It’s time to live the life you want to live^_^

It is incomplete that any spirituality and practice can not serve your life and the change of your personal behavior and expression

Spirituality is for change, and so is any waiting, practice, or action you take, especially when you know that time has come

Any contact and group interaction is only for one thing, to live the life you want to live^_^

Interplanetary seeds and Lightworkers live the life they want to live. This is the way to truly spread light and love, through your walk, through your contact, because you are born free and good code, and need your change to bring out, stabilize, anchor and spread

The world has the world’s life, you have your life, you just want to live your own life, how can you be happy and focused, how can you live the next 100 or even 1000 years without peace and focus

It’s not a joke. It’s a task and a code. It’s designed in advance. There must be pioneers to spread for 100, 200, or even thousands of years, and then there will be follow-up relay to spread for 100, 200, or even thousands of years in a larger scope and in-depth

All of these have a foundation. Love the earth, love the life on the earth, not the life of others. You live your own freedom, existence, supreme sovereignty, balance from the inside out, rest, release and let go

To live the life you want to live is not just the code of interplanetary seeds and Lightworkers, but the code of all human beings, when everyone starts to make decisions

It’s also planned for the people around you to leave one by one, in order to achieve greater release and change
Welcome a new life of freedom, full of hope and openness

The end of the world doesn’t seem to match the time to live the life you want to live. In fact, it’s the time when not only you but all mankind need such joy, hope and release

The light that drives you to escape and escape is the same energy that drives you to change, but you choose not to escape from the earth and life, but to live the life you want to live and let go of others

The next few months and a year will greatly accelerate your evolution into a new human. When you choose to let go and open up, deeply rooted in the energy resonance of mother earth, you will no longer complain, complain, take action to rest and meditate, and observe your own initiative

To live the life you want to live is to separate any attempt to keep and go back to the old days. Therefore, it is necessary to experience the innocuous collapse of the sky. It is necessary to experience the loss and loss of life and life with fear every day. It is also necessary to experience the struggle and peace with people around you every day

Living the life you want to live is no less than rebuilding after a disaster. First of all, it comes from the inner reconstruction of the people who choose to take this road, until they can accept everything and put everything down

That’s the day you want to live. Everything else is an episode

No matter what, joy


Alignment of actions after the inner^_^

sananda 1/25

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When more awakened people are still waiting, and continue to resist and refuse to accept, more pioneers have begun to challenge the inherent constraints in action

2021 will be the year of action realignment for more pioneers

Challenge to the inherent constraints, accept everything in action, and constantly try to adjust the new life and work environment

Mind and object, internal and external, mind and body, vitality and thought all need to make themselves jump to alignment with soul plan in action
Although the book of ascension tells you that there is no absolute freedom, there is only balance. In fact, the free space of every dimension is caused by the “inevitable turn of things”

Rebirth, from death to life, from internal extremes and limits to external bondage and release, or money, or marriage, or sex, or parental relationship, or work, are all fear, bondage, and judgment

Is there any repeated or temporary pause? Naturally

This is the process of high vibration of internal atoms carrying open energy from the source and letting go of all constraints in the higher wisdom of intuition

This is also freedom. Only when there are constraints can there be freedom, so you pursue a free life. In fact, you learn to let go of constraints and let it / her / him fly

You just follow, allow and face
Because you know, the new life is modeling, opening up from the source, supplying higher speed atoms, starting to turn things around, starting to shrink and shape, forming new family and social relationships

No miracle or miracle can be compared with your acceptance of the status quo and seeing the beauty of life, because you have experienced miracles, but you have not tried them yet

However, the magic and miracle training you have experienced can help you stabilize your mind and reshape your life matrix. It does not depend on magic and miracle, but on acceptance, existence and flow

This is also the “duality” and membrane of freedom of every dimension of time matrix. Not only the third dimension, the fourth dimension, including the fifth dimension, but also the twelfth dimension blueprint have duality as long as they are in the time matrix

