Prehistoric whale

Human Chronicles: Sirians’ questions and answers about the history of the earth (origin of human beings, Maldek, 12th celestial body, Martian pyramid)

✡ Human origin

Virginia: we want to make sure we know the origin of galactic humans, an aquatic primate from Vega Lyra. Can you explain the initial environment? Where do they come from? How did they learn to live in the ocean? 

Washta: This creature was originally a primate, and it happened that they could fish by the sea. They gradually went deep into the ocean and began to change their consciousness. Then it gradually lost its fur and became what all human beings are today. As this ability changes, they become very skilled sea dwellers. You can think of them as modern sea otters, off the coast of California and elsewhere in the Pacific Basin. What these otters do is learn how to live completely on the water, in other words, how to float in the ocean. By doing so, they can co-exist at the tidal seaside without difficulty, even far away from the ocean. This aquatic primate has the ability to develop tools, though simple enough to fish and get food. From this ability they developed into hunting and social groups or tribes, because primates are very gregarious by nature. 

In the end, however, they began to leave the ocean for the seaside. Around this time, the prehistoric whale civilization and the spiritual Presbyterian group of the earth discovered these aquatic primates. They asked the permission of the spiritual Presbyterian group of the Vega galaxy to step in and accelerate the evolution of these aquatic primates into galactic civilization, which may take millions of years. Instead, it took only two million years. Although it is still a gradual process, it is also a pattern of accelerated interference in natural evolution after being recognized. This genetic intervention occurs because these creatures are found to have the ability to become Guardian species of the galaxy through their relationship with each other. 

As we explained earlier, there are extraordinary aquatic primates in the Vega galaxy, whose unique development eventually evolved into a galactic Guardian race. In other words, they became the human model – your ancestors. They quickly acquired technical knowledge, developed the ability to cross the galaxy, and helped other species make the entire guardianship process possible. You can say that this is a miracle created by the spiritual Presbyterian group of the earth, which is ultimately attributed to the creator’s divine plan and Time Lord.

Virginia: primates have emerged from the natural evolution of etheric creation on earth, which has nothing to do with the aquatic humans who created the lyre civilization. Can I understand that?

Washta: humans brought from the Vega galaxy are different species, not the product of natural evolution in your solar system. 

Virginia: in other words, Charles Darwin’s theory of species evolution is wrong about apes and humans? 

Washta: Yes. This is a completely wrong assumption and will eventually be buried in the next few years. Most of the animal life on earth and most of the plants originated from other planets. The earth has to restructure many times to maintain the ecosystem. Many disastrous wars have done great damage to your planet, and life has to start over many times. 

✡ Dinosaur reptiles

Virginia: about the three earliest non-human civilizations on earth – reptiles, dinosaurs and prehistoric whales. Please explain how these groups came to earth.

Washta: Prehistoric cetaceans evolved naturally on the planet, earlier than all the mammals on your planet. This fact seems to contradict the evidence left on earth, such as bones and other fossil structures. Geologists should recognize that the destruction of fossils by reptiles and dinosaurs has destroyed a lot of evidence. Only these prehistoric cetaceans, as we call them, have survived as the legacy of your planet. As a result, the evolution of the planet is totally different from what geologists, anthropologists and paleontologists now think. 

Virginia: if we compare intelligence quotient, what’s the intelligence level of reptiles and dinosaurs? Which of the three races appeared first? 

Washta: compared with the modern earth people, they are all Einstein level. After all, they have the ability to travel long distances through what you call spaceships. Not only do they use spaceships, some even use light bodies to move instantaneously from one place to another. These Reptilians and dinosaurs have full consciousness. 

Soon after mammals appeared on earth, reptiles and dinosaurs appeared. Therefore, it can be said that it appeared almost at the same time, regardless of the order. 

✡ Evolution / classification of cetaceans

Virginia: can you explain how the prehistoric whale, a land mammal based on respiration, entered the ocean and became the whale of today? 

