Dear ones, God doesn’t control your world. It’s you. The sooner you realize that, the better. Therefore, there is no “permission” for anything. The energy on earth is created by your free choice.

Dear ones, God doesn’t control your world. It’s you. The sooner you realize that, the better. Therefore, there is no “permission” for anything. The energy on earth is created by your free choice.

Kyron’s Q & A – what is karma?

Original becomequantum

Question: Dear Kyron, there is extreme pain and suffering in our world. Even in the “course” we choose, we hurt each other. How does this make sense? How does God or source feel about this? Why is this allowed?

A: first of all, dear ones, God doesn’t control your world. It’s you. The sooner you realize that, the better. Therefore, there is no “permission” for anything. The energy on earth is created by your free choice.

So far all my work has been explaining this. You live in duality and are free to take whatever energy you want, without outside interference. That’s why it’s called a test. The following has been given to you many times:

The reason for the painful and hurtful behavior is that until now, you have chosen to live in a low energy. And that’s what’s changing in this great transformation. Your doomsday prophecy didn’t happen, and your prophecy for the future didn’t happen! You have changed the future and are moving towards a higher energy and a noble goal of achieving peace on earth.

We said the weather would change, and it changed. We warn of big storms, magnetic anomalies, and earthquakes. All this is happening now. They are not God’s punishment, but Gaia’s change due to your own vibration change.

So again, we tell you to take responsibility for what you’ve created and take action now to balance it, eliminate what’s obviously inappropriate and roll up your sleeves! From our point of view, your recent history is showing that this is going well. There’s a lot of good news, but you don’t see it in your media.

Don’t despair. You’re changing things a lot. You know it’s going to take generations, but you’re pioneers and you’ve made changes.

Dear Kryon, I have read your book and participated in your live channeling several times. A few years ago, I asked Zhonghe embedment. I’ve been trying to live in the present, liberate myself from the past contract, and make the best use of this opportunity to help the world reach its maximum potential. What puzzles me is that I had a car accident on April 19 this year, which led me to struggle to recover my walking ability, my right arm movement ability, and my life before the accident. If I neutralize all previous contracts and my karma, why does the accident happen?

A: honey, we respect your life and the timing of everything around you. At this moment, you should do the same. Because over time you will get back what you are working for. At the same time, think about this: embeddedness is defined as “you embed the permission of change.”. You did. This “accident” is the whole of an important life change and happens on time. Your implanting request has changed your future… And you are here and alive! I don’t want to be too dramatic, but you changed everything just before the accident, including your life trajectory, your contract, and your purpose on earth. The accident has nothing to do with your karma. You survived.

Many of you don’t understand the power you have to change what is given to you. A lot of people are looking at things in such a superficial way. Getting embedded doesn’t mean traffic accidents won’t happen to you; It gives you permission to change the old reality associated with this event.

In the above example, this dear friend still does not understand that the same accident that may take her life in another reality has been set to allow her to have a completely different reality. Her healing will happen, and she will be a different person on this planet, ready to continue to experience things that will change her and those around her in the future. She may even reach a point where she can celebrate the accident. And this is the wisdom of the master hood.

Q: Dear Kryon, I’m from Brazil. I’ve read some of your books. I have a question about neutralization and embedding. If the karma that comes with us that must be experienced is to be eliminated, what happens when we neutralize it (it is not changed, but neutralized, as I understand it), when we leave? Are we still going to clear this karma?

Another question is if we neutralize karma, what about those with karma to clear up with us? For example, I have a son and a daughter, and there is absolutely karma between them and me that needs to be experienced and cleared. We must have reached an agreement or a contract before they experience karma here. If I neutralize my karma, what will happen to them?

A: honey, you have chosen to complicate some simple and basic things. When someone says “I love you”, do you start to investigate and question?

Listen: neutralization embedding is “the permission to neutralize the past.”. It’s a spiritual tool for you to use if you want. It completely changes some parts and fragments of one’s interconnected dimensional DNA that were originally planned to perform the old energy task of solving karmic problems. When it is requested, a profound and different process begins. Some people feel it, others don’t. The karma is cleared as you ask for personal change. Those who have karma with you have also changed. It doesn’t seem “appropriate” to you, but we have been teaching you for more than a decade that you are a “collective”. Nothing you do to yourself is alone. It changes the energy around you. We said that if you play tennis with a partner on a regular basis, and one day the partner doesn’t show up again, you will stop showing up on the tennis court after several broken appointments!

