As for what is needed to turn the tide of mankind, there is a debate in the higher field, just like the debate on earth^_^

As for what is needed to turn the tide of mankind, there is a debate in the higher field, just like the debate on earth^_^

There is always a debate about what is needed to turn the tide of humanity and make you love and light beings, because this is what you have been pursuing.

You are constantly asking for the energy and information that the collective needs, and then become the channel of these energy and information. We are glad to see the progress you have made in this respect. You know that this information will further expand the inner consciousness of the human collective.

When you find yourself in alignment with your own words, actions and thoughts, when you find yourself in alignment with the source, with the energy that is coming in to heal your collective consciousness, whether you are aware of your participation or not, it all happens, and those of you who receive this information do so consciously, because you do enjoy the journey.

Daniel Scranton

2021.7.15 -9d-arcturian-council

hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

But you don’t have to agree with others about what it takes to make a real difference in your world. You just need to be consistent with yourself, because you are just living your life now, you can only see what you can see and feel what you can feel, so you can ask for energy that you think is good for all mankind. Then you can also align your vibration with the energy you want, which is a real and wonderful experience for all.

You should not only serve the group, but also have your own experience. You may have looked at your life before and wondered why you chose to take on so many responsibilities for the earth. Now it’s time for all your efforts to be rewarded, because you have to accept it before you can spread it. You want to be the conduit for all this wonderful healing energy that humanity needs now more than ever.

You can use grids that have been repaired and rebuilt over the past few decades. You are there to save humanity, but also to enjoy the journey. When you try to change it in the traditional way, you will understand what the result will be for you. People close their ears to you, don’t want to hear this, or laugh at you, because what you believe is totally different from that of normal people. But no one will refuse it when you want all mankind to enter it and spread light and love like a drenching system.

Yes, when you do, people who once thought you were a little crazy will find themselves attracted to you and want to know what your secret is. There’s no real secret. There’s nothing to hide from others. When you find that you’re consistent with your own words, actions and thoughts, when you find that you’re consistent with the source, with the energy that’s coming in to heal your collective consciousness, whether you’re aware of your participation or not, it’s happening, And those of you who receive this message do so consciously, because you do enjoy the journey.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

The restoration of the earth’s grid means that mankind is saved

There are three kinds of grids: the Christ consciousness grid (set by Ascended Masters), the magnetic grid (adjusted by Cleon) and the crystal grid

Magnetic grid

According to Ricardo in Cleon’s subpoena, Gaia has three main energy grids.

They are magnetic grid, Gaia grid and crystal grid.

Gaia’s three energy grids are entangled with us. They all work together in the energy soup, a benevolent human support system. It means that Gaia “knows” everything we do.

Magnetic grid is easy to see and measure on the physical level, but it is also suitable for human consciousness in the “entangled state”. Researchers have found that deep human events have weakened the earth’s magnetic field.

One example is the 9 / 11 terrorist attacks in New York. When the plane hit the tower, the intensity of the magnetic grid changed greatly.

Said Kryon

Magnetic grid is the carrier of “transferring information to our DNA”.

You can use a compass to measure grid changes, but the other grids are not obvious.

Gaia grid can be defined as the vitality of the earth. We see and feel this vitality in the plants and animals around us, especially our pets. Gaia’s vitality has personality and is the only perceptive of the three grids. It means that we feel and identify with ourselves more easily than others.

Christ consciousness grid

Where does the Christian consciousness network come from?

*What is it going to do for us?

*What does it look like?

*What are we going to do with it?

What is it?

Christ consciousness network is an etheric crystal structure energy body covering the whole earth, holding the energy of Jesus Christ or perfect human. The vibrations it sustains, radiates and attracts allow for the most evolved version of human life on earth.

Sharrel describes the network as a work of art called “regaining cosmic integrity.”. In 1973, she recounted, “I saw a gathering elephant while I was sitting in meditation. I saw myself emerge from the dark night of my soul, and until then I had been used to nightmarish images. It’s extraordinary for me to be able to “see” this kind of image. It’s as beautiful as you can see now( She was instructed to “show people what you see. The term “the integrity of the universe” used in her works is of far-reaching significance. From the advantage point of view, as the display of five dimensions, it is to create absolute integrity.

Where does the Christian consciousness network come from?

We know that the Christian consciousness network comes from the ascended masters. Delonvalo tells us that the ascended masters have set up a network for us, which is a tool to help mankind enter the evolutionary process smoothly.

In the first volume of the ancient secrets of the flower of life, delonvalo mentions that the ascended masters ask Galactic Command for gifts to come up with ideas to prevent human destruction. I have also been in contact with the group of the Council of light, and I believe that these two groups are the same beings.

