You cannot be saved outside of yourself^_^

You cannot be saved outside of yourself^_^

After three strange events, you will reach the sixth density of consciousness, and you will reach the lowest level of unity consciousness.

That is to say, in the sixth dimension of consciousness, you will still find it valuable to hold the illusion of separation, but you absolutely know it is an illusion. So you will become a united person, regardless of the level of consciousness of the people around you and the world you live in.

But you are just one of the many beings who are involved in this journey home.

When each of you transforms yourself, you transform your world.

The planet lights up. It rises to the light. You are agents of change. You are your own saviors. You are the people you have been waiting for.


[language of light] you are what you think

From heaven to earth
Source: brothers of light
Transmission: Monique Mathew

Lu Ying

You are
What you think!
Through thought,
You can create
Internal harmony
Physical health,
Can also
Destroy yourself.

You are
The master of his own creation.

You are
The master of one’s own spiritual creation.

You are
The owner of one’s own projection.
Don’t be a victim,
And be a creator.

We should constantly create
Beauty, love and joy,
We should constantly create
Peace and peace!

You all have it
This ability,
Just to

What you are
More confidence,
Don’t give in
The pressure of life.

Don’t curse those
People who make you miserable.

Still in the dark,
I don’t realize it
I’m being manipulated.

For them,
In your heart
Have a lot of love!

Love more
Send to

Many leaders
We all know that
The great change and its consequences.

What do you want
Pray a lot,
For your world,
For all leaders,
In order to make
Human consciousness
And spiritual consciousness
And divine consciousness,
In order for this to merge
Within yourself,
As much as possible
What happens to human brothers.

You have to pray,
Let’s have a hard time
Get there as soon as possible.
Pray to the source,
Ask him
Intervene with divine power!


You can’t be saved outside of you^_^

What is love( (x)

(3) Be love

I believe that now you are ready to accept that unity is your most real state, and love is your most real expression. I have made it clear to you that as a result of a great deal of effort, you have obtained this illusion of separation for yourself, that is, the experience of duality. Only by looking deeply into the shadow of life and creating with what you find there can you experience a life full of fear, sadness, pain and confusion.

You can see evidence that this is the case. You are seeing through the illusion now. Seeing through hallucinations is the right step before releasing them. So that’s good news.

The way forward involves first releasing negative energy, such as the details of our discussion on energy blockage above. Then you should start creating more with the light of love. There is more light and less darkness and shadow in the process.

At the right time, the whole experience of negative emotions will only become a memory. It’s inside you now, so if you choose, you always have the right to use these negative emotions to create. But what I want to say is that you should at the right time release the belief that you have to create with them.

These illusions – you will be hurt or killed, someone will take what belongs to you, you may die leaving behind needs and desires, and you don’t get what you create – will become very obvious. What are they… Hallucinations. You should stick to your own light and your own creation. Nothing can be taken from you without your express permission.

When you’re involved in the process, other things happen. Providing service and giving you great gifts is an act of love. Therefore, it is an ego function. This is what I mean by doing the right thing, because it’s an act that aligns you with your greatest good. It aligns your ego with your heart. When you really fit perfectly with your highest nature, then you are your highest nature, then you are your own inner self walking on the earth.

Are you following me?

Because this is a very important point.
When you think, act and exist in a God self way, you will become your God self.

You see, only through continuous hard work and painstaking work can you be separated from “what are you and who are you?”. If you stop doing all this reverse work, you will and will return to the real and right things – natural and normal things.

The elasticity of the infinite elastic ball will pull you home.

You will feel the movement in your being and you will be happy.

However, this will not happen all at once. That’s the “direct route” I mentioned earlier. You didn’t choose that way. You choose a slower “scenic route.”. So, for you, it’s going to take a series of steps. When you slowly learn to stop all the “extrapolation” behavior that has become your habitual habit – another step for the infinite elastic ball to pull you home – you will feel that your consciousness is changing.

Your experience of happiness and change will be yours. You will have new ideas about yourself, your life, your goals, who you are and what you want to do. Your world will change. In each of these steps, after a certain moment, everything will become more beautiful and vibrant. Everything will be illuminated. Full of light. Of course, the light will actually shine from your own heart. That’s your shining light of love, it will light up the world for you!

This will happen to everyone who chooses to follow their heart, participate in the cycle of love, give their gifts – very simply, when you become love, for all of these beings, it is certain that you will have a series of such moments. Each step will become more real. In those moments, you will see it more clearly. You will see through your heart what direction you are going. And because you always have free will, you will have the right to go to it faster or reject it.

It must be said that no being has ever rejected it!

But you will have a choice. So if this happens to you, if you have experienced the divine light, then you know what it is now. If you haven’t experienced it yet? Then when you do, you will know what it is!

Z: Is that what happened to me in mountain experience, 8?

8:Yes。 That’s when you feel all your energy moving from one level of consciousness to another. You move your self-identity from separated self to connected self. In other words, you transfer your center from me to your heart. That was your first strange event.

Your day of silence is another. On that day, you purposefully quiet yourself so that you can make the next shift in your consciousness. You begin to realize your true nature, which is love. You begin to consciously realize the essence of being one with everything.

Z: Right. So my silent day is my second strange event?

8: Well… Do you have an experience in which you feel your consciousness has changed? Have you reached a new level of awareness at one time? Do you suddenly realize that you are one with one?

Z:Yes。 It’s all true. But my silent day is completely different from the mountain experience in many ways.