Karma is complex, but it does work the way we call it. If you clear your karma, those with karma between you will also be affected. It’s all part of a grand system in which if you help yourself, you help the planet as well. When you leave and come back, it’s still not there. There is no “rule” that you have to go through anything again. Once you change your spiritual DNA, these attributes belong to your soul and are part of Akash’s record.

Remember this: there is no predestination, only predestination. When you enter this earth experience, all you have is possibilities. These preconceptions are generated by what you have done and learned. They stand there and ask to be changed! Get used to the idea that you are an angel of dynamic programming and live in a proper but wrong belief that you can’t be the master. Your test is to learn that whenever you want to, you can change your life. Neutralization embedding is one of the first tools we’ve talked about (many of them) that will directly affect the spiritual part of your DNA.

When this was first presented, many of your spiritual leaders rejected it and even called it evil. Their prejudice is that you are all destined to “pay your debts.”. But you are not. Karma is just an initial energy, and then nothing else. Do you think it makes sense that God sent you to earth to live a life without choice? If so, you are slaves of the past. Think about this.

You are in charge of everything – your health, your love relationship, your peace, your life span, yes… And even your own past energy. If you want to believe anything else, you will never be able to cross the distance between your present 4-dimensional position and the interconnected dimensional energy that is being given to you at present.

You’re a powerful human being empowered, part of God, part of the big universe plan.

Q: Dear Kyron, I asked Zhonghe embeddedness in 2001, and since then, my life has always been like hell on earth. Tell me, have I changed? Will my life become more peaceful and prosperous? Or will it always be in despair and pain? Thank you for all your teachings – they let me know my guides and how to ask them for help, even to hold their “hands.”. I just want to have more happiness and less pain in my life.

A: “embedding” is the permission of embedding palm grip strength. It is a bridge that allows, allows to receive, across the gap between your ignorance of God and your awareness of everything, and then begins the process of awakening. It’s not a Cleon attribute, it’s a new gift you’ve created on this planet.

If you feel that everything changes immediately after you give the intention of the request, it works. However, no one will declare their divinity and let it punish themselves. It’s not designed to create a “hell on earth.”. So you have to ask yourself: when you ask for it, do you want it to solve the problem by itself somehow? Or do you give what we call the intention that you “listen” to spirituality and all the awareness that you have? Maybe you’re fighting the attributes you’re asking for?

Embedment is a gift——   It’s a tool. If you open a box and come up with some unexpected challenges, will you sit in the box and report with the best hope, or will you pick up the new tools to complete the task of turning difficulties into solutions for your life? Do you understand that embedment may well open a box and be there all the time, but you used to sit on it all the time. Now the challenges that have always been there come out, but there are also new tools. It’s time to use them.

Q: Dear Kryon, I guess you’re tired of the question of neutralization embedment, but I find that I’m still confused about it. If you ask for neutralization embeddedness, what happens to those karma that must be resolved? A lesson has to be learned, and in a way it’s just skipping the karma and moving on, which seems like an “unfair game.”.

It may sound silly, but somehow I’m afraid that if I lay down my karma and ask for neutralization embeddedness, my karma will be worse than it is now. One of my feelings is that my karma is the single most important force that keeps my life interesting. On the one hand I just want to solve my karma and ask for neutralization and embedment, on the other hand I feel I have to solve it on my own.

A: what you don’t understand is: how much do you miss toys, enlightenment books, lunch breaks, milk and biscuits, protection from liability when you graduate from school as a human? If you could choose to grow up, would you miss that?

You see, you didn’t skip anything. Now you’re just spinning around in the same old system that you’ve always had every time you go to earth. It feels like there’s a system that has to be solved, but that’s all you have in that old system – one that makes you feel that’s all the duality. The masters on this planet have nothing to solve! They came in without the old system. It’s part of activating and mastering the scene. But you are still stuck in the intellectual problems of kindergarten, and use the rules and feelings of kindergarten to ask how to keep you there – lack of awareness, your most precious gift.

