Isis: the ascension of 2021

Isis: the ascension of 2021

Primary energy mass source

Goddess Isis, 2021 is a decisive year, as the first wave of ascension will reach its climax on December 12, 2021, and the frequency adjustment will be decisive for the great quantum leap that has already taken place at the cosmic energy level.

These events will occur one by one at the cosmic and planetary (earth) levels with great acceleration.

It’s important to stay focused on you.
I am Isis, mother goddess, Queen of resurrection and magic, protector of women and children, creator of the world, guardian of the multiverse and the universe; I allow myself to exist in the eternal present, endowing all human beings with awakening and activating consciousness in the unconscious, and coexisting in existence.

By giving me the most sacred power of evolution, I will strengthen my knowledge and remind you that we are part of the evolutionary process, and we are mutants.

I’m more present than ever, and I’m part of the experience.

I have derived My DNA from love, and today I ask you to tame my emotions more than ever, because that is the key to the union of heaven and earth. Stand firm and safe, rest assured that we are all gods and goddesses, kings and queens.

Because of who I am and who they are, all the blockages and connections between the earth and the galaxy have been lifted.

Because of who I am, and because of who they are, the power of creation is activated in all your union to rediscover themselves with your own will and spontaneous desire.

Without exception, we are all multidimensional beings with the ability to acquire absolute knowledge.

Ascension or quantum leap is a personal transformation, which is why I emphasize who you are and why you are here as part of such an event.

I remind you that the present moment of eternity will manifest, that creation is in our hands, and that once we are able to control our emotions, we will be aware of these reactions; Reverse all manipulations integrated into the human planned DNA on earth; Printed and infused with abilities beyond galactic earth beings.

I ask you to enter your biological, physical, quantum atomic machine, which is where we begin this transformation and issue orders for healing, transformation and ascension to make a conscious evolution possible.

Let’s get rid of the mental confusion and let balance adjust everything that needs to be adjusted, because without balance, we can destroy ourselves.
Heal, transform, but don’t stagnate or bind yourself to anything or anyone.

Connect with your own teacher, use guidance and telepathy.

Let’s move to the Central Sun of the galaxy, where you’ll find everything we’ve been, are and will be.

The emotion of entering can be strong, but because the photon discharge is happening in our universe, the recovery can be immediate. Now every existence has the power to create and experience in an instant, and our conscience has entered. There is no time, although not everyone can feel it, we have opened the door.

We have a direct connection with the universe and all beings.

Connect with the energy from the solar plexus chakra and recognize that the main purpose is to focus on moving on to the next level of evolution.

You know, I may have been before, together or in many of you, and your roles may be different, but not after your evolution.

Restore your planetary and cosmic memories, join your hearts, and continue the process of harmony that has begun.

Tune to your origin and remember, as this is not the first time we will expand.
Who we are, we are, we are.

Many blessings, light and love to all.
**Light transmission: angelton


Q: how can we improve the efficiency of our DNA?

A: 1. Change your perception! Be fully aware that your DNA has the potential to work better than it does now. Most people on the planet don’t have that concept. You have to restructure what you’ve been told and what you’ve learned. You can change your own DNA!

  1. To understand that “how DNA works” is a process of making “data” from the quantum chemicals that are located in 90% of each DNA molecule. You can change that data because it responds to human consciousness. Your cellular structure will “listen” to your thoughts and change the data in your DNA.
  2. Note that your personal Akashic may contain something that can help you. It is possible that there is a DNA that works better in other lifetimes that you have lived and worked on than in your present life. We have taught you that you can “mine” the data in your DNA and bring it to your current life. It’s a fast track to health and longevity.

Q: what level of DNA efficiency does it take for humans to regenerate limbs?

A: there is no quantitative answer in the form of percentage, because the percentage of DNA in operation is relative to the catalysis of human consciousness and the reality that is happening on the planet.

A fashionable jet plane was parked on the runway. It’s perfect. It’s a private jet, equipped with state-of-the-art engines and navigation systems. It has the name of the pilot engraved on it and its design is beautiful. But it can’t take off because the runway is too short.

The length of the runway depends on the workers who can extend it. But there must be a sense of wanting to extend it, and an agreement with others to extend it. So no matter how capable your DNA becomes, human consciousness is the runway that can let you soar to a new height in the progress of your cells.

Regenerative limbs are already in the template. Other creatures on the planet can already do this, so here’s a precedent for you to see. It’s coming!

Dear Cleon: when I say incantations, I know they affect my body, but can they also affect my horse, dog and cat? I play different spells 24 hours a day on my horse farm (for example: ‘lumen de lumine’, ‘om mane padmehung’ and ‘om Nama shivaya’). I was also thinking, can these incantations also help raise the vibration frequency of the earth? Of course, I hope so, because it is my humble will; Although the main reason I use them is that they make me feel good.

