Earth, the only planet with free choice everywhere.

There is only one such planet in every universe, and there were other planets with free choice before. There are also planets that graduate from free choice, providing seeds of life for other planets, which then become new planets of sacred free choice.

So here you are, the creative energy in your body has eternal wisdom. It is the wisdom of your galactic years, not your earth. Other planets that existed billions of years ago in this galaxy have participated in additional tests of consciousness. They have graduated to a new level of benevolence and passed on to the next planet. It’s a long-term event, and eventually you’ll do the same thing. In this way, you increase the population of the galaxy with your own seed and the seed before you – the seed of divine purpose.

As you travel through this kindness, it actually shapes the future universe and how smart that design will be. It has been around for a long time to the point where physics can prove that there is an attitude. It’s a kind attitude. That’s a big picture. Let’s take a medium view.

The only sustainable quantum energy on the planet

Let me take you to an experiment ten years ago. There are two men involved in Scotland – a physicist and a doctor. The doctor is Dr. Todd ovokaitys, a colleague of my partner. What a coincidence that these two scientific men meet in this lifetime [Kryon smiles]. Physicists and doctors first work together to develop a sustainable, coherent, controllable and repeatable quantum event. That is to say, they have an invention that can create continuous, repetitive and used quantum energy. They do this by using what we call a quantum holographic lens array to measure the energy of the out of phase laser. A time shift actually happens, and the coherent quantum soup, though very small, is controllable, repeatable, controllable, and can be transmitted to where they want to go.

Now, they are not the first people on earth to create quantum energy. But they were the first to create a designed and repeatable quantum energy. The first person to create quantum energy was Nicolas Tesla. He couldn’t control it, but he knew that quantum energy existed and saw it emerge again and again in his magnetic experiments.

What physicists and doctors did over the next decade showed the quantum factor, because they applied their designed quantum soup to biology. Every time they inject this energy into a biological test or experiment, they are cured! Think about it. What’s the probability that you build some kind of planetary energy and where it points, the disease will be cured? What’s the probability? It’s like throwing a six, then a six, then a six. Are you starting to see a pattern?

When this quantum energy can be replicated in other laboratories, someone (and always will) try to put it on a weapon. Here’s what you should know: this will be the first discovered energy not allowed to do so. It cannot be weaponized because it is benevolent. Imagine a simple physical quantum energy with attitude! What does that mean? It should tell you that something exists in higher physics, not just mathematical and physical properties.

In time, quantum factors will be discovered on this planet. If so, it will be highly controversial, and it will have to face logic and three dimensions, as well as the way things work obtained through scientific methods. It is difficult to threaten all this. The old souls in front of me have promised to make this new energy work. They have traveled for many generations, just waiting for it. If you were a scientist, what would you do if the experiment in front of you had “a brain of your own”? What would you think if magnetism, gravity and light could only produce a healing and never destructive Union in a certain way? All of this will redefine some of the fundamental forces in the universe. Intelligent design is just the first. Even today, many astronomers and physicists still think it’s abnormal.

That will be the biggest discovery on earth in the future. It has been hidden from you because it requires a higher sense of vibration to create and understand. When any planet finds a kind of quantum energy and can use it, you can go to that planet and know that you will meet entities of higher consciousness. This has never been told, because quantum factors contain the secret of using large entangled states in Star Trek. There are many ways to do things that you never thought might happen. You can throw away your rocket ship. You’re on the edge.

DNA — a quantum force

Now let me take you to very small things. More than a decade ago, Vladimir poponin, a Russian scientist, used light in an experiment on a DNA molecule. Through this experiment, he discovered the multidimensional fields around DNA. When DNA appears, light itself forms a mathematical equation [sine wave]. He discovered that DNA has a quantum field. Moreover, it is a quantum field full of information somehow. Otherwise, how can other fields form a sine wave of light? Now, the idea comes from a quantum biologist, not Kryon. However, many people doubt whether this experiment really happened, because it shows something that no one expected. Others just don’t want to see the fact that real quantum biologists have done a real experiment! They chose to relegate all that information to a new era rather than science. Human beings always have fun with science, don’t they? If it doesn’t fit their realistic three-dimensional model, they deny its existence.

