We measure your progress in how much compassion you feel for your fellow humans

We measure your progress in how much compassion you feel for your fellow humans, and we measure your progress in the examination of your desires, which, as we have said, demonstrate an evolution of consciousness.

We measure your progress and your willingness to speak up and stand up for what you believe was right.

Your evolution of consciousness isn’t just about you having the skills and abilities you want. Your evolution of consciousness is about you recognizing that we are all one and that we are all in this together.

Together, we make a difference, and that is why we shower you with energetic downloads. That is why you receive so much support from the ascended masters. That is why you are constantly held in unconditional love by the archangels. We are all working together to bring about peace on Earth and to ignite the flame within you that recognizes yourself and everyone else as Source Energy, and we see more of you resonating with that message than ever before.

How We Measure Your Progress

∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very satisfied with the progress that we see you all making on a day-to-day basis. We know that it is more challenging for you to track that progress since you are living every moment of every day, and you don’t see the massive changes in your outside world that have been predicted over and over again.

We also know that many of you struggle to feel that you are where you are supposed to be because you don’t have all of the spiritual gifts and abilities that you desire. And yet, you do have hope, and you do have the desire to keep moving forward, to keep seeking that progress, and to keep looking for the evidence in the outside world that humanity is moving forward towards that positive future that you all envision.

We want you to consider that for a moment. Consider the fact that all of you are focusing on a positive future, and that positive future isn’t just about you and your loved ones getting what you want. You are focused on a positive future where everyone in the entire world has enough food, enough clothing, has adequate shelter, is free, is respected, loved, able to express their creativity. The power of a collective desire like that for the human collective is more strong and more powerful than a desire for an individual to win lottery, to be able to travel to wherever he or she wants, and so on.

So the progress really is measured in the desires that have evolved within each and every one of you who is awake. When you were a child, you desired to have that toy that everyone was talking about. When you were a young adult, perhaps your desire was to be in that romantic relationship that you saw portrayed on movie screens. Now, as you mature and you realize that there is great suffering in the world, you focus on being a citizen of that same world and what you can do to help.

This is why we always come to you with the expression of our perspective that things are getting better there on Earth.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


You are not in the universe; The universe is really an extension of you.

Everything, everyone is a part of you. I hope you can feel that connection,

I hope you know who they are and what they are to you.

But you need more than a cliche, an aphorism on the fridge or a bumper sticker.

You need to start admitting that you are the universe, that the universe is you.

We need to start by making statements and taking action to reflect these truths to you.

Everything is magical.

Everything is responding to your every thought, every word, every action, because everything is its projection.

You speak and act as if the universe is an extension of you, as if it were a projection of your consciousness outward. It’s time.

You are the universe as a whole, or even more, which means that you not only have a say in what happens in reality, but also in what you create. You also experience everything around you as yourself.

Now it’s time for you to prove for yourself that you are the universe.

You are not in the universe; The universe is really an extension of you.

So you don’t have to wait for the universe to tell you what to do, or decide when to do what.

How to discover your magic

https://danielscranton.com/how-to-discover-your-magic-∞the -9d-arcturian-council/

hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We’ve been watching and waiting for an appropriate opportunity to pass on the following message to you, and we know that now is the best time because you’ve all dealt with the summer solstice energy well.

We very much hope that you will recognize your true identity, so we encourage you to announce to the universe your intention to move forward in this life. We hope that you will see something and immediately respond to this declaration.

We take the word “everything” as a synonym for “universe”. We know that you have understood this, maybe even tested it in your life, but you have never reached the stage of spiritual development, so you are never the universe, until this moment, when you need to better understand who you really are, you hear what you need to hear.

You can be a universe of peace, trust, love and connection, or a universe of fear, resentment, suspicion and hatred.

You can be an integrated universe, or you can be a universe constantly exploring the idea of separation.

Again, the choice is yours.

We know that if you stumble upon this message, you will choose a universe full of joy, love and peace, and all embracing. It wants to explore itself more as you expand, evolve, and ascend.

From now on, be yourself in language, thought and action. Be consistent in these three areas and see how amazing you are.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.


Poems from the Pleiades to you from the stars: children of the stars!

Five dimensional space of original Lilian


The great one,

In the past few days, the earth has been bombarded by powerful high-frequency beams, and the earth’s photoworkers are trying to integrate these lights into their DNA! When this high intensity of light strikes the layered body system and gas field of the human body, the reports of “palpitation” symptoms from all over the world have reached a record height.

