What is responsibility^_^

What is responsibility^_^


Once again, we hope you are happy, peaceful and comfortable. We hope you are willing to stay and continue your work for mankind.

We hope you find it worth accepting what you ask, because you are worth it.

Again, we are eager to meet your wishes.

You gave us something to do, something to focus on, something to create together, because then we had to work, find the best way to deliver everything you asked for, and work with your higher self and your mentor.
∞ Arcturus Council, led by Daniel Scranton


“Hello. We are the Arcturus Council. We are glad to contact you.

In the ninth dimension, we are ready for anything you want to throw us. We are open to all your requirements, and we seek to give you everything you need and want, because it is important for us that you at least keep a little comfortable and focus on happiness. We know that we keep telling you that you have created your own reality, but you can also ask for help. Perhaps you have noticed that it is usually good for you in the physical field. If you have the courage to ask the airline’s people to upgrade, you may get it. If you have romantic feelings for someone, it really helps to express those feelings and ask him out on a date.

So you see, for the art of asking what you want and need, there are some things you can say that you need to continue to serve the collective on earth. All of you who work in the light serve there, no matter what you do for a living. You are leaning towards the positive. Your intention is that everyone is a safe, respected and loved material. At this moment, the earth needs you. There has never been a time in human history that needs you more than now, because when you change your consciousness, the importance of what you are experiencing.

So here is how to ask the Arcturus Council or any other higher dimensional existence or collective for what you want. Say it out loud and say, ‘thank you for agreeing to my request.’ The key is to thank you before you receive the request, because your faith and trust are also very important. You don’t have to beg, plead, or explain why you want to change something, or some conditions, but you must believe that you must expect us to give a positive answer to all your requests.

Once again, we hope you are happy, peaceful and comfortable. We hope you are willing to stay and continue your work for mankind. We hope you find it worth accepting what you ask, because you are worth it. Again, we are eager to meet your wishes. You gave us something to do, something to focus on, something to create together, because then we had to work, find the best way to deliver everything you asked for, and work with your higher self and your mentor.

This is so interesting for us. We are always in a mood of giving. We don’t have to wait until your birthday or other festivals to give you gifts we are very happy to share. We love you and appreciate you. It’s time for you to live a happier life on earth. We just want to be a part of it; We just want to help.
We are the Arcturus Council. We are glad to contact you. “


What is responsibility


Will you be responsible for people who have nothing to do with you

This is why human beings are willing to be responsible to others only when they are driven by interests and survival crisis

Especially those you don’t know

That’s why you can’t love

Because of what

Didn’t let go of responsibility

Not irresponsible, but not picking up greater responsibility in the perfusion of higher mind

This is also the need to cross dimensions and the responsibility to move to a higher dimension

That’s why children rally against their parents

Because of the need for transition

That’s why couples resist the relationship

Because don’t want to be bound anymore

This is why many people choose not to rely on their families

It’s time

Not irresponsible, but let go of responsibility and take greater responsibility

The responsibility of the soul, the responsibility of higher vibration frequency, the transformation from human to non-human responsibility
let go

If you let go, put it down, and let go of others and yourself, you can see greater responsibility

At that time, you found that children only need care and guidance, not education, because they have the ability to learn by themselves

Where does it come from, not from you, but from the child’s higher self

That is, the direction of care and guidance is to make children responsible for themselves and embark on the road guided by their own higher self

That is, you should first walk with the higher self, accept and let go

The same is true of husband and wife and family. Only when they let go of each other can they see what the other really wants and what they really want to do. Both sides and multiple parties will move from interdependence to coexistence and no longer rely on each other

The first is acceptance and recognition
Everyone is on his way

Greater responsibility requires greater relationship to reinterpret

What? Everyone has a relationship with everyone. They all need to be treated equally

Everyone and everyone are parents and children

Everyone and everyone are husband and wife

Everyone and everyone are a family
let go

Let go and you will see greater responsibility

Not to force others to do what they can’t do, but to let others experience what they can do, and there are more things they can’t do

At that time, children will associate with you like adults

Couples and family members also interact like irrelevant people

The bigger system, the bigger family

Empathy and empathy in the unity of all things

This is the responsibility in multidimensional space and no time

Not irresponsible, but let go of responsibility, when you choose not to force others

This is also the reason for self blame
If you want to be responsible and establish a responsible relationship, you will have self blame

Come on, take greater responsibility and let go of your family role, unit role and social role

