Intuition is heard in silence^_^

Intuition is heard in silence^_^

The first step is to take responsibility for yourself

Step 2: while achieving your goals, focus on your inner God

Train your intuition with two things

1. Common sense

2. Meditate until your heart is open and you can clearly perceive the inner voice

The only solution

Original going home

Miracle, reality and illusion

Dear son of man

With all the difficulties, worries and processes that occupy you today and sometimes make you sleepless: believe in God! God is the solution! Because God is everything

We now want to deepen this awareness, we want to build intimacy with God

This is a time of great change! The time has come to announce it to you

Now you can show what you are and what the quality of your soul is. Now is the time for miracles to come. Miracles are waiting for you at every corner. Accepting them, or becoming more receptive, is the most important thing now

Because when gods and miracles seem absent, it’s usually your perception that creates the illusion

The new reality is also created by your perception, not the green cloth of this matrix

I’m Kumara

Theocracy, oneness with God, the creator of all life, the origin of all existence

The solution is God! The solution is God! But how do you feel God’s voice, and how do you know that it’s God’s voice speaking to you?

Is your intention right?

With all the questions that occupy you and make you think hard, first you need to know if what you want is right?

Explore this issue in depth. If you realize what you want is right, put in all your strength and willpower. The project can only be completed in this way, and fear can only be overcome in this way. In order to achieve your goals, it is necessary to direct all your willpower to specific goals. This is the first step, that is to make sure that you are responsible for yourself

Now comes the crucial second step: focus on your inner God while achieving your goals

If your mind is always focused on God in daily activities and projects, everything will come to you – your desires will be fulfilled, you will achieve your goals

It’s the secret of spiritual success. Once you build that foundation, secular success will be added to you

to make a long story short:

1. Make sure the goal is right for you. Meditating on it and examining it until you get clarity means stepping into personal responsibility

Give everything to God! Make your activity a prayer, you will achieve great success, always choose the right path

You can ask, “it’s easy, but what do I do when I’m faced with great hardship? For example, if my income and livelihood depend on my acceptance of the system. “

The development of the current situation urges you to make a choice, asking you to state a clear yes or no

You might ask, “what if my child and I are threatened for a second and we have no way out?”

Then this decision-making method is more important. God is the only solution

You are the center

The order is always: first decide what you want and where your journey should go

You are the center of your life. Life revolves around you – not you. It has nothing to do with the attitude of an ego. On the contrary, it is the attitude of a confident person who can realize that he is a sacred consciousness

In order to prevent harm from happening to you and your children and to the earth, it is necessary to be clear and assured at all levels

Ask yourself two questions: what do I want and how do I achieve it? When it seems hopeless, God is in front of us, God is the solution

The real reason why many people feel helpless today is that many people have lost or never referred to God. God no longer exists in most people’s hearts. Many people forget God even in the greatest crisis

Into oneness with God

So enter into a close union with God! Entering into alliance with God will prove itself and be tested, especially in crisis situations

Testing God is not a sin! Don’t let anyone persuade you. God likes to surprise you and serve you. God likes to satisfy the desires and important needs of your soul, to give you help and inspiration in every imaginable situation. Once you empower God, God will directly intervene in your life

Don’t think of it as weakness, on the contrary, because everyone will reach the point where they are trapped or unable to move forward. Everyone, in his journey, will arrive at the situation where God’s intervention is necessary. Because as long as you live in your body, you are vulnerable and vulnerable

What is not a problem for your sacred spirit is usually the greatest challenge to your human existence. Think of your body – the sacred instrument of the soul, exposed to the great and often negative effects of the earth – only with your wisdom and divine help to protect it

Dear human beings, realize that it is your natural right to receive God’s help

Confidence grows with trust in God, and trust in God grows with confidence. God and you are inseparable from each other

In this union you can deal with the situations and challenges of these days. God is always the solution, God always has a solution. The distance between you and God determines how powerful or small God is in your life

Make sure what you want is right, and then – let yourself fall into – God


I (state your name)

Ready for God to direct my life

I confirm that this is my goal (state your goal) and I will achieve it with all my strength

My will and God’s will are one

I am the way, the truth and the life


Thus, you give everything to God, and you are still an actor in the whole process

This cooperation with God is strange to many people. They go forward bravely, as if pushed by the wind of the times, the question of the meaning of life rises

In the union with God, everything is possible! So do something you’ve never done before

Take a brave step on a new path and pursue them with all your willpower

After you have checked whether a goal is good for you, it is accompanied by complete dedication and God’s pursuit of it

This collaboration with God is the key to a successful life. Without God, you are a fish without water or a bird without wings. Without God, you are caught in the whirlpool of events (plural), engulfed by time

God is the solution, just because most people can’t see God, they deny his existence. But, honey, what can you feel with your eyes? When you close your eyes forever, what can you feel?