The following is a poem from the Pleiades, praising the glory of all the stars on earth!

We are the great children from the stars on earth

We are indigo, rainbow, crystal children, we are the children of the sun!

We are travelers, explorers, mystics and philosophers!

We are ancient wise men!

We are teachers, guides, helpers, lovers and creators of all worlds!

We are angels, shining people and light fighters in the universe!

We are builders, servants of all!

We are human parents and children!

We are musicians, artists and entrepreneurs all over the world!

We used to be poor, but we are rich. We are all over the cities and countries on the earth!

We are simple and natural, complex and advanced!

We are different and friendly!

We can fly in heaven, but we are down-to-earth!

We have been knocked down, but we will not be knocked down! We never give up, of course, never give up!

We are faithful and reliable. We stand in glory and pursue excellence and loftiness in all directions!

We have conquered the world, we fight for goodness to the end!

That’s all we do, and only we can do it!

We are here to create a better world for all, and we will succeed!

We are here to help overcome all difficulties!

We are here to raise and take care of every child on earth!

We’re here to help those in need!

We are here to set those who are imprisoned free!

We are here to heal all broken hearts!

We are members of the great family of light speaking ancient languages!

We have been here since the first day, and we are still firmly standing by the side of people on earth, guarding, paying attention to and helping people on earth!

We will be together with human beings on earth until everything on earth is complete!

We are honored to walk with human beings in the greatest era in human history!

We come to the world of human beings, accompany human beings through the great rainbow bridge, and walk into the beautiful home of heaven on earth that belongs to human beings!

We see you, you are very important! Thank you for everything!

Mission must be achieved!


By Michael love

Picture: encoded frequency

Translator / Editor: phoebiss (Lilian)


Kryon: defining the old soul (text)


Kryon channeled through Karol Lee in Bali, Indonesia, March 29, 2015

Original text: http://www.kryon.com/CHAN2015/k_ channel15_ bali-15.html

Why stop me

Dear everyone, I’m Kryon from magnetic services. I’d like to greet you. There is a system that works all the time. When it comes to the special situation of new energy, this system pays homage to the old souls just like other systems.

Honey, we’ve told you many times that it’s the people with the most experience who are making an impact at this new point in time. By “most experienced,” we mean those who live on this planet again and again within the energy of the earth. They’re actually the old souls we’re talking about, with a lot of human experience.

I want to tell you something, if you don’t know yet. The old soul is awakening to new ideas and concepts. The old soul may be less than 20 years old or more than 80 years old. It doesn’t matter. Your actual age is only measuring this life. Your Akash points to how many lives you have lived and the wisdom that comes from it.

Even now, some people ask, “am I an old soul?” Before answering this question, I’d like to tell you some old soul parameters at the end of this meeting for you to think about. But before that, I want to tell you one more thing. I see your sweetness, beauty and purpose here. I come from the other side of the curtain, where there is no time, and my view of reality is very different from here. Where I am, if you want to call it a place, it recognizes you all. We see your setbacks in this life, but also see the beauty of your past. We see your experience and know what you believe in this life. We can see all this at a glance, but you still doubt: “am I an old soul?” This really scares us. You’re sitting here listening and asking this question.

Honey, there are so many things I can’t even mention, but I hope you can feel it. I hope this news will ring the bell of truth and let you know who you are. I want to start a journey that helps to verify what you already know to a certain extent – that you are an old soul. Let me make it clear: I know who is here, and everyone listening to me here and now is an old soul – all, everyone.

As for the time each of you spent on earth, the difference is huge. Think about what you’ve been through, the cultures you’ve been in, the battles you’ve fought, the reasons you’ve come to earth. I want to tell you that the experience of these people is amazing, not what you think. You think linearly that you’ve only lived as a different race for many generations. However, we see your life as a catalyst for the earth.

We call human life “experience” or “expression” of soul on earth. What do you think of a soul who comes and leaves in three months? You may think something’s wrong. It’s a tragedy to lose a child. But in fact, it was accomplished with the prior agreement of the parents’ souls. This may become a lesson to learn or pass on, or an opportunity for their parents to move towards spirituality through grief. how? Therefore, it represents a life of profound significance because of its potential, only three months! Usually, this kind of life experience can only be performed by the old soul. Have you ever thought you might do something like that? It’s so basic, so profound, so meaningful! Perhaps, because of your actions, your consent, in your life of only three months, a mother awakens spiritually and questions her life.

