What is truth^_^

What is truth^_^

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This is closely related to your habits
For a nursing child
Milk is real

For those who have been busy living
It is true to have money to spend and food to eat

For those who have always relied on people
It is true to bind and be bound

so what
You can’t see the truth except for foreign things

What is inner
The inner is a higher dimensional manifestation of the existing dimension

That is what we call miracles and supernatural powers

That’s why people always have doubts about the inside

Because you can’t see miracles, magical powers and aliens

And there is no Galactic Federation to save everyone

A lot of things you don’t believe when you don’t see

For example, people who don’t depend on foreign things also die

For example, people who have no food starve to death

For example, people without help are poor and poor

For example, those who do not worship the master have no power


These are the experiences of others
Not your own

That is, you’ve been following someone else’s path

And the ratio of others to yourself is 7 billion to 1

This is the ratio between the outside and the inside. There will be no seeing for reality except your own awakening
Because the higher dimension of life is invisible

Can only create and manifest miracles and inner joy

Light workers will remember the day when they wake up. From that day on, they can no longer accept the conflict and loneliness of reality

Because you’re alone, even those who resonate can’t be seen


Do you really have to wake up
Exist in the world without relying on the world
Be a marginal person

This is the purpose of waking up and the changes at the DNA and atomic levels driven by the higher dimensions
This process will continue

Until the change is complete or exits this incarnation
Large scale appearance of alien spacecraft

Do you believe what you see
Of course
That’s another dimension of high technology
When the Galactic Federation pushes you the highlights of the day every day
Do you believe what you see
Of course
That’s a higher dimensional government

So you live in another 7 billion, another high-tech, and another government
Another awakening will call you again

Because you are still seeing, watching the world change, watching others take action, and seeing if someone can help you

Will you see, will you see, unrest, war, family beauty and conflict are happening all the time

But this is not what you want, you want a higher dimension of life
Life of marginal people
This is not the life of ordinary people

Can you guarantee that you can see the world change with the people

Then be ready to exit the avatar
Because most people’s days have always been like this

Rely on foreign things, grow tired, and then enjoy old age, grow old and die
Are you going to live like this again

Of course not, because you wake up
Waking up doesn’t mean you will become more independent and autonomous

need your action
People should not underestimate the small gap between paying attention to aliens, alien civilization and returning to the inner world

It’s very possible for you to live in a world of aliens. It only takes 20 years

Can you live to be 150 years old
This is the deadline for you

A long way off
Yes, you will face the awakening of consciousness expansion and purification again, because the inner essence has not been stabilized and consolidated

Aliens, alien technology and alien civilization are only four-dimensional transitions, and the earth will not stay in the four-dimensional, because it is also to expand consciousness to liberation and stabilize in the six-dimensional consciousness of the unity of all things

What, there will be no high technology to replace the body and expand to liberation

Except yourself
Because acceleration and expansion are already fast

For those who have been committed to returning to the inside, maintaining the observer and watching the big play

This is not your inner world. How can seeing be believing, because your inner expansion and upgrading are far beyond what you see

And it’s expanding
It keeps reminding you
What, the truth that seeing is believing
Above as below

Change soup without dressing
Relative to your internal evolution
Because the destination is no longer a high-tech led society, what have you experienced

It’s a society where the body and consciousness manifest. It’s also high technology. It just comes not from others, but from yourself


I am


Infinite life of supreme sovereignty

How long you live is important
It shows your expansion process

It doesn’t matter how long you live

When you expand your consciousness to liberation, life and death are no longer separated, because life is also a higher self, and death is also a higher self. Whether it is aliens or ghosts, it is yourself and no longer separated

See, separation is everywhere

As long as you rely on foreign things, there will always be reasons for separation, the separation of aliens from yourself, the separation of supernatural powers from yourself, and the separation of death from yourself

The separation of higher self and oneself

The higher self that has been pushing you to awaken to liberation, your higher dimensional body, your multidimensional body, your atomic level consciousness, your source open energy, your unity and unity consciousness

Everyone came as leaders
Each body is a multi-dimensional coherent standing wave superconducting universe
Each self is a oversoul collective of 144 incarnations coexisting in different harmonic universes

Whether you see it or not


You are separated from the world

Focus on joy

A little bit of separation, integration, consolidation and unification in reality

Continue to explore

Not just explore what you see

We should explore what we don’t see
Until you no longer rely on your eyes
Until you stop relying on intuition
Until we no longer rely on the higher mind
Until we no longer rely on source consciousness


Simple existence


let go

It is joy whether seeing is believing or not


Meditation experience on July 23, 2020: Buddha talks about “picking flowers and smiling”

Original Lu Ying from heaven to earth yesterday

Master Buddha appeared in my sight. I saw him smiling. This is rare in my meditation.