Washta: Here’s the thing. When the nuclear fusion generator exploded and destroyed the reptilian and dinosaur civilizations, the prehistoric whale leadership had to leave some whales on earth in order to act as planet guardians. These guardians maintain the energy integrity of the biosphere and continue the process of cooperation with the spiritual Presbyterian order (from devas to archangels) for their demands to sustain life on earth. So they have to find a kind of media that will enable them to survive the disaster. Only a large area of water – the ocean – is the only possible solution. 

Virginia: Yes, I understand their decision, but how did they do it? 

Washta: because cetaceans are fully conscious creatures, after a long period of transformation, they can evolve from terrestrial creatures to marine creatures. It took them about two million years to revive evolution in a dynamic way. At first, they almost maintained themselves in the way of ethicism, and later they re transformed into material form. Once they had completed their physical form, they began to evolve into the earliest whales and dolphins on earth, the early primitive cetaceans you know today found in Earth’s fossils. 

Virginia: Why are some of the cetaceans so big and some dolphins so small? 

Washta: that’s because in the life cycle of the ocean, each niche needs different sizes of caretakers and different life stages. Therefore, each species is given an ecological niche or position as part of the biosphere protection. It was decided that a large organism was needed to provide the whole beginning of life in the biosphere. That’s why large creatures such as right whales, humpbacks and blue whales have been selected to do the job. Their job is to integrate the sonar’s energy model so that the biosphere can exist every year. Smaller whales (dolphins) are committed to interacting with the ocean’s native food chain by becoming smaller and having teeth. So the whale’s mission now is to protect life in the sea and on land. When humans become fully conscious again, they will take over the task of protecting life on land. 

Virginia: what’s the difference between dolphins and porpoises? 

Washta: dolphins and porpoises work by species. They help species in the ocean by maintaining the energy of the biological field. Occasionally, they also help specific individuals or species on land. Large whales are responsible for maintaining the entire biosphere. You can understand it this way: large whales, such as humpback whales, create a huge backdrop for all life on the planet. They are the defenders of life, in order to maintain life. Small whales, such as dolphins, represent specific species on land or in the ocean as part of the background painting of this giant sketch. From the whole incredible network came the final picture, creating life patterns for all species to fully sustain their life essence.


Human Chronicles: the forgotten history of the earth

Dorothy star library September 13, 2019–yse53a6w

This article is translated from “you are becoming a galactic human >” Chapter 5 – the forgotten history of the earth, written by Sheldon nidle to deliver the message of the Sirius Committee.

Today, our three members of the Sirius Council will provide information, including washta, a representative of the Galactic Federation, who is training to become a master of Sirius ascension; Teletron is a Sirius galactic historian and an expert on human galactic civilization; And mikah, a Sirian historian, geologist, and cetacean biologist.

In this chapter, we will present a complete historical record of all the past human civilizations on earth, from the beginning about 35 million years ago to the present. These studies are important because they will give you an idea of what’s going on in the galaxy today and why they are so different from events that you think have happened in the past. Most importantly, you will finally know the true history of the earth and the role of mankind in its development.

In order to explain the changes in these galaxies in a very clear way, we will use the timeline to guide the reader and provide the sequence of these events. Let’s start this research by looking back at the history of your solar system, starting with the non-human civilization on your planet, until the formation of the last human colony on earth, the lost Lemurian continent, influenced by the Lyra / Sirian culture( See below – History of the earth: from 35 million B.C. to 900000 B.C.)

About 35 million years ago, the Time Lords and spiritual hierarchy of your solar system decided to create etheric beings as guardian species of earth and the surrounding solar system. This angelic form of life served as a medium until the evolution of the more corporeal primates, the guardians of the earth on land. In fact, over the next 8 million years, a primate based life form developed on earth until it could one day replace the temporary etheric civilization created by the spiritual Presbyterian order.