A: all tones and sound vibrations have energy. When you integrate it with human consciousness, it’s very powerful. Don’t spend too much time on the details of which tone or mantra to use, because the details are just to make you feel that you have fulfilled a certain system and are happy about it. People like systems and respond well to them, but it’s not necessary to follow a system spiritually.

It’s true that almost everything around you, including your body, has special tonal properties. However, all life around you will respond, even if you don’t speak or sing out its specific frequency. This is because your intention to act is seen as the “carrier” of all tones. Therefore, although you do not sing the tune accurately due to lack of relevant knowledge or pentatonic insufficiency, your intention has carried the correct tone on a cross dimensional level.

The same is true of the mantra you mentioned. They are powerful only because of the intention you put in them and the words you feel mean to you. Animals respond to the same energy. They feel the intention and like the sound you make. They don’t care what language or spell it is. Do you see the power of your own human consciousness over nature and everything around you?
Q: most human DNA on the planet operates at about 33%. However, some old souls or new ones born now may be up to 40%. The masters who once walked on the planet had DNA that worked very efficiently. Their melkaba (the field surrounding them) affects those they come into contact with, often creating miraculous healing. Can you explain more about how this works? Is this why the Pleiadians will not visit us in their bodies, because their melkaba will change our DNA, which will eliminate the purpose of self-awareness and remove free choice?

A: This is a new teaching: human DNA is a “conscious energy”, and the field around the body, called melkaba, has always been “conscious”. That’s the whole reason why evolution takes place in the time frame it takes place. We will call it AE (aware energy). About this, a transmission called “revealing evolution” was given in Sylvan Lake, Canada —— On January 24, 2015.

When a particular life system encounters a more evolved version of its own species (for example, human and human), it knows this and will try to emulate it. On the planet, life evolved not only through “natural selection”, but through a “fast track” system of aware energy. Therefore, the rapid mutation evolution of life is not accidental. Instead, there is awareness energy in it: every time there is a significant progress, the whole group “knows” it, and will move closer to the new born to this new model. Remember, physical intelligence innate is smart.

The following is the fable we gave you more than 20 years ago: when many people live in a very dark room, one person lights a match, so they can all see more clearly, not just the person with the match. Everyone loves this new vision awareness and wants to have it for themselves. Therefore, as time goes on, more and more people will light matches.

The masters on the planet have an evolutionary DNA, and many people want to go with them. Balance attracts balance, and even nature responds to their calm face. This is our best example of how balance and intelligence attract attention and emulate. It’s the backbone of evolution. But it does have to happen on its own, and yes… That’s why more evolved minds don’t collectively, face-to-face, present themselves to you. This will affect free choice.

But, you know, this is one of the biggest invisible laws of nature. Everything, including plants, has it.
Q: the nine attributes of human beings are made up of three groups of three. It describes the parts of our soul that split at birth. Are these attributes or energies the same for every humanoid race in the galaxy, such as the Pleiadians? If so, is it the same for the twelve layers of DNA?

A: This is the first question actually asking to define the difference between “twelve layers of DNA” and “nine attributes of human beings”. It is not directly asked, but it should be talked about so that the actual question is answered.

DNA: the twelve layers of DNA are unique to humans. That’s because your DNA is unique to humans. DNA structure is really universal in the universe, so you can expect to find it in all the life you will eventually find. However, you have seen that your DNA is different from that of animals. So, you know, not all DNA is the same structure. The Pleiadians have no human DNA. They have Pleiadian DNA, and only a small part of the DNA information we give you is applicable to them. They have their own layers and their own names and definitions.

Nine attributes: they are called “human attributes”, so you should know that they are unique to you. The Pleiadians also have their attributes, and they are also nine. But each race has its own evolution of spiritual consciousness, so attributes change depending on which stage of development you are in.

Tip: did I give you nine attributes before 2012? Were they the same back then? Answer No. There have always been nine, but depending on your evolution, they will change. They are given to you when it is certain that you will stay.

New: the Pleiadians also have their own evolution, but it’s slightly different from yours. Their ancient culture immediately recognized and used the energy of thinking as a contributor to reality. Even now, when a “supernatural” concept is given to your scientists, they still roll their eyes. But the Pleiadians saw it as their reality. It’s a different kind of evolution. They used it very early to hunt and control the animal’s path.

This means that they actually had a more difficult time passing the final logo than you. This is because they use “thinking influence” from the beginning. When the strong are evil, the weak usually have no chance. Can you imagine that? Take a moment to celebrate how they got through this and the difficulties they had to face.