Q: Hi, chrion: I have a question about Exempting karma. As you said, in this new century, the release of karmic attributes is possible only through our pure will. However, another website in the name of the Lord Messiah gives a different view. To quote a message from the master, he said, “there is no easy way to free yourself from the wheel of power. It takes hard work, discipline, determination, and a struggle between self and higher self. However, for those of you who are able to achieve the final result, that is, not to return to earth, the struggle is definitely worth it. ” Please tell me what I should believe now? I was already very calm, but after reading this, I began to be confused again!

A: the Messiah information you quoted is accurate, but the Messiah does not say that you have to suffer all your life or have to be whipped by your past karma to get rid of it. Hard work was mentioned and we agreed. There is no conflict here. Kryon’s message never says that you can release your karma by saying some magical words. But now that you have a gift, you can avoid it without actually experiencing it, just like the masters did. And in the old energy, the only way to get rid of it is to experience it. Now you can dispense with it through pure will, and this will begin a process. Then it will take learning and patience. Eventually you will be free, yes… It’s definitely worth it.

Our message is about a new personal process for humans. One can begin the process of self-assessment and use pure intention to release the karma and achieve it. We’ve been telling you about the struggle between the ego and the higher self. If you really want to review our information about Exempting karma and ascension, look for and read a fabulous book called journey home, in which we describe the story and experience of a person who did it. Hard work, a struggle between the ego and the higher ego, and a loving result worth paying.

Q: please explain the accumulation of negative karma. Is it considered by society that the negative behavior itself creates the dark karma, or is it determined by our attitude? If I cheat, lie, or even commit a crime in a detached state of mind (that is, in perfect peace), or have some noble thoughts in my mind, will I still create negative karma?

A: there is no such thing as negative karma. Again, humans always like to polarize everything and put it in a box. Then the box is taken from here to there by a single linear process. It’s not like this.

Karma is defined as unfinished energy. It prays to be solved, and drives human beings to act in a certain way, live in a certain place, and meet other specific people to seek solutions. It is created and operated in an ancient earth energy as a way to move the earth’s vibrational energy in a certain direction according to the operation of human karma in complete freedom of choice.

If you clear your karma, you release an old energy into a new one in which you are free to help the planet with your light. It’s your free choice and driven by your will. Those who have a pure spiritual will “attitude” will indeed enter into a new attribute that humans have no past karma. Part of the process is to understand that becoming connected means integrating the past, the present and the future into a reality called the present. There is no space left for the “instruction set of past karma” in this “present” DNA.

If you are clearing your karma and continuing to do what you think is inappropriate, then you are placing some attributes on yourself, and you will be forced to resolve them immediately in this lifetime. The creation of new karma that passes from one generation to the next will not happen again. Again, such problems arise from those who want to analyze God. It’s stupid to try to analyze God in the reality of numbers. Can you analyze love? Can you set rules for angel thinking?

It’s time to master all this as “how things work.”. Many people use machines on earth to go from here to there, but they don’t have a complete understanding of every part of the machine. If they have to do that, no one can go anywhere! They will always be trapped in learning and many people will never understand. However, there are always people who feel that everything must be reasonable in four dimensions to move on. If they don’t understand, they’re afraid. And that fear will keep them in one place all their lives.

It’s time for you to fully grasp the principle that God’s working mechanism is beautiful, mysterious and always with you. You are never alone, and you never need to think about whether this or that is “known” by God. Everything is known, and the system is benevolent and wise. Now… Use this system to move on to another place.

Our four-dimensional thinking ability is very limited, so don’t try to use this very limited thinking to analyze all spiritual problems clearly. Some things that can’t be understood will be shelved there. Don’t try to find a reasonable explanation in our limited thinking. In the past, your understanding will be wrong, and it’s meaningless to struggle on.

