Mother earth is waiting^_^

Mother earth is waiting^_^

Mother earth is waiting for your happy life

Open from the inside out

Don’t be afraid, even if it turns upside down, someone will follow you and connect with the higher self

A new round of shaking and shaking awake begins

It seems to be immutable, everything is possible

If you don’t want to be shaken and shaken up

Make your own choice first, connect with the higher self, and start to shake and wake up from the inside

A big pot has been set up, the lava has been boiling, and the heat is gushing out. This is the hot weather, releasing the heavy energy accumulated by the earth over the years. It is also a reminder that people who still eat people, eat animals, bully people and treat people with courtesy know where all this comes from

The lid of the pot has been covered, and the solar radiation barrier opens a baking journey for you from the inside out. From atoms to atoms, ionized electrons form a new body that is more resistant to high temperature and sun baking, silicon carbon complex, and crystal body

Looking at the sun father, he is reminding you, because it is difficult to open your eyes during the day. Looking at the earth mother, she is also reminding you, looking at what the elephants, animals and sea creatures are experiencing, and reminding you that you can create your own home without changing other people’s experience

Children, children, it’s time to listen to your heart, listen to your inner children’s struggle, listen to the sound of your growing up

To interpret the Enlightenment of angel numbers, we should be more aware that everything is changing with your mind, a big screen is in the mirror, and your inner world is the place where everything is presented in front of your eyes

You can be the one who is shaken and shaken up, or you can participate in shaking and shaking up. In your joy, you can choose to change your behavior, way of doing and way of speaking. Every day, you can choose to live a joyful life that does not depend on people and things, and in the guidance and balanced life of the higher self

Forget about vaccines and 5g, enjoy what you get in nature and convenient life, enjoy the travel convenience brought by vaccines, travel, live and even settle down in more high-dimensional environment

If you don’t get vaccinated, continue your outdoor self environment creation journey, such as buying a rubber boat, swimming step by step on the Bank of the river, and if you can’t get into a restaurant, it’s also good to meet at an outdoor camp

You have always been a creator, self responsible person, helper and aided person, but the victim is not the only option for you. It just needs your self awakening, self nature, awareness and oneness to focus on the present and serve you to bring joy

I believe that this big steamer with high radiation, shaking and shaking can melt everything that is injected into your body, whether it’s vaccine, 5g or food that can’t bring you high vibration

Throw away the foods in the refrigerator that can’t bring you high vibration energy. This is also your conscious choice. You can only live with high vibration energy. For example, a plate of fruit can also be a meal when you don’t want to cook and don’t know what to eat

“We want to assure you that if you have any negative emotions in your life, it is in human service.

You just need to be in all these negatives to accomplish your task. You don’t have to correct it. We think you already know by now that you don’t have to beat it. But there’s one thing you have to be in the process of letting go, and that’s your fear of it. That’s how experience comes in and proves its importance to you. “

You can’t defeat and ignore negative emotions. You can only bypass them. Just like turning on one light instead of the other, the two lights are always there. Through your focus on joy and interest, it is your realm of Buddhism and heaven. Through your greater understanding of negative emotions, you will also serve you

At that moment, you are no longer interested in fighting with others and negative emotions. Your great solar radiation and the earth’s Lava begin to work. You yourself become a big steamer that participates in shaking and shaking, bringing conflicts and changes to the people around you from the inside out

Here mother earth has been waiting, but the shaking and shaking will not stop until only the fifth dimension humans are left on the earth

So, the fourth dimension evil spirits are crazy, because more and more evil spirits find that more and more little evil spirits and human beings are no longer deluded into greed, lust, infatuation, intoxication and poison. This is what mother earth sees, so they are still waiting. This is also what we and the fleet see, so they are ready to support Mother Earth’s waiting

This is also why the chaos is even more chaotic, because more and more unforgettable and vicious souls can only do extreme and evil things through that small part of the heaviest human body to control human beings, those human bodies that can’t go back

Looking at the beautiful will be more beautiful, and everything will manifest to you more frequently, which is also the experience of shancai boy. All human beings should feel comfortable and comfortable in the lava and baking, through changing consciousness and body

Be the change you want

Mother earth has been waiting, just as she did with the help of her higher self. At that time, a little longer time was reserved for her

Everything is worth it. A society built by people’s heart, conscience and harmlessness


“Two days ago, Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurtz predicted that Austria’s blockade policy would be lifted, and the focus would shift from government intervention to personal responsibility and freedom, focusing more on hospitalized patients rather than confirmed numbers. Of course, the mainstream media outside Austria and its neighboring countries did not report this. “

“What’s the truth?”