If you come to earth and only live to be 19 years old, and then die of a penetrating knife on the battlefield, what? You might say, “what’s in it for other people? Waste your life I want to say to you, dear human beings, every breath you take as an old soul on this planet is meaningful, counted, recorded and beautiful. Some of you have to be fallen on the battlefield, some of you have to be winners on the battlefield. That is “experience”, which is needed by the old souls at this moment. What are the benefits? Maybe, you will never forget, and then one day you have the ability to say: “there will be no more battlefields!” Your wisdom will realize that it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, because they represent a kind of low energy that is not suitable for the new earth. War is not accepted! Only the old soul can know this through experience.

I want to tell you the characteristics of the old soul, slowly, and please reflect. In other words, I want you to analyze them yourself. Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t deny it. I hope you can sit down and tidy up now. Are these your characteristics?

Feature one

The first reason to know that you are an old soul is because you listen here! It’s not just out of curiosity that the conference room is full of people in front of me. The level of learning here, this kind of energy, will only attract the old soul.

Do you want to come? Most people say yes, but a few are drawn here by others. They want you to observe what’s going on here. I’ll tell you, it’s a synchronous event, not an accident. Even those who didn’t choose to come at first, but came because of other old souls. The same applies to first-time listeners. It’s no accident!

The first reason you know you’re an old soul is because you’re here. Honey, what do you hear or think when we speak? Are you listening to Kryon or thinking about dinner later? Be honest. The old soul is curious! When it comes to this energy, they are attracted like moths to fire. Old soul, you recognize why you are here, and to a certain extent, you want to know more. You are the sponge of information, not because of curiosity, but because of the truth of the age when information begins to ring. This is the first point.

Feature 2

Some people have begun to have “deep memory experiences.”. You call it “deja vu,” which means you think you’ve experienced this energy before“ I have the impression, though I don’t remember if it really happened This is happening more and more in some people. Maybe you’ll meet someone and leave the meeting with a certain degree of certainty that you’ve met that person before? Then you realize you’ve never met them. Maybe you will go to a party and meet a friendly and familiar person, like your family, but never meet them. Somehow, through all this, you realize that it must be an old friend. You have rekindled the deep friendship with the Akash family. Maybe you met a mother or daughter in a previous life? Men will meet former comrades in arms and feel close for no reason. They will call each other “brother” and “guy” or other words expressing hope to be together. The truth is much more than that.

Some people will find similar consciousness to others, more than that. You start to remember things that I’ll call the Akash awakening energy. More and more people have been led to familiar environment, to see the face you think you know, but it is the first time you meet in this life! My partner encountered this situation, he traveled around strange cultures, where he met brothers and sisters. He was reluctant to part. Many people don’t know English and can only communicate through translation, but he looks into their eyes and knows each other’s family. Everywhere, his global experience is related to the people he “knows”. He is meeting his family.

It’s a sign of the old soul, and some people come across it over and over again. In addition, how many people regularly see 11:11 on the clock? It’s synchronization beyond chance. Do you think it’s by chance that you see these numbers too often? Do you know that it’s a delivery system for old souls so that they know they are old souls? That’s what it does. It’s a communication system, with love, and it says, “we know you, old soul!”

Feature 3

Maybe you are a woman who has never had children, but in a way you have! You know that and you feel it. Maybe you’ve never had a child and decided not to! You don’t need children because you feel like you’ve had them over and over again, and it’s time to rest. But you know what it’s like, don’t you? That’s true, old soul. You’ve been here enough to make Akash call back a great mother. The same is true for men. A mild tempered man who never hurts others may intuitively know that he has always been a soldier. He felt something, and even dreamt several times of putting a sword through another person’s body, knowing what it was like to take someone’s life. Now, if you are the man listening to me, I challenge you to go there with me in your mind. You’re going to feel something, you know you’ve been part of despicable behavior. It’s ringing in your Akash, part of your cellular structure. Although you are gentle or respected in this life, you know that you have a soldier in your heart.