When the whole human genome is transcribed, every single chemical component is seen. The number is shocking, because there are more than 3 billion chemical components in such a small molecule that can’t be seen without the help of an electron microscope! The double helix structure is more complex than you know. The molecule is small enough to be in a quantum state, and Vladimir poponin shows that there is actually a field around it, even a single DNA molecule.

Those who are working on the human genome project want to know how the three billion chemicals in DNA make more than 26000 genes in the human body. By the way, there are more than that many genes. I just use scientists’ numbers, not mine. So that’s what they’re interested in. They didn’t see the DNA in the quantum state. They don’t look for it, even if the real science of DNA is shouting with logic that it must be quantum. They don’t look for it. Instead, they count the chemistry and look for the code, and find that they are in a very strange arrangement.

They found that of the three billion chemicals in the double helix of DNA, all genes are made from the protein coding part of DNA. 3.5% of DNA produced all genes. More than 90% of the chemical composition of DNA seems to be random. It has absolutely nothing to do – something they can see or understand. Even today, science has yet to discover the obvious fact that 90% is quantum and 3.5% is linear.

Today, in the most popular multidimensional physics and string theory of your quantum physicists, you often use ten dimensions plus time (11 dimensions) to calculate. If you start asking them how it all looks, they’ll say “random” and “random patterns.”. Because that’s how the quantum field works. They are full of potential, not absoluteness. They are diverse for many reasons… Including human consciousness. One day people will realize that although DNA is a biological molecule, it may be in a quantum state. This will break the “size” rule of quantum states. Because it is actually “mostly quantum,” and even affects the spin of atoms entering its domain. So the next obvious question is, “what information does that 90% of quantum DNA contain?”

Now we’re close to the core truth, aren’t we? Then I’ll tell you. The quantum 90% of DNA is full of information, profound and eternal. It’s your quantum blueprint, recording all your identities and behaviors since you first came to this planet. DNA contains the instruction set of your life; From your complete Akash record – every life you live – and the fingerprints of the benevolent creator within the seed of creation itself. Every talent you once had is there, even if you have no talent now… Records exist. Every weakness and advantage is there. Biologically, every instruction given to every stem cell is there.

Have you ever thought about where stem cells get the “information” to make human beings? It’s in 90 percent of your DNA, it’s all quantum. Why do some quantum DNA contain instructions for making weaker bodies? Why are there some disease tendencies? Now I’m going to tell you this, so that you can understand the next message… Perhaps the most important introduction to biological characteristics ever made.

DNA is a dynamic molecule, not a static one.

Human beings are stuck in the three-dimensional part of biological thinking. In your three-dimensional life, you simply accept the natural chemistry. You act as if 30% of the gene production is all. You think it’s an unalterable chemical protocol, just “you.”. You don’t see the way it was. It’s dynamic, it’s always been. It’s not set, it’s just going to be repeated simply, unless there’s another quantum effect.

So you get used to 3%, as if it’s all, and because it happens to “come with you” and seems to control everything, you never talk to it. Many of you come with the presupposition caused by the karma of the last life. It’s not pure [no karmic energy]. You have presupposition, worry and fear. Some are positive. Maybe you’ve come as a prodigy to continue your last life… An 8-year-old can draw like a master and use strokes that take 30 years to build. What does that say about what’s in DNA?

Maybe you come as a composer, pianist, prodigy, violinist, just waiting for your hands to touch the keyboard or high enough to set the tone. Maybe you know how to play the piano, just waiting for your hands to grow big enough to do what you are used to doing… Without any learning. How do you explain that, honey? The answer is, it’s all contained in the dynamic quantum instruction set in your DNA… The part you never talk to.

Cell division: a static process?

Let me take you to the process of cell division. We’ve said that before, but you need to listen to it to understand how it works. Cells are ready to divide at any time. The human body aims to restore… All tissues. You heard that some organizations can’t recover, that’s not true. All organizations recover at different times, at different speeds and in different ways. It’s recovering. So now you know, the human body is designed to live longer. Unfortunately, the energy you create on this planet and what you’re going through is beating the human body. You can’t live beyond 80. That’s not the point.

