What are you responsible for^_^

What are you responsible for^_^

sananda 2020-04-09


What are you responsible for^_^

As an infinite life body, the responsibility of creation.

We have known that there is no creation, only manifestation and projection, only balanced demand.

So how does projection manifest? In the following translation of “from heaven to earth” Luying (located at the bottom of today), it tells the process of projection: birth, solidification, orbit expansion, reaching the speed limit, flying into space, explosion, decay, and finally being absorbed by the sun to be born again.

This is also self responsibility. Self responsibility is no different from the birth of the solar system, because self responsibility is not self responsibility, but the projection and manifestation of the infinite life of self essence. Responsibility is only the human understanding of projection and manifestation.

Because we understand that pushing a box is responsible, but we can’t understand that the molecules and atoms of the wood that make up the box are also responsible. Why? Because we prefer to create, produce and manufacture rather than project and manifest, so we can only see the force relationship of matter acting on us, but we can’t see the reaction force, What is it, balancing demand.

When the multidimensional space in our body revolves around the spark of life, which is also the source of thinking together, an invisible high vibration frequency is projected by the spark of life with the help of our thinking, and forms a model when it is continuously effective. This is the result of balancing demand, that is, electrons, protons and neutrons balance our thinking demand, and this is the existence of the reaction force of that box, Before we push the box, the invisible high vibration box mold is already there, just waiting for the thought instruction.

Then why do we buy it back from factory production, intermediate transportation and stores? Because there is another stage of projection manifestation: solidification.

Now we all know why 3D projection visualization is so difficult, because solidification needs to go through seedling raising, tree planting, logging, transportation, processing, delivery, sales and purchase, which is the solidification process in 3D.

But if you process it by yourself, there will be no follow-up process. Because you are responsible for it, there will be no need for factories and financial systems. Therefore, we all know that even if people around the world rest at home and live their own pastoral life, the old world will collapse. In the more ancient etheric civilization, there is no need to do so. This is what we call ancient wisdom.

In fact, if you train with time, you can get rid of the middleman process and gradually embark on the path of projecting your own manifestation box. This is the acceleration process brought about by the current global rest. When mother earth presses the pause button, people realize that freedom and family are more important than work and making money, and then return to society, There will be a new “planet” born in the sharing of human consciousness, that is, a free life responsible for balancing oneself. This practice of “Anastasia” in the Russian forest has been operating in small-scale mutual aid groups for a long time, but the “free life responsible for oneself” projected by global human beings will have different tracks. What, It will push the old world out of orbit and expand, reach the speed limit, fly into space, explode, decay, and finally be absorbed by the sun to be born again.

This is also the projection manifestation path of that box, pushing, grinding, discarding, decomposing into particles for recycling.

This is self responsibility, which is based on the laws of the universe and the law of the universe. Any interference, whether constructive or destructive, should be carried out in accordance with this.

It’s just that the chain reaction and exponential growth predict that the disappearance and reconstruction will accelerate, and there is no fixed form.

Slow life is the key to accelerate the process, and rest is the driving force of evolution and transition.

For it is more and more similar to your nature, living in the present everywhere, showing the manifest world projected by the source through your thoughts and actions.

So, you don’t have to be responsible for anything, anything, whether it’s what you’ve done or what others have done to you, because it comes from the source.

What happens when you return to expansion as a source, go back to earth lessons and graduate, and manifest your responsibility.

You are only responsible for one, as an extension of the source.

Why do we see many predictions come true? This is a clear proof that the human collective has entered the four dimensions, because the human collective is no longer limited to the time point, but rather hopes to manifest the whole time line, see the future, and more importantly, walk steadily in the selected future.

From the changes in the past three months, we can also see the existence of possibility, because it is so fast that you no longer believe in the world view that you have always held: orderly and approaching, but will be replaced by more possibilities.

Thus, another self responsibility emerges, projecting and manifesting more possibilities in acceleration, and the set of possibilities is directed, leading to unity, oneness and union.