After applying for and embedding in the consumer industry, not everything will be gone immediately, but new challenges will come. The key to the challenge is to understand the significance of various karmic experiences. Cleon’s metaphor of kindergarten graduation is very good. You should understand that the karmic experience in duality is like learning in kindergarten. After learning all kinds of experiences, you can grow up and graduate. The Games in kindergarten may be unlimited, but there are only those kinds of games in general. You can only play them once. What’s the meaning of playing them again?)


Children, each of you, no matter how long you run away from it, should be honest with yourself in the end.


You’ll be at the end of the tunnel

2 days ago

Source: brothers of light

Transmission: Monique Mathew

Conduction time: July 2021

Lu Ying

You may be at the end of this tunnel in a few months, perhaps at the end of this year. It depends on how well you do your homework, whether you can expand your field of awareness, open your heart to holy love and liberate yourself, no longer yearn for the past, and devote yourself wholeheartedly and firmly to the embrace of the new world.

It will no longer be difficult for Lightworkers to make the right choice.

Even if you haven’t seen the light on this spiritual road yet, one day you will see the door of the light and run to it. You will speed up your evolution, your transformation, and you will know everything in your heart. We won’t have to tell you what to do, you will know!

Each of you will develop various kinds of awareness. This is not to say that you will all become channels, but that everyone will perceive and receive what they should perceive and receive according to their own state of existence and degree of transformation.

Preparing for a new life is sometimes painful, especially when you are about to be reborn completely. You should be ready to build a new society, and be ready to have a new personality and a new state of being.

You will have more sympathy for all living beings and those around you. It’s easy for you to do that, and it’s much less judgmental, hesitant, secretive, and withdrawn. Everything will be much easier for you.

Although your vision is not very clear at present, your consciousness will be increasingly open and your eyes will be increasingly wide as you move forward along this path of light. It’s not the eye of the body, it’s the eye of the soul – the real vision that won’t deceive you.

In a word, you should be more brave. Please don’t retreat, don’t give in to all kinds of pressure. There is not much time left, and there will be more and more pressure to force you to become non-human (or walking dead).

Hold on! You know, we’re holding your hand here, and you’re not alone. Know that people who are aware of their own truth have great power!

As long as you are centered within, always in faith, fully committed to the new world and open up to holy love (first through self love), then you don’t have to be afraid of anything!

What you should pay attention to is – don’t open the door to low-level and negative forces, don’t open the door to things that should no longer exist, even if it’s just a crack in the door, so as not to let them slip in and disturb you.

You should keep unity with each other and communicate in joy. For those unpleasant past, don’t always remember, to make yourself happy, happy! This will speed up your transformation process to a certain extent, and make you leave the old world earlier.

Even in this still dark world, you can feel very happy and joyful, because you have a very open mind (which many other people don’t have). This awareness enables you to look at life in a different way, to be ready to enter a new world, and therefore feel infinitely happy.

We believe that you will successfully complete your transformation and walk out of this narrow channel! Bless you!


The first contact is imminent

Primary energy mass source


The Galactic Federation of light is the biggest cover up in human history.

Our vast Galactic Federation fleet holds billions of humans & hundreds of extraterrestrial humanoids such as the Pleiadians, arcturans, Andromeda, Lyra, dragon, and more.

The Galactic Federation of light was founded 4.5 million years ago to prevent dimensional dark forces from dominating and exploiting the galaxy. At present, there are only 200000 members of interstellar States, alliances, or trade unions. About 40% are humanoids, and the rest are all forms of sentient beings. Most members of the Galactic Federation are fully conscious creatures.

Long ago, the sacred emerald order of the galaxy formed a great spirit conference of light. This sacred entity came the great beings of light who created the sacred colonies in the star clusters of Lyra, cancer and Gemini as you know them. These great beings eventually formed a union of light whose present descendants are the Galactic Federation of light. The Galactic Federation is also overseen by the Great Blue House of creation, whose fantastic light radiates across the galaxy from a major portal in the Sirius Star system. Sirius is a proud member of the Galactic Federation.

The Galactic Federation of light is composed of many humanities from many worlds dedicated to helping earth ascend. Within the Federation is the ASTA command, a division whose members have the only mission to help the ascension process. They send spiritual guides, they speak through a few people in the world, and they have a special mission on earth. These people with a sense of mission, like others, are born ordinary people. However, their spiritual lineage is not the origin of the world.

