The body is burning nourishment, immerse in nature and take good care of the body^_^

The body is burning nourishment, immerse in nature and take good care of the body^_^

For today’s lesson we wish to imply of great importance, that Mother Earth is walking through the most expansive moment of her being. What we want to reiterate is she needs for the people that reside on her back to evolve.

If you want anything for yourself you need to begin understanding that the time for upgrades to your thought process would be best done within this year. Our forces are working with Mother Earth to unearth new satellites that can prepare your bodies. If you want to sleep know that we guide you to do so.

When you are sleeping watch the time. Was that a long sleep or a relatively quick one. Did you want to go back to sleep? It makes a difference. Because what is happening is your body is undergoing massive realignment. If you feel exhausted why don’t you stay to a routine. No need to do an abundant amount of things. Do your normal days.

When you take on these extra activities your body will need additional fuel.

We are using up the average fuel at this time.

So if you feel like just staying home you are experiencing what you need.

If you want to explore you may, but bring along extra nourishment, as your body is so short of vitamins and fuel. What is happening is we have taken the energy of the sun and fortified it with consciousness.

Staying indoors will not be advised for reaching your desired experience.

Trust that you have many open energy centers residing within your body. That the energy can use a universal understanding. If you want more of our rays we need all the eager beings to embark on a brilliant way to have everything designed. We ask that you in turn tell yourself,

“I am OK. I am experiencing more light. I am taking on my powers. I am upgrading my future.”

You will feel like you may want more of us. So see where we can trace a light heart in your design. What do you want to lay in front of you, walk the path of excitement. If you need to, sit down take a pause, rest, gain strength. Know that the road is not going anywhere. You can go at your own pace. You will have our guidance on the journey.

My best friends I want to take you to the world that only you can create. With our support we will guide you into an everlasting true peace. In the next days as you take on more light tell yourself,

“This is the time, I have waited for this time, we are here.”

Be excited as you go to uncover your next wishes. If you want you can say,

“I am the light, I radiate light.”

We will see you glowing. You raise Earth’s vibration. Declare your light filled body, to be of pure love.

“I am of pure light and love, I am one.”

We will energize you. You will receive your next steps after you read this. Watch for what shows up in your life. We are placing in your path beings that want to help us in our very unique endeavor. My dearest participants of the great awakening you will see that you are propelled to energize your families. You need our expertise. Trust yourselves when you have an answer, that we guided you. Don’t fall back to doubt. Stay in your heart and pray. Prayers come through the heart.

My blessings to each of you, my love always. The angels and guides will be there when you ask for them. I direct their powers in your effort, to be all there for your needs. No longer can we watch, too much is up for change. So you better understand our role with the consciousness coming up to your point of preparedness. The energy of our work will propel you. It is true we can move this plan, to bring you up with the people that benefit your evolvement. Good night, I will send all of you high beings to help you. Peace, good night, me.

Channeling: Krista


Kryon answers questions – how do you learn and guide spiritual communication and recognize intuition? What is abundance? Current time?

Original becomequantum melodious yesterday–XwQQ

This is the background music of Cleon’s live channeling.

Q: Dear Cleon, how do we know the difference between CO creation through thought and an intuitive idea? When something happened soon after I had an idea about it, I was confused whether it was created unconsciously or just received an intuition that it was about to happen. Is this an aspect of a third language?

A: why do you care? Don’t you understand that true co creation is an automatic energy rendering around you that helps you manifest the beauty of your life? The masters didn’t sit there and create together. The earth knows them wherever they go, and their thoughts create their master style. Nature itself knows them!

So, yes, it’s a third language, but it’s also part of the process of CO creating intuitive ideas we teach. It’s very, very relevant to start to understand them… Even if they’re not the same thing.

Q: how can I learn to communicate with my mentor? How do I know it’s not just my own thoughts?

A: in this book, a conduction given with my partner can give you insight on this, because it is my honor to give you this information just recently.

It is impossible to rely solely on your body to give what you call pre knowledge, or “knowledge” of something you believe you have seen – but have not seen. Similarly, it can’t easily give you an emotional “impact” when you see something. Your intelligence is not fast enough to participate in such things, and that is why your guide can give you these “pokes” before your intelligence analyzes it.

For years you’ve called these intuitions, unspeakable feelings, or deja vu D é J à vu. Now you know what it really is. This is the best communication of the guiding spirit and uses emotion as its medium. So you can see that those who let themselves “feel” will be those who know God’s guidance.