In fact, the human collective has begun to project more time lines, which is why we can see the shadow left by the past, but there are more calls for freedom and unity that we have never seen before. People find that even climate organizations and environmental protection organizations have a rest, and mother earth’s self-healing ability is stronger, This is monitored by a large number of scientific organizations.

For the first time, the human collective began to unify, unite and trust each other in the open world.

We are responsible for one thing: working with mother earth, working with nature, and working with source expansion.

Do you know how to live and work? Self responsibility is just a transition. In the accelerated process, it will quickly jump to the essence of freedom and creation: higher self and source.

When human beings walk firmly in freedom and follow the creation of mother earth and nature, the model of the fifth dimensional space world is already there. In the possibility, there will be not only solidification, but also more leaps. That is, those who have existed in the fourth dimension for a long time urgently need to move to the fifth dimensional space world, because people are tired of separation and war.

Anything is possible.


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Master Sananda: responsible for your own life

Primary energy mass source



Do your best to work for life and peace.

Every project and everyone who promotes light today will receive support from the spiritual realm.

Ascension means turning to light and peace, and it means acting out of true compassion and true love.

The separation of the world occurs first in your consciousness. Through more and more subtle perception, through more and more love flowing out of your heart, you become part of something new.

Those who are still trapped in the old way of thinking, they serve the old mode, do not want to get rid of outdated beliefs, are still unfinished trapped in the structure of the world.

The Bible says that the word of the Lord is immeasurable. Be responsible for yourself, leave everything else to God!

This is the road to return and the bridge to light.

I’m Sananda!

**Light transmission: Jan Casso


Meditation experience on July 15, 2021: Buddha’s message: a tough time

2 days ago


Master Buddha said:

“For many of you, this is a tough time because everything seems to be deteriorating, both on a personal and global level.

“On a personal level, many of you have recently felt physical pain. Especially when you meditate, the parts that used to be painful due to blockage will now be extremely painful.

“At the global level, many of the original contradictions have not been eased, but are increasingly intensified, and all kinds of natural and man-made disasters are happening more frequently.

“This situation makes many people feel pessimistic, disappointed and even desperate. They think that the individual and the world are not developing in a better direction, but are greatly regressing. They suspect that if things go on like this, a big change is unlikely.

“What I want to say to you is that you should be happy and excited about the current situation, because it shows that the vibration frequency of your individual and global is increasing significantly.

“As far as you are concerned, once upon a time when your vibration frequency was relatively low, you could hold those heavy and dark energies. You were at peace with these energies at that time, because you were not so different from their vibrations. And now these energies are unbearable to you because your vibrations have risen so much that they can no longer hold them.

“You have to either release them or transform them into light and love. And those energies are resisting, refusing to withdraw easily or be illuminated by light. So this work won’t be finished in a short time. In the process of dealing with this energy (especially when you are stuck), you will feel pain and pain.

“It’s the same for the earth. Once upon a time she could accommodate those dense, negative energies, but now as she ascends higher and higher in vibration, they must be released or transformed. Before this work is completed, the earth will inevitably present a chaotic and seemingly deteriorating scene.

“So how do you get through this difficult time? You can ask us to help you release, clean up and transform those dark energies on a personal and global level. This will greatly speed up the work.

“I know that some of you are against asking us for help. They think that human beings should not rely on foreign aid but on themselves.

“In fact, in this dimension we are in, there is no difference between the inside and the outside. It can be said that we are both outside and inside you; It’s not only your external aid, but also your internal aid. The help we offer will appear both outside and within you. Please don’t stubbornly separate yourself from us, just think of us as a part of yourself – a part in the high dimension.

“However, if you want to turn to us for help, you still have to turn your mind to your inner self and do a lot of transformation within yourself. You have to do a lot of work in forgiveness, understanding, compassion, respect and holy love. So that you can successfully connect with us.