We are running out of time. We urgently need a major promotion to achieve ascension, otherwise we may face the fate of self destruction. But it is not easy for human beings to avoid self destruction when they are in the “freewill freeze zone”. Therefore, after examining such a crisis, the Council of light set up a plan to “solve this problem by constructing a grid of Christian consciousness around the earth” to help mankind avoid the possibility of self destruction

The answer I received was very simple and unexpected: the Christian consciousness network comes from our future!

At first, I think this answer is quite sufficient. If somewhere in our future, people rebuild the Christian consciousness network, just because we have become the existence of Christian consciousness, then it is perfect. This is very much like the activity I created in the spirit manifestation workshop.

Take a moment to imagine that there are countless possible futures in the evolution of the earth. And with the help of the ascended masters, we magnetized the possible future that proves that we created this network. In other words, among the many possible futures, the future that proves that we can achieve the Christian consciousness network creates the Christian consciousness network. This network, which has been positioned and exists in the Ethernet domain, has been magnetizing us and moving towards the future with this result. The Christ consciousness network in place makes it easier for us to locate the behavior of Christ consciousness, just like the global positioning system of a car, to lock in your destination. No matter how you turn, it will always recalculate and suggest what you should do next based on where you are now. Such a system is to locate where you want to go, and then constantly give you information about which direction to go. Now I have clearly seen how the Christian consciousness network helps the earth to ascend. At the same time, I have a better understanding of delonvalo’s judgment that the result has been determined.

Every journey starts with a move away or towards a certain point. When you set a destination in your mind, the next task is to decide which vehicle to take and which road to take to get there. At this time, the journey is the adventure on the road, not the decision of direction. There are countless possibilities in the future. Some versions have more energy in the future, so the possibility of occurrence is higher than others. This is just like parents or grandparents setting up a University Education Trust Fund for their next generation to make their children or grandchildren more likely to enter the University.

Can you see it?

Many people have seen the Christian consciousness network, which is a network of energy hanging 60 miles above the earth. According to the description, some people describe it as a very beautiful geometric structure. Some people think its appearance is very similar to the pattern of the flower of life. When you use energy perception to perceive it from the inside, you will find that it is exactly the same as the flower of life symbol on the cover of this book.

In fact, the Christian Network of consciousness is a star shaped dodecahedron, which is white and thick. Those who have seen it will be filled with gratitude and awe. The best place to see it is in a place with little light damage, such as Alaska, Hawaii or the ocean. In fact, you don’t have to go to these places. As long as it’s dark at night and there’s no artificial light in the sky, you can see it everywhere. When Daryl was in the Navy before, he saw it in the lounge of the wing of an aircraft on board when the warship was sailing in the Pacific Ocean late one night. He often saw it, but at that time he didn’t know what it was.

Now you can see some Egyptian temples in museums all over the world. In order to preserve these precious cultural heritages in Egypt, many cities have agreed to dismantle these treasures, transport them to museums, and then restore them according to the original courtesy. The whole building of the temple of Abu Simbe, including four 65 foot Rameses statues, was carefully cut and decomposed, and then recombined at a new site hundreds of feet away from the original site, which is now submerged in the water.

Grid construction

Ron jolt, an Internet worker, reported that some blocks of the Christian consciousness network had been blown open. He continues to receive instructions to repair and treat damaged areas on the network. Occasionally, he would ask other network workers to repair the network with him. I have seen such a phenomenon in the Middle East. The earth at the other end of the fault also reflects the state of explosion. This makes us understand that peace at one point on the other side of the earth can support the energy of peace at the other end. If you are a grid worker, you may know about this phenomenon, or even have seen it. If you are interested in this topic, you may be well suited to share the maintenance responsibility of one or more networks.

More pressure from the Middle East

The negative energy in the Middle East has exerted great pressure on the consciousness network of the region. Because the strong hatred and hatred among many religions and factions in the world are concentrated in the Middle East, in 2007, my sacred Tour team was called to mount Sinai to install an energy device, which was later used to work with a “Peace Network” that can make the world’s three major religions live in harmony.

In January 2008, the Christian consciousness network in this area was launched at the same time. At that time, I was called to serve this birth, and I worked closely with ascended masters, Invisible Helpers, and hundreds of others to set the program and support the start-up of this network. After a period of time, one day I saw that everything in my field of vision suddenly dimmed from west to East like a power failure. At that time, I suddenly realized that the collective consciousness had been separated from an old network, and a new network had been started.

Melkaba energy field is similar to this network. It allows everyone to obtain a perfect set suitable for themselves. This sacred geometric energy field is an extraordinary tool, which supports the creative evolution of God and returns to the field of God.

