What will the sun flash bring^_^

What will the sun flash bring^_^

Dreams come true for people with deep desires

At present, we are facing only a few flashes

Because what is the real flash

You live on a fifth dimensional earth or higher

People are numb to the word, but they don’t know what it means

It means raising the earth’s radiation environment from the current 7.8 to 40-100

This rising frequency will amplify all reality, which is also what we call accelerating the process. The fact is that the insertion of a real picture has a higher vibration frequency. In other words, the speed is the visual error caused by the insufficient vibration frequency of the eyes

What will it enlarge

Lesions, especially the three major diseases: heart disease, cancer and brain disease, are more serious or cured faster

Desire, survival, sex and willpower, of course, will also amplify the search for love, higher self expression and higher self connection

Life, magnifying the reality of life you don’t want and want is actually one thing, which is why you need to balance life

What you especially want and what you don’t want will be trapped in the illusion, because you will reject it because you don’t accept it, and love another because you hate one

Unity will naturally enlarge unity, unify what you especially want and what you don’t want, unify love and hate, welcome what you especially want and coexist with what you especially don’t want in boundary peace and harmony, welcome those who are happy and can coexist with those who hate in boundary peace and harmony

Miracles will continue to amplify what you thought impossible before, such as the above human transformation process, through forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love

Not what you think

In fact, when the sun only radiates the energy frequency of forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love, and when the earth enters the sixth and 12th dimensional blueprint reality, the existing heavyweight emotions and desires will come true

Snakes that you are extremely afraid of will fill your surroundings

The Buddhist kingdom and heaven you admire will lead you into dreams

Those who are extremely afraid will be chased and lingering

If the dream comes true again, it is also a dream. It has nothing to do with the low-dimensional presentation of higher dimensions, but creates a fantasy and cannot leave

That’s why the worst situation on earth is not the collapse of mountains and earth, but the chaos of demons, zombies and thugs

Are you really ready to flash to the fifth dimension immediately

In fact, many people will decompose, explode and burn in time to become thugs, zombies and demons. This is the mechanism of frequency and energy, which first operates at the molecular and atomic levels

Time is given to you, your relatives, and the relatives of more relatives. Therefore, a collective of the fifth dimensional earth has formed, awakening interstellar seeds, light workers and their relatives and friends

This is a story about a lighthouse covering a sea area

That’s why lighthouses can’t get together

This is why more awakening groups are so important

This is an era from inside to outside, from devil to man, from man to God. Of course, the reverse is also true

Because of the increasing internal flame frequency radiation wave

You know, what you have experienced, your relatives, friends and even the whole mankind will experience, but the time is getting shorter and shorter, and there is no longer time to give

Are you ready

Are your family and friends ready

Are more people ready

We all agreed to live here and now and welcome the arrival of the fifth dimensional earth

It is not what you want to live, but a longer life span, because the high radiation and higher dimensional environment does not support low life span, and there is less destructive interference because of the connection between heaven and earth

The transition period experienced by mankind will be unprecedented. Not only will mankind have greater patience, but also we have more forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love. What we call no Time

See, this is a trip without time

Have you lost your time

Are you no longer reluctant to be bound by time

What, only happy play time, excited hard work time, eager to learn, satisfied time, selfless, forgetful, I don’t know what time is

Therefore, it will take some time to clean up and clean up. Fire, high temperature, flood, nature and earthquake, what the earth experiences, everyone will experience the same internally. Moreover, it will not only be interrupted and reminded by the earth disaster to go home and return to the interior, but also be reminded by the sun flash, which will be overweight layer by layer until it opens or exits

The quantum process has begun, and the transition of the thought process of all mankind has begun

After the turbulence, it will change greatly. It is a quantum transition


It is compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love that set you on the path to ascension.

No matter what others believe or choose, let everyone see your kindness, your service, and you are willing to get along with others equally. The great differences between most people are caused by fear. It’s not prejudice, it’s later. This is not revenge, but because of fear that the person who hurt you will hurt you again. Fear is the root of all division.

If you really don’t want to be labeled “sheep”, then don’t let those who profit from your fear divide you. You will not let those who benefit from your Division win. Show the world and everyone your strength. Don’t give in to fear. On the contrary, no matter what happens, embrace your human compatriots. Seeing the source and love within each of your human compatriots, you will come out of the difficult period that has gone through for a long time, and you will enter the era of enlightenment. You will continue your journey of ascension with unprecedented joy, freedom and love.


Some people prefer to be the right people rather than kind and compassionate people. For these people, we want to say that your ideas will not make any progress. Even if you can at least accept other people who make different choices or have different ideas about a problem, you are a step towards the harmony of the earth. You must give everyone a place, just as we must give you a place. We don’t want to shoot everyone with some kind of cosmic ray and make them change their mind. We know that true spiritual growth and evolution comes from your ability to love each other, even though there are differences between you.

People in your world are willing to forgive and forget. They have been evolving,

So, again, you awakening groups must lead by example, although you may have a very firm view of something. But your view is not enough for you to ascend. If this is an unshakable view like religion, you should surpass it at this time.

It is compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love that set you on the path to ascension.

This time can give you the opportunity to forgive, sympathize and unconditional love. Some of you know this and are putting this truth we have given you into practice. Let others know that this is your position.


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