Master Buddha said:
“Many of you know the story of ‘the Buddha touches the flowers and the leaves smile’. (* Note: this story says that the Buddha did not say a word at a Dharma meeting, but picked up the golden Brahma flowers presented by the people with a peaceful look. The people did not understand his meaning, but Gaye smiled. The Buddha immediately announced that he would pass on the Dharma to Kaya.) What does this mean?

“Most people who study Buddhism and seek Dharma believe that they must go through a long road, spend a long time and practice hard step by step in order to finally reach the perfect state of Buddhism. I want to tell them – in fact, that kind of conscious improvement can also be achieved in an instant.

“When people suddenly understand the truth, they can immediately achieve Buddha nature, instantly integrate with their high-dimensional self, and become the perfect embodiment of the higher self in the world at that moment.

“When I picked up the flower, I picked it up in the perfect Buddha nature. At that time, I was integrated with the flower, with its beauty and fragrance. In the eyes of everyone: I am me and flowers are flowers. And in my perception: I am me, the flower is the flower; I am not me, flowers are not flowers; I am flower, flower is me.

“At that moment, I was radiant, because I shone a perfect light of Buddha nature. All the people did not see this, but Gaye saw it. When he smiles, he also blends with me and flowers. At that moment, he also became a Buddha, a Buddha as shining as me.

“The world also has the act of picking flowers, but when they pick flowers, part of their consciousness is on themselves and part of their consciousness is on flowers, and they fail to integrate the two kinds of consciousness. In their eyes: flowers are foreign objects, people are outsiders, and everything is clearly separated.

“If someone picks up a flower and has the perception of ‘flower and I are one’, and has the feeling that ‘I am not me, I am a flower; Flowers are not flowers, flowers are my perception, then he broke the separation of things and me and realized the unity of consciousness. At that moment, he became a Buddha, shining the light of Buddha nature.

“Buddha is a simple thing to say. Everyone has the opportunity to become a Buddha at a certain moment in his life. “

Thank the Buddha for his enlightenment!

May more people understand the Zen machine and become Buddha!


Marginal person: the important thing is that you are awake

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today
⬆ Click on the new earth to pay attention to the official account.

Daniel Scranton

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are very aware of your difficult journey on earth, and we sympathize with what you have to endure in order to reach today’s position that still feels far from the fifth dimensional field. However, you are much luckier than most people because you know that everything you feel and experience has a purpose. All this is helping you get closer and closer to the final stage of ascension. In this life, you were born to be awakeners, guiding lights, crystal grid workers and healers, all of which often make you feel on the edge of society.

In our opinion, it is best to be on the edge of your society. Instead of obeying and trapped in the three-dimensional world, it’s better not to adapt to it and become yourself. Many of you broke away from their dimensional paradigm when you were very young, and have been doing a lot of great work since you were born into your own body. Others have chosen a more tortuous path to your current position and enter this state of complete awakening. No matter how long it takes. It doesn’t matter what you experienced before you woke up. The important thing is that you are awake, because only in that state of awakening can you see a larger picture.

You can see more of what is happening on earth than the headlines. At this time, you can feel the influx of energy to support and heal mankind. You have the opportunity to communicate with beings like us and know that this is not just fantasy. When you contact an elf, it’s not just an elf story. Living on the edge of society is best for you. We know that you marginal people will find each other soon. You will connect with more soul family members faster than you think.

You are united as an awakened collective, because you know how strong you are when you are united. Truly awakened people have been able to transcend political polarity. You have gone beyond our mindset against them and beyond the model of victims and offenders. You are ready to experience unity, which will be an important part of the fifth dimensional experience. You will lead other humans with your wisdom, your compassion and your unconditional love, and know that you are moving in the right direction regardless of the situation on earth at this time.

You are always in a rising spiral, and we continue to invite you to enter the higher vibration field, where we can do much more than you think.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.

◼ Translated from: danielscraton.com
Original address:


The nine planets of the solar system are upgraded

Transformation of the desert
Desert is a special existence of the earth. It seems that there is no water, high heat and no life. In fact, it is an energy regulator of the earth’s weather and climate.

Deserts help balance the earth’s climate and regulate the earth’s water balance.

Although the desert area is small, the energy in the space field in this area is relatively clean, and some special substances are stored inside, which have not been found.

Recently, when the overall water energy is relatively large, deserts have opened their water absorption mode.