Give yourself permission to recognize these emotional attributes and verbally thank them at your quietest time. Say loudly to the guides that you love them – then step back and get ready to act. Too simple? It’s the way human things work that says you have to work hard for any good thing. However, the divine message is that you deserve these gifts waiting for you – just ask, and being here is all your job! These gifts will then enhance the real work of raising the frequency of this planet.

Q: Dear Cleon: I read the importance of the word intention, but I’m still a little confused about its meaning. You say that real will is everything you need, but my grandmother often says, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, and my daughter has always been “willing” to clean her room, but she has never cleaned it. Obviously, will must be achieved through positive action, otherwise it will be meaningless.

A: honey, you have missed some other teachings we have taught over the years. It is called “pure will”, and this description has been explained again and again. It is spiritual purity in the interconnected dimension. There is no such pure desire to clean the room. It is a spiritual attribute, defined as Abraham’s will to hold the knife about to be inserted into his son’s chest. It is driven by an unshakable purity, which comes from the core level of the human soul.

It cannot be changed or denied. When it is absolutely right for your path, it is “pure”, and this is only known at this core level. If you want, you can think of it as an angelic will, because it involves you, your life course, and why you came here. It is powerful and will drive everything in front of it when it is determined and begins to work.

(Note: my understanding is that this “pure will” does not mean that you have a will to do anything at ordinary times, but a key choice for your life path, such as whether to choose to wake up. Once this choice is made firmly and will not shake again, it is pure, and then everything will change accordingly.)

Q: Dear Cleon: many times I asked to go to my next step, but I didn’t notice anything happening. I want to send light to a specific area and wonder if anything will happen. How can I increase my awareness?

A: let me ask you a question. When you take vitamins, is there a physical reaction that tells you it’s working? When you eat, does your body give you a signal that you are doing well? In both cases, the answer is No. It is intuition that knows that what you are doing is appropriate and correct, because your reality is based on this.

The actual spiritual truth is that what you are doing does make a difference. Don’t decide how you think it should feel. Don’t even try to decide how you think it should be measured. What you are doing is helping the planet and yourself in a way that cannot be known by the four-dimensional perception you want.

Instead, know the fact that it works, just as you know that when you eat, you get nutrition and vitamins improve your health. This is not just faith. You must make it your reality. So to increase your awareness, start by knowing that what you do does make a difference. Believe that.

Q: Hello, Cleon: I bought a book by Cleon. After reading it, I have doubts about what he said. He said he was a loving entity, so why didn’t he help anyone? Too many people on earth are suffering, but no one is helping. Many people die of disease and hunger, but we throw our food into the dustbin every day; No one cares about others. I don’t think there is a “loving” soul in the whole universe. Maybe, but he has no power, otherwise he can make the world a better place. If Corleone is “loving”, will he help me? I need $6000 for an operation. Will clarion, who has love, help me? No, because he has no power. He doesn’t even have a penny. Maybe he doesn’t have love at all. Please don’t use the word love easily.

A: there is an old world consciousness that says God is everything and human beings are nothing. In this story, God should help poor people out of their suffering if they pray loudly enough or climb high enough towards the hot sun.

It’s just a fairy tale. Humans have the ability to help themselves, and now it’s time for them to learn this in this new energy. That’s Cleon’s message. We have been teaching you how to start this process for the last 15 years. It’s not about praying and asking God to help. It’s about understanding that you are part of God; So you can work miracles. Through this understanding, it brings strength! This is healing, CO creating the cost of surgery, and ultimately affecting the power of thousands of people around you. It is the answer to all diseases on earth, and can create peace on earth and change the consciousness of those who make war… And it doesn’t need you to sit there helplessly and depressed praying or hoping that somehow God will “do something for you”.

The answer is the truth, and I show my respect for you by not using the word “love”. But somewhere your name is known, and there are many beings ready to help you to help yourself. They are angels who only want you to have healing and joy in your life. Maybe you can consider using the word “love” for yourself[ Kryon blinks] you do have the ability to receive what God offers, no matter what your life situation or situation, or how depressed you are.

You are deeply loved[ [smile]

Q: mystical teachings urge us to give up on matter (and spirituality!) Because craving will never let the mind rest and let the true self manifest. Now you teach us to create together whatever we want. Doesn’t this stir up the insatiable desire in the mind and take us further away from the inner center? If someone co creates a beautiful car because of greed, he just satisfies and aggravates his greed. How can he get spiritual benefits from it? How is abundance related to happiness? My idea is that how much we want determines whether we are happy or not.