The original divine plan for material life on your planet was conceived by the creator and executed by the time Lord as a wide variety. In addition, this diversity is formed so that more than one terrestrial species can eventually rise to a high level of consciousness and have the opportunity to become guardians of the planet. About 26 million years ago, two non-human space civilizations came to earth and established colonies. These two non-human civilizations are reptiles or Reptilians (from the lesser known constellation Sagittarius) and dinosaurs or dinosaurs (from the Bellatrix system of Orion).

These two civilizations entered your solar system and claimed that it was part of their overall mission to create a myth that conceived the entire galaxy as their property, related to what they thought was appropriate. The etheric beings and their angels who now occupy the earth have decided to allow this colonization to take place and work for the final change of two hostile civilizations. Over the next 8 million years, as the spiritual Presbyterian group sent more and more loving energy to them, the two civilizations began to slowly allow mammals on earth to evolve into a state of awareness. The first generation was terrestrial prehistoric cetaceans (ancestors of modern dolphins and whales). They developed a primitive agricultural society and were able to produce enough food for the other two more advanced civilizations. This prehistoric cetacean civilization was endowed with advanced technology to improve food production capacity. They can easily meet the food needs of dinosaurs and reptiles, and build a successful but passive relationship with them.

These three civilizations have coexisted with each other for many years and have carried out a lot of cooperation at all levels. With the rapid development of trade, it seems that the earth is about to realize significant changes in the form of civilized life and planetary guardianship. About 10 million years ago, these three civilizations were busy creating technologies based on advanced space and interstellar time travel. At the same time, beings from different interstellar civilizations began to arrive in the solar system, willing to trade with the three civilizations on earth. These interstellar beings send messages to other galaxies that there are incredible diversity of life on earth, and that three unique civilizations coexist with each other.

Your solar system is remarkable for its exquisite beauty, diversity and cooperative life forms. Because of what happened, there are a lot of legends and prophecies all over the galaxy. These legends lead many groups of Orion’s dinoid / reptoid alliance to want to visit your solar system, because they deeply feel that reptilian / Dinosaur civilizations should not cooperate with each other without their consent – because they have reached some reptilian / Dinosaur alliance agreements.

So a team from Bellatrix, as well as a team from other stars in Orion, arrived in the solar system and began to explore what happened here. They are shocked by what they see, because it runs counter to the core of their creation myth, which is the fundamental pillar of their entire alliance. This core myth can be expressed as follows:

They believe that when life was first established in the galaxy, the creator told all reptilian / Dinosaur civilizations that they were created in the image of the creator and gave them the right to rule all life in the galaxy as long as they were happy. Even all dinosaur / reptilian civilizations have been told that no other lower life is allowed to be the guardians of the Galaxy! Taking advantage of this decree’s superiority, the Dinosaurs / reptiles spread their violence and terror throughout the galaxy for more than 16 million years. However, there are not only three civilizations on earth, but they are equal to Orion culture.

The two non-human groups saw a disturbing difference and decided that something must be done about it. So the Orion dinosaurs began to put pressure on the earth’s dinosaurs, asking them to build a specially trained armed force in their own team, the only purpose of which was to destroy the mammal (Prehistoric cetacean) society. This mammal group is made up of the land ancestors of the modern marine cetaceans (whales and dolphins) on earth

This prehistoric cetacean leadership, through the use of their huge collective consciousness and superb psychic ability, realized that something dangerous was happening between Orion’s Dinosaur group and earth’s original dinosaur group. Prehistoric cetacean leaders worried that this was the beginning of a war that would lead to the total destruction of their civilization. To be sure that this premonition is correct, they summoned their great prophet and confirmed that the Dinosaurs / reptiles are planning a violent plot against them. Their prophets and tribal counsellors put forward feasible solutions in the meeting, which must be discussed with the spiritual Presbyterian group of the earth before implementation.