Now, if you really want to be mysterious, listen. Female audience, you know you have a warrior in your body, and you can feel it. You’ve been involved in wars on earth, you know. Although you may not feel like being a man, you may respond to the energy of fierce fighting. You know what it’s like to survive on the battlefield. So many wars in which history has been involved, lost or won, mean that everyone in the room has participated most fully in many wars. Sometimes you die for your God, sometimes for nothing, but all of you feel like you’ve come and gone quickly, and you’ve all died miserably. Men and women, you carry the energy of the past, the next time it affects you, you can decide whether to do it again. In the older energy, many people decided to do it over and over again, so families of men and women soldiers appeared. Some awaken to the feeling that it’s over. Some war weary men become mothers[ Kryon smile]

Feature 4

There are so many signs of the old soul that you may not know. Some of the features are hidden. Here’s what I want you to examine as you sit here: are you naive or wise? Now, I know that a naive person never thinks he is naive. I mean “wisdom beyond your age.”. Do you have wisdom beyond your age? In any case, the answer is yes. You know, you sit there and be honest with your body, your mind, you know. Some young people here deeply feel this – wisdom beyond age. How is that possible? Can you describe how it felt? Honey, I just gave you a key point to know that you are an old soul. I also know that you never talk about it with others.

How can you say such a thing, and the people next to you won’t believe that you are too arrogant? If you say, “I’m smarter than the people around me,” people will question your motives and may not want to be with you. But to be honest, it’s just the two of us. Do you think so? Honey, it’s a secret that you all share. It’s what these people have in common. You get together with them and know you’ve found a wise family. Your wisdom comes from experience. You’ve paid the price, honey. So you know you’re an old soul.

Feature 5

Now, it’s hard to deal with. We’ve talked about it in recent channeling. Akash creates a problem in your personality. In the old energy, life time after time produces the problem of self-worth. For billions of years, you’ve been fighting against the old energy, and you’re not doing very well. The old energy is always in control. You either have to hide it or fight it. Many people died as a result. History has never really been improved by war. You’ve been through life and life in this situation, always being pushed back, until now.

Now, you wake up in the age of the planet that the ancients predicted. It is far-reaching because of potential changes, and the prophecy is coming true. The energy finally supports you, and that’s what we’ve been talking about for the past few years. However, in the fight against the old energy, what attitude do you take? A total lack of self-worth. Now I don’t want you to raise your hand because most people feel it. Now search your soul and you’ll know I’m right. You may seem arbitrary and impose on others, but when you are alone, you don’t know who you are. I don’t know if I can succeed; I don’t know if I’m right. This is the old soul. Your logic takes everything into consideration and often comes to the conclusion, “maybe I’m not worth it here,” or, “will it happen again?” Or, “I’m tired of it!” That’s what you think, isn’t it? Lack of self-worth is the characteristic of the old soul. We can fully understand. How many times have you lost in the same game before, and then you don’t want to play again? But the game has changed.

The energy of the earth has begun to improve, and the light dark balance of consciousness is greatly changing. When you learn “who are you, why are you here, why do you feel that way?” everything begins to make sense. There’s nothing better than finding out the truth, because it solves the past. Discovering the truth of the past can also provide insight into the future, and you begin to have the self-worth you deserve.

The battles against the dark and the old energy are all around you, and you can see that they are being fought by society in a completely different way. Human beings have an overall understanding: that is, human collective yearns for an equal and comfortable life, fair, high-quality life and honest government leadership. This is the main battle today – no longer guarding the same way of doing things, to move forward to a scene never seen by human beings.

feature 6

Discover the purpose of life. The old soul has so much past experience and so much history that many people look around and say, “what’s my purpose here?” Usually, they turn to others for answers. They may attend the meeting and know the goal of the meeting for sure, but they are not sure at all in their heart. They asked, “what is my purpose? What the hell am I doing here? ” It’s because the energy is different.

As an old soul, you ask these profound questions because some people, if not all of them, feel that they have not completed the task to a certain extent. You don’t think it’s enough, or the situation has deviated from the direction you started to imagine. Old soul, your problems really prove that you are old soul! Learning from scratch in new energy is confusing and frustrating! Although you have lived many lives, you have never lived in this energy.

This is the main energy for you, so you feel a little lost. Maybe your purpose in life is still unclear, because the new energy doesn’t give you the same feedback as the old energy. You can’t tell because you don’t believe what you feel. So you ask, “am I right? What can I do better or more? “

I’ll say it again. Old soul, when you start to change your way out of the old way, your power begins to show. You’re starting to realize not only who you are, but also that you deserve to be here. You come with so much experience and start pulling them out of Akash. You don’t even know you’re doing that, but it’s true. Your intuition goes higher and you start to get advice about your life. You receive synchronized information about where to go and what to do, all because you are an old soul now.