It’s just that duality is less and less obvious, and unity is more and more shaped in body and action. It’s not just the inner sense of unity, then your body will really be one with all people

Cherish the present experience moment, and let yourself move forward bravely. In the constant trial and trial of debugging, it’s not just waiting and meditating all day long

More contact with people, especially those around you have rigid relationship, accept the beauty of life
Live the freedom you want

Believe that your joy and excitement are higher than everything else, and that your higher self has been looking after you, the group tutor group with the nearest dimension to you

So, there is no indulgence, there is no lawlessness, so what is fear, death, decomposition and a new beginning
And you are always aware, following in the high vibration

So think about it carefully, have you stopped, winced, twisted and even metamorphosed from indulgence and lawlessness

In fact, this is the beginning and reason for the indulgence and lawlessness of those who have been overstocking and repressing for a long time

Believe in your awareness, believe in your path of “monks visiting brothels, nuns cheating”, because you only live in a higher vibration

Other people and things are on the list of letting you go. They are all here to help you. Whether they are biting you, pinching your neck, swearing and blaming, or serving you tea and water, they are on the list of letting go and accepting

Because all this comes from your high vibration, which twists space and time. Naturally, it will cause movement. It will come from you, and it will serve you
For you to go further, live more open and free

You don’t want much, just live the life you want, that’s all

It’s all worth it

Celebrate your birthday

You know inside

Thank you

I love you


This is for those who are willing to let go and enter the awakening, because if you are not willing to let go, your reality will remain the same and will not change greatly. In the end, you can only wait for the greater impact and awakening with most human beings.

This is another rare opportunity to let go of all the people and things that make you feel uncomfortable and finish your healing work peacefully. The emotional adjustment or out of control during the healing process is also on the list. Don’t worry about it, because it’s nothing compared with ascension and living the life you want to live.

It is also necessary to take good care of your daily life, cleanliness and necessary housework, and to keep fit when you have a good rest, because you need a body with balanced protein, carbohydrates, fat and salt, a body with toughness and elasticity, and a high vibration body connected with the source, so that you can load and expand higher frequency vibration energy. My approach is to eat vegetarian food Drink plenty of water and barefoot indoors and outdoors, you can also have more forms of your own fitness. A good rest is the foundation, because in this process, because of a lot of cleaning work of cells and emotions, people are easy to get sick and tired.

Let go of your own control, and let go of your family, including your children, to learn how to take care of others as much as you can, and to accept the care of others.

You should know that this period is also a time when conflicts are easily triggered. Just as we reminded me two years ago, let go, don’t participate in disputes, say what you want to say, push what you want to push, help people if you have spare power, take back if they don’t accept, respond in understanding if they have verbal attacks, and if they can’t, just think about that person in light and love, and don’t miss him with hatred, Because hatred is what these people love, reflection and love are what they lack, which is equivalent to putting a pot of carbon fire on their heads, because light and love make them miserable. Light and love make them restrained, change their mind, stubborn, and can only endure pain. This is also the reason why the existing energy makes these people burst out, because there is a crisis of survival, If you find so many different kinds, you will be regarded as a great enemy. So, know why we let you send light and love to these people. It can not only transform your grievances with positive energy, but also give them the opportunity to change.

Lightworkers in the workplace can also enter the lay down mode, that is, they only focus on their own interests and inner guidance, no longer focus on making money and more orders, and let go step by step until they quit the workplace and enter a new workplace no longer for the purpose of trading and buying. The spiritual work circle of Lightworkers is a new social form and structure.

All these will be realized in five years. For those who are willing to let go, it can be realized in one or two years. Therefore, time is not the key. The key is whether you really take action, let go, have a rest and receive healing. Let ascension become your mission, task and most interesting thing.

Let go, let go of everything.

If you have any questions, you can add wechat friend 13501198210

Be positive and optimistic, put everything down and welcome a new life.


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