The main points of the discussion are as follows: what is the purpose of this group from Bellatrix for the solar system? Second, if the other two civilizations (dinosaurs and reptiles) decided to eliminate prehistoric cetaceans, what would be the impact on the development of the earth? Third, if other civilizations are also involved in this conspiracy, how should prehistoric whales deal with this problem? If the above view is correct, will the angel level allow prehistoric cetaceans to preempt? The spiritual Presbyterian group told the prehistoric whale that all these views were correct. As a result, there is still enough time to prepare for a preemptive attack, as most of the dinosaur and reptilian leaders oppose a quick attack on prehistoric whales.

For another 10000 years, the Orion dinosaurs have been complaining about the passive position of the Dinosaurs / reptiles on the earth, and finally convinced the dinosaurs sent to the earth to come up with a way to eliminate prehistoric whales. Orion dinosaurs, mainly from Bellatrix and Orion three belts, have come up with a strategy to successfully eliminate prehistoric cetacean civilization. The decision was to use an advanced psychological weapon, which could kill all prehistoric whales in a relatively short time, while their homes and other forms of civilization were relatively intact. In this way, their evil plan will not only bring additional benefits, but also allow the earth’s vegetation and other life forms to change for the special needs of the dinosaurs.

When the cetacean ancestors and their elders saw that the enemy’s despicable plot was about to succeed, they realized that the democratic idea of cooperation with the other two civilizations must be ended. Because of their talent, they were able to successfully plan to end the attacks of the other two civilizations. The cetaceans’ strategy is to use a series of giant nuclear fusion generators in the center of their homes to achieve destructive purposes. The home extends from Central Asia to Central Eastern Europe( They decided that by detonating these fusion generators, they could cause a global disaster and destroy the other two civilizations. Before that, however, they had to ask the permission of the earth spiritual Presbyterian group to complete this task. The prehistoric whale leadership also explained to Mrs. Gaia how she would be transformed by the despicable plans of the dinosaur / reptilian alliance.

The earth spiritual Presbyterian group agreed that the dinosaurs in Orion Project were not accepted by the history of the planet. As a result, Gaia allowed prehistoric whales to carry out their plans to detonate their fusion generators. Prehistoric whales set a date for this because they knew that dinosaurs were still waiting for what they called a lucky moment. The prehistoric whales found out when this moment would happen, and decided to adjust their plans slowly, so as not to give up their schedule due to the suspicion of the Dragon fearing clan. The cetacean strategy is to blow up their fusion generators about five years before the other two civilizations (Dinosaurs / Reptilians) implemented their plan.

Knowing they had time to take over, these prehistoric cetacean groups decided to carry out their plan to divide their society in two. Half of their civilization will leave the solar system, and the rest will leave land and enter the ocean, where they will find a safe haven. The plan was carried out and the fusion generator was detonated as planned. 98% of the Dinosaurs / reptiles were destroyed, and the rest were sent to Maldek, between Mars and Jupiter. About half of the cetaceans (about 30 million individuals) fled to the ocean world, gradually changed with their whole consciousness, and gradually evolved into real aquatic organisms in 4 million years. Others flee to Pegasus and Cetus, where they wait for the predicted time to return to the solar system.

The destruction of dinosaur / reptilian civilization occurred about 8 to 10 million years ago. As the remnants of the dinosaur / reptilian civilization fled to Maldek, the spiritual Presbyterians left the physical guardianship of the earth to the only conscious species, the cetaceans. However, with the help of Mrs. Gaia, the cetaceans and their space bound siblings decided to find a land to replace the vacant land guardian. Finding land guardians became their main task. With the help of the earth spiritual Presbyterian group, prehistoric whales began to search for possible substitutes near the Milky way (about 80 light-years away from the sun) to replace cetaceans as earth’s land guardians.