Biblical characters, sometimes prophets, sometimes masters, sometimes lived there… For hundreds of years. is that true? Or is it just a metaphor? Is there no mistake in the transcription of the Bible? I want to tell you the truth. This is very accurate. You lived a long life thousands of years ago, Lemurian. If you know your life span, you’ll take a breath. But not now. The indication of planetary energy is transmitted to DNA over time, exactly… The energy you create through consciousness.

A cell split. Just before it split, it needed a blueprint to replicate itself. The blueprint can be obtained from stem cells. Stem cells get their information from the quantum part of DNA, which has never changed since you were born. The information stays the same because nothing has ever changed it… In fact, you don’t believe it’s changeable, you just accept aging. There is no conscious effort to do something about it, and it just stays there without change.

The dividing cell “says” to the stem cell: “do the same thing you’ve been doing? Change what? ” Stem cells as like as two peas are dividing cells: “create another cell that is exactly the same.” Then you go back to where you were last time and accept what you were born with.

There is another quantum energy with quantum factors on the planet… Great transformation. This is a new kindness that you have created. Now you are in the midst of a revolutionary change that some people know and feel. It’s a shift in human consciousness, and it’s moving towards the quantum factor, because in consciousness you’re becoming more quantized… And it’s becoming benevolent. That’s why you see the earth react like this.

You start to see that people don’t allow the old system. You will no longer have dictators. Citizens around the world want to control their lives. They don’t want war. They want their families to be safe! They want peace and prosperity. They want their children and grandchildren to have a better life. You start to see it happen over and over again where there have been dictators for years.

Someone asked, “when will this happen in Africa? Will it have a revolution of goodwill? ” So once again, I want to tell you about the next generation. Guess who’s going there to make sure this happens? The man in the chair[ Li]. It’s his choice, and he’s ready. He will have black skin and, as before, he will be where he needs to be.

75 years from now, he will be ready to go there. He will not be a psychic. There’s no way to prove it, is there? He doesn’t know who he was… He just knows what he should do. Like a genius, it’s written in his DNA, it’s written by him! He won’t be lonely because people he knows will go there, too. Even doctors( Dr. Todd ovokaitys). Cause and effect, you often travel together, except my partner has lost cause and effect! So what happens then? The answer is freedom of choice and control over who you are going to be. He will arrive “and participate in a part of a benevolent United Africa.”.

By then, there will be a cured Africa, mature and ready to be built into one of the most resourceful continents on the planet ever… Without any democratic history. They don’t need to forget anything! They can start from scratch. They can take the best system they’ve ever seen and build it. Africa will become one of the richest continents in the world. They will hold a currency, by the way[ Kryon [smiles]

Someone said, “well, what about China? They’re huge. Look at their achievements. ” So let me say it again and see what they need to forget. They have to rewrite thousands of years of culture to change. Africa will only have the history you see today. Maladies, diseases, dictators… And survival problems. There is no achievement to remember or rewrite. It will be native… And merciful! This is the benevolent energy that works for you on this planet in synchrony. Have you ever thought about what kind of energy can develop like this? Because I love you and it has a tendency!

Great transformation

Here’s what you should know: in this transformation of human consciousness, you begin to accept the quantum element of kindness in human consciousness. That is to say, human nature is becoming more and more benevolent. It also means that you are now able to connect with another quantum field… The field around you called mecaba, your DNA field. This will produce “a quantum convergence of interactions with others.”. I don’t know if you understand what this means in physics, but I’ll tell you. Your idea will come true.

So, what’s the first thing you want to create, human? The possibility of rewriting your DNA, how… The quantum part that talks to stem cells and makes you live longer? How about another hundred years? Every time I ask like this, humans always give me the standard three-dimensional answer of old energy… I just heard it here“ It won’t be me! I don’t want that. I’m in terrible shape now. I will be old and weak. At the same time, the earth will not support it. The population will be too large. This is not a responsible thing. We can’t even support that many people. “

Oh, you are so beautiful! Do you see your prejudice?