Those who have just come to earth, my dear, just look around and get familiar with the things here. They just survive. They don’t have the experience tools you have. There will be in the future, but they are working hard. However, you know what’s going on and have the wisdom to recall. You start to solve human problems. We just said what your purpose in life is. We call you relax, just being. We tell you that “what to do” doesn’t matter. Your work is not as important as your existence. This concept doesn’t fit what your parents told you.

Listen: it doesn’t matter what you do! Your light is helping the planet, not your job. Exploring who you are will help the planet. Just sitting in a chair today helps the planet! The crystal grid remembers what you do, and the energy generated by conscious exploration will last for generations. As an experienced soul living here, you put your experience, wisdom and mature energy into the planetary grid. That’s what you’re doing right now.

This special planetary energy, now, absorbs your experience and Akash power like a sponge, so that the next generation will have everything your old soul has learned. There’s a system here that’s far beyond your imagination. To be exact, when you are sitting in despair, wondering whether you are worth being here and what your purpose in life is, the planet is absorbing what you have done, and it matures accordingly. This is the system that the old soul needs to understand.

Relax and exist. I know I’m here on purpose. Relax and let synchrony push you to the next area of kindness and beauty, if you will. You’ve been through so much suffering, it’s easy to think you’re going to suffer again. no, it isn’t! As a parent, do you intentionally bring your children to this world to suffer with you? It doesn’t make sense. This is not spiritual common sense! You have to start using divine intelligence and ask, “if I were a loving and kind God, what would I do?” Then, at some level, there is an inner voice saying, “you are God! You are a fragment of the whole creation. ” If you like, you can answer your own logical questions, and your wisdom will give you a glimpse of the common sense of the creator’s mind.

feature 7

Finally, the seventh point, which you may never think of. Honey, you have something deep but obvious. However, you think everyone has it. no, it isn’t. The old soul can feel the deep love of God in this energy, which is not felt by others. Mature people can do it! You have to go through reincarnation many times to understand the creator’s kindness and know what it feels like and what it means.

That’s why it’s hard for young souls to switch from a sense of victimization to being loved by God. They don’t know what it’s like! You know? Here’s what I’ve never told my partner, and I’m here to disclose it for the first time. Over the years, he gave you the story of Kryon, telling you what happened when he first sat in his chair and called me. He felt the emotion! It’s his catalyst that keeps him in the chair. He not only felt it, he liked it. To some extent, the engineer recognizes it and knows what it is. He’s an old soul! He’s an old soul, ready to feel God’s love. He recognized the family, my dear, but the new soul did not. They don’t understand how you feel, that’s the maturity of being loved by the creator. They will understand later, but they need experience.

If you’re an old soul, you can feel it. If you can feel it, then you are an old soul. Congratulations, because you are you. You are the one who will change the planet. In this room, from all over the world – so many countries and so many languages – you all have one thing in common: you can feel God’s love together.

You will change the planet for your existence, Lightworker. The crystal grid absorbs the light you carry, which you accumulate and bring to us all. This is a profound system. The new energy of the earth needs the experience and wisdom of the old soul to influence the people born in the future. The system is profound, difficult to describe and far-reaching. Imagine. Through today’s life, you will instill knowledge and wisdom into the grid and leave it to future generations.

How can you think that human beings can achieve maturity and spiritual evolution without this knowledge? The answer is no, unless there is a change, and the catalyst for that change is the Akash experience of your old soul. It’s you who just need to be here and understand that and pour it into the planetary grid. This, together with the time capsule being opened, will slowly create a planet of ascension. You just need to sit in the conference room and let us speak to you, and you are sowing seeds for the future.

It’s time to end the channeling. What are you going to do with this information? If you can, if you want, I want you to think about it. I want you to think about all the characteristics and ask, “am I really bigger than I thought? Does God know me when I’m sitting here with a lot of earthly problems and frustrations? Does God really care about the jobs I have to do and the children I have to raise? Does God care about the relatives I have to please and the boss in the workplace? Is it possible for God to love me through all this? ““ The answer is yes, yes, yes, yes!

So important, old soul, it’s you! Congratulations. That’s what you’re here for – just to live and know you’re loved. That’s it.



