The source of strength: existence^_^

The source of strength: existence



Mountaintop vertigo


Heart pain, heart chakra continues to upgrade


Heavy energy, how long haven’t you experienced it


After one year of implant insertion, the left arm is no longer painful and can be extended freely


Knife wind, blood rain, dreamy, cruel ego began to release and heal


The heart itches and digests the absorbed energy


The whole day was full of energy. I took the children and the cat to the playground and basked in the sun for two hours. Then the inflatable boat took everyone to swim in the lake. Then the children fell asleep on the inflatable raft, and the boat floated in the lake. I was always full of energy and excited when I came back

Explanation: “the solar energy will liberate you – not only at the level of consciousness, but also from the low-level experiences you experience in this life and many other lifetimes.

Now, bring consciousness between your heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra, where the sun and the “center of life” are located within you.

Be sure to visualize the inner sun. This will enable you to better perceive your divine existence, the divine self, and better express the great divine love energy that exists in the divine self.

In short, please focus on your inner sun.


Now imagine your father, the sun shining in the earth’s sky. This is easy for you because you are familiar with it, see it and feel it.

To connect with it, please create a silver light. Let this light connect your inner sun with the outer sun and its magical Christ love energy.

In the state of connection, ask the sun father to use its holy love power associated with your holy self to help you completely remove all low-level contamination in this life and other lifetimes.

Try to feel its light and love that is completely full of you. This internal and external connection will produce a great power of holy love.


Holy love is the key to all levels. It is the key to your evolution, the key to opening the door of awareness, the key to opening the door of your own divinity, the key to opening the door to the universe, or the key to providing divine wisdom, awareness and unconditional holy love of the universe.

Feel the energy that comes to you. You will feel it like a heat flow into your body. Gradually, the heat will turn into comfort.


The lessons of liberation and cleansing should be carried out step by step. It is impossible to release everything at once, because too much sunshine, too much holy light and holy love will dazzle you and hinder you on the way.

Usually, after those things belonging to this or other lifetimes are cleared, they will no longer cause trouble and come back to interfere with you. However, everyone should not let themselves be full of negative energy again, because a beautiful white dress is easy to get dirty again. If you don’t keep it carefully, it will be stained again. It doesn’t matter much, because at the end of this cycle, the continuous connection with the sun will free you from all low-level infection that seeps into your cells and soul.

Now everything is different. The curtain is lifting, people’s consciousness is emancipating, and your holy love of your holy true self is constantly soaking you, because he also wakes up.

Keep praying for your holy love! The more you pray for this holy love, the more you will feel it.

In addition, please connect with your Sun father during meditation.

Of course, it is also important to connect with mother earth. But in order that the energy from the sun does not interfere with yourself or interfere with yourself as little as possible, we must connect with the Christ energy of the sun’s father and realize what this dazzling light ball means.

All ancient civilizations worship the sun and worship it as if it were a God. We are not asking you to regard the sun as a God, but to recognize what it means to your life, the life of the planet and the life of the solar system.

Love the sun! Please realize its meaning and what it gives you! “


The source of strength: existence

Where does your life come from


Where does your power come from


Neither in your food nor in your clothes

When you stand there

A big tree plunges its roots deep into the ground


Where you have supreme sovereignty

There is your infinite life

That’s where your life comes from


Once upon a time, you began to act according to the eyes of others

Once upon a time, you began to see yourself by oppressing others

Once upon a time, you began to give up your life and choose dependence and security

Once upon a time, children and family became the reason for your existence

Once upon a time, the unit became the reason for your existence

Once upon a time, making money to support your family became your reason for existence

Once upon a time, faith became the value of your existence

Yes, until then, you won’t rely on them

Ever since there was fear and hurt

Return to childhood existence

The great door has been opened to accept everyone who is willing to accept it

There is no reason to exist, there is no condition to exist, and there is no need to live according to people and things

Being is “yes”, I am, I am present

Back to the lesson of the previous article, improve the vibration frequency, expand consciousness and purify consciousness

Where do foreign things and life come from and exist

Because that is the source of power, as well as the source of divine Yin, divine power and manifest power

Existence is with the source, where the power and kinetic energy are unconditional

