Concentration, feeling, compassion, CO creation, a time line without disaster and mass death^_^

Concentration, feeling, compassion, CO creation, a time line without disaster and mass death^_^

“Compassion is the language of CO creation.

What about co creation, simultaneity, and healing? How do you do this, you may ask? Why doesn’t it work every time? The answer is that you often use too many words! Come on, be quiet. Sit in front of the gods. We know what’s going on in your life. Know this and be still before the greatness of God. Become compassionate and integrate with your higher self!

Don’t guess how it works! It’s about imagining that it has come true. Imagine that everyone’s problems have been solved. Imagine you become wise and harmonious. Imagine peace coming!

Take care of yourself first. “

You want to find a non-verbal way to guide them to gain their own strength, so as to improve their concentration and feel their way into a better time line. This is a time line where everyone has the opportunity to change their consciousness.

You can be a great server only if you insist on your vision of the future of mankind. When you insist on this vision, your vibration will invite others to join in.

Many people reject you intentionally or unconsciously because of their worries and fears, as well as the untreated wounds in their past lives.

There are many ways that people don’t have to be responsible for their own business, but you responsible people can’t wake them up with your own words. You can’t wake them up by telling them something they know but have forgotten.

You can use honey to attract more flies, but you don’t want to catch flies in this way.

What you can do is to give your fellow human beings an opportunity, keep space for them, and keep focused on the future. This experience is wonderful for all.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

We are curious about what the human collective will do next. As you ride this wave of positive energy, we can see many positive possibilities. We have noticed that more and more people are becoming part of a positive future for humanity, even though all predictions seem to suggest that the future is out of your control. We know that there is a large group of people who can accept this information. In order to make more people and you in the same positive time line, they can make changes on the earth. This time line is a small step forward, without disasters and a large number of deaths.

The scale of your faith is tilting. Whenever one of you decides to explore a different future, a better future, you sit down, close your eyes, imagine and feel the future, and let it happen. Now, we have brought more Arcturus support, because we know that those who focus on these realities and timelines need support to maintain that focus. 3jbBSWrtYg


Free energy can be obtained through a very large array of very small machines.

The secret of free energy is a lot of very small machines, a lot of these small machines working together. If you can make these machines small enough and make them target the same [push together], you can take advantage of what I just revealed to you. When you deal with molecular sized magnets, you’ll find that they behave differently.

The secret of free energy is to be small… Very small.

Think small… Very small. Free energy is not only possible, but it has been waiting. It’s not free, either. It doesn’t create energy from nothing, it gets it from the cosmic grid, where there’s endless energy available.

Physics is changeable… That’s not good news for some people. What is the biggest variable in physics? Scale. The ratio of properties between mass, magnetic force and gravity varies with scale.

We will define this variable and call it the “quantum diaphragm.”. It’s a diaphragm of (physical) properties. When you cross the quantum divide, physical properties change. Today, this phenomenon has been discovered, but so far the people who found it still regard it as very strange. Some people dispute this and ask, will this feature gap exist? Yes, it exists. When you cross that gap, a lot of strange, unusual things happen – things that might pave the way for free energy. Let me be more specific.

It’s actually a dimension gap – you might call it a leap from four to five. Of course, it’s wrong to say that, because when you go beyond four dimensions, there is no linearity, because your time changes. You can’t count without linearity, can you[ Kyron [laughs] so “Five” is actually impossible. So let’s say you are “out of your dimension.”.

When matter crosses the membrane, in an instant, infinitesimal time, matter actually has two polarities, positive and negative. It actually looks like two parts are in the same place at the same time. This is almost what you might call an antimatter exchange. Through the diaphragm, there is a moment of infinitesimal imbalance that we call the cosmic lattice. At that moment, there was energy, which seemed to come from nothing. But it doesn’t come from nothing, it comes from everything!

The cosmic grid represents all the cosmic energy, in a balanced, zero state, waiting to be extracted. We’ve described this before (there were two previous articles on cosmic grid). So what’s the secret of extracting it?

The secret of free energy is that very small magnets pass through the diaphragm – that is, a cross dimensional force is working. That’s quantum leaping – it seems to be able to connect unconnected particles that can cross from one place to another but never seem to travel in between. What if particles never actually “travel”? What if they were bounced to another dimension? Because they are forced to use, because they occupy the same place at the same time.