So you may see that their “Nine” are very different from yours. One of your “three in a group” is human nature. There’s also innate, the inborn instinct, and information about how slowly you build the bridge between inborn instinct and the cellular consciousness within your body. But their “bridge” has always been built, because they attach importance to thinking.

However, soul is distinct from DNA evolution, so the direct answer to your question is that the three parts of soul are the same for the Pleiadians. Their parents have the same three. So, when a lot of nine are different between races and races, the attributes of the soul are always the same.

By the way, that’s why you can get in touch with them so well. Because spiritual communication is “soul based” rather than “consciousness based” or “DNA based.”.
Q: will our aura be an extension of the converging light from our DNA… Like internal light radiating out of our bodies? Is the halo like a more complex image of our energy in terms of science?

If so, can we say that due to our limited knowledge, we can not directly affect our DNA, halo serves this purpose, and if we can know more about halo, we can change our DNA?

A: your DNA directly affects the halo. Halo is like the color of your cross dimensional energy, and that color depends on the change in your DNA. So you can only change your halo properties by changing your DNA.
The halo camera doesn’t actually capture the halo. It can only capture one 3D attribute, that is, the residual electromagnetic energy that can be seen in 3D. Only those who have the talent to see beyond 3D can really see the halo. Halo camera is not a cross dimensional device.

Most humans, even the most awakened, don’t think they actually work with their DNA, but they do.
I recently revealed to my partner that most of the internal work of DNA, which is not encoded (transcribed into RNA), is still regarded by the scientific community as “garbage” or recently as “dark matter in the human genome”. And it’s this part of the Akash record that contains the Lemurian connection that you all have, and yes, even the non-human attributes that the Pleiadians gave you. These are cross dimensional parts and can be mastered through your own efforts to be awakened.

So you can say that the difference between the most evil man and the most advanced master recorded in history is what happens to these cross dimensional parts of DNA.
Everyone is in control of his own. He can ignore divinity and choose to fall into the lowest energy imaginable, and become addicted to death, abuse, greed, power and worship of evil gods. He has the same power to discover divinity and enter a place previously reserved only for masters who walk on earth. This is called free choice and duality. Therefore, humans are both gods and demons, controlling the proportion of light and dark in their own souls.

What an outsider concept this is for most human beings. They just attribute these things to angels or demons, believe in the myth of light and dark, and use it to explain and bear everything… But they never bear the responsibility of these two aspects! If something bad happens, it’s the devil. If great things happen, it’s God. But the truth is that humans are in charge of all this.

Change your intention; Do their own internal work; Seek answers, create a need for peace in your life, and begin to understand and learn what masters have. If you do, you will influence and change your DNA. It will absorb the energy of your will as if it were an order from the boss. Then your halo will change.

You never interfere with your DNA. You’re just removing the curtain from its 100% efficiency from the 3D level. Think about that. When you work on your DNA, what you’re doing is actually subtracting humanity.
Kryon Q & A – light and dark are human choices, Pleiades seeding, DNA efficiency enhancement, incantation
Original becomequantum


You are your best teachers and guides^_^ -9d-arcturian-council/

Daniel Scranton

hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We have far less influence on you than what is contained within you. We are just a voice in a certain dimension. Your inner world is multidimensional, spanning thousands of life cycles. All of your experiences in this cycle of reincarnation are recorded, so what’s inside you has such a great influence. If our connection with you has an overall and far-reaching goal, it is to let you enter your own inner infinity and eternity.

We know that you are far more powerful than your physical mind realizes, so we not only want you to understand the importance of entering the inner world, but also want the energy transmitted through this channel to activate you. Now, we are sending you the code that will go through your mind and its understanding of the code, but your inner wisdom will be unlocked because you are willing to sit there and receive the energy of this message.

You must realize that you are your best teachers and guides, and that we and other beings are only here to remind you of this ultimate truth. Then our job is not to get in your way, because we also want to see your heart. We want to see its role in your life and in the evolution of consciousness on earth. We are not interested in manipulating puppets. I’m interested in letting you find your own power, because we know the human potential and the greatness of everyone’s inner wisdom.

Just as those of you who are aware of your power and are optimistic about the future of human use of it, we are happy for humanity. Everything is changing and evolving, including the way you get and use energy on earth. You don’t have to worry that others still use power in the traditional way, because it will only distract you from your inner power, which is something no one can touch. As long as you are willing to ignore those who are trying to strengthen the control of external forces, you can go inside and gain power and the wisdom of how to use it, because they are in your heart.

Adjust the frequency, feel it, and go your own way, because you change yourself there, and the ripple effect that comes with it will change the world, the galaxy, and the universe.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.


