpers and energy movers in the new century, the energy that fills your thoughts and hands is the same energy that shamans on this planet have! You celebrate the clergy! In the old energy, shamans and priests have always been single. So it’s a continuation or residue from the past. This is an ideology that can be changed now. Because at the cellular level, part of your body is saying, “I can’t have this energy with a partner.” Now we tell you that’s not the case.

Give yourself permission about your partner. Declare to yourself in words that the old energy commandments are no longer applicable. He said, “I am in the name of God to create the right partner for my life.” Then leave it alone. Point: don’t tell God who he / she should be( (laughter)

The sixth question is, “/ Cleon, how can I know what my path is/ There are many choices in front of me, and I’m confused. I know I’m a healer, but I don’t know where I should go or who I should be with. What should I do? “

Honey, we don’t want you to suddenly become witches in this new century, because this kind of question is really a question you will ask a wizard. All we have to tell you is to ask it to show you. Do you know the power of your words and requests? Say, “God, I’m going to ask and co create a clear vision of what my path should be. Please show the road signs so that no mistakes will happen. ” Then don’t worry. Don’t tell the gods where you want to go. It’s simple? yes. Too simple? no Because some of you are recognizing and understanding the power of communication like this. Completely completely effective.

Take responsibility for perceived changes and be alert to new events that present themselves to you. If you create this together, but blindly grope in life, not aware of subtle new opportunities, then you are still in the dark, just like the person who doesn’t know when to get up and move forward after the boulder is cleared. When you create things like this together, be extra alert to signs! The usual signs are: (1) you didn’t think it was your new opportunity that suddenly appeared( 2) Contact someone you never knew before( 3) A seemingly negative thing happens in your life, and it actually forces you to make some major changes. These are the answers. Get used to knowing them like this and moving forward with them.  

The seventh question is, “Cleon, what’s the key to being a powerful healer?” And what we’re going to say is that it’s very simple. The answer to this question will be in the form of a story. Cleon has given you this fable before, but it’s time to say it again tonight.

Healer John

Healer John is a spiritual person. He has a unique skill and knows his science very well. Many people who came to John were cured; But there are always a few who are not cured. John began to feel uneasy; Because you see, new energy has come to him, and he knows that the new century has come. John is upset for several reasons. The most important one is that his healing effect is not as good as before in his eyes. In other words, he is not calm. There are fewer and fewer cures on his healing bed. It made John wonder if he should be a healer or not!

We see John sit down and meditate. John is a powerful meditator. This guided his life, because he understood the communication with the gods and would listen to what the gods said. This has always worked before, and he knows it will work again this time. Now, we’re going to let you into the dialogue between John and his guiding spirit and the higher self. It will inspire you.

As soon as John sat down, his guide said, “Oh, John, Hello! How are you doing? “( They are very familiar and intimate Guides… They are all.) John ignored them and began his breathing ritual. After a while John was ready, and so he was. His feet are in the right position. Facing the north. His hand dropped. The head is also in the right position“ Oh, God, “John began, and his guide interrupted,” Hello, John, what’s the matter with you? “

John said, “I need help. It doesn’t work, “and he says the name of the person who came to him for healing. He said, “what’s the matter with this man? I’ve been treating his back for a long time, but nothing has changed! ” He said, “I’m here to pray for help. Heal this person. Let this happen… Give me this… Do these things. ” He almost didn’t know what to ask, there were too many demands. And the God said, “Oh, John, we love you! All the strength you need is here, and we are ready to help you. ” Then they gave him an incredible baptism of love, and he knew that he was in God’s presence.

John felt that he had an answer and that things would change. But the next time he saw the person with a problem with his back, he realized that the problem was getting worse. John used all the methods he knew, but there was no cure. He returned to his meditation with the same result. He would sit for a long time until he felt that he was in the right position, that the gods would be there, and that he would feel his guiding spirit and the love of the higher self. They would say, “Oh, John, we do love you. You are so powerful. ” And he would pray to the gods, “Oh, please, show me what I should do in my healing room.” So John’s life went on like this.