This is also my wish. I believe that more individual responsibility and freedom will be shared with the public in the collective consciousness. It is also a prediction for Kurtz. There is no real situation. The real situation is that Austria is not a strong government structure. The people also regard the government as a reference only. Only hospitalization and nursing homes can be directly helped by the government. In fact, it belongs to the autonomy of the States, The government of Vienna just suggested that the people should be responsible and free all the time. It was just that the government was unwilling to let go because of its interests. Kurtz was also worried about taking responsibility. Although he had gone off the stage once, there was still a lack of mass base in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Scandinavia. The government there was only for reference. So the government believed that the people could be responsible and support themselves Just take care of them


When you have an experience with negative energy or negative characters, if you not only survive from it, but also grow from it, then you release some inherent fear. You overcome the fear of negative energy.

Of course, you are there to serve the light, to provide positive things in the face of all negative things. This job seems very difficult for anyone, so we want to assure you that you are not alone. You are scattered on this planet, and each of you is doing your own work. Each of you is releasing more and more fear every day and making room for positive energy to support you and change you from within. This is your time; In this era, you can see the fruits of your labor, not only in your personal life, but also on the world stage.

If you are receiving this message and want to know if you have made these changes, we hope you know that you are. The change you’ve made may not be easy to quantify or measure, but it’s real, and the cumulative impact of what you’ve done is huge. For the rest of the year, you’ll see all the influences around you coming out.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

Your mission on earth & negative energy

Daniel Scranton

2021.7.14∞the -9d-arcturian-council/

hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We have an extraordinary tolerance for so-called negative energy. We can accept them as they are and think that they have great potential. We can use any energy to serve the highest good, in part because we are not afraid of anything or people. It’s your fear that gives power to negativity. When you are afraid, the negative energy will breed from this fear and become more powerful.

So you should see that it is a low level of consciousness. It is a sense of not knowing who you are and who you really are.

We’re not saying that you have to go out and interact with those negative energies, but surely some of you do. Some people realize what they’re doing, some don’t. Some people remember signing up for that special task, but most don’t.

So we want to assure you that if you have any negative emotions in your life, it’s in human service.

You just need to be in all these negatives to accomplish your task. You don’t have to correct it. We think you already know by now that you don’t have to beat it. But there’s one thing you have to be in the process of letting go, and that’s your fear of it. That’s how experience comes in and proves its importance to you.


Kryon’s question and answer – about Kryon – man can never be a “quick master”

Original becomequantum

Kryon’s answers contain a lot of content, at least one or two books in weight, and the dry goods are concentrated, which is an important supplement to Kryon’s information. It has been sent once before, but all of them have been deleted. This time, there will be a difference in the arrangement, that is, questions and answers with similar themes will be put in one article. In addition, I will write a little more interpretation in case you can’t grasp the key points. If you have any questions, just ask them in the message. Maybe they will be answered in the next translation.

Dear Kryon: why is your message so long, like a book? Why can’t they be more intuitive and concise? Why does it take us so long to learn and evolve, when humans need information so much? Your lengthy information seems to frustrate those who need passion in pursuit of evolution. Why don’t you simplify your information? Don’t you think that in this way, your light and energy can touch more people? And isn’t that what you want?

A: human beings will never be able to “speed up” a master. You can even consider reading if you have time.

This is one of my favorite quizzes. Ha ha. Kryon taught us that we can’t speed it up. We should read books honestly

Q: Kryon, when will you give us some new information? Every time we hear about you, it’s all about the same thing. Different words, different fables, different metaphors, different stories, but always the same information.

A: I make an agreement with you, human beings: when you fully practice what I have taught you for 16 years, I will continue with new content. My message is about master style. When the masters stand and create a new Jerusalem, I will move on to the next stage. And when that happens, I’ll even celebrate all of you more than I do now.

Q: Dear Kryon, are you one of the ascended masters, with Saint Germain, kutumi, Hilarion, Messiah, Gabriel, and many other masters we know have been on this earth? Are you a master of ascension, dear Kryon?

A: No. I am a human servant, in order to create earth peace and enhance the vibration of the planet. I respect ascended masters because they also have areas of expertise to help you. I work with all of them, especially St. Germain. My partner is Metatron. We often work together for the physics of your planet. At this time in your history, all other masters have returned to earth in the form of some kind of energetic work. They’re all back and working with you every day.