Crystal grid

Our planet Earth

Our earth, Gaia, is more than we can see with our eyes.

Have you ever thought about the energy of the earth? What is a portal? Why do ghosts appear? Are they related to Gaia’s energy? Gaia’s earth energy comes into contact with human beings in an amazing and wonderful way. Everything in the universe is made up of energy. In most cases, energy is not easy to see, but we know it exists. For the energy of the body, our feeling is not any difficulty, such as the heat generated in the fire, but there is more energy than this feeling.

Do you notice people coming into the room and feel the energy of the room? The feeling of this energy is described as a vibe, short for vibration. It’s very likely that you hear people talking about a place with good or bad atmosphere.

We have many girls in the mountains who can feel the energy of others. Fundamentally speaking, you radiate your emotional state and make others feel the vibration and frequency.

Do you remember the feeling of meeting strangers in your office? Our ability to perceive and feel the energy around us is innate wisdom for all of us. We all have what we call intuition, which is often described as “intuition.”. Some people are more sensitive to energy than others, and that ability can increase over time.

Our earth, Gaia, is a life force. Gaia has great energy, such as wind and rain, which we experience every day. But Gaia has a lot of other energies that most of us don’t realize we can’t see. This energy is what I want to tell you.

The crystal grid is very profound and more difficult to explain. It records and remembers human actions and emotions. Therefore, the crystal grid is a spiritual grid covering the surface of the earth. It remembers everything we do, and everything we do in the specific place where it happens.

Human activities and vibrations directly affect the crystal grid, and vice versa. It’s responsible for “remembering” human consciousness. An example of how the crystal grid “records” the energy content is the ruins of the battlefield. In some parts of Europe, there is a long and repeated war history after the war.

Anything that happens on the battlefield is recorded as a sign of energy. That’s why some human beings can feel the death energy of many soldiers in the beautiful grassland where they used to be battlefield!

The crystal grid also helps to explain some supernatural phenomena. The dramatic energy properties of human emotions and activities are imprinted on the crystal grid, and these imprints are sometimes seen and felt by others.

Haunted places that are often considered supernatural activities are usually just a kind of energy record on the crystal grid, which is repeated over and over again. Those who measure “haunted areas” perceive changes in magnetism, gravity, light, and even time – all of which are plural (invisible) energies and very real.

In some parts of the earth, there are three special grids of overlapping energy that create earth content that humans can perceive.

There are two different ways to overlap. The first specific overlap creates an amplification of the crystal grid, which can be said to be Gaia’s energy node. The second specific overlap will delete and abolish the crystal grid, which can be said to be Gaia’s energy void.

Gaia’s energy nodes are very powerful places that are usually not easily accessible or needed where humans live. Indigenous people on earth often build temples in these remote places. For many, these places are called “energy points” or “holy places.”. Gaia’s energy gaps are a pleasant place, but they have been around for too long to be ignored.

They represent pure Gaia energy, which is difficult to exist in; Empty spots have strange magnetic properties, which make it difficult to balance vitality and brain synapses. For this reason, the zeros that exist on earth are usually uninhabited.

In physics, everything is in pairs. This means that every node on the earth has a corresponding null point. Each polarization is in pairs (nodes and empty points together), with push-pull energy generated by three overlapping grids.

What’s the meaning of this?

Think of nodes and empty points working together to bring new energy to earth: nodes slowly push out things that humans no longer need, such as fear, war and drama. The space point is the storage of cosmic energy, new information, ideas and inventions are slowly pushed to human beings.

These nodes work with empty points to modify the “memory” factor of the crystal mesh. As a result, in this new energy, people will have less memory of hatred and drama, and more cherish love and compassion.

New inventions and information will redefine our understanding of biology and physics. When we have collective peace on earth, maybe next time we are immersed in nature, you may want to thank Gaia for sharing her amazing energy with us in this magical era.

Publisher’s note: the information flow we receive actually enters the brain in different geometric patterns. Before entering the brain, we will first enter the earth’s mental body, that is, the earth’s magnetic grid, which is connected with the magnetic field of our human body. The magnetic grid stores the Akashic records of the universe. Because of these holographic cosmic records, human beings can obtain 1-13 dimensional information, The earth is a planet with 1-13 dimensions at the same time. The Christ consciousness grid promotes the expansion of the earth’s mental body (the earth’s mental body influences human’s mental body, such as enlightenment). The ascended masters inject love frequency into the earth through the grid. The portal on the earth sends whirlpool to the universe. The interstellar beings on other planets view the holographic records and evolution process of the earth through the portal, The Council of light arranges the overall evolution rhythm according to these processes. For the ascended masters, there are many planets in the universe evolving and ascending simultaneously. They have to watch not only the earth (they are very busy), but also the evolution index of the earth, not with human eyes, but the light quotient of the earth, that is, how much the light index of the earth has increased, The color of the atmosphere outside the earth.

