parallel dimension and super time portal

[spiritual exploration] parallel dimension and super time portal

Original Luying from heaven to earth today sWaoO_WEzFPXawA

● information provision: Brotherhood of light

● Monique Mathieu

● Lu Ying translated from its French website “from heaven to earth”

Parallel dimensions do not have much impact on your dimensions, but there will be some interference. In a sense, there are some connection points – portals from one dimension to another.

Your universe has a twin universe. It exists in parallel dimensions.

There are many parallel dimensions. Life is broad and infinite. You have not touched one ten thousandth of all life!

Creation is a very magical and magnificent thing, and you can only experience life in your material body, and you are also blocked by all kinds of blockades, so you can only experience a very small part of it.

There are some channels between dimensions. This can explain some incredible disappearances.

We’ll stop talking about the Bermuda Triangle. Know that there are indeed some multidimensional portals on your planet (as on all other planets). You may enter a dimension and return to your own dimension before the portal closes again.

You made some movies about parallel dimensions. That’s not entirely fictional. Of course, there are fundamentally incorrect things in these films, but some are true! Those filmmakers and directors were inspired by the brothers of light and the Galactic brothers.

Parallel dimensions will not play a role in this great transformation.

However, after the completion of the first transformation, a large number of doors will be opened so that you can go to other solar systems, other planets and even the end of the universe.

These timeless portals exist in this world. They have been deliberately closed for thousands of years so that human beings can experience all kinds of experiences they should experience.

In view of the violence of some people, these doors are closed so that they do not interfere with other worlds living in peace. Without the consent of the high level of holy light, different levels cannot penetrate into each other.

In Egypt, South America, India, France and many corners of the world, there are portals beyond time. In Provence, a very important portal will be found.

These timeless portals will throw humans into other places and other interfaces so that humans can see their galactic brothers again. At present, this is just a dream, but when the time comes, it will become a reality.

When you grow up a little, when some curtain is removed from you, you will understand that there are thousands of truths that you have not touched or realized.

You don’t even realize what exists in your world and around you. At present, some realities are invisible to your eyes.

In fact, there is life everywhere in your atmosphere! There is no place in your planet, solar system or universe where life does not exist! But life takes on many forms. You must understand and accept this and many other things in the future!

For human beings, the most difficult thing is to accept what they cannot understand and accept what is unacceptable. Gradually, everything will be revealed within you


The sun will not flash and let all of us be burned, that is fear. It’s just spam. This will never happen.

The earth is because it radiates very strong electromagnetic energy, which can affect telecommunications and so on

The sun is a repeater

The energy of cosmic rays or solar wind, which emits energy at a frequency from the other end, is converted from high density to low density. The sun, as the relay of energy from the center of the Milky Way galaxy, repeater, receiving and forwarding relay station, can activate DNA.

According to the principle of dominant frequency, under the influence of higher frequency, all frequencies lower than it will be transformed into its harmonics. Higher frequency. As a result, all things at a lower frequency will inevitably have to increase their frequency. Dominant frequency principle.

Robert: will the whole lower frequency increase the frequency?

Swaru: at the dominant frequency.

Robert: what about personal promotion? If someone doesn’t believe this, will radiation affect you? Will people increase their frequency?

Swaru: everyone will rise, but your personal timeline works here, and your consciousness stays in the low-frequency timeline. If you want to rise, they will still rise.

Solar flares are high-energy pulses. Heat comes from the conversion of energy from the sun, not the sun. The sun cannot transfer heat to the earth, because from a 3D perspective, space is a vacuum, and the laws of thermodynamics do not allow heat conduction. No matter how hot the sun is, any heat will not reach the earth. Just like in the Alps, when you go skiing, the sun burns your skin, but it won’t burn you because of heat, it will burn you because of radiation. In other words, the famous “solar flame” will never reach the earth.

The sun doesn’t transfer heat. That’s false. Stars are not thermonuclear spheres as they say. They are energy transfer gates. They are all forms of energy, including measurable radiation from 3D, but far from all these, they are transformed into heat by planets.

A long string of energy forms, accepted from 3D, are ultraviolet, X-ray, visible light, infrared, radio wave, and then high-energy gamma ray. It also transmits other energy frequencies that humans do not know, energy from other densities, because the sun is of all densities.

Pleiades II alien message 99: Mercury, the 13 planet in the solar system, has only planetary consciousness

Why do you say that the solar system composed of 13 planets is very large?

Swaru: because on average, there are more planets behind Pluto, but the government hides them. In addition, we think Pluto is a planet, but the government doesn’t think it is.

Robert: does every planet have life?

There are only a few people out, vassilu. They used to have life, are now declining, and are returning to potential energy, such as mercury or Pluto, or three of the four unknown planets on earth. Others are also brilliant, such as Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Perhaps the planets are rising, developing complex life and accepting new life from elsewhere, such as Europa, IO and Titan. Although it is a satellite, Jupiter is more like a small sun.


Mercury is a hot and lifeless planet with only primitive consciousness. It is only the consciousness of the planet itself. As an entity, it lacks identity. It is very close to the sun, where the energy is very high, but it is not conducive to the survival of biological life as you know. There’s nothing to do there. There’s no base. The environment is too bad. There can be technical relay stations, markers, that’s all, just like lighthouses.

Robert: what happened to the lighthouse. Forgive my ignorance. Who built those lighthouses? Do you have any satellites?

Swaru: Mercury has only relay stations or µ sub signal repeaters.

They are like navy searchlights, like lights on rocks in the sea, so that ships won’t crash. It has no satellites, only surface equipment. There are also scientific sensors from different races, including tegita. They send signals to ships about solar activity and ship transit, that’s all.

Robert: who put it.

Swaru: many races, including us.


The concept of temperature is associated with cold and warm senses, which are transmitted to the central nervous system through touch. Contrary to other abstract physical quantities, temperature and time are related to our physiological feelings. However, it is for this reason that temperature (and conventional time) is not understood.

Temperature is defined as spatial variation. In thermodynamics, this change is the measurement of three-dimensional volume [3D space]. It is worth noting that although it is related to the heat feeling of “cold” and “warm”, the change of space is the main result. The second is human feeling. Therefore, we should clearly distinguish between the feeling of subjective temperature and its abstract geometric definition as a physical quantity.

Introduction to cosmic law (1.4): what is temperature? 46.html


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