These are Lightworkers and interstellar seeds whose souls come from all kinds of worlds within the Federation, such as Lyra, Sirius, the Pleiades, Andromeda and countless others.

There are also children born today whose bodies have evolved higher than most older humans. They are called “Indigo” and “crystal” children. Finally, some souls are “coming in”, where they are born into a body, and the original soul goes on, while a light being enters the body.

We humans are always observed and protected by the Earth Alliance and our non earth counterparts. Earth is one of the most sacred and popular planets in our universe and on other planets. Don’t think anything bad will happen to us. The Galactic Federation of light has always been with us and never left. From now on, there are only positive possibilities.

The light drove the darkness away. At present, the earth is in the process of complete liberation. Every man, woman and child will live freely according to the Galactic code and live a positive and unlimited life. Unity consciousness is coming.

Peace on earth is coming.

A global reset is imminent.

The first contact is imminent.

It’s happening, it’s going as planned. Believe in this process and know that you are all divine beings of light.

Source sharing * * Sean Christopher, Captain


Sirius and the Galactic Federation: first contact mission

The rise of mind and consciousness

By: Sheldon NED

We’ll come back with more information to discuss with you. At present, Earth allies are taking necessary security measures to look forward to the first domino change“ “Roadblocks” are now self imposed, as our Earth allies slow down their actions to ensure that all potential adversaries are removed from any position that could cause significant delays in global change. So far, the remnants of the dark have shown no tendency to further impede the good work of our Earth allies. A final agreement has been reached, along with the funding needed to implement many government and fiscal reforms. Everyone is ready to carry out this grand plan. At the same time, we are preparing to perform many of its pre landing missions around Mother Earth’s inner ring. Our Earth allies are fully aware that heaven has given us all the “green lights” to act when the time is right. Therefore, we have recalled our various planetary patrols and are ready to take action!

For her part, mother earth is accelerating the preparation for a series of large-scale global changes. Your planet and her spiritual level tell us that time is running out, so some kind of pre evacuation warning must be issued. Based on this, the waiting interim government understands the need to reschedule their changes, and we are working with them to develop plans that meet the earth class standards. The most urgent issue is to determine how best to prepare each of you to shorten the time span before leaving the planet’s surface becomes necessary. The general intensification of planetary activity has also been noticed by your astronomers, who have seen the climax of irresponsible activity in your solar system.

The dark attempt to challenge the earth’s spiritual hierarchy is typical, but fear is now forcing them to challenge our clear ban: we tell them unequivocally that their actions are limited to the earth and the atmosphere; In the same way, the agassians banned the negative group’s spacecraft from entering the earth’s interior. This puts the negative group in a dilemma with only one solution: surrender and do so as soon as possible! Your lovely planet is turning to light, and it’s time for you to be told what’s ahead. Your dark elite’s sources of information make them clearly aware that their physical survival is now in danger. It is crucial that they surrender and allow our Earth allies to continue to make announcements detailing what will happen and why.

Mother earth is in the final stage before serious earth changes begin. Moreover, heaven requires that you be told that you are not the only person in the galaxy, that your space and spiritual family are here, with love and grace, to bring you back to full consciousness.

This process of divine change has been tampered with by the darkness and its endless hellish plans. Our task has been to deal with these activities and keep your schedule of changes to heaven. Our multi star national command Committee meets every day to work out a plan to ensure that the laws of heaven are implemented. No planet state has the power to stop these sacred actions. We, as human beings, guarantee that heaven’s orders are fulfilled through this first contact mission.

To this end, we have developed a series of guidelines that our diplomatic missions are providing to our Earth allies and your governments around the world. We have made it very clear that now is the time to act. Your long suffering planet also makes it clear that a series of delays have appeared intermittently in the recent past.

We are advised to plan for all possible emergencies and be ready to implement them immediately upon notification.

Our fleet is ready and we have prepared a series of back-up announcements to cover any contingencies we may face. From simply and directly informing you of our existence and the need to start a large-scale landing, to the earth change you are about to see. In the former case, we can also deal with secret technology and determine when we arrive in your country.