Here’s another thing you’ll find out, which is very interesting for mathematicians

The resultant force generated by the huge molecular engine array will be greater than the sum of the parts!

This alone can be a clue to the invisible “hidden” energy at work.

In this free energy proposal, the last new tip we’ll give you is that since this requires a very small magnet, you may need a very small polarity to move back and forth to achieve it. What should we do? Don’t forget that you can magnetize certain gases( He also revealed that it was cesium gas

Metaron and Kyron also want to give you the following information about matter / antimatter. In physics, some people believe that the universe must contain its opposite, on one side. That is to say, in order to keep the balance of physics formula, antimatter and positive matter must exist at the same time in some way. But what’s interesting is that while positive matter is everywhere, its complementary antimatter is hard to find. So physicists may ask, “where is antimatter? Is there as much antimatter as positive matter? ” And the answer is yes.

Where is antimatter? It stays on the “quantum property diaphragm.”. And also in a slightly different time frame. As you begin to understand that physics has the power to change the time frame of reality, all antimatter will show up. It exists for the following reasons: it has to be there to keep balance! Here’s a joke, a very big cosmic joke. The fact that antimatter exists in a slightly different time frame leads you to mistakenly believe that the big bang exists.

Listen, scientists, put your four-dimensional prejudice down for a while. Matter is in everything for a moment. There was no explosion. The diaphragm changes and the universe is born. Oh, it’s not the one you see today, it’s a primordial universe. And the remnant of the diaphragm change is everywhere you see, and you will never find any explosion point. There was also no central point of the explosion. That’s because all the reality is just a flash. When you discover these truths, you will also discover the secret of long-distance instantaneous communication… Through the cross dimensional nature, thus ignoring all the rules of time and space.


Metatron is leaving. Oh, he’ll come back… There’s so much glory here!


Kyron‘s tips on free energy chanelnewhamp02.html

Turn      Becomequantum

     ( The original title of this message is “what’s happing?”, I just translated the tips about free energy (August 8, 2015)


It may seem a bit of a disservice to turn this message about love to talking about physics, but after all, I am a master of magnetism and like to talk about these (scientific) topics. Not all of you will understand what follows. In order to make this channel more perfect, and to give my partner a clearer picture, he doesn’t understand these things. We will do something we have only done twice in the past. Now we invite Metatron’s energy to come!

Metatron and Kryon are… Archangels of the family. It’s a family of spiritual physics and it’s entangled. The energy of the three of us here is the same. One of them was my partner [Lee], who reported that Kryon and Metatron were also involved in physics. We want to talk about something very precious to physicists. We’re going to talk about free energy, and we can’t wait. Not all of you can understand, but some readers will know, and some can. So I asked my partner to speak clearly and slowly, if necessary.

Before we start, you have to know something about it. People have believed that free energy may exist for some time. It might be in the form of a machine that seems to run on its own without fuel. The question is, is that possible? The answer is yes, always yes. Some people will understand how this works because it has a profound connection to magnetism. And it’s true that some people will find it at the macro level, but it’s not very efficient. What we hope to do is to give you some answers that may surprise you, but it will make it easier and faster for you to achieve the goal of free energy.

Let’s review: maybe as a child, you will be surprised by the following phenomenon: two magnets in the hand, the same pole will strongly repel each other. You may be surprised at how hard it takes to put these two pieces of metal together. Magnetic materials do look like they will bounce off each other! And the stronger the magnetism, the greater the repulsion when they are together. Some of you kids grow up to be scientists and ask questions about nature and Physics: “what is this repulsive force? Why can one hold it down as hard as one can, but the metal will bounce back? What’s going on here? What is the driving force? Can I make it push when and in the direction I want?

Physicists, of course, have developed some answers about trapped energy, which they call dynamics. In fact, there are all kinds of empty talks that try to explain to you why there is a force trapped in the metal that produces repulsion. And none of this is true! There’s something going on in magnetism and it’s going to be discovered. It has a multidimensional dimension that you are exploring; It cannot be defined in your four-dimensional reality. It’s not even your four-dimensional physics that really makes it repel. You’re describing it, but you don’t understand it.