The four stages of manifesting

From heaven to earth

Excerpt from the first volume of the spiritual master
By Baird Thomas Spalding
Lu Ying translated from the French version of master of spiritual cultivation

Master Emile said:

“God fills the sky and the earth. We have to see ourselves at the center of all creation, connected with all visible and invisible things, immersed in and from the ubiquitous God.

“Jesus received a revelation when the sky opened to him and revealed to him the wonderful law of manifestation. According to this law, ideas conceived in God’s mind leave there to manifest in form.

“The law was revealed to him so perfectly that he immediately saw that all forms could be transformed and changed by changing the state of consciousness of them.

“He first tried to transform the form of stone into the form of bread to satisfy his hunger. At the same time, he received an accurate explanation of the law of manifestation.

“Stone, like all visible forms, comes from the thought entity of all, that is, from God. They are the true manifestation of God’s thought. All things that are desired but have no form exist in this universal entity.

“This universal entity is ready to create and manifest to satisfy all desires. Bread is bound to be created. This shows that the substance of bread can be obtained and controlled, and its quantity is unlimited. The substance or essence of everything can be transformed into bread or stone.

“When man wants good things, his wish is God’s wish. That is to say, the universal entity around us contains an inexhaustible source, which can provide what is necessary to satisfy all good wishes.

“We just need to learn to use the things God created for us in advance. He wants us to use these things so that we can be free from restrictions and become “free”.

“When Jesus said ‘I am the door’, he meant that the ‘I am’ in every soul is a door, and through this door god, the great ‘I am’, reveals his life, his power and his essence through everyone.

“The manifestation of” I am “has a unique pattern, which includes four stages: idea, thought, discourse and action.

“This power, this essence, this intelligence, this eternal God are shaped by human consciousness. That’s why Master Jesus once said, “success or failure depends on your faith.” He also said: “for those who believe, everything is possible.”

“Therefore, God exists in the soul as strength, essence and intelligence. At the same time, he also exists in the spirit as wisdom, love and truth. We have seen God present through human consciousness. Consciousness is human.

“Human consciousness is immersed in the infinite thought of God. It comes from the ideas and beliefs that exist in that thought. It is the belief that one is separated from the Holy Spirit that leads to the aging and death of the body. Know that the Holy Spirit is everything, and the body always comes from the Holy Spirit. Then you will understand that what comes from the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit.

“The second truth that consciousness reveals to us is that everyone is an idea of God’s thought and is fixed in it as a perfect idea. No one is self conceived. We’re all perfectly conceived. We are always perfect creations in God’s perfect mind.

“When this idea occupies our consciousness, we will come into contact with God’s thought and be able to conceive for ourselves what God has conceived for us. This is what Jesus calls a new life. This is the gift of silence.

“The contact with the thought of God enables us to think through it and understand our true state of being. Through real meditation, man can come into contact with the thought of God, and thus truly manifest it.

“At present, due to people’s incorrect belief, people’s manifestation of God’s thought is also incorrect. However, whether the manifestation is perfect or not, its essence is still God’s power, essence and perfect intelligence.

“What we want to change is not the essence of form, but the form given to it. Therefore, we should renew our thoughts, transform the imperfect idea into the perfect idea, and transform the human thought into the God thought. Therefore, finding God, contacting him, merging with him and showing him will benefit people greatly.

“Silence is also very important. We should force the individual’s wishful thinking to be silent, so that the thought of God can illuminate human consciousness with all its brilliance. Then we will know how the warm (beneficial) sun rises and brings healing between its wings.

“The thought of God is full of human consciousness, just like a house full of sunshine and darkness. The thought of all things seeps into the mind of the individual, just as pure air enters a closed place. The big and the small will mix together, and the small can merge with the big.

“The separation between the small and the large leads to impurity, and their combination leads to purity. After they are combined, there is only one kind of pure air, which is both beneficial and healthy. This is the oneness of God and the oneness of all things with him. Separation from God resulted in sin, disease, poverty and death. Integration with him will bring health.

“The main task of each soul is to raise its personal point of view to a certain level of consciousness until it can be integrated with everything. All things can meet in the same tone or place. In that place of consciousness, we understand that all visible and invisible creations originate from God.

“Then the spirit fills our consciousness, and the physical illusions of sin, disease, poverty and death are gone. This is the important purpose of silence. “


You’re going to make a quantum leap, you’re going to be in a different state of existence, with different parameters, different codes. The codes that exist within you will be displayed.

Everything has been coded, but these codes have been blocked until now, so that you can experience the experience in three dimensions according to the plan.

Now that the three dimensions are coming to an end, it’s true! You are bound to go to a higher dimension, to another kind of awareness. You will not only realize who you are now, but also gradually remember who you were before. At that time you will work in a state of fully balanced consciousness. It will be a great gift for you and for those around you.