“In fact, we will not and cannot help those who refuse to turn inward and do their inner homework. They don’t touch us in vibration, and we don’t touch them. We can only help those who can be helped and allow ourselves to be helped.

“I also want to remind you that accepting, understanding and respecting those dark and heavy energies, rather than rejecting, hating and hating them, can make them easier to release and transform.

“In a word, please don’t lose heart. You should know that this period is a downward curve and a difficult stage in the upward spiral. This period will always come to an end. You should keep your confidence and hope, and believe that the future will be bright and beautiful! “

Thank Buddha for his teaching!


The evolution of the solar system and the emergence of human beings

Master of spiritual cultivation

From heaven to earth

http://mp.weixin.qq.com/mp/homepage?__biz=MzIwNDQ3ODYwMw==&hid=5&sn=1068a3141202eb8944d338ffb8cba2ee&scene=18#wechat_ redirect

The evolution of the solar system and the emergence of human beings (1)

   After a short rest, the Mooney stood up. Then the first ray of sunlight appeared on the horizon in the distance. “These people around me have learned a lot from the father for humanity,” he said. They look with spiritual insight, so the whole vast world is contained in their vision. They can see what human beings can only feel, so they can help human beings realize their wishes. They can hear thousands of sounds that are not usually heard, such as hummingbirds singing, the chirping of newborn sparrows, grasshoppers in the field vibrating at more than 15000 beats per second, and many other harmonious sounds far beyond the audible band.

“They can also sense, control and make inaudible sounds. These voices can create some beneficial emotional reactions for the whole world, such as love, peace, harmony and perfection. They can also amplify and send vibrations corresponding to the sense of abundance and bliss. These vibrations surround humans and permeate all of us so that anyone can receive them if they want to.

“When people realize that these vibrations are real, they work with them, amplify them and pass them on. At that time, what people need will gather around some people and show up in the crowd. So people’s wishes come true. When the proper vibrations are put into operation, one must see their effect. Therefore, all human’s perfect desires will condense into concrete forms.

“The space of God’s creation is an infinite ocean, as transparent as crystal. This ocean is full of vibrating energy emanations. This energy is called etheric essence. All elements are dissolved in it, ready to respond to the call of the vibrational flow that will condense them. When people cooperate with the whole, they can make those appropriate vibration effects work through their own thoughts. At this time, because there is no other way out, those elements will rush to fill the mold formed by desire. That’s the perfect rule. No one can stop it from reacting.

“You listen to a pipe organ play very low notes. Let’s keep lowering these sounds so that we can no longer hear them. But the feelings or emotions that we felt when we heard those sounds just now are still going on, aren’t they? The vibration continued, though not audible. Now we raise notes higher and higher through scales until they become inaudible again. As those high, inaudible vibrations continue, so does the feeling they just caused. We know that in both the first and the second cases, those vibrations don’t stop – even when they go beyond the physical hearing. We call these vibrations the Holy Spirit.

“When the physical senses lose their control over the vibrations, the Holy Spirit comes to control them, and his control is infinitely more precise. It can really extend to a very wide range, much wider than the physical range. This range responds much better to the command of the vibration of thought, because thought is much more connected to the spiritual world than it is to matter.

“Physics is only effective in the physical action of the body, but not in its reaction. When we can control the reaction of the body, we are the “Holy Spirit” – as long as we define the body as the “spirit”. From this we can see how limited the physical body is. The Holy Spirit penetrates not only into all its cells, but also among the smallest particles of its solid, liquid or gaseous matter. In fact, the mold that allows the etheric essence to manifest itself in different forms is established by the power of the Holy Spirit. That essence cannot be shaped in any other way. Man is the sole projectionist and sole allocator of the various models of that essence.