When the light quotient of the earth increases by 100%, the evolution index of the Great Central Sun only increases by 1%. It can be imagined how many times the earth will increase, and the light quotient index of the galaxy can reach 100%. The evolution speed of the earth is really the same as that of the Milky way. The construction of Christ consciousness grid can ensure the success of this ascension and accelerate the process of ascension.

The fifth dimensional crystal grid

The most important central core of the planet, known as the inner central sun, is indeed an important crystal. It exists in the vibration frequency of the fifth dimension and sends the vibration that the earth will evolve to her.

The Central Sun at the core of the planet’s interior, whose vibration is very similar to that of the central crystalline sun operating in higher dimensions and energy structures, is also supported by it.

The “great crystal master” as we all know is the one who gives this energy to the form from the core of the central sun, sending out and nourishing all other crystal suns in the universe. He is a supreme master, the leader of the crystal consciousness of the universe. From the beginning to the end, he spent a lot of energy and efforts to support the great transformation that is currently taking place and help the planet recover, rebuild and return to its original glorious destiny.

An important part of his broad consciousness is now, here, on earth, to assist your local central crystal day and to energize it and other crystals.

The third and fourth dimensional grid

Around the planet, there are other fifth dimensional crystals that retain energy from the Great Central crystal.

The third and fourth dimensional crystals that exist on this planet derive their form from this fifth dimensional crystal ring.

On the etheric side, we are consciousness in the form of “Great Central crystal”. We are one of many manifestations of love and light that shine from the heart of the earth.

Once the magnetic grid changes are complete, the next phase of our work on earth can begin. We have begun to work with groups of individuals, large and small, to teach them the operation of the crystal grid and the many healing and transformation techniques that can be applied through this expansion.

The human ego is a powerful and necessary force, but it must be integrated with the whole rather than just listening to its voice. The most important work in this respect is to understand yourself. We will communicate with you through your own crystal center. Choose one or more physical crystals for yourself and use them to experience the vibration of your crystal center. Adjust the frequency of these crystals to your core vibration, and then help you expand and develop this vibration at a pace that suits you best.

The work you do individually will form the work of the group, and the work of the group together will form the work of the society. When all societies work together, the planet changes.

The function of crystal energy has always been dual. We are energy transporters beyond the physical world, and we are also repositories of information. The consciousness of humanity and the planet is once again aware of the information we have for a long time and have always wanted to share with each of you.

Structurally speaking, crystals will grow as they increase over and over again. This process is related to the energy transformation through fire, earth and water. In fact, it is the blending and injection of positive and negative energy. Then the pure crystalline form becomes the transmitter of this combined energy.

In the structure of human DNA, the same process is beginning to be known. You are adding a component to your structure that is needed to maintain a higher, purer vibration.

Many of the recognized energy points on this planet, such as Sedona and the most special Shasta, have changed from positive or negative vibration to a mixed vibration, retaining the resonance of all divine sparks and divine negative energy, and human beings have now embarked on the same journey. There’s a planetary headquarters in the cheddar mountains, and it works closely with all the civilized worlds inside the earth, including the energy of Lemuria. The energy of remlia, described as “the heart of remlia”, serves the earth and human beings on the surface in a great way, and is in a leading position.

Arkansas and Brazil, which bring together two of the largest quartz crystals and related gemstone forms on earth, are key to this call. The excitement of this call will affect the whole planet. But most of all, mineral crystals receive and send powerful energy to the whole earth. It can be extended to a larger scope, because the mineral kingdom on your planet can actually be used to define the earth, because minerals are indeed the oldest sentient beings on the planet, and all kinds of crystal mineral resources cover a vast part of the universe. The ascension predicted is actually the arrival of the new crystal age. It brings the light of platinum and turns on the crystal disc. This event will recode the crystalline energy of earth and humanity.

This is the return of human beings to matriarchal society, a unified society with highly balanced cultural and spiritual energy. This is the ascension of the human spiritual world, a brand-new new crystal age. What’s happening now is that the old energy is coming to an end and the new earth has begun… In the crystal vortex,


The so-called ascension of mankind is the transfer of crystal energy into the spiritual world of mankind.