You should have confidence, learn to let go, completely abandon what no longer belongs to you, and stop clinging to the life in front of you. This kind of life will no longer exist. It is coming to an end and you will be reborn. You have begun to be reborn in a new life, a new consciousness, a new idea, and to see yourself, others, and the relationship between yourself and all living beings in a new way.

The old world is dying! The destructive forces of the dark are remnants of the old world. They know they have little to come, but they hope to make a comeback. That’s impossible. Just as you can’t go back and live a life of ignorance.

What if you go back to your old life and forget all that you have learned in the spiritual way these years? You will be at the same level as those who are willing to be manipulated.

Do you miss that life? Do you want to live like that? We know you don’t want to, because a person who has begun to wake up, who has begun to realize who he is, will not want to go back to ignorance and experience those difficult experiences again.

Therefore, do not look back, do not nostalgia for the past, brave to the future, to meet the beautiful new!
[big change] people who can’t adapt to the new world won’t go there
From sky to earth

Source: brothers of light
Transmission: Monique Mathew
Conduction time: July 2021
Lu Ying


Melchizedek message ~ help from the higher realms of light needs your request! Do it every day!

Five dimensional space of original Lilian

I am here on the wings of love to bring you good news that many great and wonderful changes are taking place in all of you. We bring you the gift of the Holy Spirit. The only thing you need to do is to take time every day to ask for our gift. Each and every one of you is opening up to everything in your potential field, to all your potential abilities and abilities, to your soul talents, to all the skills that remain in the oneness of all things. Keep your light and your supreme vision and ask to accept the gifts that are given to you in this era.

Take time every day to open your heart chakra and let all love pour out on you, because it’s your love, it needs your request, it needs your will to accept it. All of you have been tried and tested for such a long time, and now you are ready for spiritual rebirth to be what you are, the shining beings of light and love. Allow all the feelings that don’t belong to you to rise; Recognize them and intend to let them flow through you and leave you. Every day, ask for help in this process, and we are ready to help you jump forward.

No matter what happens in the world around you, you should keep your light and faith, and trust that everything is well. Every detail of the process of earth’s ascension has been carefully reviewed, and this sacred plan is being realized. In the days, weeks, months and years to come, every one of you who read this article will know the role you chose before you came here to volunteer in this great awakening. You are truly entering a new way of life on your planet that will eventually lead to peace on earth, a peace her inhabitants have not experienced for a long time.

Each of you is the one who brings peace, and through the choices you make in every situation you experience, you create peace so that all that no longer perfectly fits into your eternal divine essence can be released, transformed and taken away from you. In the presence of the will of the creator, submit to the will of your humanity, with the coming of those great days of change, so that the great work can be achieved in the holy time. Dear ones, unite to help create these changes. When two or more people unite, you will find that there will be more angels and archangels from the highest spiritual realm of light and love around you.

We bring divine order to your world, and we fill your cups with our light and love. Drink, my dear ones, for now these are unlimited for all. All you need to do is be aware of it and remember to ask for it every day. Trust that your role in the divine plan will become clearer as the days go by. Your human body’s operating system will change, and be prepared for that, because as you release and let go and give it to God, more and more light will begin to penetrate into every cell of your being.
Be an observer of your thoughts, not trapped in them, empowering them. Just look at them, then let them go, and use powerful statements such as:

“I am the master of all my thoughts, emotions, words and actions. Now I am fully aligned with the timeline of my ascension and my eternal divine essence. This is not my personal will, but your will, to be realized within me through me, for the supreme good of all. “

“This prayer helps you stay grounded and connected

Mother earth, now please connect with the soles of my feet, and I ask you to transmit your healing, grounding and balancing energy through my feet to create a perfect sense of grounding, security and centrality in my whole body, my field and my soul energy.
I ask you now to remove all fear and low frequency energy from within and around me and help me open myself to the light of abundance.

I now call upon the golden grace of the source, the Legion of angels and God’s blessing, love, support, guidance, grace, protection and kindness to fill me, to cover me with your sacred safety net, to come to me through all dimensions, parallel universes and past generations, and to protect me in all directions.

I ask that this energy be stabilized and anchored in my field now, immediately, immediately.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

That’s what I sincerely wish for
If you find yourself drawn back to those thoughts and feelings, instead of simply observing them, go out to nature, sit under one of the members of the tree family, and ask them to help you take root in mother earth, remove these thoughts and energies from you, clean up and repair your aura, and keep original and pure.

The key here, dear ones, is that you have to ask. You are surrounded by a large number of angels and holy helpers. At any time, no matter what difficulties or challenges you are experiencing, you can be greatly reduced by your conscious decision and your oral request. We have seen and know the challenges you are going through, and can provide you with guidance and advice on how to best overcome them so that you can go through the current stage more easily and gracefully.

