It will come true if it’s true^_^

It will come true if it’s true^_^

sananda 2020-07-13

It will come true if it’s true

It’s easy to become a Buddha or enter the five dimensions. Take it seriously

You really start to walk with Buddha and only live in the world of Buddha, that is becoming Buddha

When you only want to live in heaven, when you choose so, you will live in heaven, which is so simple

Just like how to immerse in the world of matter and separation before, how to come out now

We didn’t realize the reality of the inner world before. We hope there will be more evidence and manifestation. In fact, only when you do it can you have a sense of reality

And there will be more

You’ll see a bigger picture

Inside is the real world, a world made up of people who only live inside

Why do you think it’s inherently untrue

The existence of destructive interference, repeated injuries and obstacles, makes people afraid of returning to their inner world. They dare not move at will, say and act at will. They are used to following the people, saying and doing, because that can avoid injury, expulsion and separation

Over time, no longer live according to the inner

Daring to live an inner life is not only the intuition of heart, but also the soul of standing high and looking far away, planning expression and perfect ideas

The inside will make you complete and complete

Externally, bring in and lead. If you can’t bring in or lead, let go

Some external will bring in and lead, some external will not follow you, and you can’t take it or lead it

And when you are completely inside and no longer complain, judge and hate the people, things and things that interfere with you, your inner self will become an individual. That is another you, including your physical and material world

“Your five dimensional consciousness is within you. Your five dimensional self is within you. You just need to bring your human consciousness in three dimensions to your inner five dimensional consciousness, and let it connect and integrate with these five dimensional consciousness. “

If you judge, don’t judge your own judgment

If you complain, choosing harmony is more important than who is right and who is wrong

If you hate, don’t you think happy life is easier and less burdensome

As you move forward, there will be less and less interference. All you need is acceptance, access, and rest and healing for your inner child

With confidence, facing, staring, and courageous concentration, you can see more clearly where fear comes from, how it affects you, and what you want to do, just like before

How to do it? Focus on it and stop acting

The earthquake warning has begun, which will remind you of the greater disaster of covering the city. Large scale migration has also begun, because the flood has arrived at the gate, which is the leading signal to a safe place to avoid more casualties

This is the inner lead in and guidance. Is there anyone who doesn’t follow? Of course, there are. But most people will choose to give up their wealth and move, and those who follow will be safe, because this is the transfer signal from the higher self

We in the sky and in the spaceship have been laying out, signaling, bringing in and leading. You just need to follow

Have confidence, let more people know what is happening in the world

This is the access, introduction, guidance and expression of the higher mind

Human language is program and programming. When you choose to express, you will find so many unsatisfactory, because it is from the inside out. When you use your brain, what? When you are afraid, afraid and helpless, you will choose to use your brain and mind, for example, which say, which don’t say, and which say will be excluded and disgusting

Then, it should be said that courage is more important than error, and the expression of higher mind is the combination of bravery and deeper intuition, empathy and greater understanding

There is no right or wrong to follow the inner, but there are different expressions in the way of speaking and behaving. It is not from the analysis of the mind and drawing gourd according to the example, but from the balance after the brave action, because the inner has greater understanding and empathy

The bigger picture comes from your greater empathy and empathy

It doesn’t come from compassion and compassion, it doesn’t come from intolerance and indulgence

But for those who have not learned to be patient, we must first have sympathy and compassion

The larger picture of compassion and compassion not only comes from your having the same experience, but also from your greater understanding of compassion and compassion, that is, other people you experience can experience, you can come out, others can, just because your existence has more attention, watching, taking care of, bringing in and leading, rather than just complaining, giving up, beating and hating

Relaxation is flow, joy is wisdom

Take it seriously, don’t play, let alone play

Play is the guide of intuition, playful play is the projection of individual dependence, the beginning of loose, casual, no longer serious

Intuition is not loose, inner is not random, higher mind is not arbitrary

Don’t give up your mind to rambling, don’t let your words be unrestrained, don’t let your intuition give way to reason. Reason comes from intuition and empathy and understanding, not from brain analysis and mind playing

Spirituality sometimes becomes an excuse for those who are not willing to face difficulties and challenges, and encourages more subtle tricks and means. This is also the growth process of children

Intuition, first of all, comes from the straight heart. When there is no higher mind, understanding and empathy to interpret right and wrong, we should prefer the straight heart. Only before we realize that it will hurt people, we can choose not to say it, or rely on other people’s words, inner words

Intuition has no time, so give yourself more time and give others more time

One’s growth does not come from education, but from purification. Before one’s consciousness of purification, one can’t see where others have been eroded

Human love is eroded, because it is abused to control and make others obey

Reexamine your inner, reexamine your intuition, look at it, observe what emotions and desires are flowing, accept and accept in inaction, that is, the introduction and guidance of the higher mind

No judgment, no matter what you do or what you did in the last minute, just return to the inside

Act without intuition. Intuition is the energy center of the higher mind. It comes from the heart. Intuition is the driving force and kinetic energy. Speaking, expressing and acting come from empathy and empathy. This will make you not used to criticism and judgment, but learn to work with understanding

What does one’s own consciousness purification process bring into and lead others’ consciousness purification

What, if you don’t enter consciousness purification, you can’t lead others to active learning, lifelong learning and acceptance

