Ascension, “those of you who choose to do this must be ready.” We don’t call on all of you to do it. Never!

Ascension, “those of you who choose to do this must be ready.” We don’t call on all of you to do it. Never!

But we want all of you to know about it, because it’s an incredible new gift.

It is a difficult road.

It is usually done on its own and takes a long time and many steps.

The word ascension used to mean “someone passed away and ascended to heaven,” but now it means something completely different. It is a measurement of the awakening vibration in which the physical human can carry all the vibration and energy of his existence!

However, it can’t happen all at once, and it’s not for everyone. We are very careful to tell you this. We said, “those of you who choose to do this have to be ready.” It is a difficult road. It’s usually done alone, it takes a long time and a lot of steps, and we don’t call on all of you to do it. Never! But we want all of you to know about it, because it’s an incredible new gift.

The steps of ascension have been listed and studied for you. The experts who transmit this information even let you read it this time. The process is complicated, and each of you can choose to do it if you want. You may find yourself in the third or fourth stage one day – you can’t go on. But what we have to say to you is that there is no judgment here. There was no failure. We invite you to start this step and see how far you are willing to go. Because each step will raise your vibration and the vibration of the planet. It’s a magical way to start, and you’ll find your own level. If you only go to the third floor, relax, because that’s where you belong. If some of you choose to complete the journey, we will say that it will be a great journey indeed!

What is the meaning of the above stage

Kryon the eight changes of awakening

You may ask, what are the attributes of a person who has been promoted? Oh, let me tell you. To identify a person in a state of ascension, you have no problem. Some of what you already know is Avatar, who is not on this continent. There is an example of ascension. Is that surprising to you? Are you personally ready for this? It’s all about: the permission to carry all your being. Now, if you do so immediately, you will only be destroyed, because the vibration level of your body is much lower than that required by this new state of ascension. This is why research is necessary and steps are necessary; Time is necessary, determination and concentration are necessary. Because all of these things will use the mechanism of your cellular body, the tools given to you at 11:11 – the permission to rejuvenate, the permission to grow.

If you want to do any kind of physical exercise about your body, we’ll tell you you’ve missed a place. That’s the organ in your chest called the thymus. It is where the rejuvenation process takes place. Create health together from here. Don’t be surprised if it grows up, for this is part of the secret of ascension. Your body must be fully coordinated in the process. And some of you have heard of melkaba. You might say, “what is this thing we call melkaba?” Note that this is your word, not ours. But it can be said that what we are talking about is what we call “energy shell”. It’s this thing that holds all your energy together. It’s like the skin of your being, but oh, it’s more.

You’ve only seen melkaba a few times in history. You’re starting to see more now and confuse it with flying saucers from space. It’s Elijah who presents his melkaba in the ground, it’s shining, you see the rim inside the rim. You see the colors and the splendor of his ascension. This is the melkaba that has been seen. Each and every one of you, when you are not here, has a brilliant appearance, color, vibration, sound and shape interwoven in melkaba, which you can’t see when you are in the body now. Because melkaba has so many dimensions, I can’t even begin to tell you what it contains. We have said in the past that there are your colorful ribbons in melkaba, which will tell other cosmic beings where and what you have been when they meet you. We also told you about the great celebration hall, where you will receive new colors for being human on earth. Because the journey you’ve been through is extraordinary. All of you sitting here (and reading here) tonight have a lot of ribbons because you’ve been here many times. And the biggest irony is that although you only come to this room once and see those faces you pretend you don’t know, they were all your friends and relatives once upon a time! They are part of your karmic community – brothers, sisters, father, mother: there has been so much between you that you have passed each other like strangers. It’s a wonderful proof that you can’t see the truth here, because really knowing these things will lead you to leave.

Oh dear, we honor you for that! Walking in the schoolwork of this planet in the curtain of not letting you know who you are. When we look at you and say to the beings around us, “they are voluntary,” we love you for that. And it’s melkaba calling for a language that all beings can hear, see, feel and experience. So melkaba is not just your shell, dear; It’s also your language. Melkaba is the energy that you can move around. When you move from one place in the universe to another, it’s almost instantaneous, and your melkaba has changed shape to do this. Although we won’t mention the science, we have to say that it has been conducted before. Find it, so your melkaba is a shapeshifter! The shape presented in melkaba is completely pure science. And this, my dear, is a great humorous irony: that your society has chosen to separate spirituality from physics, from those who study mathematics, from those who study geometry and physics.