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When you want to manifest what you desire, we recommend using five as

Ask — ask the universe to allow us to help you

Accept – in order to accept, you have to be open. Open up to the myriad ways in which the universe can serve you and please you

Allow – to give the universe time and space to submit to you in any divine and perfect way

Action – be ready to move when signs and simultaneity point the way

Appreciate – your gratitude gives clear feedback to the universe and allows you to create more that you desire

It doesn’t need to be more complicated! Enter the flow of abundance and play with the creative process, dear. This is one of the great joys you will experience – the magic of CO creation with the universe that worships you~ Archangel Gabriel


Joshua the gate of light: Spiritual anger

Pamela Joshua’s transmission today

Joshua transmitted through Pamela

Before new things arrive, there is always a difficult stage: the death struggle of old things. Before dawn is the darkest time, all old fears, all the grief and anger you have accumulated in this life and many previous generations (when the earth is full of darkness) will emerge. And the reason why all this has come out is to be integrated. So don’t let yourself be fooled by the surface. All these negative energy coming into your consciousness is a good sign, a sign of progress, which means that you are strong enough to pass the experiment.

You are all striving to complete a life cycle that has been dominated by the inner struggle between light and darkness, and between Self-consciousness and the illusions of power, fear and ignorance. Ask all of you to explore the depths of your souls and rediscover the light there, the flame of the divine light.

Now, I’d like to point out three pitfalls that you may encounter when releasing old things. They are all related to the emotional body, and also closely related to your being a light worker.

Spiritual anger

The first obstacle is anger. Anger here is out of the desire for harmony and justice, which you might call spiritual anger. I’ll explain how it came about.

As you unfold your life cycle on earth, all of you carry with you an inspiration that is intimately connected to the energy of Christ. My coming – that is, the coming of Joshua (or Jesus) – is a beacon for you, a source of inspiration; Within me, you recognize the energy that you also have within you.

Once upon a time, you have decided to fix this energy on earth, but in the life cycle of trying to do so, you encounter a lot of resistance, which does harm to the emotional body. The emotional body is nothing else but your inner child. The inner child is the part of you that is dynamic and free, and acts and reacts naturally out of emotion. This child has suffered a lot from your inner mission of sowing the seeds of Christ’s energy on earth in many reincarnations.

Some of you are always inspired by the laws of the universe, and from the higher self or soul level, you understand and feel the meaning of what happens to you; You can see things from the point of view of light and knowing. But there’s another part of you, and that’s your worldly personality, the inner child or ego – that’s part of your humanity, whatever you call it. At this level, you may be full of fear and lack of understanding of what happened to you, even if your soul knows that “it’s all right” for a higher purpose.

In your reincarnation on earth, you are often inspired to sow the seeds of light in the form of new ideas or new attitudes, but you are often misunderstood by the outside world. You are rejected, ignored, or even destroyed, and from these unwelcome experiences, there are many emotional wounds that your inner child cannot understand why it should be blamed. Your soul does understand, but your worldly self – your emotional body – has to deal with the deeply traumatic experience of persecution, violence and censure. You all carry these wounds within you, and they become scars on the soul.

You came to earth to bring light into this reality, and it all started with a rather complicated past experience. I would like to mention that when you decide to unfold the life cycle on earth, there is some kind of personal karma involved. You have been in the dark, living a life of gaining power and controlling the soul of the earth, and your mission on earth is to make up for these past lives and bring back love and justice to mankind.

While this inspiration, this torch of light, is burning in your heart, the part of your inner child lacks understanding. So the thing of “spiritual anger” comes out. Your inner child cannot understand that you have contributed to the dark and formed karma, so it projects evil out of yourself. Your inner child wants to fight for goodness and justice out of emotional motivation, and is not very tolerant of the resistance and slowness of the earth reality. He feels very impatient. So from this inner child part, spiritual anger is born.

Spiritual anger means that the evil of the world, the suffering of innocent people, the destruction of the earth, and the destruction of the animal and plant world will strongly affect you. All this – political and social inequality, many children dying unnecessarily, war, violence – makes you angry. These problems affect you deeply, arouse your inner anger, and you feel powerless. This is the characteristic of Lightworkers.

They let themselves be dazzled by this anger, go beyond their limits in this respect, and lose themselves in the desire to change the world and make it better. It may be a passion for change at the political or social level, or a desire to help others at the personal level (it may be a career of helping others, or helping others in their private lives).

The desire to help others and trigger change often involves some form of spiritual anger, though it may not be obvious – after all, you seem to be simply for the good of others or the society. But when you feel like you want to force others – no matter how subtle – to change behavior or emotions, there must be anger within you. You often fail to notice that the time is not yet ripe.

Every time you feel a strong sense of anger or great passion to change things, or when you feel powerless and angry about the current situation of things, you enter the trap of spiritual anger. You immediately ask too much, regardless of reality, because you are dominated by anger. Please be aware of this and let it go, because this angry inspiration will take you away from the center. It doesn’t give you real inspiration, that is, the peace and tranquility of your light in your emotional body that helps to embody you on earth.