No one will accept the advice of people who can’t do it themselves but let others do it. This is the real meaning of education. It is only to bring in and lead, not to control and force

To bring in and lead, we must first have our own territory, which is the source of strong attraction and radiation, just like the matrix control

Don’t give others the power that should belong to you. It comes from your own joy first

No longer in the name of love to control people and let others obey

Looking for your own source of strength, living water source, except here, no one can replace you to face difficulties and meet challenges

Because that book is your own lesson, you can’t escape it

Only the inner world, initiated by intuition, is brought into a higher mind by empathy and empathy, and guided by a larger picture

Only don’t play with your mind and use your mind, power and mind

Only straight heart

From the real

No more rambling

No more banter, no more juggling

No more wrong

It will come true if it’s true


Source message: darkness does not exist

Life is like a river

Message receiving: Ruohe

What I want to tell you today, children, is that darkness does not exist. In your world, there is indeed a confrontation between the dark and the light, because you are in a world of duality.

The setting of the world is the opposition between the positive and negative forces, but the goal is not for who wins or who loses. But to complete a special experience, a seemingly separate experience.

You are all souls to experience duality, but you are all carriers of light. Both the so-called dark light power and the holy light power are just different incarnations of the field of absolute light. As you can see, Jesus and Satan pull hands.

So, children, to tell you that darkness does not exist, I hope that you can gradually set up binary oppositions, not only on the material level, but also on the spiritual level.

Dark light power is indeed being cleaned up and disappearing, but it is not because of resentment and opposition, but because of your light, because of the flow of love in your heart.

All existence is the existence of light, even those called dark light. But this does not mean that everyone can hurt others according to their own ideas.

Those dark beings don’t know how to love and respect life, but this is because their inner light is hidden and their forgetfulness is at a deeper level.

Each and every one of you, when you don’t know it, may have been a victor, of course, a victim. But one day, you will understand that life is precious and sacred.

This process may be longer for those dark beings, but it does not mean that there is no seed of love and light within them.

Darkness doesn’t exist, which means fear doesn’t exist. What scares you is nothing more than darkness. But if you know that darkness is just an illusion, just like you deliberately turn off the lights in the room, will you be afraid.

No one can really shut you up in a small dark room with no air permeability and restrict your freedom. And you feel that way because you see the illusion as real.

So, what limits you, what makes you feel like you’re not free, is your mind, which is part of the earth experiment.

Now, it’s time to let you know why you are here and have experiences that look so real. Because the experiment is coming to an end, and the play is coming to an end.

At present, everything is accelerating, whether it’s Gaia’s transformation or your inner transformation. It’s a time to remember, to clean up, to release, to heal.

It’s also a time for you to gradually take off your costumes and get out of the role. Remember, there is no darkness, because all is love, and only love. I hope you can get rid of the shackles and return to freedom as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading and deep blessing!


Answer this question from the F / b followers website:

Q: Oahu, Hawaii, what is the warning of UFO fleet in Hawaii?

{from} Followers/3093

The Zetas answered, let’s go

The UFO display represents a severe swing during the tsunami that will hit Hawaii and is expected to occur soon. The Hawaiian Islands can predict waves around the islands, not submerge them, as detailed in the previous warning of safe locations in Hawaii. However, it will be a terrible experience.

The earth’s violent wobble has been reported in detail in the last few weeks, but it could have happened before then. The World Council believes that people on earth need to be aware of Nibiru’s approach and have a plan to force the problem out of the shadows. Cabal controlled media refuse to recognize Nibiru, so anyone who does not will be ridiculed.

The World Council has approved that the earth shaking should be increased gradually to avoid causing panic. The wobble will continue until the sun may rise from the north, or the earth may be temporarily reversed, during which the rotation appears to move from east to west. At the same time, those media that suppress the truth and spread lies, such as CNN and MSNBC, will be shut down. They will not have a say. The visibility of Nibiru already exists, but will increase in the meantime.

Zetas answer, over

[Q & A] photos of Alberto; UFO fleet warns of tsunami in Hawaii

The voice of the Zetas

What are these things in Alberto’s latest photos?



The Zetas answered, let’s go

Alberto’s latest photo, taken on June 12, shows many aspects of the Nibiru complex galaxy, which are almost identical to the dirt lane crop circles formed on June 9, the day before the June 10 eclipse. The circle maker used an X to show Nibiru’s expected position, the cross, where a notch did appear in the eclipse photo. Alberto depicted Nibiru as a solid object with a shadow on the side of the shadow that other photographers noticed.

There is a significant correlation between crop circles and the positions of objects captured during the solar eclipse. In Alberto’s picture, there is a strange big ball at 2 o’clock. There is a pattern on the surface of the object, like a bubble wrapped in it. A smaller bubble wrapped ball can be seen near Nibiru, and some fuzzy bubble wrapped balls can also be seen nearby. The perimeter of the crop circle is the orbit of Venus to provide a distance perspective. Nibiru has not yet crossed the orbit of Venus.

The gasoline bubble is considered to be a single small bubble, then a lot of gasoline, when they merge, eventually become a gasoline monster. When they absorb charged red dust, the color darkens. The bubble paper shows a gasoline monster, which absorbs the satellite and debris from the tail of Nibiru! Due to the repulsive force of gravity, they are separated from each other. Together with the surface tension of any gasoline, they produce the appearance of bubble film.

Zetas answer, over


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