After searching the galaxy for 2 to 3 million years, they finally found an aquatic primate that began to appear in the oceans of the fourth planet in the Vega galaxy. These aquatic primates have the basic rudiments of civilization, such as creation myth, language, hunting and gathering culture. After discovering this species, they then asked the spiritual Presbyterian group of Vega whether they would allow this group of aquatic primates to change their genes substantially, so that their development as a conscious species might accelerate. In this way, they can be ready to be galactic guardians.

The request for evolution was agreed and the genetic change began. The importance of leaping evolution from aquatic primates to tianqin humans lies in the creation of a new Galaxy Guardian race, which enables these new humans to develop their technology at the level of rapid evolution. This series of important events enabled human beings to multiply rapidly in this region of the galaxy. About 4.5 million years ago, humans began to meet the senior reconnaissance forces of the dinosaur / reptilian alliance. Thanks to the intervention of Lady Gaia and cetaceans, humans were able to keep fighting and successfully bring the dinosaur / reptilian alliance to a standstill, while continuing to move outward in this part of the galaxy.

This migration lasted nearly 2.5 million years. By this time, humanity has spread to the edge of your solar system and united with the Galactic Federation of humanity to colonize the solar system. Mrs. Gaia approved the plan, and the first colony of the earth, called hybornea, began( As shown in the figure below – the migration of human civilization in the Galaxy) hybonia lasted for about 1 million years and is a complete type of lyre / Sirian civilization. When dinosaurs returned to the solar system about a million years ago to help their few remaining siblings, they saw that humans controlled most of the solar system. The only remaining dinosaur and reptilian forces are the small colonies of Maldek and a small group of outposts scattered on the edge of the solar system.

Nevertheless, the dinosaur / reptilian alliance decided that it was time to establish its authority in this part of the galaxy and launch another series of extensive attacks on the solar system and neighboring galaxies. These attacks were aided and abetted by their remaining forces on Maldek, who systematically destroyed the small human colonies established by the Galactic Federation on Mars, Venus and earth.

This destruction caused Mars to lose most of its atmosphere and hydrosphere (oceans, rivers and streams). Venus is enclosed in a virtual greenhouse environment, and the planet’s atmosphere maintains a very hot environment, which turns the atmosphere into an acid poison gas that is not suitable for living. The colony of hybonia on earth was destroyed by a series of vicious and premeditated large-scale attacks, which killed all human beings and completely destroyed all aspects of human civilization. As a result, the dinosaur / reptilian alliance once again took control of the entire solar system.

Your solar system was a dinosaur / reptilian outpost for about 80000 years ago. However, when they are pushed back by the Galactic humans in the nearby galaxies of the solar system, it is possible to finally establish plans for the return of humans to the solar system. To accomplish this feat, the Galactic Federation brought a large combat planet to the region. The purpose of this battle planet is to destroy Maldek, the main administrative center of the dinosaur / reptilian alliance in the solar system. After the destruction of Maldek, it was thought that it would be relatively easy to conquer the dinosaur / reptilian colonies of the earth. This short and cruel action was soon completed, and the earth successfully returned to human control about 900000 years ago.

Human beings on earth have now decided to concentrate their new colonies on Lemuria( See below – Lemurian civilization and the birth of Atlantis) it was here that the first human colonists established the lyre / Sirian civilization based on democracy at all levels of life. Over the next 850000 years, the Lemurians spread all over the world from the main continent in the Pacific (Lemurian continent later sank) and established a series of so-called sub empires. The most important of these sub Empires was Atlantis, a huge island in the center of the Atlantic Ocean (Atlantis mainland later sank). Another important colony was Yu Empire (Yu), which was composed of central China and Tibet.

When Atlantis began to develop their colonies, they soon had a unique sense of their own culture, which eventually led to their separation from other Lemurian sub empires. Atlantis felt that they were not only a sub empire of Lemuria, but also a sub empire of the mother empire. As a result, Atlantis began to have a strong desire to destroy Lemuria and their more loyal sub empires in order to gain full power.