If you can see melcaba, you can fully understand that the relationship between them is complete and integrated, because melcaba is made of geometric shapes and yells at you about the 12 base system. It’s saying that all shapes are mathematically divisible by six, and that’s for a purpose – but you still don’t see that. So we talk about melkaba as something magnificent. It’s owned by you and each of you owns it. But it’s not going to be on this planet, because it’s going to volatilize your body. This energy is just too powerful. Although melkaba cannot manifest, you can still work for it because it still exists in astral. Part of the process of ascension is to try to integrate it into your body.

We’ve said a lot by now, except to say again that not all of you need to take these steps. You are respected in all your processes, no matter where you go, that’s where you should be. Some of you may ask, “how do I know if I should do it?” And we will say to you, you should get rid of the idea of what the gods expect of you, and replace them with the idea of what you want to do for you. Do you know that you are part of God and your contract is in front of you; The key words in your own strokes are, “that’s why I’m here.” Look for this contract. Co create your contract and ask it to be brought in. It’s very intuitive and you’ll know what it is. We’ll talk more about that later.

Oh, there is healing even at this moment tonight, and some of you are feeling the heat of it. And we’re going to say to you, “don’t be afraid of this,” because heat speaks of love and light. Did we tell you that melcaba was carried by himself in terms of light? That is, wherever melkaba is, there is light? This makes you a being of light! Accept this, if there is heat at this moment, don’t be afraid, because it is the love of God in your body.


Now let’s turn to the responsibility that you, as a human being, should have when you are imbedded. We want to talk to you about this many times, but the vibration is right now. My partner has explained embeddedness to you in those channeling and writing, and that’s what it is. All the things mentioned are like this. But you have to realize this: we say to you again that embedment is your “kit”. Those of you who choose to receive gifts from the gods have received implants. Those of you who say, “I don’t know what’s going to happen from now on, but whatever God gives me, I’ll take it.”. Because you summon this gift and it’s right in front of you. Now you have to use it.

Let me make a list of what you should do. It’s not appropriate to receive embedment and wait for the gods to do something so that nothing will happen in your life. You’ll put your tools in the drawer there, and this drawer will stay closed. It’s time to turn it on! Use these tools and do the following.

First of all, we mentioned your body again. We talked about the state of ascension and the fact that your body must be raised to match your consciousness. You see, it won’t automatically be like this. So the first action item is: put your body into your mind. The senses of all of you are on your head. It’s a place for you to see, listen, smell, taste, talk and communicate. It’s where all the comfort and pleasure centers are. So, my dear, your spirituality seems to be there as well. Although we talk about the heart many times, it is your mind that senses what you call awareness.

Many of you look down at your body, you see parts and you say, “my hand hurts; I hope it will be better. What’s wrong with my leg Now I’ve put my partner through this, and he’s speaking to you through the translation of Cleon’s message about it. Because it’s time for you to include your body in your consciousness! When you talk about your body, say “we.”. Because both the physiology and the cells of your toes have to be aware of your conscious decision.

And in this new century, we’re going to tell you again about what you eat from the west, or the energy work you do… That you have to say hello to these things before they get into your body. And that means, honey, you have to have a ceremony for these things, even if it’s short. It may seem strange to you, but it’s the truth. Because what you put into your cellular level, as well as the “we” of your body, has to be said. You have to give your body permission to make them work! Otherwise, when you ask for healing and use matter or energy, they don’t know where they should go or what they should do. If you say hello to them in advance, you speak to them. There will be a fusion and handshake, and an agreement in love. Oh, these things sound very strange to some of you, but the truth is that the truth will settle later when the result is seen to be accurate. So the first step is to integrate your body with your spirit and see your body as part of your mind. Think of all the parts as one, because that’s the only way the vibration can be increased to match the implant.

2. The next, and perhaps one of the most important, is what you might call your state of mind, but we call it your “calm attitude.”. Let me explain. Many of you have said, “I’ve accepted embedment, and I’ve heard you talk about the peace it can bring and the changes it can bring in my life. There are things around me that make me uncomfortable. There will be things that irritate me, and they will lead to reactions. So I’m not calm. ” And we say to you that’s what you have to change: peace is something that happens naturally with embedment, and your body will eventually express peace as health. So how do you get this peace? We say the key to peace is your memories of childhood. Oh, honey, there’s a lot to say about this!