“Allow me to make a few digressions. You can see the sun of our world shining with brilliant brilliance. When the sky gradually extends backward and a new sun appears in front of us, we will see the birth of a new era and a new Easter. What we call “our world” revolving around the sun is just one of the 91 similar worlds revolving around the central sun. The quality of the central day is 91000 times greater than that of the ninety-one world. It is so huge that any of the ninety-one worlds that revolve around it in perfect order is as small as the tiny particles in an atom that revolve around its central sun. You call that “Central Sun” the “nucleus.”. It will take more than 26800 years for our world to orbit around the central day. When it moves, it maintains an accurate mathematical relationship with the complete precession of Polaris. Who can doubt that a sacred and effective great force is in charge of all this? But let’s go back to our observations.

“Look closely: an image is formed. You see the white sphere of the sun with a red spot on it. Take a closer look, and you’ll see a tiny fragment of pure white light coming out of that red spot. It is not a ray of light, but a pure light spot of movement, a spark of life. It is launched and sealed in what should be born. In your opinion, it’s just a tiny spot of light, but for people who can get close to it, it’s huge. It makes you wonder. Soon you will have a tool. It can act as an assistant to your eyes and let you see all these things. It will also reveal many other wonders to mankind.

“For thousands of generations, the Central Sun has absorbed the harmonious pulse of energy divergence to itself, and those energy divergence must be emitted or exploded. Notice that there’s a big, fuzzy, gaseous mass that’s blown out of the sun. This is the scene of the birth of planet Neptune. At this time, it is just a huge group of tiny particles or particles ejected by the sun. The bright spot before the last explosion was a heliocentric. It also has the ability to attract the smallest particles to itself and keep them cohesive. At the same time, it condenses larger particles from the sun’s matrix around it. At first glance, you’d think there was another explosion. You’d think some part of the sun was thrown into space. Stop for a moment and watch what really happens. Why do those particles and gases stay cohesive and form a precise sphere? That’s because the laws of intelligence that make these models work. It’s that law that guides the whole of these worlds in a perfect harmony. It proved that it was not an accident. Everything is happening in accordance with a perfect order, which is determined by a reliable law.

“That bright spot or core is the central spark, the sun, the Christ of mankind – the whole human race revolves around him. This is the definite power of the Holy Spirit, and the law of the Holy Spirit passes through all the elements of man. The central spark is a spot of pure white light, Christ who has penetrated into the first cell. Then he grew up, split, and passed his light on to another cell. This other cell is born from division, but it is bound together with the first cell by a kind of cohesion. This kind of cohesion is called love.

“The nourishment and cohesiveness of these particles are guaranteed, just as a child who is hugged and fed by a mother is guaranteed. In fact, this is a child of the sun. It contains the core, or the central sun, in itself. This core is as like as two peas that just gave birth to it. This new Central Sun is born with the same ability as its mother, and it can also attract, consolidate and maintain the energy vibration around it, which is essential for its life and growth. It finally solidified and formed the planet Neptune, the oldest planet in our world, and the planet with the farthest orbit.

The evolution of the solar system and the emergence of human beings (2)

“When Neptune was born and its central sun began to draw energy – mainly from its solar matrix – towards itself, the little star began to take on the shape of the mold that had been projected for it before it was born. At that time, Neptune occupied the matrix orbit, on the inside of today’s Mercury orbit. On that track, the child can better attract his own essential material from the matrix, because it is still very close to the matrix.

 “ Neptune solidifies and takes shape as it draws its essential material from the sun. It is no longer a fog of steam, and its elements begin to separate from each other and gather together through combination. Under the action of high temperature and high pressure, the rock structure of the planet was formed. As the paste hardens, its surface cools down and forms a hard shell. The shell is getting heavier and tighter – not only because of its cooling, but also because of the assimilation of different particles.

 “ When the shell is solid enough to hold the spinning object, it forms the original rock structure of the planet with a paste in its center.