8: This needs attention. Otherwise, your readers may feel that their strange events will have to take place in nature, or in sports, or in other ways similar to the mountain experience.

Your strange events are totally personal to you. They have nothing to do with your external environment – they have something to do with your inner transformation of consciousness. You will feel the change of your soul. What you see, feel, know or experience is only what happens with the leap of consciousness within you.

You see, everyone must experience these happy moments. You can’t change the direction of your soul through thoughts and ideas. You can only change it through deep awareness, which comes from the feeling of your connection with oneness.

Before this chapter, I said the following to you:

“Love is beyond the mind. Love is greater than the mind that wants to know it. Love can only be experienced. Once you have tried a little true infinite and unconditional love, you will be changed forever. Your lifelong pursuit will be to return to that state of love. At that moment you will know that nothing is more important to you than to stay in a state of union with the divine (i.e. love). “

this is it. This is the great saving grace. If you stop working so hard to be forgetful, then you will have a series of awakenings. You will realize that the memory is in your heart. It’s as close as your heartbeat. I’ve been talking to you. Constantly wake you up. Keep telling you who you really are. Always there. Always in love. Gently reminded. All you have to do is stop trying so hard to be forgetful.

Z: And then we will have such a wonderful and amazing experience of happiness?

8:Yes。 As you continue to participate in the process of becoming love, you will have more. Every time it’s a rise in consciousness. With each experience, your soul moves up through one of the dimensional levels. Spiritually you are ascending. This will happen to you exactly three times when you are ready to leave duality.

Z: Three times? Why three? Why not? Why not more?

8: You will understand this correctly when we have a long-awaited conversation about the density of spiritual consciousness. But briefly: the world in which you now live is in third density consciousness. In order to be born in this world, you need to have the third dimension consciousness. In each strange event, you will “ascend” the density one level closer to becoming a permanent sense of unity. If you have one such experience, then you have the fourth dimension consciousness, even if you still live in the third dimension world and body.

After three strange events, you will reach the sixth density of consciousness, and you will reach the lowest level of unity consciousness. That is to say, in the sixth dimension of consciousness, you will still find it valuable to hold the illusion of separation, but you absolutely know it is an illusion. So you will become a united person, regardless of the level of consciousness of the people around you and the world you live in.

But you are just one of the many beings who are involved in this journey home. When each of you transforms yourself, you transform your world. The planet lights up. It rises to the light. You are agents of change. You are your own rescuers. You are the people you have been waiting for.

Z:Whoa,8! In this short paragraph, there are too many miracles! Can I open it slowly?

You’re saying that through our participation in our journey, that is, following our hearts and becoming love, we are changing the world. Really?

8: Oh? Isn’t that your experience?
You have changed, your perspective has changed, the way you see the world has changed, and the way you feel and perceive yourself has changed. You choose new experiences and different interactions, and then you express different energies to the world. The gift you gave changed, so the one you returned changed. Then you start to discover your new gift, which will affect the world and lead to change.
I can go on and on. From small to large, from subtle to profound… When you change, your world will change. No doubt, yes, strange events are moments of consciousness change. This is the moment when all your options for change are realized.
Isn’t that true to you?

Aren’t these two events the peak of many choices for you?

Do you feel your world has changed through these two events?
Have you ever experienced light coming into your life and raising your horizons more broadly?

Do you feel closer and closer to your nature?

Have you seen your way more clearly?

Z:Yes。 All these are facts.

8: But it doesn’t force or coerce or take away your choice.

Z: No, No. It’s interesting because my mistake is to think that strange events will in some way

8: You expect it to be something “out of you” that will save you in some way. You think the moment when the sense of unity comes will be a light shining outside of your existence, which can fix all problems. This is what you want and expect. At that time you were not ready to know that it would never be like this. You can’t be saved by external institutions without being a victim, and your choice and creativity are not taken away. This can’t happen.

There is no light being or the light of Christ or God or angel or any being you can imagine that can take away from you the power you create for yourself, if that being itself has a sense of unity. What you do to others, you do to yourself, remember?

If an external being claims through its own actions that you are broken and need to be saved, then the being creates a similar situation for itself. If other beings take away from you the absolute power to create the reality you desire, then this power will be immediately taken away from themselves. He will stop being a creator. He will fall to a lower level of consciousness. Then he will no longer be able to save you.

You can’t be saved outside of yourself.
It’s that simple.

That can’t happen.

But there is always that great salvation. In fact, the light of one always shines inside you. If you are willing to let it shine, then you will suddenly see this cosmic joke: you have never been lost! You are always the creator of your whole reality with great power, and you are nothing else. You are immortal forever. You will always be indestructible. There’s never anything to be afraid of.

So yes。 Those are the first two of the three moments of unity that you experience in duality. Now you know. Now you can let go, let go of the remaining traces of separation that you are still creating for yourself, and be ready… The next one will still happen. Then you will have a sense of unity. This work will achieve its purpose. Then the whole other levels of creation will begin.

Z: So I’m now in the fifth dimension of consciousness? What does that mean?

8: In almost everything in this book, you are repeatedly promised a chapter on “space, time, density and dimensions”. As we continue, we’ve touched on some key points, but now it’s time to let you know the whole situation. That’s what we’re going to do in the next chapter.

Z: Great! Does that mean the chapter is complete?

8:No。 This chapter has just begun. It begins when all these words, thoughts and mental thoughts about love stop. It starts when you stop talking about love and start experiencing it. So keep in mind what we say about love.

Go now

Go be Love


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