When you are a child, you may recall the fact that there were very few worries at that time. When you were a kid, all you thought about was that day. They are things that will happen in the next hour, things that can be expected. Do you remember that there was no problem that would be too big for mom to solve? Because mom can do everything; Everything was taken care of. There’s no question about where you’ll sleep or what you’ll eat, because most of you on this continent grew up in this calm environment. So we say to you that the baby’s awareness and attitude is the key to peace. Finding the inner child of each of you is the key to your true peace.

You might say, “that’s good information, but how can I get it?” We said you should create it together! If you want to get in touch with this inner child, you may get it immediately, but for those who still don’t know what to do, we say that some helpers walking on this planet come here for this purpose. For they are here to show you in love the path to the inner child – to help you trek through the anger, fear and frustration and get there. So we support those who are on this planet at this time for this purpose. Do you realize that it’s not a coincidence that so many people are helping? They are here as the “first wave,” as my partner calls it, to help humanity. Inner child – look for it and see what happens with the peace of your life. Because real peace is a state in which things that used to haunt you are not. People who have karma with you used to be able to “push buttons” and cause reactions, but now find that all buttons are invalid! Just like the fable of the asphalt pit that was transmitted to you before, you will find that the people around you will begin to change with your own level of peace. As the karma with those around them is released, they will stop trying to cause trouble again. Many of them will fade out of your life, and you will think, how is that possible? Again, it’s because a person’s change will affect a lot of people. So if there is a way to preach in this new century, it is to change yourself… To create for yourself. Let the people around you see you and change accordingly.

3. The next attribute of action is indeed co creation. And we say that’s your responsibility. It’s a contractual obligation for you and yourself to start co creating what you need in your life. Many of you would say, “what would that be? I don’t know what I should do. ” We said you should do what you agreed to do. It’s your passion! Your contract. Your intuition. You already know, but you say, “I don’t know.” We said, well, you have the power to co create, so do the following. Every day says, “in the name of the gods, I work together to create the ability to stay in my contract, whatever it is. In the name of the gods, I co created to find the sweet spot on this planet where I agreed to stay. ” That’s the best way to start.

Now, dear ones, we have told you in the past that things in the new century will not work the same way as they did before. Many of you are used to planning for the future. Many of you will say, “I know I’m on this road, but I know there will be a fork in the road. And when there’s a fork in the road, I want to know which way to turn And some of you will see that the fork in the road is approaching recently. Instead of going to the fork in the road to see the sign given to you by the gods, you have stopped! You sit down and say, “I won’t move on unless I know what’s said on the side of the road… So I can plan for it.” That’s where faith comes in, isn’t it? And we say to you that you have to go to the fork in complete peace and co create along the way, so that when you get there, you know that the sign is there. And this sign says, “we know who you are! Turn right. “The right road will shine for you so you don’t miss it. It’s co creation that gives the signpost energy! Use this gift!

The next attribute is that we invite you to discover new knowledge. New knowledge may not be given to you through channels or books; It may seem to come out of your mind. To those who are helping and healing humanity, we say to you, “you are ready for this new knowledge in your new healing methods.” But you might say, “well, what are they?” We said, “you’ll know when you get them.” We tell you, dear, no matter what your specialty is, there will be new methods that will give you greatly enhanced results. Try them. No matter how strange they may look, try them. Because you will find that even the greatest masters whose teachings have been handed down for centuries do not have this knowledge. Then when you receive these methods and receive significant results, we invite you to tell others, not just for yourself. It’s not just for you. You may come here to acquire this new knowledge in a special field, and then publish it for all mankind! How do you know.

So we ask and invite you to acquire this new knowledge. What do you do? It’s very simple“ I come to me in the name of gods to create new knowledge, and I will get it in pure love and use it to serve all mankind. ” You created it together again.

Xiaowu and Fengfeng

These are the action items. But we have something else for you tonight, and it has to do with being in the right place at the right time. Because many of you feel that being in the right place at the right time means escaping from all the seemingly negative things that happen around you. And honey, what we’re going to say is that you misunderstood this. Oh, but there’s so much love coming in here! Please listen.