This is also the infinite energy that mankind has been exploring. Not only solar energy, not only galactic energy, but also zero point energy. They also come from open energy and existence

It has something to do with your motivation to live and your kinetic energy to act

Returning to children requires putting down the burden one by one


Only do not act according to the view of right and wrong and the view of good and evil

You can make mistakes, but you know, it’s just repetition. You’ve been on the ship of existence

You can also doubt, hesitate and fear to move forward, which is also the driving force to move forward, after rest and healing

Yes, being is one with your body, one with the external things you have, one with your fame, wealth and nothing. There is no difference

Accepting your body, status quo, foreign objects and everything, and nothing is existence, is returning to power

When your body is deficient, you will no longer only see hunger and satiety. You will see the source of strength, high vibration, zero energy and electromagnetic energy. Therefore, you will not only eat saturated enjoyment, but also pay attention to the high vibration frequency of food, such as plant food, and pay more attention to the energy supply of nature and the sun

Not only these, you will also look for the source of all nourishment, the energy source of every molecule and atom in the inner body, so meditation will become your food, joy will become your nourishment, and connecting with the higher self will become the cornerstone of your life

When you lack living conditions and convenience, you will not only seek what you buy and trade, but also find the source of living water. Then, not only do you have water, but everyone benefits from you

Because you see all the relationship between existence and source, not in outsiders, not in foreign objects, not in transactions

There is a source

There is a source

From your initiative, not passive acceptance

Thank you, not complain about not getting it

It comes from your trust and acceptance, not satisfaction

Yes, perfection is not what you get, but what you manifest, not from your actions, but from the actions of existence and the promotion of the source

This is also the confusion of businessmen. The more transactions, the more gains, the less power, and the less sense of existence

Because it is not the source, the source must be beneficial to everyone. What is it that only fills their own homes? Replace the power of the source with a motionless quagmire. Even so, it is also with existence and the source

But no longer flowing, no inflow, and naturally no outflow, oppression and slavery come from it

The first is the return of one’s own existence and supreme sovereign power, and then the unintentional benefit of everyone. This is the law of action and transaction, as well as the law of the universe

What? The more you don’t care about material and external things, the more complete everything is, the more you will have unexpected perfection

Do foreign objects, property and transactions flow? Of course, there is. The so-called flow, you should let them flow, not just accumulate, gather and store.

Flow is the way of existence. What you have is for existence. For what, flow

Existence and flow need to be balanced. How to do it depends not on your actions, but on the actions launched from within you

What? There is no internal standard. Practitioners are self-contained, but they are also collecting property

There is only one thing, every day, every action and breath, whether they are doing things to expand their consciousness, whether they are no longer acting according to foreign things, whether they are doing things to live free, and whether they are no longer busy

Is your daily action and breathing doing what you don’t need to do, not letting others do it instead of you, but that you are safe and fear free in your expanded consciousness and higher vibration frequency

Fear can be hectic and flustered in the name of acting

Without fear, nature will live in peace, quiet and motionless. When the inside doesn’t move, the outside will move faster

Yes, inner peace and joy will only accelerate the external flow. What, the acceleration of resonance, the collapse and transformation of non resonance

Yes, there is no more or less. It has nothing to do with nothing and wealth. It only lies in collapse and transformation

What, there is no long and long, the former existence is reasonable, and the collapse and transformation of present and future existence is more reasonable. Otherwise, what is ascension, transition, change and freedom

Immobility is eternity, from the source, and change comes from immobility, in order to manifest

Where are you, being, being in “being”, only being, nothing else

It is not up to you to initiate and manifest. By whom, the open energy from the source is projected and manifested through your divine mind

It can also be said that your appearance, nothing and everything are the manifestation of wisdom, mind and thought

What drives it, higher wisdom, higher divine mind and higher source thought

Now you know where your lessons are, everything that makes you motionless and change your mind

Motionless is the foundation, the Buddha and Christ, change is the universal, Bodhisattva and Archangel.

Therefore, being committed to everything that makes you no longer busy is existence, and being committed to making yourself motionless and change without doing anything is existence.

Existence is change. You exist and everyone benefits from it.

