When conscience is dead, it is also the time when human beings are ready for the next batch of spiritual masters and teachers to show them what is possible^_^


Reborn person
Original: yesterday

The firewood stack is still burning,
It doesn’t go out,
When will it burn up?
This is the karma accumulated all the time.
Let it burn,
Until it’s all ashes,
Then a lotus grows in the ash pile,
It’s straight in the middle and straight in the outside,
The fragrance is far away and clear, and the pavilions and pavilions are pure.
How many dead bodies are buried in the earth,
How much oil there will be,
As much oil as fireworks and burning,
On the other hand, I like the ashes of things,
All things are separated from each other and become one,
They take people in the form of powder or dust to the nearest place to reality,
Silence is there, soft and serene,
Let people love and close, do not want to give birth to him.
Life should forge a person to be quiet and peaceful,
Five disasters——
Land robbery, water robbery, wind robbery, fire robbery, air robbery.
The so-called “land robbery” refers to the first encounter of great calamity or great fortune,
Giant earthquakes and landslides, dizzy and groundless, float into the new world.
The so-called water robbery is very deep, like a big flood,
People suffocate, can’t help themselves, the heart is feeling, such as wood is wrapped in water.
The so-called wind disaster, which is inspired by karma, is like being blown by a strong wind,
The mind and limbs do not listen to orders, such as being made by gods, such as being sent by ghosts;
The so-called “fire robbery” is a constant desire, such as a fire,
It makes people think all the time, and keep on creating. The internal organs are like a hot summer. They are not restless but restless.
After the break of heaven and earth, the washing of flood, the strong wind and the burning of fire,
And then you start to go into the air.
The so-called air robbery is like the four difficulties of earth, water, fire and wind,
It enters a state of stillness in which the heaven and the earth are empty, the plants are not growing, and all things cannot rise,
Although there is a chance to live but not to live, although there is a chance to use but to use,
It’s called “empty robbery”. People’s mind can’t use it when they think about it.
Dear Daoyou, you are still in the fire,
It’s not the end of the fire, but the end of the air crash.
Fortunately, one Buddha was born, all the calamities were gone, and it was hard to pass through,
And then you can clean yourself and be the light of the world,
You’re not far from the light at the top of the spire,
Bless you, Monkey King in the Bagua furnace.
Most people are born to be really safe,
You have to go through a process of heart death, body death, and then fire,
When the sky is quiet, the sky is stubborn, and then the sky and the earth meet with vitality,
To be a man after birth is to be really quiet and safe.
His thick and quiet spirit is as deep as heaven and earth,

If you stay in one place for ten thousand years, you can spend ten thousand years in one place.
It’s the way of regenerating human beings to spend thousands of years brewing a jar of incense and slowly releasing a jar of incense in one place.
To be a reborn man in this life.


When conscience is dead, it is also the time when human beings are ready for the next batch of spiritual masters and teachers to show them what is possible.

You can do what you can to prove to another person that he can release his fear and anxiety, so as to obtain inner peace and tranquility.

Lead by example, show others with your kindness and your love for all humanity, and they can become more kind. They have the ability to become the higher self, and you can guide them in that direction, especially when you prove that you are a fully activated arcturan, ready to serve, ready to change, ready to be the higher self. This is the time to feel your influence on the world and our fellow humans, and we are happy to play our part in your spiritual evolution, in your becoming the perfect teacher and leader.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.
You just need to reach out to some people with your current vibration to make the world a better place. You all underestimate the value of your existence. You don’t have enough trust in what your body and field emit.

As many people know, there are not many people to discuss and guess about the earth’s bad things. Although many people will tell you those bad things and people, few people will point out your inner conscience, their inner conscience, and the inner conscience of the whole mankind.

Now few teachers tell you how to open your heart and accept the coming energy, which is to enhance you, activate your DNA and give you more spiritual talents and abilities. If you can get a small number of people to stop focusing on the problems of the world today and focus on themselves, focusing on the things that open their hearts, you can change the world.

We are impressed by the way you have visited Arcturus DNA in the past few weeks. We’ve been giving you energy to activate it, but it’s not always on schedule. With our help, many of you have activated all arcturan DNA, and you are ready to assume the role of spiritual mentor, which is called guru in your world.

Those who feel that their inner Arcturus has emerged are ready to serve those in need of guidance, as well as those in need of a fully awakened example of Christ’s consciousness. You have the ability to share your experiences, to show others what happens when one is focused and open to all the good things that are coming.











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