We have said before about a personal being we call Xiaowu. Xiaowu is the name we give to the people who walk on this planet. Xiaowu doesn’t mean a man or a woman, because you don’t have a gender when you’re away. But for the sake of this story, and for the sake of making it easy for my partner to tell it, xiaowujiang will be a man. And the title of this story and this journey is “Xiaowu and gale.”

Xiaowu is a man of consciousness. He and some other people live on a very small island. Xiaowu’s life is very good, because he is really on the road. We will call Xiaowu a warrior of light, because Xiaowu does meditate and follow the gods. He has excellent children, and he teaches them the essence of spirituality through his love. Xiaowu is deeply loved by his neighbors because they know he is a good man. So we know that Xiaowu lives on the island, and every day Xiaowu says, “Oh God, I love you. I really want to stay in my contract – in the right place at the right time. That’s what I want. “

As Xiaowu marches in his life year after year, he will walk to the beach every day. With the sound of the waves, he will get as close to the water as possible and sit down there. Xiaowu would say, “Oh God, put me where I belong. I don’t care if it gets me out of here. I want to be in my sweet spot. ” Now you can see that Xiaowu is doing this right, and for this he is greatly honored. Xiao Wu would also say, “and in this new century, oh, dear God, there is something I really want as a gift. I know some people never get this, but if it’s appropriate, let me meet my guide! Even once. ” Now you know Xiaowu’s life and the inner workings of his mind. Xiaowu is such a person.

A storm approached the island and was extremely violent. Xiaowu is afraid, because it seems that the storm will pass by his home. There hasn’t been such a storm in hundreds of years, so it’s really very strong. As it approached, many people left the island. But Xiaowu stayed, fully aware that he would be in the right place at the right time, just as he co created. Every minute, Xiaowu is looking forward to the miraculous path change of this storm. But you know, it didn’t. It’s getting worse. So the residents were trapped at home and told, “don’t go out. If you go out, you’ll get hurt. “

So people stay at home and watch the wind and the water rise. They saw their house start to blow away, and they were scared. But Xiaowu was silent. He no longer spoke to the gods. Do you see that? Xiaowu is very angry. In fact, he is mad because you see, Xiaowu thinks he has been betrayed“ I’ve asked for this for so many years, and I didn’t get it when it was time? ” Xiaowu said. The wind is stronger and stronger, and Xiaowu is more and more angry. Then the electricity stopped. Xiaowu hears a truck coming to pick someone up in the street. They said, “you’re not safe. Come to the car when you can. We’ll send you to a strong school. You’ll be safe there. “

It was the truck that picked up all the people on the island and took them to schools and churches everywhere. Xiaowu came to the biggest school near his home. He went in with a lot of neighbors, and he looked at everyone. He saw the pale face of fear, but in Xiaowu’s eyes, he was only angry with God. As they huddle in the basement where they think it’s safe, of course there’s a blackout… They’re in the dark. There were no candles, and soon the water began to come in again, and the wind began to tear every inch of the school building. They began to hear the groans of cement and wood. They huddled together in fear – not a word.

Then Xiaowu came to a shocking conclusion. He realized that he was not afraid. He was very angry, but he was not afraid. He looked around and saw people huddled in ankle free water, frozen in the absence of warmth or candlelight. He also saw their panic. Because that night a lot of people felt that they were all going to die. Why not? They’re told they’re not even here. They’re heading in a worse direction. If the school building disintegrates, they must be at the mercy of these elements.

So Xiaowu stood up from where he was sitting and angry. He hugged his family and said, “there’s work here. You will be safe. ” He looked into his child’s eyes and said, “look, there’s no fear in my eyes because I’m guaranteed we’ll be safe.” Then Xiaowu left and went from one neighbor to another, from one group of people to another. Xiaowu told them about his love for God and that God never let him down. He told them that they would be safe and gave them the love they could only send out from an enlightened human being! When he left each group of people, he saw that the fear also left, just as the dark cloud dissipated, they were left with hope. Some people began to sing, so instead of total fear and silence, it was singing. Some people begin to tell humorous stories of their lives and laugh, and the fear dissipates. The panic left.