How to learn to be love

What is love( VI)

Diary in Yuan Dynasty


6. How to learn to be love

In order to open your heart to love, I would like to teach you all you need to know. But – I can’t stress it too much – you’re going to have to do it yourself. Love is an experience. By constantly releasing the blockage in your approach to it, by constantly opening yourself to it, you will find your way there. This will require you to set your intention and then stick to it; This will require you to be aware of your thoughts and feelings; It will require you to trust yourself and your heart.

At first, this path seems difficult because you have to overcome stubborn programming, but as you move forward, it becomes easier. When you start to really open your heart to love, there is no doubt that your life will become happier, richer and easier. It’s easier to trust your heart when you see these rewards begin to show up in your life. So the road will be easier and your progress will accelerate.

There is a lot to look forward to. I will provide you with the information you need to help you make your choice. But you have to choose. You have to be determined to continue to choose. Only you can create your reality for yourself!

Now the road I’m going to discuss is divided into three parts, each with a subtitle. The three main parts are as follows

(1) Removing the blockages you have to love

(a) Judgment

(b) Negative emotions

(i) Duality

(II) consciousness construction holders

(c) Identifying with your creations rather than with who you really are

(2) The energy cycle of love

(3) Be love

(1) Removing the blockages to love

8: There are many ways to block your heart from opening to love. I will introduce three main ways. I do suggest that if you solve these three problems, you will almost certainly be able to overcome any other problems that might lurk in your soul. You really just need firm intent and concerted action to move in the direction of getting rid of these jams, and they start to disintegrate.

(a) Judgment

8: When you feel the need to make another being, idea or thing wrong, judgment makes you feel right. This rejection and stripping of the other party is probably the biggest blockage in most people’s minds. It’s a normal thing for most people, who may not even know they are doing it. So the first thing to do is to be aware of how you judge others. Pay attention to your thoughts. You need to release your judgment so that you can open your heart to others.

Judgment comes from an incorrect understanding of what is. You identify yourself with your own behavior (you are not your behavior), and then you identify them with the behavior of those around you (they are not their behavior, either). You find that they have done something wrong, so you can feel right about what you have done.

Let me help you understand this in a new and more useful way.

Obviously, if you are not your behavior and they are not their behavior, then all this is unnecessary. But maybe that won’t help you. Because maybe you’re not ready to stop identifying yourself with your own creations. So let’s go a step further

Do you remember what I told you earlier about an infinite elastic ball called infinite variation?

Z: I remember.

8: Well, it means that everything that could exist exists. There is the present. Every possible world of good love exists. It’s the same with every place of evil and suffering. All possibilities exist. If they don’t exist, then infinity is not infinity. There is no doubt that they exist. The question you should ask yourself is simple. What do you want to experience? Or, to put it another way, what do you want to create for yourself?

When you ask this question, you should let others experience everything they may want and need to experience. Because you can’t create the freedom for yourself to experience exactly the world you want to experience if you don’t want to give it to everyone else. What you do to others, you do to yourself, remember? So give others the power to create what they want.

Completely and lovingly let go of everything you don’t want. Stop judging it or anyone who wants to experience it. Choose what you want and move in that direction.

This is a very important understanding, so I will tell you again in different ways:

You should remember that I told you that everything that exists is created in imbalance. There is no imbalance and nothing exists. This means that everything created will immediately create its “opposite” to balance it.

Z: I remember.

8: So, think about this: you won’t be able to create that thing without someone else creating the opposite of that thing.

Logically, this means that you should thank everyone else who is choosing what you have not chosen. You should be especially grateful to those who choose things that seem to be the opposite of yours. In a way, for you, all of these beings make your own choices possible. You can say you’re all balancing each other. For them, it’s empowering them to make their choices possible.

You are actually a particle of life, dancing with every other particle of life that can be seen everywhere. You are the soul mate of every other being that can be seen everywhere. You are connected to everything in life.

Do you see the shortsightedness and absurdity of judgment? You can’t ask someone to stop doing what he’s doing, but at the same time you don’t stop doing what you’re doing. The corollary is true – if you change yourself, you change the universe. Can you see the power of the adage that you should be the change you desire? Because indeed, by changing yourself, you do change your whole world and your whole experience. You bring yourself into a complete experience universe, which directly reflects who you are.

You are really a creator.

You’ve always been.

