Be in the right place at the right time^_^

Some of you just need to be reminded from time to time that you live in an ocean of energy, and the only force worth using at any time is the power of love.

Will be in the right place at the right time, as they enter the inner control center, which is located in your heart position and in the solar plexus.

Daniel Scranton


hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We come into contact with so many different energies and forces, and we find it challenging to figure out what we’ve been facing all along. This is the chaos of the earth. This confusion is because you have been given the power to sift through many different energies and powers, use the ones that work for you, and then discard the rest. What kind of energy or power are you required to use at a particular moment or for a particular desire.

It’s more challenging for you than for us, because your mind is limited. You often misuse your mind when trying to figure out something. There are also people trying to figure out why something exists in the mind in the first place. Because of its limited capacity, your mind tends to be short circuited. That’s why you have your own senses and intuition.

That’s why people who talk about energy and vibration often make the right decisions. They’re usually in the right place at the right time, because they’re in the inner center of control, which is in your heart and the solar plexus. These two areas are your centers of power, and they can make you aware of whether a certain situation, or a certain person, or even a certain room, is suitable for contact with a certain energy at that particular moment.

A person who can distinguish between all kinds of energy and power can create very well. You are able to help yourself and others because you are willing to participate in this level of activity that goes beyond what your mind can think of. When you are willing to touch the energy and feel the vibration, your mind becomes clearer because you have taken off its burden. You give it a chance to relax. This is meditation.

When you meditate, feel the energy inside and around you, and know that you can make full use of them and guide them to become what you want. As long as you simply clear your mind, you can feel how powerful, creative and broad your inner power is. If you’ve been doing this for a while, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Some of you just need to be reminded from time to time that you live in an ocean of energy, and the only force worth using at any time is the power of love.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.∞the -9d-arcturian-council/


Cut off the reaction from “pain” to “bitter”

A meditation school

Question: you said that Buddha would also be sick and painful, but would not feel bitter. Isn’t pain bitter?

A response from a thinker

For ordinary people, pain is bitter.

But for a man who has practiced introspection for many years,

Pain is pain, not pain.

The pain stops in itself,

It doesn’t grow into pain any more.

For the inner practitioners,

Pain is a natural phenomenon,

He will not suffer from a natural phenomenon.

Because of some natural phenomenon,

For example, is it windy or rainy and suffering?

Unless you are mad, you will not suffer from some natural phenomenon.

Similarly, a sober inner observer will not.

Pain and bitterness are two things,

The inner observer can see clearly.

Pain is an important condition for suffering,

But it’s not necessarily bitter when there’s pain.

From pain to pain,

There is also an important “heart line”.

That is: be careful when you “produce” aversion or rejection, bitterness occurs;

Be careful when “just” observes consciously and equally,

Pain is just pain. It doesn’t happen.

Ordinary people don’t observe their body and mind,

I don’t know what happens in my body and mind every moment.

And the reaction from pain to pain is extremely rapid,

Because people have no idea about the process,

So after a long time, ordinary people equate pain with pain, and think that pain is pain.

However, pain is pain, pain is pain.

If you look closely, you will find that:

Pain does not belong to the body, nor does it belong to the heart——

The body is pure material, it will not hurt;

It doesn’t belong to the heart. The heart is a clean awareness, and it doesn’t hurt.

If pain doesn’t belong to the body or the heart,

So what’s going on with it?

It is the third way of the body and mind,

Like lightning in the air.

Lightning belongs neither to the sky nor to udo,

It’s a continuous discharge of clouds in the sky.

In fact, the same is true of our inner pain,

It is a continuous discharge of body and mind.

When you’re in pain, it’s not your body,

It’s not the heart that hurts, it’s the pain that hurts.

Can you understand that?

When you understand that,

When people say “my body is in pain” and “my heart is in pain.”,

You don’t really think it’s a pain in your body or heart.

But in order to communicate with people normally,

When you’re in pain,

You can also say “my body is in pain” or “my heart is in pain”.

The inner observer is equal and aware to observe “pain”,

He looks at it like a table, a chair, a bench in front of him,

So he no longer reacts abhorrently to it,

So only pain, no more pain.

Therefore, for an observer, pain is not bitter.

Pain is pain, there is no pain. That’s it.

Every Buddha in the world,

Both of them are adept and mature practitioners,

They cut off the habitual reaction from “pain” to “bitter”,

So, suffering in their world no longer exists.

A Buddha can be seriously ill, but suffering never arises.

Pain and joy, for them is a kind of reality.