That night, Xiaowu went from one group of people to another and did his work. It’s like some kind of miracle, the eye of the wind never came. Instead, the storm reversed itself, left, and dissipated rather than strengthened. So just when Xiaowu’s work was finished, the storm had weakened to the point where they could take a bus back. The sun began to come out, and Xiaowu realized that they had been there all night. When they walked outside, the wind was almost gone. How fast it retreated. The sun was shining in the sky, the birds were chirping, and people went back to their homes. Oh, some people are very sad that their houses have been destroyed. Oh, yes, Xiaowu is also one of the people who found that the roof of his house was gone. Water also came in and destroyed a lot of things.

The next few weeks, reconstruction began, and it went well. Gradually on this island, a story began to spread. You see, there are news and stories about what happened at school that night. People are saying, “there’s a man and his partner who came to us at the worst time in the dark. They told us we were safe and they gave us hope. They illuminated the darkness with love and peace. They bring hope and humor to our sense of panic. They gave us songs, and that changed us that night because we were no longer afraid. Our children were the first to respond because we saw in their eyes that they were no longer afraid, and then I relaxed. This man’s name is Xiaowu. ” A group of people reported this, and to Xiaowu’s embarrassment, they invited him to a ceremony to honor him. So Xiaowu reluctantly went to the ceremony and heard the neighbor’s testimony about how he and his companions helped that night.

After the ceremony, Xiaowu went to the beach and sat by the water. Then Xiaowu understood what it meant to be in the right place at the right time. He realized that as a man in the new century, all his prayers and all his co creation abilities have been realized. Do you see that Xiaowu prays to be in the right place at the right time, and that’s where he is! He realized that his prayer had been answered 100 percent. Then Xiaowu cried because he knew that 100% Co creation meant that his guiding spirit was also seen that night. Each group of neighbors saw three people: Xiaowu and his “two partners.” Xiaowu knew that he went into the dark alone that night to help his neighbors – he thought so.

So although Xiaowu didn’t know, his guiding spirit was clearly seen that night. His neighbors have described them in the candlelight, so through the words of the people he helped, Xiaowu saw his guide! Oh, his house has been damaged and some trees have been damaged, but the contract he agreed to before he came has been completed, and everything is inferior to that. All the prayer of CO creation revolves around being in the right place at the right time. Xiaowu realized that the gods had glorified him with a complete and complete miracle. It changed his life, because he found his passion – to bring peace into other people’s lives.

Since then, Xiaowu has learned what it means to co create and pray for his contract. He knew that didn’t mean he would be exempt from all the tests. It doesn’t mean he won’t be there when the ground shakes. It means that when these things happen, he will be in his sweet spot, and in complete peace. And be able to help others when this happens.

Now when we come back to you (and those who read this) sitting in front of the gods, we want to tell you that we love you so much, and that you have done a lot in CO creating your contracts. When things look dark, it’s just a perception of the dark. You should see the overview and see the love into this event. When some seemingly negative things happen in your life, look at them in the overview, because they may only be temporary things, so as to drive you to the right time and place, those things you help set in your contract. Oh, that’s why we call it work, honey. Because sometimes it’s not easy, and it may seem too difficult to ask you to do. You will find that, just like Xiaowu, it is exactly the opposite. Because no sweet spot will not be your passion, your contract!

So finally, we say that tonight, in this energy, the gods have done a lot. Oh, there are stories told, there are messages presented, but tonight is about the energy delivered to your heart and your mind. Every one of you is cherished. From this place, I know that you are sitting in front of the gods. Start from this place and know that the God you think of tonight is a part of who you are! You know, if you could describe what really happened tonight, you’d say, “part of the family visited me tonight.” This is how each of you feels as you sit in this energy.

Honey, when we finally meet – I’ll see you and your melkaba – I’ll honor you with your new colors. You’ll remember that I said tonight that we’ll meet again… It’s hard to believe when you walk in your body on this planet, but it’s true. Everything I brought you tonight is true. As your life goes on, many of you will discover your truth with the result. You are allowed and empowered to say no to the evil around you. It will no longer necessarily be a part of your life. Leave this place with you! Leave this place with joy! Know that the gods say to you that you are in a new century and things will be better, not worse. Look forward to it. Live it. Create it together. And the planet will vibrate like it never did before. Oh, we love you so much for that!

That’s it.

Kryon – ascension and responsibility (Part Two)

Original becomequantum 6 / 20


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