The first contact is imminent, what does it mean^_^

The first contact is imminent, what does it mean^_^

Enough interplanetary seeds for personal karmic awakening process

Enough interstellar seeds begin to stabilize in the fifth dimension consciousness, serving themselves and others, and a large number of interstellar seeds stabilize in the sixth dimension consciousness, serving the unity of themselves and others

More importantly, a large number of interstellar families can no longer be hidden. When the interstellar seeds come to the stage from the curtain side, this is why the spaceships in the sky are frequently seen by many people. Instead of seeing them, they have entered your fourth and fifth dimensional world

Mother earth is about to leap, and the interstellar seed of awakening to see her family has been unable to control the leap and dimension crossing

It is only when more people are still around and on earth, and the steady glowing starseeds remain in the crowd, that there will be more large-scale opportunities. It is also the karmic agreement of starseeds, which will help more people to be responsible for themselves and regain the light of self nature, spiritual life and source incarnation when they need help

That’s what’s happening right now. A lightbody spaceship has been docked in the crowd all over the world, which is the five thousandth of the interplanetary seeds that are still growing in scale

Dear ones, when you are stably connected with the higher self in your life and body, and continue to be stable in the unified consciousness of serving yourself and others, you already have the ability to fly. You only need to ignite and release the seal. This is also the spaceship you see. Your flying family, the interstellar lightbody spaceship, is supplied by higher dimensional energy

Solar flares first occur within, where the higher dimensions and timeless, lightless, and silent fields lie

So, interstellar seeds, live the life they want to live, and unify the incompatible. This is your previous interstellar life, which will be brought out and manifested again in the crowd

Like the interstellar seeds, they live unconditionally in their own inner Kingdom, the kingdom of balance, the kingdom of constant connection with the higher self, the kingdom of peace and restoration, the kingdom of power in softness and softness, and the kingdom of endless release and healing

The first contact is imminent. First of all, the contact with geocentric people is imminent. For what purpose can we better serve the awakening and service agenda of the people, as well as the blueprint of future social structure and shape

Naturally, those who have downloaded and held blueprints will expand even further, bringing out the window of opportunity at the end of this year: the first contact of accidental or unexpected events, or even the birth of the first ascender, will pave the way for the emergence of the next one after another. The purpose of these ascenders’ reincarnation is very simple, to ensure that the first group of ascenders and the first group of Jesus and Buddha will appear on time, Even if it’s not an old soul

The old soul holds the blueprint, and the ascending one will stay on earth for a longer time, so it will also ascend later, one by one in five years of social unrest and earth turbulence

I’m looking forward to it, but do you understand that in no time, the future and the present are one, so it doesn’t come from the ascender and the first contact, but from the wall, Jesus and Buddha’s forced program insertion is extremely rare. In order to open more channels of ascension and plant more seeds, we need more walls and emergencies, It’s the awakening walls of enough interstellar seeds and the awakening emergencies of more Lightworkers

It’s a hoax. It’s up to you in the future to manifest your life now, and learn from your collective earth experience and interstellar experience in the past

The same is true of the first contact and ascension. What has happened now is a special task, which belongs to the category of Jesus and Buddha. The chain reaction and exponential growth of the larger scale human awakening are more from the experience of the first contact and ascension, For example, the scale effect of 7.5 billion people and more galactic and cosmic humans

So, get excited, starseeds, old souls, indigo children and adults, be sure to be present and present in earth life and starlife manifestation, and maintain a higher self-confidence, patience and joy

The reason why the sky’s announcement has been repeated is the internal variable. The unpredictability is not humility, but fact. In particular, the interplanetary seeds, lightfighters, lightworkers and awakened human beings on such a scale have never happened and have little experience. Therefore, they either quarrel about what human beings need most or just hold your higher vibration, Let human beings collectively choose to be responsible for their own affairs, and prepare for support, care and care in the sky, on the earth and underground

When the earth is in the most difficult time, it is also the time when the small-scale first ascending individual and the large-scale first contact appear. When the earth is in the most comfortable time, it is also the time when the small-scale ascension and large-scale contact begin