 “ Then, due to the combination of some gases and steam, water appeared. Only then can this nebula be called a planet. It has emerged and evolved to support life. However, it has to go through thousands of centuries, adding various elements from the outside to its structure bit by bit. The continuous cooling of its central material makes it nearly perfect, but it still needs to wait for the atmosphere and chemical state on its surface to be ready to support the living organism.

 “ At this time, the mother sun is ready to give birth to another little star. When it was ready, the planet Uranus was born. The extra force used in this “birth” threw Neptune out of the matrix orbit, forcing it to move in today’s orbit of mercury. This is necessary to give birth to Uranus in matrix orbit so that it can receive nourishment from its mother until its misty structure condenses into a planet.

 “ There is now a long period of calm. Neptune, the first born child, has grown up and is close to supporting life. Indeed, amoeba forms are present in its cloudy, brackish interior ocean. At the same time, a new little star is ready to be born by the sun. The extra force of this birth threw Uranus out of matrix orbit and Neptune into today’s Venus orbit.

 “ At this point Neptune has cooled enough to support life on its surface. Some amoebas must be selected as life and food carriers for the human body. These amoebas exist on Neptune, but some conditions are needed for the divine life to attach to them. When Neptune occupied the orbit of today’s Venus, these conditions were met, and human life appeared there, similar to human life on earth today.

 “ So the first human race began to exist – not from the animal amoeba, but from the human amoeba, whose types and characteristics are selected, with a kind of intelligence that can speed up the evolutionary process. In this period, the state of things on Neptune is completely ready for the growth of selected people, and such growth does flourish there.

 “ At that time, there was no internal organism in the animal kingdom, so animal life did not develop. Neptune is inhabited by advanced beings. They soon formed a perfect human race in which each received his own material directly from the etheric nature of the universe. On our planet, they will be regarded as gods. Many legends and myths today are rooted in this great nation. They are very similar to the origin that produced them. This race has the ability to express beauty and perfection, so they begin to gather perfection and beauty around themselves. In fact, they make Neptune a perfect paradise.

 “ According to the creator’s will, this race should always remain in the perfect state they achieve – they achieve this state through complete control of all elements. When a person expresses a wish, that wish is realized immediately. But in the following time, some individuals began to show laziness and selfishness, trying to outdo their peers. This led to various divisions, which in turn led to selfishness and greed. Selfishness and greed lead to disputes and discord. People waste their time fighting and arguing, and they should have used it to make progress. Instead of being closely connected to the source, people alienate each other and create a rift between them. Only a small group of people maintain a noble and noble spirit. Others abandon what gives them security and protection. This creates a vortex around the planet.

 “ These people should have focused on imitating the perfect example of God. That will enable them to build a complete world with various sacred attributes on the sacred planetary group. However, they degenerated to such a degree that the next explosion of the birth planet was huge. The resulting Nebula condenses to form a larger planet than any previous one. This is the birth of Jupiter. The excess energy accompanying its birth was so great that Saturn was pushed out of matrix orbit and thrown into today’s orbit of mercury. The explosion was so violent and took place in such a tense solar system that a large number of asteroids were formed. These asteroids line up around Saturn. They have a different polarity from Saturn and can’t get together with it, so they remain independent. They have no other way but to gather in bands around the planet. This asteroid belt is called the ring of Saturn. Many of the asteroids that make up Saturn’s rings are as big as a small planet.

 “ The excess force that we just talked about threw the magnificent and wonderful planet Neptune into the orbit of today’s earth. All its glory and its great inhabitants have been wiped out. However, there are still a few people who have never abandoned their sacred inheritance. They formed powerful groups to seek refuge in the spiritual regional emanations that surround and permeate the existing 91 worlds.

 “ In such a state, the survivors keep their knowledge and spread it so that it will never disappear. It is precisely because of their ideals and thanks to them that we are alive today. We are proud to say that we are of the same species as these great people – it is their race that forms the root of humanity. It is they who preserve the ideal model of human beings and maintain the divinity of human beings.

 “ Then the thousands of generations necessary for the formation of Jupiter passed. It’s so huge that it hasn’t cooled down much to this day.