They will absorb the excess water in the air and oxygen into the underground of the desert, and finally become underground water and return to the interior of the earth.

In each era of significant changes in weather and meteorology, the role of the desert is different, and its own area will shrink or become larger.

Desert is also the reflector of the earth’s human heart. In the era of high-dimensional earth, the area of desert will shrink until it does not need to exist.

Because there are few human networks and monitors in this area, some large spacecraft often choose to stay over the desert for a long time.
Aliens also placed some purification devices or information stores in this area to record the earth’s chronological changes and the trajectory of life movement.

Although human beings have little fun in this area as a whole, now the earth has ascended beyond the level. In addition to ascending plants and the field where plants are located, the desert is also a point that needs to be transformed.

Some desert areas used to be the ancient energy points of the earth, the birthplace of ancient civilization and the place where human original consciousness remained.

These areas once buried the ancient energy code and energy refinement of the universe.

Next, the integration of desert areas is also included in the transformation process, which is preliminarily divided into the following aspects:

  1. Report the monitoring data of water content and water storage in the desert;
  2. Reassess the degree of desert purification;
  3. Reexamine the connectivity between desert and human consciousness;
  4. The ancient energy in desert areas awakens and recovers;
  5. Awakening of life consciousness in desert areas, energy collection and recovery of lost life, and energy upgrading of lost life in the desert;
  6. Strengthen connectivity in desert areas and other areas;
  7. Negative energy killing and cleaning in desert areas;
  8. The connectivity of desert areas and arrays is strengthened;
  9. Strengthen connectivity between desert areas and human beings;
  10. extract the energy essence that once was buried in the desert.
    The nine planets of the solar system are upgraded

The nine planetary systems of the solar system have just completed a round of ascension transformation, which is the energy recalibration between the nine planets, which is the new integration of the solar system.

This integration is a relatively large action after Earth’s ascension.

Because the earth’s energy rises too fast and the value is high, there is an energy imbalance in the solar system.
It seems that the nine planets rotate around the sun as usual, but if the internal imbalance exists for a long time, it will affect the overall evolution of the solar system and the balance value previously set for the planets of the solar system.

Thank you for your participation in this promotion.

Although it is the work of the stars, you stars have shown extraordinary cooperation, and it is a deep integration of high-dimensional energy and the solar system, and an experiment from low-dimensional to high-dimensional levels.

This cooperation can also be extended to galaxies similar to low-level space. Although the integration process is more complex, it can also be briefly told here.

First, the core energy and core consciousness of the solar system are retrieved, and a large amount of past data are retrieved, including the original generation data of the solar system, the growth process data of the solar system and the ascension data of the solar system.

In the huge amount of data, important and referential values are extracted, and then the values that should be adjusted in the solar system are re verified;

The two is that the stars extracted some of the core energies of some ancient super large galaxies (relative to the solar system), connected with the energy of the sun, and redesigned the essence of the sun.

In other words, the sun that people see again is no longer the sun of the past. The internal atomic energy, the structure, velocity and structure of fine particles and ultra fine particles have changed at the fine particle level.

Third, the stars connect the protoss energy and imperial power energy in the core of the universe with the solar system again.

Taking the solar system as a stronghold, the imperial power energy of the universe will be released from the solar system and banking system in the future, so as to change the problem that the transmission of the cosmic core to low-level space is too far away, so as to truly change the distribution value of imperial power energy in remote areas of the universe;

Fourth, the stars also called some ancient core life bodies of the universe and asked them to go out of the mountain, so that the ancient energy of the universe has made a new balance with the energy of the nine planets of the solar system, indirectly improving the nine planets;

Fifth, the stars reconstructed the internal core framework and internal core power of the solar system, broke the decaying framework of the solar system, removed the framework with insufficient power, and repaired and repaired the damaged plane and timeline;

Sixth, the stars conducted a more comprehensive retrieval and survey of the solar system’s past, present and future data, scenes and energy values than in the past, and adjusted part of the disorder on some time lines.
However, the major aspects have not been adjusted for the time being, and will be reviewed or changed after re matching with other levels;

Seventh, reassess the negative framework and negative energy of the solar system, and submit the data to the war defense related systems;
Eighth, upgrade the dynamic mechanism and dynamic structure of the solar system and sort out the timeline;

The ninth is to collect and recover the energy of life lost in the past wars of the solar system.

This is a cooperative work of multiple systems and departments. Although this work has greatly improved the solar system, for a material star, this work has just begun.



Last but one, the worst result in Olympic swimming. But he has become an eternal legend in the history of the Olympic Games


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