Those who only see black and white all their lives are afraid of color. What are we going to do? It will be chaotic. It will distract us. We don’t even know what to do! We may even self destruct.

What if… Just if… You get smarter at the same time? What if you start to control the population and make better use of the earth’s energy. What if you stop using up the earth’s energy and rely on what we call ocean power? What if you decided to dig a big hole and let the heat under your feet evaporate instead of building a nuclear reactor? If you finally realize that nuclear reactors are the most expensive and dangerous steam engines in the world! There are many ways to generate steam that won’t hurt an animal, air molecules, and that process is ready for you to discover. If you become kind and responsible, will Gaia support the balance of your population? What a concept!

What’s the second thing you want to change? How about making peace on this planet? Believe it or not, this is actually going on for 50 years!

Change what’s in your DNA

Stem cells are the only thing that changes your DNA. Your emotional traces… Allow the energy of consciousness? People in this room need to hear that. Who are the people you won’t forgive? Who engraves something in your heart that you will never forget and reminds you of every day when you wake up? I know who’s here. Remember… When a cell divides, let’s call it a brain cell, and it asks, “same or different?” Have you ever talked to cells about this? Do you want it to stay in your life forever“ Same or different? ” Your DNA can be more benevolent if you want to. It’s more peaceful if you’re willing to be afraid. Even if it’s an event that makes a terrible impression on your mind and makes you feel unforgettable, it can be rewritten as balance! Do you understand what we’re talking about? You control everything! Have you noticed? You can rewrite anything. That’s the power of humanity in this new energy.

The old soul has experience

In this new energy, the old soul will follow up first. Maybe you’re an old soul… Intelligent people on the planet, and you start to change. People around you see in you… Maybe even a change in human nature, and they say, “what do you get? I want to What would you say?

You must not have a book for Kryon! You never have to say a word about your belief system. Instead, they watch you work with others; They see you in love with people who don’t look cute. They look at you and care about people you would never care about before.

Is humanity becoming more humane? It’s very likely that you’re starting to see it in areas you never thought of. Politics began to change. The way you do business is beginning to change. Your expectations of others become more peaceful and harmless. Oh, honey, there are always imbalances. There will always be people you can’t control. There will always be human freedom of choice and prison. Some people who come to this planet for the first time don’t know how things work and always make mistakes, just like you. I mean that most people’s consciousness moves slowly, and the old soul is the first to see it and drive change.

There is an inheritance in this room. It’s not a person’s many lives, but the wisdom that brings you here. It’s wise for you to ask questions about civilization and the earth: “when can we learn?” You say? Well, it started, and in order to ask that question you have to see the question, right? There is a huge pool of wisdom in this room. Do you feel it?

So, dear human, you have the ability to begin to recover the energy that you thought was lost, where humans can live longer without destroying the environment. They don’t overbreed, because they can control the population by thinking, not by law… And wisdom.

One day you will meet the star seed, your Pleiadian brothers and sisters. Even now they’re here because they’re quantum. You have an Pleiadian ancestor who lived for a long, long time on a planet that had graduated, and that planet passed tests like you. And the quantum factor is established. They have kindness and quantum energy. That’s why they can come here and go back immediately, and they will never interrupt your free choice. That’s why they don’t land and say hello. Instead, they’re sitting on the sidelines cheering on for what you’ve achieved in the end. They are waiting to celebrate with you the winter solstice of December 2012… The middle of your 36 year transition.

Before we finish, honey, we’ll tell you again that it’s a slow process. We’ve seen it before. It takes generations to experience children’s children’s children. It’s not a magnesium lamp experience. Some things may take a while to move forward. But if you look at the whole picture, it’s a slow sailing ship, and its rudder of wisdom is moving towards an era of isolated hatred and no cultural or religious cloaks. That’s because quantum mechanics is benevolent, and humans are beginning to see that.

So that’s the fact of the day. That’s the energy of the day. These are the possibilities that I see, this day, that’s why we tell you this news on this day. Leave this place differently from when you came, and know more about who you are and what you’ve done and what’s in front of you.

I’m Kryon, the lover of mankind.

be it so.


Kryon: quantum factors — Physics with attitude (text)

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