John also has a sister. It’s almost like throwing salt on the wound. His sister also has health problems, and he seems helpless. So he sat with her and prayed and sent her energy. He used his technique, he used what he knew should work, but his sister didn’t get better. She seems to be troubled all the time.

Finally, after a long time, John had enough. In anger, he rushed to his place of meditation, sat down on the sofa and said, “I’ve had enough! Where are you And his guides said, “Hey, John, what’s the matter with you?” John was so shocked that he almost fell out of his seat“ How can you come so fast? I’m not ready“ We’re here all the time, John, “his guide replied.” we’re with you even in the healing room, John. “

“You told me I was strong,” John said“ You gave me incredible answers. I feel them in your love. But nothing happened! I’m at the end of my rope. What else can I do? ” John’s Guide faced him and said, “Oh, John, we’re glad you’re here. Listen, John: no matter how good the stove is; If it’s not cooked, the food will never be cooked. “

And John wasn’t stupid. He said to them, “stove – are they me?” They said, “yes.”“ What can I do? ” John asked, and his guide said, “what do you choose to do?” John replied, “I want to fulfill my contract!” Oh, everyone was excited when he said that! Because that’s what they want to hear. This time John didn’t specify whose back was to be cured. He didn’t specify what he wanted, or where the power should come from, or when he should feel better. John finally said, “I want to heal myself. I want to fulfill my contract. I want my passion to come true. I want to do what I’m here to do. ” The Spirit said to him, “John, it took you a long time to ask for this. You’ll have it! It’s yours when you ask. “

When John came out of meditation that night, he realized that things had changed because he had a new peace. Even before he went back to the healing room, he knew things would be different. The God told him that all he had to do was take care of himself, and then everything else would come. When John walked into the healing room, surprise began to happen because he was given new knowledge“ Today I will put my hand here, “he would say to himself“ This is different. No one told me to do it, but I knew it would be the right thing to do. ” The effect is immediate. John knew the spirit was standing on his shoulder, blinked and said, “Oh yes, that’s right. Now try this one John began to get effects he had never seen before. He told the people who came to him to be ready to be cured. He’ll have a ceremony before he touches them. They think he’s crazy – they know they’re cured. And then more people came to him… Powerful healer John.

It’s the same when John goes to see her sister. John really danced into her room with a radiant face, knowing that healing was about to happen. He was glad to see her! There’s no frown, and he hasn’t touched her yet. She said to John, “John, what happened? I’ve always been worried about you! ” It all stopped. John finally realized that his own depression had spilled over to everyone he wanted to heal“ God told me that you would be cured, “John announced affectionately. He had a ceremony with his sister, and she was cured because John took care of himself first – and his strength and wisdom grew a lot.

The seventh question, “what’s the key to being a strong healer?” The answer is to balance yourself first! Ask that your contract be fulfilled. This balance will create new knowledge, new tools, and see if polarity has the ability to reverse. All these new healing gifts are yours, but they won’t appear until you take care of yourself first. The following may seem strange to you: “when you meditate alone, it is unnecessary to give energy to those you are going to heal; And that’s the truth, because your discipline is your healing. What you do in meditation should be for you. ” It’s your contract as a healer that creates energy. The better it is done, the stronger you will be as a healer. Co create a complete fit with your contract and see what happens!

Oh, honey, we’re sitting in front of you tonight, and we’ve always been in awe of you, whether you know it or not. Every time this happens, my partner is overwhelmed by this sense of awe. I fear that you will come down voluntarily to experience such a situation Come into a weak body and don’t even know who you really are… And the fact that you are a part of God when you walk is hidden! You agree to age, die and come back! Oh, what a great task you have done with your love.

We told you we know who you are. We were there at the color giving ceremony. No one here tonight doesn’t know Cleon, because I’m there shining my colors, standing in line, when you accept your colors, we used to love each other. So at this time when we are together, I invite you to feel the presence of your family and know the purpose of life. You are not alone. New energy doesn’t come to this planet to end you, and we hope you can keep healthy, because we love you.