Slowly, you will act only by intuition and higher mind, motionless, and no longer let your “right” and “wrong” swing according to the relationship

Let go of the relationship, and naturally there will be no right or wrong

Everything is your family and relatives, who will be right and wrong

The karmic relationship comes from this. If you let go, the natural karmic cycle will be released, but the release process will be full of turbulence and instability

Because to restructure, we have to dismantle the old. When people choose to let go, they are either active, passive and forced

This is also the meaning of the end of the world, allowing you to let go of all the relationships between the past, the present and the future

Give yourself freedom, give others freedom

Entering a higher dimension, parents, families and husband and wife relationships no longer coexist with interdependence, but still coexist without interdependence

This is the unity of incompatibility
Unrelated people can also become family members, and unrelated people can share a room

In your letting go and acceptance, start with yourself and your family

If you can’t accept the freedom and path of others, how can you coexist with aliens and interstellar families

How to let the free you share your openness and transparency with others

This is higher dimensional responsibility, timeless responsibility and source responsibility

It is not driven by nothing, but by the unity of all things

When you get here, you will no longer blame yourself, because you not only live with others, but also have expanding freedom

Blaming people and self blame are one, both from the unconscious spontaneous response to the remaining relationship

Not in Retrospect and memory, but in return

Return to what, play

Concentration and joy like a child

After blame and self blame, we should constantly return to balance and interpret the rationality of “yes” and “existence” with higher and greater mind and wisdom, rather than self blame

What exists is reasonable

This is also a bigger picture of responsibility

Return to play

Regression equilibrium

The responsibility of returning to the unity of all things

The responsibility of letting go


Meditation experience on July 20, 2020: Guanyin Teaching – motivation to do things

Original Luying from heaven to earth today

I met such a thing today——

At the bottom of my article “Lao Tzu on” heaven and earth are not benevolent, and all things are ruminant dogs “, a fellow practitioner left a message and asked,” does heaven and earth love everyone’s pure heart and dusty heart? “

I replied, “heaven and earth know that the heart of a child is an eternal truth, and the heart of dust is a temporary illusion.”

The fellow practitioner asked, “don’t you have to punish the bad guys who harass women?”

The fellow practitioner had left many messages before, which gave me the impression that he was diligent and savvy. I didn’t expect him to judge people morally from the standpoint of binary opposition.

I replied to him, “haven’t you still punished so much? The three-dimensional problem cannot be solved by three-dimensional means. “
He asked, “should such people be left alone?”

I said, “the universe allows each soul to experience what they want. Some souls want to experience harassing the opposite sex, while others want to experience being harassed by the opposite sex. In fact, the old soul has already experienced this. “(* Note: my view is that we should look at such things with this transcendent understanding and awareness, follow the internal guidance to deal with them, rather than listen to the limited judgment of the mind.)

He replied, “I haven’t experienced it. The soul is so strange! “

I don’t know what to say. I thought, “you haven’t experienced it in this life and it doesn’t mean you haven’t experienced it in your previous life, and what’s the significance of making such a rash exclamation? Why not think about it in depth? “

I felt anxious for the fellow practitioner and wanted to say something to wake him up immediately. As a result, I said a particularly impolite sentence: “what’s strange? Don’t be surprised. “

Afterwards, I regretted and blamed myself for a long time, and felt that I had caused harm to others.

After meditating in the afternoon, I asked the fellow practitioner to forgive me. At the same time, I tried my best to forgive myself. I also read the self-healing prayer of Guanyin several times. But the effect is not ideal, and I still feel uncomfortable all the time.
After a while, I saw a picture in my meditation – a group of people walking in the desert. Those in front gathered together to form a team, and a few people fell far behind

Then I received a message:

“You should allow everyone to go where they deserve. You can lend a helping hand to those who fall behind, but you can’t force them to move forward at the speed you expect.

“You don’t have to blame yourself. No matter what a person says or does, his internal motivation is the most important.

“If your motivation is love and to help others improve, there is no problem. In order to promote people’s awakening and enlightenment, the spiritual world often sets them a difficult life experience, which makes them suffer heavy blows and setbacks, and even makes them feel unbearable and miserable. (* Note: This reminds me of the things I met before my enlightenment. It’s really like a slap in the face.)

“If a person speaks and does things out of fear, even if he is gentle and kind to others, he may not have good results. For example, those wives who obey their husbands for fear of losing their husbands’ love; And those mothers who spoil their children in every way in order to occupy their children’s love and fill the inner emptiness

“When you are not sure whether your words and deeds are appropriate, go and examine your motivation to see whether it is love or fear.