Question: Hello, Kryon, have you received the hug I give you every night?

A: every night (Kryon smiles). Did you get mine?

Question: Dear Kryon, I’ve been struggling with the part of me that doesn’t believe in you. How can I get over this? How can I really begin to act harmoniously in my whole self? I feel stuck, and it just scares me when I read the urge coming down from the wall.

A: honey, you never need to believe in me. That’s not my teaching. The course is really about believing in yourself! Are you really a part of God? Can you really change the material around you? Are we telling you the right thing about your relationship with the universe?

These are the great questions of humanity, not the existence of Cleon. So go inside and start asking yourself about yourself What does “core” tell you? It’s about conquering duality… You name it: the part of you that wants you to question your harmony with yourself.

Blessed are those who understand that when they begin their journey of self discovery, the most essential questions about God will be answered. It’s a profound learning that can only begin with pure will.

“God, please tell me what I need to know.” This is the most respected of all life problems.

 ( Some sentences are a bit awkward, ha ha, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand them. The key to Cleon’s expression is to ask inward. Don’t ask if there are XX gods and angels. Ask who I am, whether I am a part of God, and whether I am one of the creators. When it comes to asking God questions, don’t ask this or that? Because the things you ask may not be important at all, and the important things you need to know may not have a concept at present, and you can’t even ask. So just ask the classic question above. Maybe there won’t be an answer right away, but gradually it will open the path of enlightenment, and the Epiphany will continue! Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can’t ask other questions.)

Question: Dear Kryon, the question I want to ask is, what information do I need to know most now?

A: now what you need to know is how to create an energy around you that keeps you balanced and happy, no matter what happens in your life or in the world. Can you see things in a divine light? Can you send light to the place where you need it most and allow free choice? Or are you still in the middle of a political farce? The most important thing you’re learning now is how to become more multidimensional in these things. Learn to see fit… And Overview… And then get to work and send light to the most needed places on earth – the Middle East, Africa, and where leaders and governments are. Send light to them with spiritual honesty, not prejudice. Light up their area and give them a better choice to see things they’ve never seen before. Become a lighthouse standing on the rocks to guide ships into a safe harbor. Don’t join any side. Don’t judge the ship’s belief system. Just keep and anchor the light. Let the gods do the rest.

The person who can ask questions will come soon. This answer is universal for optoelectronics, and it is suitable for the past and the present. It is a compulsory course for optical workers not to be involved in disputes and not to have negative emotions from external events. Kryon’s information always has a higher and larger perspective beyond duality. We can only see the negative interpretation of many negative events in other information, but we can see its appropriateness and positive significance in Kryon’s information. This is one of the important meanings of reading Kryon’s information – to cultivate our multidimensional and beyond duality perspective and way of thinking. This is still difficult. Many beginners are stuck in the struggle between good and evil of duality

Q: Dear Kryon, have you always been in a state of “love”? I mean, do you always have an overview, a deep love for everything, for us, for yourself? Always?

A: Yes! And the cosmic joke is that you are the same! It’s hidden in your duality, and it’s a basic nature for all of you. It may seem hard to believe when you see all kinds of people around you, especially those who look cold and never seem to have any compassion. The reality is that this is what they create. Everyone has a free choice.

Dear Kryon: I love you, but I have a question about your name. When people say your name out loud, it sounds like cry on. Since then, I have been imagining how an entity like you (all that is Kryon) can work under a name whose vibration carries such sad expectations. Can you help me?

A: honey, again, you are really good at hypothesis. Do you assume that Kryon is just a name for an English speaker? It is a sound name, carrying an energy, not a meaning*

However, even in English, have you ever thought that crying may mean crying for joy? Give it another test and see that sadness is not involved. It’s the tears we all shed when we see what you do.

*[Kryon is now in 15 languages all over the world]

Dear Kryon, what do you think of leaders who judge others because they believe their “truth” is the only “truth”?

A: we have said that… These are their own dogmas and let them live in them if they like. You are only responsible for yourself and your own beliefs, not them. What did your higher self tell you? Do you really think God will be isolated in a group? Will the creative force that lives within you and creates the whole universe look down at humanity and wait for it to step on a crack or head in a certain direction? Do you really think that your spirituality depends on the lists that humans make for you?