Let existence change you


How to be under the protection of the higher self^_^

let go

If you don’t hold on, I’ll have a chance to intervene

What do you do? Focus on the present and the present

Let go of all worries, anxieties, unwilling to give up, unable to take care of and unable to intervene, and hand over to the higher self for handling, protection and care

Those who have experienced will say, does everyone have to experience the karmic repetition, emotional roller coaster and various symptoms you have experienced

Yes, this is the first step of care and protection. Choose to let go and surrender. Naturally, from the inside to the outside, you have to turn rivers and seas, reborn and turn cocoons into butterflies

You can only take care of and protect what is present, present, intuitively driven, exciting and interested

Slowly, you and all those who experience together will understand that you just need to maintain high vibration, happiness and joy. There is nothing that is not protected, that is, the karmic release and alignment journey of the higher self that you and that person are doing

All the symptoms and emotions revealed by the roller coaster show that the struggle will be repeated and blocked in place, while letting go and opening up will have more surprises and miracles

Focus on deep breathing, meditation, meditation, drink more water, rest more, sleep more, walk more barefoot and naked, and walk more in nature

All open energy for the supreme good, unconditional love and source

Therefore, we should not only hand over the things that are not focused, can not be touched, worried and anxious to the higher self, but also slowly hand over the things of joy and high vibration, as well as protection and care to the higher self

Therefore, you have two visionary guides, focusing on the present, the present, intuitive promotion and higher self guidance

In this way, both your karmic life and your spiritual life are integrated, and they are aware in the time-free field of high vibration

Let go of your acceptance, which will expand your greater love. Unconditional love flows like air and is everywhere like atoms

Resist and refuse, you will feel heartache, and the feeling will be deeper and deeper

Because the source program has been downloaded to all sentient beings committed to opening up to open energy, the source does not know what separation, division and arbitrary behavior are, and does not listen to persuasion. The source only knows unity, intuition and heart, does not judge, but only follows

Your wish is your rudder, and the current course belongs to only one place: Supreme goodness and unconditional love

From heaven to earth, from elements to materials, from consciousness to behavior, from survival to creation, from individual transformation to collective transformation, from collective consciousness fission to structural and morphological reconstruction

Don’t rest assured after resistance. When it hasn’t happened, don’t rest assured if you don’t accept it, just live again

Every day is changing with each passing day. Every day is different from the previous day. Only when you accept and let go will you have the opportunity to realize it

Everyone is the source, from unity


You need your own insight now more than ever

When you take it as your goal and your wish, when you know that you can create a better reality for everyone, you can go beyond the judgment of the truth of things, and you can start to create the reality you want to experience, a real reality.

In a way, all the truth is true. All reality is true. So the question becomes “use your insight to determine which reality you are in, or use it to determine which reality you want to enter?” Finally, you should be very careful to choose the reality you want. Therefore, if someone presents you with a much better version of reality than you experience, we suggest that you move closer to that vibration and what that person tells you.

So you see, the first step is to use your insight. The second step is always to choose which reality becomes your reality. You should make the reality become your experience, because it is the greatest and highest good.

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

⬆   Click on the new earth to pay attention to the official account.

Daniel Scranton


hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are good at perceiving things with insight, and it is through practice that we achieve this proficiency.

When we touch many lives and groups in the universe, we can immediately feel the sincerity in communication and interaction.

This muscle needs regular exercise. Instead of immediately sending a link to others and asking them what they think, it’s better to understand your inner answer. If you are willing to feel the vibration of the presenter and what is presented in your communication with other humans and aliens, you will gain a great deal.

Of course, this day is coming, when you will open yourself to each other like a book. You can all read each other’s energy fields. You will all have telepathy, but you don’t have such ability yet,

Now more than ever, you need your own insight,

Because there are always many views on what is happening on earth.

There are always different views on every problem faced by mankind. Some people’s remarks and words are very persuasive.

Sometimes the more confident a person is about what he says, the more people will agree with him.

Finally, you have to connect with higher-level wisdom and higher-dimensional life, and prepare special downloads for you, but at the same time, you have your position. You do rely on information; This is the so-called “information age”. Some people think what they say is true, but it is not. Others know that what they say is not true, but they are very good at persuading others that it is true.


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