“Of course, when you act out of love, you should also grasp the scale and be measured. You should be as severe as others can bear.

This teaching greatly relieved me and relieved me a lot. Thinking about who gave this message, I saw the beautiful image of teacher Guanyin emerge from the light.

It turned out to be the compassionate teaching of Guanyin. I’m very grateful!
(Note: I’m not a master, far from perfect, and I don’t want to pretend to be perfect. Sharing this is to help my colleagues who are equally confused.)


Meditation experience on July 19, 2020: Sananda message – truth and illusion

Original Luying from heaven to earth yesterday

The day before yesterday, a fellow practitioner sent me a message saying that she once saw Jesus in meditation. The process was very successful. Then she asked a spiritual mentor about it. The tutor said that this was an illusion she had produced and an illusion projected by her own subconscious mind. Let her not stick to this illusion and strive to prove emptiness.

The fellow practitioner told me what this meant – let me not take the information I received in meditation seriously. It’s just an illusion, which is far less valuable than emptiness.
At that time, I thought maybe she should ask the teacher: how to understand “empty is color, color is empty”.

Brother Sananda appeared during meditation this afternoon.

He said:

“Dear people, I am Sananda. The important moment is coming. Please get ready.

“Ha ha! We’ve said that many times. Some people are impatient and think that what we say “soon” is actually “far away”.

“Ha ha! This is how you feel in three-dimensional linear time. From our time free level, that moment has come and that new world already exists. You just need to raise your vibration frequency to the same frequency, you can enter the new world and see it in front of you.

“So you see – the speed of this process depends on your. Whether that moment will come soon or not depends on how fast you can raise your vibration frequency.

“Now some people have difficulty raising their vibration frequency. I mean those who have embarked on the spiritual path. They are bound by old ideas, by the experience of their predecessors and the teachings of some mentors.

“There is an idea that everything you see, hear and receive in meditation is a false illusion, illusory and untrue. And I want to tell you: illusion and truth are relative.

“What on earth is illusion? What is the truth? The only truth and reality is the source, the divine source.

What is lower than the vibration of the source is the illusion of the source. However, illusions have different levels. Higher level illusions are closer to the truth than lower level illusions.

“That is to say – for three dimensions, five dimensions are closer to the truth; For the five dimensions, the six dimensions are closer to the truth… Or, compared with the low dimensions, the high dimensions represent some temporary and partial “truth”.

“Although that is not the ultimate truth, it is still beneficial to low dimensional beings and can still help them evolve and ascend. Therefore, it is best for people to be open and receptive to this “truth” from the high dimension.

“We spiritual beings like to contact and communicate with people when they meditate, because at that time, people’s minds were quieter, their hearts and consciousness were more open, and they could receive the information and energy we provided more clearly and easily.

“The energy we provide may be more important than information. Information may be slightly distorted in the process of your decoding, but the energy we give can often remain intact in you to help you transform and transform.

“Therefore, when you feel that our holy love energy surrounds you, injects into you and fills your existence in meditation, please believe that it is the real communication between us and you. This is a beautiful and loving exchange.

“We regret that some people refuse and reject this kind of communication. They closed themselves to our presence and made no response, because they thought it was a false illusion, or even a kind of interference, which would prevent them from reaching the realm of emptiness. They missed many wonderful experiences.
“There are many people who just want to achieve emptiness. I want to tell them that real emptiness is not nothing, but everything, everything! But at that time, you were not attached to any kind of existence or any kind of appearance. Then you can be everything and nothing.

“If you oppose emptiness and being, you fall into dualistic thinking. This is the biggest illusion.

“I hope you will put aside old ideas and open up to receive everything in meditation – whether it’s images, sounds, smells, information or simple energy. Don’t worry about receiving low-frequency and negative things, because when you are in a high-frequency state, you will only attract high-frequency things. If something negative appears, it can make you aware of your state and make adjustments in time.

“That’s it. Bless you! “


Meditation experience on July 18, 2020: Laozi talks about “heaven and earth are not benevolent, and all things are ruminant dogs”

Original Luying from heaven to earth 2 days ago

Master Lao Tzu said:

“I said, ‘heaven and earth are inhumane, and all things are ruminant dogs. Saints are unkind and regard the people as ruminant dogs. ” What does that mean?

“Benevolence is the benevolence of benevolence. This kind of love is based on binary opposition and split consciousness, so the right half of the word “benevolence” is a word “two”.