Through being completely at the center of one’s own noumenon, in a pure and peaceful state of mind, one can truly embody one’s light on earth. In this state, you can feel that you are in the world, but you do not belong to it Belonging to the world means that you attach values to everything you observe with your senses: violence, war, disease, destruction. If you only use your physical senses to see these things, it’s easy to get angry. So please step back and feel inward to see what spiritual momentum is working in those things that are upsetting you.

Suffering has a secret meaning. Every soul, every life on earth, is here to show themselves, to express themselves, and to learn what is human and what is spirituality. Each soul moves on its own path of development, and you have to respect that, step back, and focus completely on yourself, on your own light. The energy, truth and vibration that you emit as a result will attract people or animals or plants into your field and experience a healing vibration. You’re here for healing. There’s no need to fight. There’s no need to fight.

Your real spiritual work is not to do, but to be. When your spiritual energy is in balance, the healing energy you send to others will flow easily, easily, physically or mentally. It feels light and smooth and doesn’t exhaust you at all. People and things will naturally appear on your way to seek treatment.

Whenever you lock yourself in anger and discontent, even if it’s about injustice or pain you can’t bear to see, I ask you to step back and enter your own center. Enter the silence, accept the nature of things, accept all things will complete its own cycle, has its own development, including your dearest. Then please let them be free. It’s enough to stay there for them. No more, no less.

© Pamela Kribbe



Lions Gate emergence of new earth

Archangel Michael – tsunami of high frequency energy

Dearest Family of Light, you are approaching the Planetary New Year and the Lions Gate Portal. This is that time in the Sacred Year when you begin a new cycle of Time and Creation.

At this time, Sirius rises in the morning sky, conjunct to your Sun, and for this creative moment your Planet has two suns, a white/gold sun and a blue sun (Sirius). In this magical energy the Planet also aligns with the Lions Gate in the Constellation of Leo (8th August) and the Royal Star Regulus, also known as the “Heart of the Lion”, which ushers in a new cycle and timeline for Earth.

This year, you have been under great pressure to raise your personal frequency and accelerate your evolution so that you can start your new cycle at the highest frequency for the sake of the earth. This is to enable you to step into the new earth reality and fully activate your new earth human Angel template. This will take you out of the lower chaos in the lower timeline and live in a peaceful reality, a loving community, as a new earth human

The New Earth Human

Over the past years, you have raised your consciousness from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension of Light, released layers of accumulated negative energy and reactivated your original Human Angelic Template with great success.

In the past few years, you have raised your consciousness from three dimensions to five dimensions, releasing the accumulated negative energy and reactivating your original human Angel template

The 3rd Dimensional Human was a Being with 7 active chakras who needed to meditate to access the Soul and Higher Self which were “above” the human body. The 5th dimensional New Earth Human is a multi-dimensional Being of 13 active chakras which includes a direct connection to the Soul/Higher Self and the Solar, Galactic and Cosmic Aspects of Self.

The main indication of your ascension to this state is your awareness of Solar movements and energies as you will “feel” within your Light Body and your Physical Body the flows of Plasma and Solar Light Codes as they pervade Earth’s atmosphere in the Sun’s ongoing conversation with the Earth. You will receive the Diamond Light Codes and in tegrate them in a Conscious and Joyful way.

You will become aware of your Galactic heritage and your personal connection to the Stars. In this Lions Gate transit, you will become aware of the Stellar and Galactic Masters of Light, such as the Royal Lions, and the Angelic Beings, such as the Elohim, who work with you to accomplish the Birthing of the New Earth.

The New Earth: a Heart Centered Creation of Love

The New Earth Human Angel is a Heart centred Being. Unlike the “older version” of Humanity, which was centered in the Mind/Solar Plexus,

This means that the heart is the center of balance, the point connecting the soul and the higher self

All decisions and choices in the New Earth are made from the Heart. You make these choices through feeling, intuition and deep inherent wisdom, rather than by the directions of the rational mind. The mind may provide information, but its purpose is not to make choices and decisions. These are made at a deeper level by the Heart and Soul.

The basis of All Choices and Decisions in the New Earth is Love.

There will be no fear and control in the New Earth, but simply the Flow of Love and Creation, as you evolve and grow through your ongoing creations.

The New Earth Humans and your Relationship with Nature

The Old Earth 3rd Dimensional Human had a conflictual and aggressive relationship with nature. He saw it as a resource to be used and plundered at will.

The New Earth Human sees Nature as Sacred, and respects the original purpose of the Earth as a Sacred Planet and a garden for the Joy of the Galaxy and all its Beings.