The God who lives within you is universal and contained in every human to the same extent. It is human beings who divide gods and force God’s love into dogmatic boxes for control. Be wise and give priests their own space to find their own way. Then light up your light and find your own!

Dear Kryon, I found that a lot of the scientific content in your book was automatically ignored when it passed through my brain. Is there a simpler way to understand these concepts?

A: honey, it’s never necessary to read and understand these scientific contents. However, there will be some people who will never believe what we call spiritual content without the evidence revealed by their real-life four-dimensional physical science. That’s why science is part of transmission… It gives them a better choice. And for you, relax and enjoy the love of God in your life! There is no reason to have a deeper understanding of science.

It’s not for everyone. Those who are not interested in science will automatically ignore the content of science. It’s nothing! If you are interested in science, you must not miss what Cleon said!)

Question: Okay, Cleon, who are you, exactly?

A: I’ve told my partner many times that by asking the right questions, a lot will be learned. Not everything will be told to you if you are silent. So you show some insight in your question that maybe Kryon isn’t just a master of magnetism. You are right. I’m going to give you my two qualities:

Honey, as mentioned in this book, I am one of the angels of conservation in the new century. My cosmic family includes what you call Archangel Michael. We often travel together and find ourselves partners again for the work of your planet. Some of you suspect this and recognize this energy. Now I confirm it because you asked your family.

I have the work and expertise of all spiritual beings that you know have the name “on” at the end of your language. List them, and you will find that they are all about science, physics and love.

I will continue to love you, honor you and speak to you as I do now, long after the completion of the magnetic work and the departure of the Kryon working group.

I love you so much

(Note: Kryon and Metatron both end with “on”. It seems that they are both technology angels. What other names of beings end with “on”?

Among all the new century psychic messages, Kryon’s message has the largest space and the most unique. In fact, there are many important dry goods, but beginners may feel that they can’t read anything. Ha ha! After reading so much information about Klein and all kinds of other information, including the Buddhist and Taoist information in our traditional culture, I also feel that it’s not good to read more about the promotion of consciousness, and it’s not good to read only one family’s information, because each family’s information basically has its own focus and is not comprehensive. What’s the main lack of Klein’s information


Higher self message: the gate of time and space

Life is like a river 3tV_ 0LB2XEnmpD6Wgk_rA

Message receiving: Ruohe

Children, today I want to talk to you about the gate of time and space. When the universe was born, there were many doors of time and space. The purpose of these doors of time and space is to complete the isolation between time and space and between dimensions.

In every galaxy, there are many gates of time and space, which act as barriers of consciousness to separate different dimensions of time and space.

Different dimensions of time and space exist at the same time, of course, in the relative universe. There is no space-time in the absolute energy field, in the field of the original light of the birth of the universe. Different time and space, dimensions and universes are created to complete the experience of soul life.

The experience is instantaneous and eternal. In your opinion, time and space retrospection means crossing the gate of time and space, breaking the barrier between the dimensions of time and space. This door after door exists in your different lifetimes and different multidimensional bodies.

But these doors are not eternal. In the relative world, nothing is eternal and unchangeable. Your so-called dimensional ascension to the new world is actually breaking or dissolving the door of time and space.

The gate of time and space is the barrier of consciousness. When the consciousness of human beings and other beings is blocked, the gate of time and space can exist. When your consciousness is open enough to block your space-time door between dimensions, at least between three and five, it will dissolve.

As more and more people open up to the new consciousness, they will create waves of light in the collective, which will dissolve the door of time and space in the collective consciousness. That is when the great change occurs.

The space-time gate of collective consciousness lies in the soul of common experience, and also in the Gaia planetary consciousness, the world you experience.

Therefore, the awakening of human beings is closely linked with Gaia’s ascension. When you are doing your own light work, you are not only accelerating the dissolution of personal space-time barrier, but also accelerating the elimination of Gaia’s collective consciousness barrier.

You are all doing this extraordinary work to complete this grand cosmic consciousness upgrade and dimensional ascension.  

It is interesting and creative to play in a relative world and in different time and space. You and Gaia, along with other beings in the universe, experience what you cannot experience in absolute oneness.

The dimension of forgetting and the setting of the gate of time and space allow you to accomplish such an experience together. Of course, separation does not really exist. All evolution and ascension are actually the awakening of dreams one after another.

Finally, you will find that you have never left your home in your heart, although you have gone to a seemingly distant place in your dream.

Thanks for reading and deep blessing!


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