“This kind of love is different. It divides people into close and distant relatives, superior and inferior, and gives different love to different people.

“The love of heaven and earth is not such love. In the eyes of heaven and earth, all things are equal. Heaven and earth love every creation equally and indistinguishably. So I say ‘heaven and earth are inhumane’.

“Then why do you say that heaven and earth ‘take all things as ruminant dogs’?

“Ruminant dog is a dog made of grass in sacrifice. It’s not a real dog, but a fake dog. It’s a fake, a fake illusion.

“From the perspective of heaven and earth, all things are illusions, which are illusions and projections from the source. Heaven and earth will not take this quite true, and will not take the surface differences of all things seriously.

“Then who is a saint? He is the one who understands the way of heaven and earth. Therefore, saints will not love people with different benevolence, but will love everyone equally and indiscriminately.

“Similarly, saints also know that everyone’s appearance, identity, status and so on are false illusions, which can not be taken seriously. A saint will not look up to a man because he is a king, nor will he look down on him because he is a beggar. Saints love everyone equally.

“So I said, ‘saints are unkind and take the people as ruminant dogs.”

“Later, someone misunderstood what I meant and thought that ‘ruminant dog’ meant something that was despised and trampled upon after being used. That’s not what I meant. I take ruminant dog as an example, just emphasizing that it is a false illusion.
“Although heaven and earth know that all things are illusions, they will not despise or trample on any creation, because heaven and earth know that the essence of every creation is sacred.

“Similarly, saints will not despise or trample on anyone, because saints know that everyone’s essence is sacred.

“In short, both heaven and earth and saints can see through the appearance of all things, respect the sacred essence of all creations, and love all life equally.

“This is the true meaning of my two sentences.”

Thank you for your thorough explanation! Infinite gratitude!


Antarctic temperature continues to rise
“Boost the rapid change of earth energy”

I don’t know what changes the Antarctic temperature will bring to the energy level of the earth, but I know it has had a great impact on the indigenous people living in Antarctica.

This influence and turbulence will not be limited to the south pole, but will be displayed in the whole material space in the future.

But don’t be afraid. Focusing on the positive improvement of our consciousness frequency can make ourselves better through the turbulent period.

For this question, let’s ask the earth God to answer it.

Welcome to earth God, Hello!

Earth God: Hello, it’s nice to establish a connection with you. At present, the overall energy of the earth is changing and improving dramatically.

The changes in the energy level have also been rapidly manifested in the material level. This increase in temperature will also gradually disappear some life in the material space.

The energy of the sun is directly poured into the earth, which is also one of the factors of temperature rise.

The rise of Antarctic temperature actually indicates the rise of global temperature, which is bound to threaten the survival of some lives.

The earth’s physical space will open the elimination mechanism, and the life forms that cannot keep up with the overall energy improvement of the earth will also be phased out.

They will continue to study on other planets suitable for their own energy frequency, or follow the arrangement of the universe and go to other fields.
With the increase of the earth’s temperature, it also indicates that the proportion of positive energy in the overall space has reached a certain stage, and the depth control of the overall energy form in the material space can be realized.

The energy level continues to be turbulent, the battle between positive and negative energy is still fierce, and this state has begun to manifest in the material space.

Changes in the energy level are also continuously affecting the overall consciousness of mankind.

The increase of temperature will also make some negative energy carriers latent in material space fully exposed to the space environment.

With the increase of temperature, the overall energy of the earth will begin to increase gradually and steadily.

This is due to the battle of positive and negative energy, which has produced landmark results.

With the high-frequency energy deeply stationed in the earth, the manifestation of material space is bound to show the operation form of this energy.

The overall energy form in the earth is bound to change greatly.

People will quickly connect two different energies, and different energy consciousness will also appear in material space.

It will form a more distinct and strong conflict between positive and negative energy in material space.

The battle of positive and negative energy will also enter the ending stage. The comprehensive cleaning and strangulation of negative energy will inevitably manifest rapidly in the material space.

The life body of negative energy operation mechanism will be quickly eliminated.

All potential negative energy will also be exposed to space.

Under the trend of rising temperature, people’s hearts will fluctuate obviously.
At this time, we also need to deepen our consciousness and establish a solid positive connection with the inside, so as not to be affected by the vibration of external energy frequency.
Only by better focusing on inner consciousness and maintaining high-frequency positive thoughts can human beings calmly start the promotion of their own life.


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