[language of light] peace and let go

Pilot whale is a highly social animal. It is one of the smartest mammals on the earth. Like human beings, its females also experience menopause. Pilot whales usually live in groups of 10 to 30, but some populations can reach hundreds or more, forming a close matriarchal social relationship, and the population is highly stable. Both males and females of pilot whales stay in their mother’s group for life. Males use the way of “walking marriage” to mate with females in other groups, spend several months together, and then return to their own group. So far, no “Bachelor” group has been found.

It takes three to five years for a pilot whale to give birth. Each pregnancy is about 12 to 16 months. The lactation period is three to three and a half years, and it will continue to drink milk until the age of 13 to 15. Therefore, the female pilot whale will always secrete milk and lactate, not only her own cubs, but also other cubs in the group. Pilot whales also communicate with each other through complex sounds, and each group has a unique sound to keep in touch.



[language of light] peace and let go

From sky to earth


Source: brothers of light

Transmission: Monique Mathew

Lu Ying

To clear

My own box,

In itself

Creating unity,

As much as possible

Absorb love, tolerance

Compassion and peace.

It will make you happy

make preparation,

Take you to


Life cycle.

Stay alert,

Don’t have it

Useless anger.

Everything is OK

Dealing with it peacefully,

Send to others

Peace and tranquility.

Most important

Most urgent,

It’s you

Self transformation,

That’s right

Awareness of the truth of life.

Everything else,

It doesn’t matter!

As much as possible

Let go.

Let go of life,

Let go of others,

Never want to go

Transform anyone.

You’re the only one

It should be transformed,

Only myself.

Be aware of it

You should be yourself

How to change.

For their own

Some encounters,


You can’t let go,

Can’t forgive,

I don’t understand,

Your pain

It will be very strong.

Compared with others,

Your pain

It’s much stronger.

Because of you

The more evolution,

In feeling, emotion

And emotionally,

The more you get

Delicate and delicate.


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