Finally, I would like to say to all who work with me and with the order of Melchizedek, I ask you to start working with us in a more conscious way. Establish a stronger connection with our field, so that we can form an alliance on a deeper and broader level, work together for the supreme interests of the earth, all the kingdom of life above her and all mankind, and make it a new reality, a new template. We are very grateful and appreciated for your willingness to do so. Your dedication is honored. Know that you are immeasurably loved and surrounded by your family of light.
I’m Melchizedek.

Author: Marlene swetlishoff
Translator / Editor: phoebiss (Lilian)


The transmission of Mary Magdalene
Forbidden female energy

Transmission: Pamela klipper

Dear friends, I am Mary magdale, your sister, your equal soul and family.

I come with joy and sorrow. I love you as much as your sister. I see your pain and the flame in your heart: the flame of love and passion, and the deep connection between life on earth and your fellow human beings. I know from the bottom of my heart the deep passion and compassion in your heart. You are sensitive women, but also have great power: an inner power that you have accumulated and built over the centuries.

In this life, there is an accelerated maturity and integration, which is how you harvest the achievements from the past. Some fragments of your soul want to integrate with you and show their gifts and talents. In the history of your souls, this is the moment of harvest. However, sometimes the harvest is different in nature from what you understand in the human mind. What you have gained from your lifetime on the earth – pain, joy, high light and low valley – is, first of all, an internal harvest, an internal flowering and fruiting, which is the result of you, as a human being on the earth, as a man or a woman, passing on your lifetime wisdom through you.

You come with life and flesh for the sake of human wisdom. You come to experience this wisdom in this life, which is the completion of a life cycle. However, from your perspective of social formation, you have a tendency to exaggerate external outcomes. Your constant observation of what you do in the world and how it affects others will allow you to judge how successful or effective you are, including the mission of your soul. Even in the spiritual world, there is a tendency to focus too much on external outcomes, because that is what you are taught. This is the result of excessive externality and essentially materialistic world outlook.

Your necessary contribution and achievement in this life is, first of all, the inner plan of your soul. You’re doing what you’ve been trying to do all your life on earth; What you do in the human body with full soul consciousness. Therefore, your personality will not be transcended by a higher consciousness that you will form. On the contrary, your personality is a valuable tool that has gradually been immersed in the knowledge of your own soul, which has developed over many generations and now wants to manifest and be known in a subtle way in this lifetime.

Of course, it will affect anything you do. It affects the people around you, whether it’s your personal relationship or at work. When your soul consciousness falls to such a depth, it will touch the earth and your daily life, and then you will radiate a special light. But it’s not a light of “I know more, so I’ll tell you what happened.”. No, it’s a light of love, a light of humanity, and a light of silent understanding of others.
The energy you carry has a powerful nonverbal part. You can think of it as the aura of the old soul, a soul with rich experience and wisdom, which understands the art of transmitting energy in a simple way. The more you embody what your soul knows, the more you will be able to free yourself from the way you think and behave, from the many habitual thoughts and worries you are taught. You’re going to be more downstream. In fact, this flow of existence is a very landing flow. It needs to sink deep into your abdomen and connect with your body. It is not just a physical shell, but a living sacred vessel. The flowing energy maintains its connection with the earth.


Concept of time

2 days ago

The basic concept of time is: the indefinite unit, the orbital integration of the migration and evolution path of energy state in space, which consists of three principles: first, material circulation and transformation (birth, aging and death of life), second, energy balance change, and third, infinite integration of space.

Time is a kind of movement and observation with the mind as the stream of consciousness. In the high-level space, there is no time to say, everything is eternal and unchanged. With the decline of the frequency and level of hierarchical space, the axis of the universe appears unbalanced chaotic flow, experiencing the real environment and creating a new type of time. For real time, it exists in primary space, in material space and in material body. The time level and frequency of different spaces are fundamentally different, which cannot be compared at one level.

Time is just the illusion of the mind and the transformation of space. If there is no difference and hierarchy between spaces, there is no need for time to exist. For the real time, it does not depend on any situation, so there is no time. But for the material life in the material space, without time is like without the planet, they can not feel the passage and flow of time, can not determine the meaning of their existence and survival. Therefore, the illusion out of time is a manifestation of the progress of a living body.

God of time:

The concept of time is more abstract and difficult to understand. It is best to use an appropriate metaphor or statement and an easy to understand explanation. In the following, I will explain in detail the further simple explanation of time.

Time, in short, is the expression of a linear way to capture the energy flow in this space. It is estimated that this is still difficult to understand, so let’s look at it from another angle.