Essence exists outside the visible, and what your eyes show you is only a part of reality

So open your inner access, inner vision and intuition! Trust more in your inner drive. Practice it! Because as you practice believing in your five senses, you need to practice believing in your inner senses

Intuition through meditation

To do this, take the most reliable tool: meditation. The peace you feel in meditation will be felt in your daily life through intuition. That is to say, make sure that you integrate the peace you have learned in meditation into your daily life. In this way, you can feel God’s voice in the biggest tone and experience God’s intimacy in your daily life

Train your intuition and trust your inner voice more and more. Train your intuition with two things

1. Common sense

2. Meditate until your heart is open and you can clearly perceive the inner voice

Strengthen and improve your intuition, and you will make the right decisions with a clear mind

The lack of God in people’s hearts leads to all the pain

Ending this lack is the most important step one needs to take before returning to oneness. At the same time, it ensures a happy life

Many worries and anxieties have become so popular just because people drive God out of their lives. There is no space left in the heart for God, and the soul is covered with strange ideas, wrong perspectives, and inappropriate beliefs

As long as there is no space left for God, as long as the heart cannot be touched by the Holy Spirit, people will be in darkness, fear and worry

The only cause of your distress is the distance from God. The only reason you are happy is because you are close to God. Happiness can only be defined in connection with God. All other states of happiness are imperfect and will not last

Everything is perfect


God is neither far away nor unreachable. God is waiting for you, watching you everywhere, and carrying you when you can’t go any further. God builds bridges for you across the abyss and gives you the strength to walk your own way

Life after life, you get more familiar with yourself, you get closer to God – at some point, your desire wakes up, your life changes

Now, you drop the cup of sorrow, you draw from the source of life

Now, your heart is filled with longing for God

Now, you arrive, you are no longer afraid

You never belong to this world, but the illusion captures you. Now your heart is open and you pour your life into God. Everything is perfect

In infinite love, I am with you


Issue date: July 18, 2021

Transmitter: Jahn kassl

Translator: Nick Chen


Intuition is heard in silence

Pay attention to and trust your intuition that the silent inner “know” comes from the inner flow, which, if allowed, will guide all aspects of your life. Are you willing to stay away from distractions that you can’t hear? Those who stare at their cell phones while awake, plug them in most of the time, don’t hear their guidance or intuition, and then want to know why.

Intuition is silent. A kind of silence may be the rustle of the wind through the woods, the song of birds, the gurgling stream on the rocks, the smile or giggle of a baby, in the quiet acceptance, or in the silence of meditation. Take a look at your current lifestyle, see if you’re rejecting the guidance you’re asking for, and believe you’ll never get it.

Guidance occasionally, but rarely loud voice, but a gentle and quiet “know”, feel right, and often very practical. When you search the Internet or yellow pages, it may light up the right person or company. When you start walking out in front of oncoming cars or on unsafe streets, I may stop you. Living in alignment with your true self is not a “pie in the sky” image of a boring Santa card. Many people think it is. The energy of Oneness Consciousness is the energy of peace, harmony, joy, love and friendship.

The third dimensional world as you know it is changing and will never go back to what it used to be. We can’t say exactly what’s going to happen to you to decide that, but know that if you’re still locked in the past, positive change will take longer.

Live, act, have your truth. You’re ready.

We are the Arcturus group

28 June 20

Full text: Sananda 2020-07-01


Intuition is heard in silence

🎉 To stand loneliness and loneliness is to let us see the beauty around us and the beauty of the world^_^

Silent kungfu, no matter whether you can persist or not, is already a gift from God. It’s amazing, you guys 💪^_^, It has surpassed all human beings, not to mention all human beings. What you are doing now is that even many aliens in the spaceship that will appear at the end of the year can’t do it. Awesome, you, heaven, earth and earth will bless and cheer for you 🎉

Only after experience can we know that few human beings can enter the five dimensions in the future, and it will be even rarer to be stable in the five dimensions, focusing and joy^_^

Not only to enter, but also to be stable in five dimensions. The premise is to have more than six dimensions of consciousness. We should know that five dimensional human beings who can’t have six dimensional unified consciousness are continuously reducing dimensions, no matter how much they want to maintain them through science and technology.

If you can’t get into silence and no time, the six dimensional human beings who are free from no time will decline even more. Now you know what the silent kungfu, no time kungfu, non-stop Kungfu and unprotected Kungfu are. For the through train above six dimensions, only when you have consciousness can you have one step and one step of ascension

Don’t stop


Many of you are reluctant to delve into your shadow aspect because you are afraid of what you will find. Let’s appease you. All aspects of you are loved and sacred, and they are just at different stages of knowing your truth. They are lost, confused, sad, hurt or ashamed. They may even be trying to protect you from the bad things they perceive

Dear ones, any aspect of self that is separated from the whole is not evil, it just forgets the light that it really is and doubts whether it is good enough to be accepted back to the greater divine light that you represent.

The beauty of all this is that your knowledge, love, compassion, acceptance is all it needs to put down all the old stories and regroup. This is the joy of returning to yourself~ Archangel Gabriel


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