Sitting on the brazier of the four great harmonies,

The smiles of Buddhas never increased or decreased.

All Buddhas are people who laugh at sickness, aging and death.

To cut off the habitual reaction from “pain” to “bitterness”, in accordance with the holy flow.


Source message: release the old

Life is like a river

Now, kids, everything is accelerating, whether it’s the energy that’s hitting the earth, or the transformation and cleansing within you. Everything is stirring and spinning faster.

The heavy and dense energy waste will be thrown out. This process is like using a dryer to dehydrate your laundry. Under the action of centrifugal force, moisture will be separated from clothes.

So, under the impact of the high-frequency energy from the universe, at a time when everything is speeding up, the garbage will be thrown out. The dark energy once attached to the earth will also be completely transformed.

Nothing can be hidden again under the wind of divine energy. Everything will be opened, about the truth of the universe and the world, about the history of mankind and the earth.

Kids, there’s a huge cleanup going on inside of you, and sometimes it’s like a tornado or a flood. You’ll feel like you’re floating, out of balance, or floating in the current, and you don’t know where you’re going to be rushed.

But for different people, the process is different. For those children who have been cleaning up for a long time, the present moment will not be so difficult. Because they have been in this process for a long time, and they are cleaning up more slowly.

But now the children who just wake up and start cleaning are facing a strong energy shock, and they don’t have so much time and opportunity to clean up slowly.

Gaia is also speeding up the cleaning of the surface, and this is what you’re seeing now, rainstorms and floods everywhere. This is the role of elements. Elements are not only the building materials of life, but also the carrier of divine power.

Gaia in the physical level of cleaning, mainly with the help of elements, water elements, fire elements, wind elements, soil elements. These elements will play their respective roles. Sometimes, the process seems to be disastrous, even merciless.

But you know, without the movement of these elements, the dense garbage on the physical level cannot be cleaned up. The catastrophes that you seem to be full of destruction are also a necessary part of rebirth.

I know that many children are very sensitive and kind-hearted. They don’t want to see so many lives. Because of the role of elements, they leave the world. But life is really eternal, and those who leave are also in their plans.

You can keep peace and pray for the world, but don’t grieve too much. Anyone you love is connected in eternity. The love between you will not disappear, and what you have experienced together will not really be lost.

Children, the new world must be built on a solid foundation, so everything that used to be built on quicksand will gradually disappear.

The social structure accumulated with money, power and wealth to enslave and oppress human beings will disappear, and the buildings that go against nature and humanistic care will gradually disappear.

I hope you don’t be afraid, the old don’t go, the new don’t come. Therefore, you should be more open to the process and believe that you are protected.

And no matter what happens, life will not disappear, but will continue to exist in different ways.

Thanks for reading and deep blessing!


Team of light collective message: the process of ascension

Life is like a river

Dear Lightworkers, earth angels, Hello! We are the group of light and are here today to talk with you about the process of earth’s ascension.

Earth’s ascension is no longer a strange word for those of you who follow the process and listen to the information. But many people still have some misunderstandings about ascension.

The ascension of the earth is mainly a process of energy, not a process of physical space-time. In other words, the contrast of energy, not the movement of time, is related to the process of earth’s ascension.

Simply speaking, the key to the earth’s ascension is to replace the dark energy with the light energy, so that the dark energy can no longer control the earth.

In the space-time beyond three dimensions, there is neither time nor linear space-time process. Therefore, we often say that light has won, which is a fact.

But at the physical level, there are still some spokesmen of the dark forces who continue to serve those energies.

These people who serve the dark forces won’t exist for long, but we really can’t tell you the physical time. Because at the energy level, everything is changing, and there is no exact time node.

Therefore, it is also an important and difficult process for you ground personnel. We know that you are looking forward to meeting with Galactic brothers, ascended masters, friendly aliens, and your soul family.

But at the physical level, we didn’t show up for a long time. This is because, for most people in your world, it is very difficult for us to appear in your sky at this moment, or directly in front of you.

Considering the process of transformation, we hope to be as peaceful as possible, and we will not rashly show up on a large scale.

But you can meet us in your dreams, and we will appear in the sky from time to time, as this channel often notices.

I hope you will continue to be calm and patient, and try to stay in the middle as much as possible. You have chosen to come to this world and complete your work of light, which is blessed and honored.

And you have always been with us, although you sometimes fight alone, but really never alone. We will protect you and help you when you need to.

Soldiers for the liberation of the earth and mankind, you are all superheroes. Gaia needs you, humans need you, and we need you. Move on, I believe everything is going well!

Thanksgiving reading, deep reading!


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