Now it is necessary to take a brief look at what happened in Lemuria, so that readers will know what really happened on earth during this time. Lemurians have developed civilizations similar to Sirius and Lyra in many ways, but they have also developed some unique concepts. The most important of these beliefs is that they are the main guardians of terrestrial human beings on earth. However, about 50000 years ago, when the Lemurians thought that their sub empires were well developed and should assume the role of guardians, the concept came to an end. This decision allowed Atlantis to finally seek allies for their plot to destroy the Lemurians.

The Atlantis did find allies in various galactic human defection defense commands, which were originally founded by Centaurus α And the colonies of the Pleiades. In fact, over the next 25000 years, Atlantis developed alliances with these defensive commands and interstellar outposts. These alliances mainly share similar concepts of Atlantean class culture with Galactic Federation outposts. They then began to plot a plot that would lead to the destruction of Lemuria and raise the primacy of Atlantis on earth. So the Atlantis patiently waited for the right time, and about 25000 years ago, they and the Pleiades and Centauri rebels, or what we call traitors, decided to destroy Lemuria. Their planning and execution were technically successful, but they also destroyed a moon on earth – along with Lemuria.

At that particular time, the earth had two moons, each about three-quarters the size of the present moon. The rebels used the force field to move one of the moons into a downward spiral orbit. When the moon reached the critical position with the earth – Lagrange point, it was exploded and turned into a meteor shower, falling on Lemurian continent( See below – how Lemuria was destroyed)

This event caused the destruction of the earth’s gravity and plate tectonics due to its huge scale and a large number of lunar debris. As a matter of fact, it led to the great disaster of volcanic eruption, which led to the explosion of the underground gas chamber of Lemurian land, which eventually sank the whole continent and destroyed the dominant position of Lemurian people.

About 25000 years ago, the alliance of Atlantis and traitors of other galaxies completely destroyed the great Lemurian, and the whole continent disappeared. It has become a legend ever since. Recently, ocean probes in the Pacific have discovered huge mountains, valleys and highlands on the bottom of the sea, and mapped the wonders of the earth. With the destruction of Lemuria, nothing can stop the rise of power hungry Atlantis.

In the next chapter, we will explain the importance of the destruction of Lemuria and discuss your current predicament on earth from the perspective of the undemocratic rule of New Atlantis.


Message of Mother God: start the journey of return

Life is like a river

Kids, you’ve been traveling in matter too long, playing too long. It’s time to start the journey of return, I call you in oneness, I wait for you in eternity, the embrace full of love is always open to you.

My favorite children, you are all spiritual beings. You are all souls experiencing from the spiritual world to the material world. From the pure spiritual world to the material world is a journey of decreasing vibration.

Now that you have traveled to the depths of matter, the next step is the journey to the source, the journey to the spiritual world of love and unity. You have experienced the densest of all, and have the deepest experience.

But there are some young souls who come to this world for the first time. They are curious about the world, feel fresh about everything in the material, and easily indulge in the experience of the material.

These young souls come to experience the world at this last time. This is also their own plan. You souls who have experienced countless lives on earth may not understand their actions.

Likewise, their souls cannot understand your desire to transform into a new world, a new earth. Therefore, each soul has its own process, and also has its own purpose to come to this world.

The old souls on the journey of return do not have to worry about the loss of the young souls, nor do they have to force them to let go of their obsession with material experience.

What you need to do most is to adapt to the energy of change and make yourself lighter. When you put aside the dense things, you can ascend smoothly.

Your personal inner journey, your healing and integration will have an impact on the collective and spread.

So, kids, it looks like you’re on a lonely inner journey, but it’s your own choice and plan.

When you decide to come to this world to experience, you will know what you are going to experience, what you are going to experience.

The journey down, for many people, is difficult, painful, but also unique, full of challenges and surprises.

Nowadays, many people want to end their physical experience and return to the spiritual reality full of love and beauty.

When you really cross the curtain and reach the other side, you will understand what your experience in matter means to your soul.

Thanks for reading and deep blessing!


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