In this space, there are countless and shuttling energies. These energies are turbid and heavy. Different levels of energy lead to different forms of expression and ways of flow in this space. In this way, we need to form a unified concept to express this feature.
In ancient times, human wisdom is extraordinary. In fact, it is countless times smarter than modern people. This is also due to the fact that the ancients were more able to integrate with heaven and earth, the universe, and harmony. They were able to understand the essence of energy operation, then created the concept of time, and highly summarized and explained the flow form and operation track of energy.

Next, I will continue to talk about the relationship between time and space, because time will be better interpreted and elaborated through the concept of space.

In different spaces, we say that different spaces have different energy levels and manifestations. For the low-level space earth, the energy materialization of the earth’s re sinking is fully unfolded through the practice of this concept. In other words, space is one of the necessary conditions for time to show. In space, the speed of energy flow is expressed through the concept of time, which may be easier for you to understand. That is to say, through the flow of space energy, the density, grade, mobility and trajectory of energy are displayed. In this way, the concept of space is the necessary condition of time, and time is the necessary condition of space.

In our opinion, time is just a concept, a state expression, rather than whether human beings are entangled with the existence of time, which is the same reason as discussing the existence of energy. In fact, time is also a kind of evidence to prove the existence of different forms of energy. It’s just that human beings have been so stupid that they regard time as an independent theory and go into the meaningless horn of knowing but not knowing.

Cosmic time energy controller

Time is the trajectory of low-frequency energy of matter in low-level space. In this space, the light and clear high-frequency energy collides and fuses with the heavy and dense low-frequency energy. The low-frequency dirty energy in this space is washed and purified, refined, and integrated with the continuous transformation and docking of the universe to high energy in this low-level space.

Time energy controller is a basic work of the universe according to the current stage of the integration of the whole universe space and earth time. This starting point is to further integrate the energy movement in the universe with the earth’s time orbit, and then promote and improve the earth’s energy field changes and the further ascension of the overall earth’s magnetic field.

The change of the earth’s magnetic field and the multi-dimensional improvement of the energy field lie in that this stage is about to enter a platform breakthrough period, which is also an obvious feature of the earth’s energy crowding and energy accumulation since the cosmic work has been carried out. At the same time, the change and control of time in this space will also drive the earth’s reform and creation work to further integrate with the low-level energy operation and transformation process in this space.

The time and energy control device is installed in the relevant working body, and then forms the network of time in space, that is, the network of energy operation, which connects the earth and the advanced space of the universe. So that space energy can run in each energy port at a high speed, and the energy optical network constructed between energy points and energy lines can realize closer connection, and realize the substantial support of energy operation space architecture system. Therefore, space and time will achieve a substantial breakthrough in this node.



You need to let go of the mentality that only action is the most powerful and effective, because that’s your consciousness. Now, always, always, it’s just your consciousness that makes the differences you want to see on earth.


Joshua the gate of light: spiritual depression and fear
Pamela Joshua’s transmission today

Joshua transmitted through Pamela
Spiritual depression

The second trap I want to raise is depression or melancholy. I have just outlined the history of resistance, persecution and violence against your Lightworkers, which scarred your soul. It may hurt you deeply and make you lose the courage to shine the light to the world again; You may often feel depressed and life seems meaningless to you; You may feel unwelcome in this world. Your energy makes you out of tune with this world; You feel different from others.

Depression or feeling blue is caused by a lack of confidence. On the one hand, you may well know that you are a sensitive, compassionate and wise person with spiritual light in you; But on the other hand, you have an injured child inside you who wants recognition and appreciation from the outside world. Some of you are eager for external attention and peace, but you never seem to get enough, or you can’t find the kind of recognition you really pursue, because you are different. Your environment often doesn’t recognize you, so it can’t recognize and nourish you.

Your injured inner child can never be cured by external things, only through you, through your own strength and wisdom. Only when you deal with your own pain and sadness, and still have confidence in yourself when others don’t believe you, can you really gain confidence. Once this source of power is opened, you will attract the material and social environment that supports you and your deepest desires.

Everyone suffering from spiritual melancholy or depression feels a strong desire to transcend the earth reality and return to the land of harmony and light, where peace and tranquility pervade. I pray that the souls of all of you once again trust and hold on to the light within you, the light that provides love and security for you here and now, and it burns in your heart as long as you focus on it again. On the other side, we are eager to lighten your burden, but as long as you don’t believe in your light and light it yourself, no one can help you.

It’s very important not to let yourself fall into depression or depression. This is a dangerous trap, and you may be completely lost in it, because you are disconnected from the real you – the real you are the angel, the creation of light within you. In times of depression or homesickness, it may help to calm down and simply breathe. To be aware of the breathing activity of the whole body, and then every time you inhale and exhale, you can say it out loud, or gently tell yourself in your heart, “I am me, I am as good as I am.”