There is no purpose and no direction, you just create in your ignorance.

So judging is counterproductive. Waste your time and energy. And most of all, it places a huge blockage in your heart, preventing the light of love from passing through you. It prevents you from creating a new world of love for yourself.

Let it go!

If you meet someone who makes a choice that doesn’t suit you, please be grateful. Now you don’t have to make that choice. Send them love. The harder they go, the more love they need. Send them rich love. Then consider your choice.

If you like the outcome of your choice, then you need to thank all others in particular. Without their contribution, your choice will not manifest. They will not “balance” in the realm of Oneness Consciousness.

Gratitude is the answer. Be grateful. Thank you. Send out love. I made a statement earlier:

“You are who you say you are.”“ You are who you say you are.”

This statement has been omitted in the previous discussion on ego. But it’s a very important recognition. It has many uses. First, of course, you should start to be very clear about who you are, and then you should say that. I don’t mean to let you use the word “say so.”. I mean, in every thought, word and action you have, you should express who you really believe you are. You should say it from the bottom of your heart. And that’s how it works.

But be clear! If you say something contradictory to yourself, you will have a confused and discordant experience of yourself and your life. It’s never pleasant.

So how do you find out who you are and how do you express yourself?

Into your heart! When you follow your heart and choose what’s right for you, it’s insight in action. That’s your own creator nature in the navigation of divine power. It’s simply that you choose and create what’s right for you. It’s totally different from you standing outside looking at people’s lives and being in the judgment of them. We’ll talk more about listening to your heart later.

But for now, I want to highlight the point: you are who you say you are. If others judge you, their judgment doesn’t tell you who you are.

“The judgment of others can’t tell you who you are, only who they are!”

“Other’s judgements of you do not show you who you are, they show you who they are!”

This can be very useful. When you know who other people are, you can decide whether they resonate with you. You can set your own criteria and decide whether it’s “right for you” to join them. Of course, you should guide yourself to the people and things that are “right for you” and away from the people and things that are “not right for you”. So it’s useful to have a clear understanding of who other people are. A good way to do this is to observe how they judge you! But be aware that you judge others the same way.

“Your judgment of others will not tell you anything about them. What they tell you is something about yourself. “

“Your judgements of others do not tell you anything about them. They tell you something about yourself.”

You can be very useful to other people’s judgments and ideas – if you know how to use them! As my judgments and thoughts come to the surface, I ask myself, “what am I telling myself about myself now?” Somewhere in your judgment, there’s a deep desire to be rejected, or perhaps a deep hurt that hasn’t been expressed.

These things lurk deep in yourself, and you hide them. When others touch these things in a certain way, your rejected or hurt things are expressed by rising to the surface, by judging and thinking.

So watch your judgments! They are the most inspiring. If you can handle them properly, they will dissolve as potential rejection or damage in your soul has been healed. Every judgment you dissolve brings you one step closer to love.

(b) Negative emotions

The second problem that I want to solve is the negative emotions. They are things like fear, pain, anger, hatred, jealousy, suspicion and greed. These emotions are both the result and the cause of the blockage of the heart. Because they limit your ability to find and express love, I now hope to work with you to solve them so that you can better understand them and learn to deal with them correctly, so that they can’t close your heart.

To explain this to you, I need a small dividing line. First of all, I need to make sure that you have an accurate understanding of the term duality. When you have an understanding of the role of the pattern holder and the emotions in general, then we can correctly understand the negative emotions.

Duality is a word often used in the spiritual circle, and we use it many times in the book of ascension. But what do you think it means?

(i) Duality

Z: I think I know. From the information I’ve gathered from our conversation, first of all, there seems to be an illusion of separation. By moving into the other side of the veil, a part of the one creates a separate identity for itself. From there, by creating the illusion of their separation from the creator, some of those in the separation even sink deeper into the illusion. I think that’s what the word “duality” means: the “duality” of creation and creator, God and universe.

8: Or one with yourself.

Z: That’s what I mean, yes.

8: This is a good understanding. Later, when we talk about density of consciousness, I’ll explain all this to you in more detail, but now I want you to understand that there are different levels of separation:

It all begins with oneness.

Then there is the earliest level of separation, called “individuality.”.

A deeper separation becomes polarity.

The deepest separation is duality.

This is a very rough explanation and lacks detail. Please don’t pay too much attention to this explanation until we have the opportunity to discuss it comprehensively in later chapters.