Some scientists continue to hypothesize, “what if we can let magnets push magnets? If we design a smart device, maybe the magnets can push each other, and we can use this energy in a circle – in a machine – the magnet pushes the magnet. We can push and pull each other with this incredible natural push and pull. Then we can get an engine that uses its own natural forces as fuel! ” This is the simple way that the scientific community first thought about access to free energy. Now, if you talk to a physicist, you’ll find that this is not feasible. Scientists will tell you that there are always some “conditions” or “costs”. You can’t make it out of nothing. There’s always something that interferes with free energy, they say. Are they right? That’s right! But let me tell you what that “disturbing thing” is: Four-dimensional physics! You find that your limitations… The reason why it doesn’t work… Are due to your own four-dimensional reality. That’s the answer.

Now that you know the answer, I hope we’ve explained it in a way you can understand. When scientists tell you you can’t live without, sometimes they’re right. Now we have to tell you the real physics. When you have all the above in mind, will the engine work? The answer is: Yes. This kind of magnetic engine works very well! But not in the way you might think.

In order to get to the next question, we must tell you that physics, which you are very interested in and think is worth boasting about, has its fixed nature. That’s when you find that a hypothetical law is 100% proven in your four-dimensional real world. When that happens, you have a tendency to feel good about it. Then whatever the law is, you will project and apply it to the whole universe. So Newton’s, Einstein’s, and Euclid’s physics – laws that seem to govern everything at all levels – are absolutely absolute to you. When you find them in your reality, you see them as golden rules that apply to all realities. However, this is not the case! Let me ask you, scientists: have you verified these laws of physics in all its possible forms? Or are you just assuming?

We’ve given you hints before. Cleon has given you some rules indicating that there are some missing fragments in basic physics concepts that you still can’t understand.


High technology will come from the human body.

Things you laugh at, things you think are weird, things like the telepathy of twins. What’s that? What consciousness allows that? And those who can telepathize? They sense the energy in the field. We also said that “Field” is the place where consciousness exists so that you can feel. All kinds of things that happened, all kinds of possibilities are there. Think about it. There are many powerful things in the future that you think are in the field. What you don’t know other people are doing is also on the court. When you describe other consciousness in the field, you’re not predicting, you’re just reporting. Honey, this seems a bit high-tech. You have a future machine. You might say, “this is a machine of the future. Where is the screen? What do I think? ” If you really understand what I’m telling you. I’m saying: your mind can create things, sense things, transform and transmit things. Think about the masters who have walked on the planet and what they have done. Their treatments that seem to have no adjectives other than magic? What if their consciousness is higher than that of human beings on earth? Think about it. Maybe you don’t understand this channeling, so please listen to it again. It’s always good to hear it again.

What if it’s you that’s coming? Maybe it’s another body you reincarnate, maybe it’s the next generation, maybe it’s a long time later. It shows a different earth. There are no gadgets, because you don’t need them anymore. Imagine, then smile, for the miracle that human beings are going to create.

That’s where you’re going in the future. Honey, I said that this planet is moving towards an evolutionary consciousness. Evolutionary consciousness doesn’t just mean no more fighting. Evolutionary consciousness doesn’t just mean you know more or have more integrity.

You walk in and they welcome you. They said, “it’s great that you can come back.” You look around and you don’t see any “technology products.”. You don’t see smartphones, airplanes. But you can see their results everywhere.

One of the people who welcomed you said, “just a moment, please.” He closed his eyes. “Sally wants to talk to you. She’s on the next block. I told her to come.

You say, “wait a minute. I can’t see you using the phone. “

“We don’t use the phone. We’re always in touch. We have multiple channels and can communicate with other people at any time. We have a very high awareness. Ah, by the way, Fred will be here soon. He is in Europe now, but he will arrive in a few seconds. “

Ha ha, do you understand?

Then Fred came up. You might ask, “Fred, how was your flight?”

Fred was confused: “what are you talking about. I just did the teleportation of consciousness, and it was easy to move from one place to another. Because I know how to do it. It’s the same with other people. People in this society communicate in real time. “

You sit down and someone gives you a glass of milk. You ask, “how is the milk prepared? Where’s your refrigerator? Where’s the freezer? “

They look at you like a madman and say, “all of this is instant. We manifest it. It’s just a change in the atomic structure. We made it ourselves. It’s pure and has all the vitamins we need. Because we manifest it with consciousness and transform one thing into another. “

Do you understand what I’m going to say? Do you know the concept of “high tech”? That’s high technology. It’s not a device, it’s not a transistor, it’s not a touch screen. For entertainment, that’s another story. They put themselves in the story they want to see, not only appreciating it, but also participating in it.

That’s it



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