I surround you with my light, and once you open the door a little bit to more self-confidence, to a sense of self-esteem that truly comes from your inner self, the light will shine within you – the light of our own greater self, the light of Christ’s energy, and the light of all the helpers, guides and angels who support you and love you from the countries around the earth.

It’s time for transformation. At this difficult time, please keep your head up and focus on the new era. The reality of harmony and love is waiting for you; It’s something you’ve inherited, and many of you will experience it even in this lifetime. The key is to have confidence in yourself and believe that you will get everything you need. Don’t be afraid of the dark, because the light within you is stronger, and your light will never be defeated. The light reality is waiting with love and patience for you to reach out and open the door.

Fear of one’s own strength
Finally, I want to talk about another obstacle that causes a lot of commotion in your emotional body. What I’m still talking about here is to prevent you from gaining the energy of inner peace and clarity, maybe anger, depression, but also fear, and this is the third obstacle.

Fear is mainly related to distrust of one’s own inspiration, feelings and intuition. If you doubt your feelings, you will worry a lot, which will cause a series of emotions that will keep you away from the center. When you’re full of fear, intuition gets blocked, reason and emotion get the upper hand, and then you create panic disorder. Reason and emotion must be based on intuition – that is, heart – so that they can serve you in a beneficial way.

If you ignore the mind, the mind will work overtime, and the mood will not have a moment of calm. Then fear may catch you and manifest itself in various situations. You may doubt whether your ability is enough to carry out the things you can do. You may also begin to question the self-evident things and feel that everything is wrong. There is a kind of anxiety in you, which makes you unable to get along with yourself quietly and peacefully.

The key here is to free yourself from all your worries and go back to your heart and your feelings.

Under all those restless thoughts and confused emotions,

What do you really feel?

Through quiet abdominal breathing,
You can go back to your roots,
Then you may feel relaxed inside,
Feel some silence beyond thoughts and emotions.

Then, you may experience that your thoughts and emotions are like a cloud around you. You can focus on them or not. Then you will regain the sense of freedom, the ability to choose a particular thought or emotion.

If you believe that your thoughts or emotions are real, you will be absorbed by them and follow them all the time. But you can also step back and say, “stop, I’m leaving these thoughts and emotions here as they are. I’m going to go back and go deeper into myself to feel what’s going on and why I have these thoughts and emotions.” Once you step back, you will rediscover your strength. Your self-confidence will flow freely again, the dark clouds will disperse, and peace and clarity will be restored. This step has to be repeated frequently, because the instinct of intuition – that is, to live by heart – is not so obvious to you. So you feel a lot of fear.

You are releasing the old necessities. You no longer rely unconditionally on what your parents say and what your teachers teach, or on the rules set by your superiors, or blindly on the results of intelligence or scientific research. You also understand how unstable your emotions are that you can’t measure the truth. And because you let go of everything that’s inevitable – that’s a sign of power – fear will come, and you may feel like you’re drifting around in a rough ocean.

However, it is this situation that really forces you to go inside and feel from the bottom of your heart, from your own unique root: “who am I? What’s my place in the world? I will not let the outside world control me, I will only follow my own internal compass. ” You will enter the new earth through this compass.

Whenever you touch this inner center and step back, you will find a new clarity in your soul. From there, you can watch your emotions without being absorbed by them; You can look at your anger and send love to it; You can observe your depression and reach out to help yourself; You can look at your fears and send out the energy of liberation.

You are your own savior

Your Savior is nobody but you. There are thousands of saviors willing to reach out to you, but only you can open the door of your heart and receive the light. Basically, the new era is coming: you open your heart.

You are the people who actually live on the earth. We are just helpers; You are the one who takes action, and we can only pay you the deepest respect for that. We are always open to you to share our love and light. You are brave, you are fearless, you are a soldier of the new era, please believe in yourself and your mission. Whenever you are overwhelmed by heavy emotions or gloomy thoughts, take a break and connect with your inner self, the inner center of silence, which is the anchor of the new era. The anchor has already been dropped, and peace has already existed in your heart. The only thing you have to do now is to return to your inner self again and again, and constantly fix yourself on the focus of peace and clarity.

Don’t get stuck in drama and chaos. Emotional turmoil doesn’t help the truth. But be sure to trust the peaceful and clear voice in your heart and realize that you are not alone. Every step you take along the road, we are by your side.

I love you and please accept the energy of my love among you. I earnestly hope to serve you at this historic moment and to support you on your way to light – a path that sometimes takes a lot of effort.
Please accept my love.

© Pamela Kribbe


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