The New Earth Human Angels are Keepers of the Sacred Planetary Garden and are also Galactic Shamans. They work with the Elementals and the Nature Spirits to create a Paradise Home for all living beings sent here by Prime Creator and the Elohim Angels.

A Galactic Shaman respects nature and works with Nature, knowing and feeling at the same time his or her Solar and Galactic connections and responsibilities.

2021 Lions Gate : Stepping Up

At this Lions Gate of 2021, Beloved Family, many of you who were previously feeling “stuck” or “uncertain” or “unmotivated” will step up to your new responsibilities on the Planet.

You will become Human Angels and Galactic Shamans, you will guide people and do ceremonies to honour the Emerging New Earth. You will become leaders who will gently guide and support your communities through the Earth changes and transitions to the New Earth Consciousness.

The Lions Gate will provide the tsunami of High Frequency energy that will activate these transformations and lift you into the New Earth higher timeline.

Be prepared, Beloved Ones, it will be quite an experience!

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Mary Magdalene: sex and love between partners

Primary energy mass source


Dear people! I am Mary Magdalene, and I will speak to you with joy. I’m proud of who you are and who you have become. You are old souls who are often on earth, and you have suffered a lot from fear.

For a long time, earth has been dominated by a consciousness that vibrates at a very low level. By low vibration consciousness, I mean the consciousness that everything revolves around material existence and power struggle. This kind of consciousness will produce a lot of fear: fear to express themselves, fear to show their true feelings, fear to let their own light shine. It creates an automatic reflex in your body to hide yourself and keep yourself small in the fear of danger or threat. These threats were real in the early days of your life on earth. In some places, the threat remains.

When you come to this world, you are carrying a heavy burden. My respect for you, my joy for you, is because I am aware of the courage and determination of all of you here. There is a dedication within you to the new consciousness. You’ve made the choice to really get into your own pain and become aware of your negative beliefs.

This kind of courage and perseverance will take you home, even if sometimes the road seems endless, new obstacles looming on the road. But it has an end. In the end, you will return home, especially to your own home, to your heart and your abdomen. Abdomen is the foundation of life on earth.

You carry a higher energy in your heart: the memory of your soul, where you connect with dimensions beyond the earth. You have all felt the connection with your soul: a whisper in your heart, a strong feeling, a knowing; That’s how the soul talks to you. Many of you are very sensitive. You receive energy and other people’s emotions and react strongly to external stimuli. Your heart is a sensitive organ, especially for those who grow up within and whose inner consciousness vibrates at a higher level.

That’s why the abdominal area is so important. It’s in the abdomen, where you are sufficiently connected with the earth, with your body, and also with instinct, desire, emotion and passion living in the abdomen. Only when the heart and abdomen are connected can you truly ground the higher vibrations that you carry within. You can really give them hands and feet in daily life on earth, where there are still so many struggles and fears.

I now ask you to connect your abdomen with me, breathe gently to it, don’t feel pressure. Get your attention down to your abdomen and take all the time you need. Feel its inner sense, it’s like a dark space to which you send the light of your attention. Through your breathing, you occupy your abdomen more fully.

As your attention moves deeper, descend to the root chakra, the energy center at the bottom of the tailbone. There you connect with mother earth, with the planets derived from your body. As a living body, feel how the air from the earth greets you. The earth itself is a living consciousness, it can perceive you and be aware of you. The power, rhythm, and wisdom that you entrust to it.

You and the earth are one, you live in one body, your body. Completely welcome yourself as a physical being. The fragility we feel is also a great power, the power of the earth. The earth is a natural creature, and you can see everything around you: in the seasons, in the circadian rhythm, in the coming and going of life, in the constant renewal of all processes.

The life in your stomach, the human life in your emotions: your expectations, your desires, all have a natural rhythm. But you have begun to ignore the side of your existence; Part of the reason is that in this society, you are trained to live in your head. This trend may have improved to some extent, but there is still a heavy legacy that people tend to think about life in their heads. All these concerns and plans are the reason you are removed from the natural rhythm of your abdomen.

It’s also possible that you’re connected to your heart and very sensitive, and that’s why you suffer from a lack of connection to your abdomen. Then your mind and your heart have an opening, but it still feels unstable: it lacks firmness that can only be achieved through your earthly roots. This is what happens to many Lightworkers.

Why is it difficult to restore the area of the abdomen and have it at home and have the heart and abdomen work together?

As I speak, I ask you to keep your attention – very lovingly and gently – in your abdomen. There lives your inner child. You want intimacy, you want connection, you want friendship and love. There, too, you are hurt, your trust is broken, or you are afraid to reveal yourself. Enter the area gently, for there is the greatest treasure you can find.