 “ Time flies again, and the sun is ready to produce a fifth foggy core. This is the birth of Mars, the blood red planet. When its birth is over, we see a phenomenon on the strong Jupiter. It suddenly grew a huge erythema on the side, and discharged a large part of itself. It gave birth to a satellite called the moon. These two deliveries released so much excess force that the giant Jupiter was thrown out of matrix orbit to give way to the planet Mars.

 “ When the giant Jupiter occupies its new orbit, its swirling mist shape is completely unable to absorb the massive particles emitted by the sun at its birth. These particles are thrown far into the sphere of influence of Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Mars. However, these particles are not polar with those planets and cannot be assimilated by them. These particles become independent asteroids without planetary polarity. They can’t look like planets, and they can’t rotate in an orderly and coordinated manner around the central sun. As a result, they form a huge group of meteors in space – no specific pace, at extremely fast speed. They collide with other planets, either embedded in the surface of the planet or smashed to pieces after the collision. These asteroids are dragging tiny particles as they go crazy through space. These small particles eventually return to the etheric community. From there, the central sun can take them out and absorb them, and give birth to new planets – or new particles – again in the form of nebulae.

 “ Now the nebula of this explosion finally formed our earth. Mars was thrown out of matrix orbit, and Earth took its place. At the same time, all the planets were pushed into another orbit to make way for the newborn.

  The evolution of the solar system and the emergence of human beings (3)

“Then came Venus. As in previous cases, the earth and all the other planets – or all the other particles – have been thrown further into orbit in order to give up the position in the matrix orbit to the newcomer. Then mercury was born. Its birth threw other planets – or other particles – into wider orbits and made up the number of planets astronomers can see today – eight in all.

“There’s actually a ninth, because the matrix orbit is not occupied by mercury. This orbit is occupied by the last nebula or child, but the nebula does not condense, so people can’t see it. But it’s there, and its influence can be felt.

In short, the world to which our earth belongs contains nine planets – or nine particles. They orbit the Central Sun – or core – in nine orbits, with mathematical precision. You have seen the scene of this extremely orderly creative process.

“Something happened suddenly on Neptune, the planet farthest from the sun and in its largest orbit. Neptune has matured and reached its speed limit. It receives a full load of light and is ready to become a sun. When a new Nebula began to form and the sun was about to give birth to the tenth, Neptune declined. Before the birth of the nebula, Neptune reached its speed limit in its orbit around the central sun. It flew into space, exploded, and then returned to etheric nature. There, it will be retrieved by the central sun. It will increase the energy of the sun so that it can produce new planets – or new particles.

“In the world to which our earth belongs, there can only be nine planets – or nine particles – orbiting the Central Sun at the same time. They evolve in a constant cycle. This cycle includes the stages described above: birth, solidification, orbital expansion, reaching speed limit, flying into space, explosion, decay, and finally reabsorbed by the sun for birth again. So the earth gathers elements from the essence of the ether and sends them out, and these elements become etheric again. It’s a continuous renewal through new births – rebirth – again and again. Without this process, the Central Sun of the ninety-one worlds and the Central Suns of each of them would have been consumed. In that case, everything will return to the infinity that contains all essential beings.

“An intelligence that penetrates all the emanations and the whole of space, calls these worlds into being and throws them on their way. The sun never grows old. This core will not die. He receives, absorbs, retains, strengthens and produces that particle. However, he will never shrink, because he constantly receives the same amount that he sends out and inhales it into himself. Therefore, this regeneration and rebirth continues indefinitely. One world after another forms, develops and returns what they receive. Each cycle of progress leads to a higher and higher level.