It’s true that the work is entirely up to you, and that’s why we don’t give you information about your lessons in advance. Because if we give everything in advance, work is not work. But gifts are amazing, and among all the love we tell you it’s you who won them!

With all the love coming to my heart, my partner told me that we were leaving. There’s another fact. Tonight, father and son, mother and daughter will pass by in the corridor outside, and never even know they were relatives! Oh, how much love do you need to do this! Is it strange that the universe loves you so much? Oh, this is a special place, this earth. This is a special place.

Some of you will leave this place and vibrate in this energy for several days. We invite you to do so. There’s nothing wrong with you. You just feel the love of God tonight.

That’s it.



We want to assure those who think they may not be on the right track that you are on the right track. We also want to assure those who want to get some spiritual gifts that you will get them, because you will use them to help all mankind. Human beings can use all the help they can get, especially in your historical period. So you will be taken care of spiritually, and even those who are not interested in spirituality will experience awakening themselves. So, you don’t have to worry about the person you love who hasn’t awakened, or when you will have a breakthrough experience spiritually.

What happens is because they need to happen, because these things happen in the service of humanity. Similarly, when you pray for everyone, meditate for world peace, or when you want those who are oppressed to be free, you have the support of the whole universe and all living beings and the collective in it.

There are many people and great power. The number of people you awaken is increasing every day. You will see the number of awakened souls on earth increase greatly, and you will feel that the people you meet have changed. More importantly, you will feel the difference in the air. You’ll notice that all the energy is shifting for the better, because it’s time. You have come to this point, and you are on the verge of a shift in collective consciousness. No one and nothing can stop this happening, and you who have awakened choose to wake up because you want this special experience to help others awaken and grow as they continue their fifth dimensional journey.

A powerful force in the universe

Daniel Scranton


hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

When we think about how to help human beings better, we are in the best feeling state, because that is the state we need most. The universe will bring us to everyone who receives this information, because the universe sees your needs as well as our needs. You can believe in the power of the universe, especially when it comes to your spiritual growth and evolution. When you want to grow spiritually, even for yourself, it is still a desire to help everyone in your life. Therefore, the universe will arrange all this carefully, you only need little effort, sometimes even no effort.


The most healing thing you can do for another person is to really listen to them and recognize their feelings.

Through surrender, faith, mobility, trust, you find spiritual solutions to human problems.

You understand that the most healing thing you can do for another person is to really listen to them and recognize their feelings.

Imagine how healing it would be if you would do it to any aspect of yourself that has not been healed. This is the reason for the emergence of emotions – not to drown you or make you uncomfortable, but an opportunity for you to maintain a loving space of understanding so that those aspects can transcend the pain of avoidance or neglect and eventually be healed.

You may find it more helpful to worry less about whether something is positive or negative and focus more on whether something is expanding or contracting as you move on to new things. It’s going to take you away from judgment and feel each particular situation to see if it’s giving you power or taking it away. This will transform you out of your head or into the sensory space of your heart, which will always best define the true match of your soul evolution~ Archangel Gabriel

Honey, the brain is like a computer. It only knows what it’s programmed to know. Therefore, it is not the most ideal manifestation tool, because it is limited to its own category of possibilities

If you are uncomfortable with where you are, we would like to point out that this is because what you know is not big enough for you. Your discomfort is preparing you to move, to embrace change and expansion, because as a human being, if you are always comfortable, you will not seek expansion

Discomfort is a sign that you are trapped, that you have grown beyond one level and that you are ready for more. It gives you time to completely break away from the old and be willing to take the next leap

You’re upgrading. You want to start exploring the great unknown, be curious, and see what else is possible. You’re looking for something beyond the brain’s understanding. It means moving to a tool that specifically allows you to reach the highest potential you can’t see

That tool is your heart, because it works with your soul and has access to all the information, plans, potentials, possibilities that you cannot imagine through your limited mind. The beauty of the voyage centered in the heart is that it feels good, because it is full of flowing, magical and magical discoveries.

~Archangel Gabriel

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