Most importantly, mother earth is eager to see more progress than is currently happening.

Our purpose here is to guide the ongoing work to a smooth and rapid success.

Our deep involvement in your affairs has provided us with many new and interesting insights into the operation of darkness in your world. We’ve been told a long time ago how it works, and we’ve witnessed all this over the past two decades.

The extent to which darkness can transform you from a strong and complete being into a fragile and submissive being, and the division is so antithetical that you actually “die” decades later, is quite surprising.

Happily, heaven is re integrating and restoring your former strengths and abilities so that you can make a significant contribution to the unfolding of the divine plan on a material level.

We are looking forward to this wonderful transformation with great joy and intend to welcome you back in a big way. Your hard won wisdom has the ability to accelerate the development of certain consciousness orientations that are now brewing throughout the galaxy.

This galaxy is undergoing a huge transition to light. Everywhere, the former dark planet States and vast empires are becoming less authoritarian and more inclined to individual sovereignty and individual rights. There, everyone has a high motivation to develop a light body and transcend the limitations of three-dimensional physics. This desire attracts many people to focus on what you are going through, so it is in everyone’s best interest to suggest and guide you back to full consciousness. Besides, you are also a member of our space family. Man is endowed with the gift of light body, and heaven protects it from destruction. The next chapter of our common history is based on your return to the light, so you can see that your sacred transformation is most important to us.

First contact with the pressure cooker boiling! The agenda set between our Earth allies and us must now be completed. First, we need to put the waiting caretaker government in power and provide prosperity funds to start a financial system supported by gold. Then, we will co sponsor the unveiling of a series of extraordinary new technologies and add our new technologies to our ranks. Third, we need to work together to solve the problem of mother earth and quickly correct her current situation. You need to adopt a whole new set of ideas to respect her role in your evolution. She’s alive. You’re her guest. You need to be an independent and fully responsible guardian of her diverse ecosystem.

Today, we discuss the various developments that have taken place in your world and explain how these relate to the first contact mission. Mother earth is subtly pursuing a path designed to force the hand of darkness and to demonstrate how important it is for our Earth allies to quickly complete their complex agenda. Dear friends, know that in your heart, countless supplies and endless prosperity of heaven are indeed yours! be it so!

Sirius and the Galactic Federation! In joy!


Don’t give up on yourself or your fellow human beings, and don’t seek to be better than others.

You are all in the same boat and we will spend a long time with you. The future we are waiting for you is uncertain because you are creating it now. It’s exciting and that’s why we’re interested in your journey. It’s a journey through the unknown, into the unknown, but the result is guaranteed. Your transformation, evolution and ascension will always be helped by us.

We want you to forgive yourself just as we want you to forgive others. You are not there to be perfect, or to show the value of your perfect life in the fifth dimension. You always have a job going on there. You are a person who is more capable of helping others through difficulties because you have experienced this process. So when you want to know, “why is there such a challenge? Why are you here again? Why now? ” Remember that you are not just there to ascend to a perfect state.

You are there to help others love themselves, even though they are not perfect. You are there teachers and guides on the physical level, just as we help, teach and guide on the nonphysical level. To contribute more, you must first be willing to experience everything. You have to go through everything for yourself and others, and it’s a tough task. But you just need to remember what we said when you doubt it, when you feel powerless.

We are always here to offer our help. We will never give up on you, nor will your guides, nor will your higher self, your oversoul or source.

hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you. -9d-arcturian-council

We will never fail to deal with human beings. Not only will we never give up on you, but even if your consciousness has changed, we will stay with you, because even if you are in the high dimensions, we will still bring you something. We will also find more about our true identity on a higher dimension, and we will become better teachers and guides than we are now.

We hope you don’t give up on yourself, especially when you feel that you are going backwards, when you feel that you have said or done something out of date. Don’t be disappointed in yourself, don’t give up on yourself,

because Keeping a high frequency vibration is your important mission.

It’s important to get love and help from the higher realms, whether they are material or immaterial. When you love yourself unconditionally, you are more likely to get such help.

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today


Floods in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands

Flood in Henan Province in China

New York floods

Arctic ice melting


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