Very simply, the point is that duality is the deepest separation. It’s so deep that the beings who are deeply in duality don’t even know that they are in duality. They are so trapped in the illusion that they can only think in this way. They believe that all beings are independent. If they choose to believe in religion, they will believe in one or more separate gods. God is “there,” somewhere else, doing something they don’t have the power to influence.

From the perspective of duality, pure materialism – the theory that nothing exists but matter – is an example of the non spiritual view. Those who agree with this view believe that their own consciousness, thoughts, emotions and existence are just functions of their bodies and their brains. They also clearly believe that they are absolutely separate from all other beings.

When you have binary consciousness, you may believe that countless things are real.

Ironically, once you begin to raise your consciousness from duality and awaken to the idea that everything is one, you will actually be fully aware of duality. Only then will you be able to use the word duality.

You will be aware of oneness in the first place, but you will also feel as if you are separate from it. This kind of being is what I call the awakening dualistic consciousness. As you and your awakening move on, you begin to release your fears and limitations, knowing that you too are one. Finally, you begin to return to the sense of unity.

But for those who firmly hold dualistic consciousness, they can’t accept that everything is one, or they are actually one with the creator, or they can really create their own reality. This brings me to the duality you just mentioned. In the thought and belief system of dualistic consciousness, there is an insurmountable gap between the creator and his creation.

The result of this view is that there are two different kinds of things, as follows:

I can continue to add more descriptions to these two boxes, but I’m sure you know what I mean. As for those who are dualistic, the main points of the dualistic nature of their worldview have been said. Joy Devine has discussed with you to some extent how the position of duality is a very limited perspective and how the perspective of unity is a greater truth. I have also explained the one is in detail, so I will not repeat it here.

Z: So how do we end this duality?

8: End it?

What you really need to understand is that binary consciousness (which is the same thing as victim consciousness) is not wrong. Quite simply, it is a level of existence deep in the separation of reality. Duality is one of the places you can visit separation. And it’s not bad to visit this place. It’s just a choice… One of many possible experiences.

You also need to understand that a lot of things about duality and victim mentality are great. When you are outside of it, you will think about many aspects of it and like it very much.

Z: I can’t believe it!

8: That’s because you only focus on the negative. Think about what it’s like to fall in love completely and hopelessly?

Z: It’s wonderful. It’s like being hit by an incredible, intoxicating drug.

8: It’s also a victim conscious experience.

In order to fall in love, you need to believe that there are such excellent and perfect people, and their existence makes you feel that kind of love. When they express similar love and wonderful feelings to you, it will make you feel more and more strongly in love.

But it’s all about victim consciousness. If you know that you are the creator of your own experience, then you know that you actually invite the whole interaction with this person. You also know exactly what the outcome will be, because all of this has been agreed in advance. Most of all, if you knew that you created all these feelings of love… What would happen?

Z: I don’t know. All this may not be so exciting, I guess.

8: That’s right. Of course, duality is like riding a roller coaster. It feels quite dangerous. You feel out of control and in danger. That’s why souls line up here. That’s why they keep coming back again and again, life after life. Excitement.

Z: I’m not. After this life, I have completed the experience.

8: Yes, I’m sure you’re not. When you are ready to experience duality, you begin to awaken to your Creator nature. That is to say, “I am now ready to leave this playground,” because the creator consciousness and the dualistic consciousness cannot exist in the same being at the same time. Because that’s what you’re doing, I’d be very surprised if you decided to try to go back and play another round.

But my point remains. Even if you are ready to leave the roller coaster and plan to leave the amusement park, if you are honest, you have to admit that you have had many wonderful experiences there. Falling in love is just one of them. In the whole physical world, you can taste delicious food, enjoy the sunset, immerse yourself in music… Everything you like… These are the effects of duality. And how much you love the “don’t know” process of bringing joy and I into dialogue to receive wisdom and insight. All these things are impossible without the illusion of duality.

Z: This is a useful and interesting point: duality is right. It’s just an experience. It’s up and down, and it’s going to be very exciting. When we have enough experience, we can leave.

Thank you, 8. I think I now have a better understanding of what duality is.

8: So, from what I’ve been talking about, you can see that dualistic beings can’t believe that they can or do create their own experiences?

Z: By definition, they can’t, No.

8: This is the reason why there is a need for “consciousness pattern holder” in binary reality.


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