When you are at home in your belly, with the emotions and feelings of living there, only in this way can the light of your soul really descend to the deepest level. Then you can be free from fear, radiate your light, and really live.

I now ask you to look at your inner child, living in your abdomen. There is a girl or a boy, he is hidden to some extent, he learned to keep small, because there are all kinds of things it is not allowed. Now invite the child to play; Approach it with reverence and let it appear. Welcome your inner child and ask him what he needs you to do. How do you know your child and support him in daily life? How do you empower it and encourage it?

Now I want to talk about the subject of male and female energy, and about relationships. These two aspects are closely related to people’s life and belong to the category of abdomen. The love between sex and partners evokes deep feelings: the extremes of light and darkness.

There is total joy and ecstasy at a pole, with a like-minded person, with a partner you love, with someone you feel seen and recognized. At the beginning of a relationship, there are often moments of intense ecstasy and joy that you call infatuation. It’s an invitation to discover and get to know each other. Everyone is deeply moved by this desire for love, romantic love and sex.

When you meet at all levels, the deepest meaning of a sexual relationship comes: head, heart, abdomen. This will open your soul to each other, which will greatly promote your inner growth and self realization. This is what I call a divine encounter of love, and the sexuality included in such an encounter of love is also sacred.

But there are a lot of taboos around sex. The so-called dark forces in human beings – passion and desire – have long been condemned, which is why people no longer obviously rely on these forces, no longer believe that they can naturally establish this connection with the mind and heart.

Deep in people’s hearts, there is a kind of division, a kind of emotion you call high-level, another kind of desire you call low-level – this is a very artificial division, it will make people despair, because you can’t survive without abdomen. You have to deal with your own desires and desires, which sometimes go beyond the boundaries, and you don’t know how to deal with them, because it’s not taught you.

Spiritual tradition is not friendly to these natural forces full of passion and desire. However, this is the friendship I advocate. Only by believing in the deepest power in your body can you build a bridge between your heart and abdomen, between heaven and earth.

I want to go back to the beginning of a love relationship between two partners, in which there is often a primitive force that leads people to be taken away. Romantic love is beyond your control. It happens to you more or less; You are transcended by it and have a great attraction to another person, which forces you to give up all the security measures and barriers you have established: you open up and become vulnerable in your relationships with others. If that person feels the same way, it may be the beginning of a beautiful and passionate encounter.

As the two of you get closer, infatuation will slowly transform into a more simple love: a love that can also face the pain and darkness of the field in another and deal with them. This is a difficult step for many people. It’s important that when you find a power of attraction, a romantic love, you let this go into all levels with another. Because sooner or later, something will appear in your partner that makes you sad or angry.

That person is not your Savior. They are not the one who will make you or give you away. It’s the insights that emerge in the relationship that save you: the insights that force you to observe your own darkness, your unconscious desire for total love, and your own tendency to expect from others. So, you see, the primitive power, like the natural power of romantic love, first brings you into a state of ecstasy, and then “forces” you into your own feelings. And through the dark, I’m not saying anything wrong or bad, but just yourself and other parts that may not have a chance to have appeared in the light.

If you believe in the power of the belly – your desires and passions – you add a sense that is watchful, not judgmental, then starting a relationship can make a real difference. Then ecstasy and consciousness come together. Then, you go into a dance with a high degree, but also a lot of low points, which means there is authenticity between two people, a well founded true love.

Once again, I ask you to be aware of your abdomen: your desire for love, for true human love, for a relationship, as well as for friendship. When you are in close contact with others, there is always a dynamic of attraction, but it is also necessary to stand still and be aware that others are touching or triggering you. Believe in this process and don’t be disappointed or disillusioned by the pain of a deep relationship.

It’s about you and how you learn and grow. Open your heart to love from the belly level. Dare to live again and be open to real connections with others. What’s more, if you’re already in a relationship, you’re used to each other: when you’ve been together for a long time, you know each other very well, you stay open, and you feel the surprise and attraction you once had to your partner again. Don’t take it for granted that you know each other well. There are always new and unknown areas in other people’s consciousness.

When you have this feeling, you realize that everything in your abdomen, the light of your soul can fall. The sense of love in your heart is the same as your earthly passion, desire, pain, doubt and fear. Then the true alchemy of consciousness takes place in the connection between the heart and abdomen.

I thank you for your attention and I would like to ask you to open for a moment, from your guide and love in your own soul, from all the light gathered here, the great power of love presented here. Bring it into yourself: it’s for you, it’s for you.

thank you!

*Light transmission: Pamela kribe


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