Remember, it’s all brought out by you in the future living in the present

This is the current task of the higher self

First contact your higher self


Stankov’s law of the universe


Unify the incompatible

How is peace compatible with war? Is there only one or another

Do you like to stay with one person and conflict with separation

Of course, there is no conflict

What, to connect things that don’t need to be connected

Do you have to get married to stay together? Do you have to live in the same room

Think about it. You could have dealt with incompatible situations in a more compatible, unified, and larger perspective

When conflicts arise, must they be resolved separately

When there are conflicts, quarrels and fights, do we have to separate, leave, never meet and hate each other to end


Incompatible can also stay together, quarrel with each other, fight can also stay, no matter in the same room or separate

What, no judgment

Separate can also not hate, stay together can also not judge

Open and flow

It will let you see more

Experience more

Is it incompatible

Be quiet and think

Accept, accept

Then, a higher mind will support you

Incompatibility is because there is no greater unity

There will be unity between acceptance and acceptance. No matter what is done or said, there will be no judgment

Even separation and departure are accepted, accepted and not judged

Know where the incompatibility comes from judge

I didn’t give myself more time to get along with and endure

There is no forgiveness and forgiveness in separation and departure, and it has been in the process of judgment

This is also the reason that there is no solution in the dimension

Conflict can not be resolved, only in a higher mind to get along, patience, understanding, acceptance

Until unity, whether you are together or not

No judgment

This is why one’s growth does not come from education, but from purification. First of all, one’s own acceptance and purification

No matter how hard, scared and unbearable it is

Illness and injury cannot be covered up and removed

Only acceptance and acceptance can initiate healing

From being responsible for yourself

Incompatible unity comes from the deeper, larger picture

What happened to that person? Now, in the past, in this life, in previous lives, what you saw, and more you didn’t see

So, you can’t judge, because what you see is incomplete, and incomplete

How to be complete and complete

No judgment

Focus on joy and motivation

Conflict and incompatibility come from your resistance, defense and fear

It doesn’t matter who you stay with, who you separate from and who you leave

It’s just that you don’t have patience to be apart or together because you don’t accept incompatibility

It’s also acceptable, not judgmental

Reexamine your fears and incompatibilities

Understanding and empathy with a higher mind

Let go and focus on your joy

Let go, let others have the opportunity to walk in their own way, no matter how incompatible with you

Focus on yourself, your emotions and your body

Focus on relaxation, rest and healing

Expand your consciousness with a bigger picture and purify it constantly, even if you only understand and feel it, and don’t know what a bigger picture is

This is the vibration and energy of intuition

It will lead you to a larger picture, a higher mental interpretation

No judgment

admit of only interpretation


Catastrophic extreme weather broke out in one day on four continents!

Zhengzhou suffered a heavy rain once in a thousand years

In addition to Zhengzhou, extreme weather has hit many parts of the world in the past 24 hours.

At least 40 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania have been hit by devastating extreme natural disasters such as floods, storms, heat waves and wildfires.

Rainstorms and floods also broke out in many countries in Europe. Floods poured into small towns and urban areas in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries, and terrible mudslides occurred in some areas.

Rainstorms not only ravaged Asia and Europe, but also Oceania.

A state of emergency has been declared in Buller district on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island after severe flooding. Thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes.

At present, more than 80 wildfires have broken out in 13 states of the United States. These wildfires are caused by the recent heat wave and strong wind. In hot and dry weather, wildfires are imminent.

Hundreds of people died in the heat wave that hit the U.S. region. At least 112 people in Washington have died from the heat, and 116 in Oregon have been killed in the heat wave.

Heat waves also hit western Canada, with temperatures in many cities breaking records. In some areas, the temperature even exceeds 46 ℃.

It is reported that the heat wave in British Columbia has killed as many as 500 people and triggered hundreds of wildfires that are currently burning in the province. dk-CwEy89PmjEth0X3qQ


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