A: it’s your own idea to interpret “co creating what you want” as including a big car, or desire, or material desire. These were never Kryon’s teachings. The ascended consciousness of the Masters (what we teach is Lightwork) Co creates spiritual balance. They have been working together to create God’s love in their lives. The goals of CO creation have been listed many times, and they never include material desires. They are the goods needed for peace, health, wisdom, happiness, longevity, and comfort in a particular culture. The power of CO creation is given to those who have wisdom on the spiritual path and know what they are asking for. It’s not an invitation to collect cars.

If you need a job to feed your children, it is within the spiritual purity of CO creation. Not a desire. If you have trouble in your family or a relationship, creating peace and harmony together is not greed. It’s time to use common sense. God doesn’t like you to be poor or in trouble, because it’s not commensurate with your brilliance as a God’s creation on this planet, nor with the work you’ve done here. Often in the “survival mode” of hunger and homelessness, we can’t help anyone here. No master ever wanted you to.

The definition of abundance once given is “sustenance”. You can even read how this works in the history of the Israelites in the desert. They were provided by God every day for many years. If you check which warehouse their supplies come from, you may think that each of them is incredibly sufficient! You are all like this, because we are looking at you “now”. So abundance is God’s storehouse, your hometown. It never meant wanting and co creating material things. Began to read Kryon’s message with discernment and spiritual wisdom. It will be more suitable for you… And the people around you.

Q: Dear Corleone, I want to verify my understanding of the current time. I understand that God is at one point (no better word can be found) where you can see the possibilities of all potential things. I can understand this concept because I see it as a big tree branching outward. My question is:

What happened when the event happened? Do they form the reality of a single road, like the trunk at the bottom, where there is only one road back to the ground? Or can God see all possible paths that did not happen?

This is a linear time problem, but can God see all possible things until they branch to infinity, or does it become too complex to see at a particular point (just like you have an expanding tree to infinity)?

You say that the present time is a cycle, but we are in linear time. Then the two must be interrelated. How long (year, month, day) does it take in our linear time to complete a circular path in the current time? Or is it different for everyone, according to their position on their own path? Is there a collective linear time correlation to complete a current time cycle of the earth?

A: honey, first, throw that tree away. It’s too 4-dimensional for you to use it. It may help your metaphor, but it is very limited in this complex analogy.

There is no predestination, only a predisposition. When events happen, you tend to stay in a predetermined slot, just like the slot on an old LP Record. As long as you stay in that specific slot, it will only play that song. So the songs that a person plays since he was born are very predictable and not so complex. It was when you decided to “play another song” that it became difficult to explain to you.

Imagine this: God standing in the middle of a huge balloon. Your possibilities are all in this balloon. All the energies of “if you go this way, this is its possibility” are displayed. For example, if you avoid a whole reality (as if you might sterilize yourself), there are no possibilities associated with having more children. This means that when you move forward on the road of life, the “map of the present” will change according to what you do. It also shows you where you are now and what are the possibilities for the next step. Although there are many possibilities there, only the most recent ones are shown, because they are the ones with the most active energy.

Now know that this map is not only for God. It’s for you, too. This is the map of “you are here” that we try to explain with the fable of Mike Thomas (Cleon V). Becoming connected will give you insight into which way you should turn in order to accomplish what you want. It is also an energy map that gives you intuition to move accordingly.

You’re right to think that time is not linear, and that’s what makes it difficult for you to understand. We encourage you to “think now” and know that your path is not what you think. It is not a straight line from one place to another. It’s the current cycle, considering that you created it, so you have the ability and permission to change it at any time you want. Want to get off the road for a while? You may feel insecure, but that’s just because reality is no longer what it used to be.

These two kinds of time exist at the same time, but one of them is fantasy. They’ve always been related, but it’s hard for you to see. For example, imagine that you are on a road to the horizon. It looked straight ahead and disappeared far away. It seems to continue in this direction forever. But your brain knows that this road may go around the earth and come back. In fact, it is still this road( Naturally, we also assume that it crosses the sea.) So it’s not what your eyes tell you (a straight road leading from you to the front forever), but it’s actually a cycle, so the road behind you is the road in front of you.

How long it will take to cross the same point on the road again (that is, to complete the cycle) is entirely up to you. If you tend to repeatedly access the same thing, the cycle is quite small. However, for some people, this cycle is a lifetime. It only depends on your own path. Even the earth has a path and has the attribute of this cycle. The most interesting thing is that when you go the same way again (start walking the ground you have already walked), the energy you left behind is now enhanced and will be more suitable to manifest themselves than when you first walked this way. Symbolically, this is why a past death often leads to more resolution or manifestation in the present life than in the past. This is also why the Lemurians know they are Lemurians.


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