“The 91 world galaxies to which our earth and its small galaxies belong are just one galaxy in the wider world. There are also 91 galaxies in that world that revolve around a center, or sun. And the mass of that center or sun is 91000 times greater than that of the sun at the center of one of the galaxies. The program repeats almost infinitely, increasing to a multiple of 91 each time. This whole makes up an infinite universe, the galaxies that contain the Milky way. People often call this universe “atomic heat light” – the source of the sun’s heat. This is a nebula that originated from the sun in the center of the universe we just mentioned. It comes from its core.

“The sun that you see in this nebula sends you only part of the light from the central sun. When this light penetrates into the material, it bends at some angle and refracts. Finally, these curved, distorted rays present only one image of the sun and place it in a false position. Then the same light is reflected so clearly that when it comes to you, you really think you see the sun. The same phenomenon causes many other planets – or particles – to twist. Where the stars look like a lot, they don’t really have that many. But there are still millions of them.

“If you look closely at this image, you will see that these nebulae and their sun are not disks, but flat spheres with two poles like the earth. When we look at them, we can only see their vast flat polar regions.

“The unimaginable mass of the cosmic sun affects these rays so much that they completely refract around the universe. The contact of cosmic rays with these rays also precisely acts on them and causes their refraction. Light particles are thrown out of their original positions so that a single beam of light can reflect millions of images of planets or stars. So these stars appear in false positions, which reflects thousands of images. When we look through the universe, we see both sides of those images. The light on one side comes directly to us, while the light on the other side – from hundreds of millions of years ago – has made a complete revolution in the universe.

“So what we see is not one image, but two. The first image is what the star looked like hundreds of thousands of years ago, while the other image shows us what it looked like hundreds of millions of years ago. This is happening throughout the grand cosmic schedule. In many cases, we do see a very long past. By the same rule, we can see the future.

“In order to manage all these worlds, spiritual commands are issued. They are transmitted through invisible connections, similar to the movement of thought and the beating of the heart, but magnified by billions of times.

“These huge impulses, huge heartbeats, are transmitted by the intelligence that is saturated with the original essence of the sacred. This primordial essence surrounds that universe – its spiritual counterpart. These great heartbeats send the flow of life to all the particles of the universe, making them move in perfect order and harmony.

“In this vast universe, there can be no sick or disharmonious cell, because such a cell will break the harmony of the whole. This can lead to temporary chaos. The same is true of a human body disturbed by disharmonious thoughts.

“The word” spirit “was created to address the central command. The human heart beats like a giant pulse of the shrinking heart of the universe.

“Man comes from the intelligence that controls all the original essence. Man is the counterpart of this intelligence and coexists with this source. People directly draw their own essential materials from this huge original warehouse. The same is true of the central day, but at a higher level, because it is connected with the higher intelligence of managing the source.

“Human beings and human units are a well-organized holy world, although they are extremely small compared with the grand whole of the universe. But the human role is essential. Man must take on his sacred duty and do it, because man is part of that great intelligence. That great intelligence precedes all worlds and controls the whole divine plan for their evolution.

“The original intelligence penetrates into all the divergences of the original essence, and also penetrates into the most elementary material forms. Therefore, even if all the worlds are destroyed, humans cooperating with the original intelligence can start to rebuild them from the divergence of light. If such a disaster happens suddenly, human beings not only have power, but also will become the power that turns into the original intelligence, where there is no destruction.

“When humans return to this kingdom, it doesn’t matter to them how much time it takes to restore peace and harmony. It may take billions of centuries to restore primary perfection and restart the regular evolutionary process. Humans are connected with infinity in their divine realm, allowing themselves to wait until the time is right to manifest those worlds. Humans are better equipped to help manifest a more complete and lasting state of things because they retain the knowledge of those past experiences. In this respect, they will never neglect their duties, because their existence is more clearly defined than all other forms. The word “failure” is not written in their vision or in their consciousness.

“The infinitesimal becomes the infinity of all forms. This is what the thoughtful wise man realized. He said, “I am immortal, ageless and immortal. There is nothing in life or light that is not mine. ” When he does achieve his own ascension, this is his true divinity. “

From: russ999



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